Ignacio Garriga: Islam is Incompatible With the Culture of the West

Ignacio Garriga is the Secretary General of the Spanish anti-immigration party Vox. Last week he was featured here in a video in which he made remarks about the lunacy of importing third-world criminals into Catalonia.

Since then a Moroccan culture-enricher launched a knife jihad attack in Algeciras. He attacked two churches, killing one person and wounding at least four others. Mr. Garriga’s remarks in the video below concern last week’s deadly events in Algeciras.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I don’t want to begin the press conference without sending the most heartfelt condolences
00:05   to the family of the sacristan [sexton] and our support to the families
00:09   of the victims of the Islamist attack that was carried out in Algeciras.
00:14   Unfortunately, it is another test of what Vox has been denouncing for years,
00:20   and in the face of which the other political groups and the media look the other way.
00:27   It is nothing other than the evidence that the multicultural policies
00:32   have consequences in the lives of ordinary people — the Spanish people.
00:39   Direct consequences already seen in a manner more than sufficient and quantitatively
00:44   in many other countries in the European Union, and which unfortunately, already,
00:48   and due to the fault of some and the silence of others,
00:53   is now a reality in our land, in our nation.
00:58   Unfortunately, thanks to our current political leaders,
01:05   the great legacy they will leave to Spaniards at large will be
01:09   more Islamism in our streets and more illegal immigration. This is the great legacy
01:13   of the current generation of politicians that they will leave to Spaniards at large,
01:17   and in the face of which Vox will not take one step back
01:21   in denouncing it and using all measures necessary to end this threat,
01:28   not just for Spain, but for the life of Spaniards at large.
01:33   Islamism is incompatible with our Western culture.
01:38   And it has to be repeated every day — that’s what it takes — to sink into the head
01:42   of some columnists, some journalists, and some politicians who deny the reality
01:47   that Islamism is incompatible with the culture of the West.
01:52   And that the terrorist, the attacker in Algeciras the other day, was an Islamist.
01:57   An Islamist who killed in the name of his faith.
02:01   And who, by the way, attacked various Christian sites.
02:05   As you see, we are not going to use any euphemism, and we are going to use every letter,
02:10   every period and comma it takes to describe the raw reality.
02:15   Islamism generates violence. Islamism today
02:19   is the new, modern jihad. And this has to be said with every letter… of the reality.
02:27   And there are many. There are many in Spain, and there are many in Europe at large.
02:32   Because Islamism generates social exclusion, and also generates
02:36   the degradation of our neighborhoods, because,
02:39   as you well know, it looks to shape these parallel societies
02:43   on the margin of the law in order to impose their laws, their Islamic laws.
02:48   And Spaniards at large suffer this reality because
02:52   illegal immigration has been permitted for decades in our nation,
02:56   and because illegal immigration has been applauded for decades
03:00   by each and every one of the nation’s governments, from the People’s Party
03:04   or the Socialist Party, but both are accomplices in the dramatic situation
03:08   that our compatriots are suffering in the neighborhoods and cities throughout Spain.
03:14   And these days many Spaniards are asking themselves why.
03:17   if there was an order of expulsion in 2022
03:20   for the murderer, the terrorist who took the life of the Algeciras sexton,
03:25   why was he still in our country? This is the great question
03:29   that has to be asked of the President and the Minister of the Interior. Why was he still among us?
03:34   Perhaps the answer is that only 8%
03:40   of those with an expulsion order are outside our national territory.
03:44   So there we must ask for responsibility and without doubt, that is what we will do.
03:49   And in this dramatic situation, we have to observe how numerous politicians
03:54   use euphemisms to describe this raw reality.
03:58   And also we have to see how these same politicians deny the reality
04:02   of our neighborhoods and our cities.
04:06   And Vox, as it showed in Viva 22, and today we reaffirm this,
04:12   and we will continue explaining throughout this year,
04:16   which is the great question that has to be posed to the Spanish people.
04:20   To ask the Spanish people: are we to expel those immigrants
04:26   who enter our country illegally?
04:29   Let them ask the Spaniards at large; Let the Spaniards give the response
04:35   to this question that politicians, the media, and theologians
04:39   deny, silence, or look away from reality.
04:44   And this dramatic situation that Vox has been denouncing for years, but in a particular way
04:48   over these past few days, we have to read and listen to various media,
04:56   that Vox is taking advantage of the attack and the death of a church sexton.
05:02   That Vox is taking advantage. That is to say
05:05   the same media… that are using
05:09   an attack, the death of a person, to point at Vox
05:13   and say that Vox is taking advantage. This same media
05:18   that the following day hides the fact that in Gerona
05:21   another Islamist terrorist was arrested;
05:26   the same ones who are silent over the terror cell broken up in Almeria.
05:32   These are the same means they are really using
05:36   to deny and to whitewash reality. And the reality is raw.
05:41   In the last 20 years, 1,000 Islamist terrorists have been arrested in our country.
05:47   This is the reality, and this is the situation
05:52   that we have to face, and to which Vox will dedicate in body and soul
05:56   from every institution, and without any doubt,
05:59   when the Spanish people find it appropriate, from the nation’s government.

2 thoughts on “Ignacio Garriga: Islam is Incompatible With the Culture of the West

  1. It is useless to repeat it everyday. Sane people see the words in that headline and think
    “you don’t say Sherlock” or — more likely — the cruder version. The purveyors of coexistance are either Progs, their paid hacks, or witless morons. Saying it to them is a laughing matter at best, and more likely grounds for state sanctioning as you frequently report.

    G has the answer, and it’s not talk.

  2. On the contrary. Islam is absolutely compatible with the West. That’s the problem. Subversibly compatible. It exploits ‘our’ weaknesses. If it was incompatible it might not be able to even stay here.

    “Islam is incompatible” is an euphemism bordering political correctness.

    Islam with its perpetual jihad is a weapon of mass destruction — protected by the Marxists.

    To say that Islam is incompatible with the West is like saying that:

    A lion is incompatible with a gazelle
    The mafia is incompatible with Italy
    A burgler is incompatible with an unprotected home

    Islam is incompatible with Japan! That’s true — perhaps.

    Also, Garriga may mean “Islam” but does not seem to say “Islam”, unfortunately: he says Islamism. Which is a bloody deception that actually protects the inseparability of Islam and jihad from scrutiny.

    I wish he said Islam.

    That said, Garriga speaks boldly.

    But that’s the maximum we can expect from most our politicians across Europe. Except for a handful of them like Geert Wilders and Rasmus Paludan.

    The regular readers of Gates of Vienna know all that. I am talking to newbies.

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