Pimping For Allah

Islamic law is very strict concerning sexual intercourse: it must not under any circumstances occur outside of marriage. Shi’ite Muslims, however, have devised an ingenious workaround: the “temporary marriage”. A man who is feeling sexually deprived simply pays an imam to perform a marriage between himself and a woman who agrees to the arrangement in return for a (small) cut of the fee. Afterwards, as soon as his caftan is covering his ankles again, he intones Talaq! Talaq! Talaq!, and the divorce is finalized.

Shi’ites in Sweden were recently discovered to be engaging extensively in such temporary marriages, and the Swedish authorities were shocked — shocked! — to learn that such an egregious exploitative practice was occurring in their beloved Folkhemmet.

The following report from the Swedish state broadcaster SVT discusses all this pimping for Allah. The general thrust, as it were, is: Don’t worry — the imams now have an action plan, and everything is under control.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from SVT, also translated by Gary Fouse:

After revelations about buying sex— Muslim leaders fired

January 30, 2023

Uppdrag Investigation

Shia Muslim leaders have conducted marriages of women purchased by men for casual sex, which Uppdrag [Assignment] revealed in the spring. Now the imams and religious leaders featured in the reportage are gone from their duties. “People have abused temporary marriages,” says Haider Ibrahim, chairman of the Shia Islamic Association in Sweden.

Temporary marriages or so-called “pleasure marriages” are a practice within Shia Islam that is officially described as shorter relations within the framework of religion. But Uppdrag’s investigation was able to reveal that it also functions as a kind of religiously-sanctioned prostitution. This is where imams are paid to conduct marriages of vulnerable women in “pleasure marriages” to men who want to buy casual sex.

Stopped contributions

The revelation caused a big reaction. One who reacted was Police Chief Petra Stenkula in Malmö.

“If I had led the preliminary investigation, I would have probably written a report on human trafficking,” she said in connection with the investigation.

The umbrella organization, Shia Islamic Association in Sweden (ISS), reacted and froze the membership and stopped contributions for twelve identified associations. They also began their own investigation, which is now finished.

“We have asked questions of all the congregations, and imams, and spoken with our members. We have gone deep into what occurred,” says Haider Ibrahim, chairman of ISS.

Religious leaders leave

The consequences are that two imams in the Stockholm area and twelve religious leaders in other parts of the country have left their duties. According to Haider Ibrahim, this has nothing to do with any systemic sex trafficking, but rather with certain persons who misbehaved.

“There were many in your congregations who abused this. How can that not have been systemic?”

“We refer to our congregational policy. We have concluded that they have no such policy that is shown in the program,” says Haider Ibrahim.

Keep state contribution

During the years 2019 to 2021, the Shia Islamic Association in Sweden received a total of over 14 million kronor in contributions. The absolutely largest portion comes from the Authority for State Contributions to Faith Associations. They say they have continued faith in ISS and are satisfied with the action plan of activities that is presented.

“We will follow up so that they do what they should,” says the director of the authority, Isak Reichel.

Video transcript:

00:00   I reacted strongly, and was very startled as a human being
00:05   that people are being used by religious congregations and religious leaders.
00:10   Women sold — Imams fired
00:16   The women you enjoy yourselves with, to them you will pay money.
00:22   It is like when you enjoy food or…
00:27   In the spring, Uppdrag Granskning revealed Shia Muslim leaders in Sweden who conducted
00:31   marriages with vulnerable women who were then sold to men who wanted to have casual sex.
00:36   We have gone deep into what happened,
00:40   and we have concluded there are no organizations in themselves
00:44   that have a policy to treat
00:48   for example, vulnerable women in this way.
00:51   Rather we have seen that there are individuals themselves
00:54   who have abused temporary marriages, who have misbehaved.
01:00   We have stopped contributions, kicked out persons who were involved.
01:06   We have frozen membership for the congregations who were named in the program.
01:11   It is clear they have gotten hold of this problem
01:16   that has been found the religious association. But perhaps more important than the investigation
01:20   is that they have drawn up an action plan for how they will correct this problem.
01:25   We see this action plan as being very ambitious.
01:29   What are the religious priorities that need to be learned?
01:33   The pillars of marriage, the basic values that are found in society.
01:37   Ethics and morals. That’s a lot [unintelligible].
01:42   Buying sex in Allah’s name — What happened next?

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  1. At least they’re marrying them before fornication.

    I wonder whether or not any child conceived from such a liason would be considered a bastard for the purpose of inheritance?

    If the divorced wife of such a marriage were able to use the Swedish legal system to go after alimony or division of assets this practice would quickly come to an end. When the husband protests that it was a sham marriage and the vows were never meant to be sincere, then prosecute the imam who performed such a sham ceremony for pimping or inciting prostitution.

  2. I read that there is also a certain creativity as to what *exactly* constitutes qualifying illegal intercourse.

  3. Most of the Moslem men have no legal job to pay child support I would image the baby mommy would just get a bigger welfare check. If he does have legal income the women would face the danger from the “father” or his family .I do not see a ‘”pious” Moslem man paying child support to an non-Moslem women the Swedish legal system would not protect her from a violent typical Moslem male honor killing.

    • I really don’t care at this point, if western women want to compromise themselves with animals from the 3rd world, let the consequences for their actions speak for themselves. They will be examples to the rest of them who can put 2 plus 2 together and get 4.

  4. Oh, this happens in India too, amongst the Muslim community. The Indian authorities are equally ‘ shocked ‘. This disgusting practice has been in business for millennia. Prostitution itself is disgusting and a satanic parody of relationships and humans have been doing this ever since the inception of civilization.

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