The European Commission Funds Islamic Zealots in Turkey

Jordan Bardella is the president of Rassemblement National (National Rally, formerly Front National) in France, the successor in that position to Marine Le Pen. He currently serves as a member of the European Parliament.

In the following speech from the floor of the EP, Mr. Bardella speaks out against the financial support given by the European Commission to a Turkish organization espousing Islamic zealotry. The article below the video provides more detail on the topic.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article from platform, also translated by Gary Fouse, discusses the “Islamo-nationalist brotherhood” mentioned by Jordan Bardella:

[Investigation FDS] — The EU Commission finances an Islamo-nationalist brotherhood in Turkey that is misogynistic and hostile to European civilization. Update: Jordan Bardella to the Commission: “How can you tolerate, at this point, those who want our destruction?”

February 15, 2023

How can an Islamist organization, which makes violent remarks about women, which justifies attacks against France, be able to receive one cent of public money?

I ask the European Commission about the “Yavuz Sultan Selim” scandal

Jordan Bardella, February 14, 2023

February 9, 2023

Investigation (FDS) When the EU finances a Turkish Islamo-nationalist brotherhood hostile to European civilization and implicated in a marriage scandal involving a little 6-year-old girl… to fight against Islamophobia (Update: Reactions from the national right)

February 3, 2023

[Investigation FDS] The EU has given support for a project to fight Islamophobia to a Turkish Islamist brotherhood that justifies attacks against “European infidels”. Update: Our investigation moves to Italy.

[In Italian]

The EU finances a Turkish association

that justifies the killing of “infidels”. Among its ranks a father of a girl given in marriage at the age of 6.

Francesca Totolo, February 2, 2023

Brussels gives more than €30,000 for a project against “Islamophobia”, to a brotherhood that winks at anti-West attacks. And among its ranks is also a father of a girl given in marriage at 6 years of age.

La Verita February 2, 2023

[In French]

January 31, 2023

[Investigation FDS] When the EU finances a Turkish Islamo-nationalist brotherhood hostile to European civilization and implicated in a marriage scandal involving a little 6-year-old girl… to fight against Islamophobia

1.   The European Commission, through Erasmus+, has financed a new project on Islamophobia. This time, Islamophobia on social media after the Covid-19 pandemic.
2.   The project commences on 6 February 2023 in Istanbul.
3.   Those in charge of the project are: The Turkish Islamic-nationalist association Yavuz Sultan Selim, from the name of the Ottoman sultan Selim the First, who died in 1520.
4.   This association and its founder, Abdulhalik Ustaosmanoglu, the grandson of the founder of the Islamist brotherhood Ismailaga, has disseminated hateful statements which should have alerted the European Commission during the course of its validation of the project.
5.   For those nostalgic for the Ottoman Empire, European civilization is a “toothless monster”, made up of “infidels”, “enemies of Islam and the Prophet”.

Note: “One-tooth monster” or “toothless monster” makes reference to the Turkish anthem which targets Western Civilization and principally European [civilization]:

12.   However, the authors of Islamic sensibilities early on introduced a distinction between Islamic Civilization” and “Western Civilization” to distinguish them. In the context of the occupation and the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after World War 1, one of the champions of the defense of Islamic Civilization is, without doubt, the author of the national anthem, Mehmet Akif Ersoy, whose ideology pervades all generations of Islamic elites in Turkey and most specifically, the AKP, in power since 2002. For Ersoy, Western Civilization has entered a permanent and destructive war against Islamic Civilization. Even if he admits the technological and scientific superiority, Ersoy fiercely attacks its morals characterized by violence, destruction, egoism, imperialism, and ethnocentrism. For him, Western “civilization” is equivalent with savagery and injustice. He thus depicts the tragedy of the Balkan wars that practically speaking put an end to the Islamic presence in continental Europe with the complicity, indeed, the participation of the great powers, and writes a Turkish national anthem that translates the meaning he attaches to contemporary civilization. […]

The alliance of civilizations policy of the Turkish government, Faruk Bilici, professor of Ottoman studies and Turkish history at INALCO, Paris

National anthem of the Turkish Republic (translation)

Context: Demonstrations of thousands of Islamic militants demanding the reopening of the Hagia Sofia Basilica to the Muslim religion / Gigantic meeting of the AKP

6.   …who must not “anger the Turkish nation,” ready to “depart on an expedition in Europe,” “without stopping”, all the way to Vienna, the symbol of the invasion and defeat of the Ottomans in 1683 before the Germanic Holy Roman Empire.

#EvetAvrupaTitriyor = Yes, Europe trembles

Context: Meetings canceled in Germany: Erdogan evokes “Nazi practices” BFMTV

Context: Pro-Erdogan protests in Cologne, Germany bringing together 50,000 Turks after the coup attempt in Turkey.

7.   When France was hit with the horror of Islamic terrorism on 13 November 2015 (130 deaths, 413 injured), this Islamist group, financed by the EU, did not hesitate in justifying the attacks, calling France a terrorist state on the basis of fake news.

Translation: If France is looking for terrorists, it has only to look in the nearest mirror. May it remember the cruelty it inflicted on Algeria.

Disinformation: In reality, this is a photograph, “The last Jew in Vinnitsia,” taken in Ukraine in 1942. It is a photo showing the imminent execution of a Jewish man near the Ukrainian city of Vinnitsia during a massacre perpetrated by Nazi SS and Ukrainian militia. The photo carries the name of a handwritten inscription on the backside. Wikipedia.

Translation of the text of the image [not included]: French police massacre Algerian in Paris

Disinformation: This photo is generally attached to the Armenian genocide of 1915 perpetrated by the “Young Turk” nationalist government of the Ottoman Empire that caused about 1.2 million deaths.

In addition, the landscape in the background of the entire photo is not characteristic of Paris or of its region.

Uncut photo [not included]:…

8.   This NGO, financed and validated by the EU, has no scruples in justifying the beheading of Samuel Paty: France and Europe are “the enemies of Islam and its prophet”, which only Turkey will be able to restore to their place…
9.   Clearly and as always, we find the traditional anti-Semitic and homophobic discourse of these Islamist groups…
10.   That is not all. The NGO Yavuz Sultan Selim is the youth section of the Islamist brotherhood Ismailaga, founded by the preacher Mahmut Ustaosmanoglu (grandfather of the head of Yavuz Sultan Selim), who is very close to Turkish president Erdogan.
11.   For the Islamist brotherhood Ismailaga, women should not study, nor work, nor go out on the street, but should be satisfied with being “a wife obedient to her master and giving birth to the soldiers of the nation and the people”…
12.   …this is in complete conformance with the four major duties assigned to women by this misogynistic community: Getting pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding, and educating.
13.   It is therefore completely logical that the Ismailaga community asked for and received from Erdogan the withdrawal of Turkey from the Istanbul Convention Against Violence Against Women, a treaty “at war with Islamic values”… which the EU wants to ratify more than anything!
14.   It is true that this convention is not really compatible with the latest scandal that has tarnished this Islamist brotherhood: One of its influential members married his 6-year-old daughter off to a 29-year-old imam who abused her sexually for several years.

Birgun [Inset]

When she was only 6-years-old, they dressed her in a white robe resembling a wedding dress, presented Kadir, and said, “This is your husband now.” Kadir led her into a photo studio. In looking into the camera together, the little girl thought they were playing house.

Years later, in her statement, HKG explained that the marriage to the imam was consummated the next day.

“Kadir caressed my body, stroked my feet, then ejaculated on my feet. I cried. Kadir said that we were married. My mother told me we were married, just like my father was married. He said, “You are my wife, I am your husband. Married people play these games, but this game must not be told to anyone. Listen, your mother and father are not telling anyone,” he said. My mother and father called Kadir, ‘my son-in-law”.

15.   Pell-mell, this Islamist brotherhood, indirectly financed by the EU, has also

  • Created an anti-Semitic video game
  • Beaten reporters
  • Demanded that music be banned
  • Met with the Taliban, for whom the death of its founder is an “irreplaceable loss”
16.   The Germans were not mistaken and, in a report to the Ministry of Interior, classified the Ismailaga brotherhood in the category of Islamism / Islamic terrorism, just like Milli Gorus, the Taliban, or even Daesh (ISIS).
(7)   When will we stop feeding our enemies with our money?
(8)   When will there be an in-depth investigation into the Islamic infiltration and Turkey within the EU?

—Damien Rieu, January 31, 2023

Complements — NGO financed by EU disseminated fake news against France:

Translation of text in photo [not included]: “The monster of European civilization / representing France

Disinformation: This is a photo [not included] of Spanish soldiers in Rif (a mountainous region in N. Morocco) showing heads of Moroccan combatants.

Disinformation: Presumably images [not included] of a demonstration against the El Khomri Law in spring 2016.

Video transcript:

00:00   Thank you, Madame President. The Istanbul Convention is an important text
00:05   in the fight against violence directed at women, and we obviously support the cause.
00:10   During its recent history, Europe has been the civilization which has permitted women
00:15   to fully take their place in society
00:18   by safeguarding their rights, in sanctifying their liberty,
00:22   while offering women and men the same chance and the same opportunity to rise in society.
00:28   We should never stop remembering that our values, the values of our history, of Europe, which put
00:32   men and women on an equal footing, will always be eminently superior
00:38   to those cultures that enslave women, that imprison them behind a veil,
00:42   that subject them to genital mutilation, that forbid them to go to school,
00:47   to have a job, to drive, or go out alone on the street.
00:50   There is the example, among others, the position of the NGO,
00:53   Yavuz Sultan Selim, Islamo-nationalist brotherhood (Turkey),
00:56   financed with the sum of 31,000 euros
00:59   by the European Commission, and thus, by taxpayer contributions.
01:04   How is it that these obscurantists, for whom the freedom of women is synonymous with an offense,
01:08   who are accustomed to violent anti-Semitic and homophobic remarks,
01:11   who yesterday justified the Bataclan attacks,
01:14   have been able, have been able to, excuse me, to receive
01:17   a single cent of public money?
01:20   How can you speak of protection of the rights of women,
01:23   but at the same time, support with financial contributions the enemies of women
01:26   and the enemies of Europe?
01:29   How can you tolerate, at this point, those who today want our destruction?
01:34   By changing Europe to an Islamic way, you prepare our nations for an inevitable retreat
01:38   from the rights of woman and their freedoms.
01:41   To defeat this project, you will always find us in your way.

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  1. And the Western World thinks it can integrate the Islamic ideology into its own and that all Muslims will live happily alongside them- How very wrong can they be? Those who follow the teachings of Islam will never recognise Christian Values, will never sit comfortably with the Christian values, will only spur forward the destruction of the Western World. Those countries in the West must wake up right now, in some cases I fear it is too late, nevertheless every effort must be made to educate people to what is going on. The resurrection of the Otterman Empire maybe?

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