Let Them Come to Berlin

The criminal Arab clans of Berlin have long been notorious, but they are now becoming more and more blatant in displaying their ownership of the city. They can act with impunity, and the self-emasculated city authorities are powerless to stop them.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Ansage.at:

Villas, Tigers, Expensive Luxury Cars: Clan Decadence in Impoverished Germany

When pensioners have to fish their bottle deposit out of the garbage can with a telescoping stick, it’s a sight that hurts. And when more and more German children grow up in abject poverty, not only are the little ones robbed of their souls, but the country’s future as well. And yet there are contemporaries who are doing extremely well in what is, at least for them, undoubtedly the best Germany that has ever existed: Many of them came here as “seekers of protection” in order to then gain a foothold in criminal clans and pursue their career accordingly. The ostentatious motorcade in Berlin-Neukölln proved once again that it is far more worthwhile for foreigners who can neither read nor write to turn up either as welfare recipients or as criminals, with which, according to media reports, the highly criminal Remmo clan celebrated the wedding of one of its members last week.

Once again, the public display of luxury cars was not intended to exude Levantine-Southern joie de vivre, but was intended as a pure demonstration of power, as a blunt provocation and shameless mockery of the host and prey country Germany. A number of Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes G-class cars and Audi R8s lined up at night; the bridal couple’s Rolls Royce alone is said to have cost several hundred thousand euros. The Grenzallee was turned into the purest car show, outrageously expensive sports cars lined the nocturnal streetscape to show outside eyewitnesses and, above all, representatives of the German State, who the real masters are in the neighborhood and elsewhere. Any joy about the sophisticated flair, the “Failed State of Berlin” is quickly put into perspective when you realize that these are neither movie stars nor multi-millionaires, but Arab clan members who base their wealth on large-scale welfare fraud, gang crime, professional burglary, protection money and prostitution.

Roaring parties and mockery of the rule of law

When the Berlin police intervened — with a large contingent to be on the safe side — in this absurd spectacle, because the clan naturally “confiscated” the public traffic area, ignored transit bans, disregarded stopping bans and also suspected a previous illegal race on the Autobahn with coercion of other road users, some of the wedding guests — apparently wanted by arrest warrant — ran away; two left their red Lamborghini on the side of the road and quickly walked away. Other wedding guests, on the other hand, took up the usual gauntlet and became aggressive towards the officers. The majority of the clan posse, however, did what they always do with each of the ever more timid attempts by the “state power” to enforce their “monopoly on the use of force”, whether it’s traffic stops or subpoenas: just ignore them with a grin. Undeterred, the swank carriages continued to roll through the Berlin night.

At the end, the rest of the wedding parade stopped in front of a ballroom with around 500 guests on Nobelstraße and held court there, with fireworks — of course not announced — being lit at a late hour. Of course, regulatory policing or vice regulations were disregarded by these parallel milieus that night, just like other German laws throughout the year. Berlin is the ideal biotope for such conditions: just over two months ago, in December 2022, clan members celebrated a similarly lavish party in a magnificent villa in Alt-Buckow, which belongs to a well-known family. As a highlight, they borrowed a real tiger cub — also illegally, of course — which was said to have had been rented been “from a circus”. Quirks that used to be thought of at best in eccentrically decadent celebrities like Madonna or Michael Jackson can now be lived out quite unabashedly in the middle of the German capital’s problem areas — provided you belong to the right extended family and have the right culture-enriching background. What in the past not even resourceful screenwriters could have dreamed up is today an absurdly bitter reality in Germany.

Afterword from the translator:

Germany has done a 360° — 1933 — in which political opponents are imprisoned and criminals roam free. The epitome of a fascist state in my humble opinion.

I’m pretty sure that what these criminals were showing off here were definitely the vehicles that are usually in the garage. For everyday life and for their work, they also have the appropriate vehicles. After all, one has to show the Welfare Office how POOR one is.

How long will it take for the majority to face the music that’s being blared into their faces daily? Their time is running out, especially with the rapid decline in live births or even conceptions. Do they really want to go down as a minor footnote — if at all — in human history? Do they really hate themselves so much that they don’t care what HELL they’re helping to create with their apathy? Or are they simply scared that a meaningless and over-used word is been thrown at them? It’s STICKS and STONES, not WORDS that will kill you.

I’m so fed up with all of this and wish more and more to be able to lash and wipe out all of these enablers and their pet vermin all over this world.

15 thoughts on “Let Them Come to Berlin

  1. “What in the past not even resourceful screenwriters could have dreamed up is today an absurdly bitter reality in Germany.”

    I disagree – Czechs generally saw this coming long way away. But “we” used to be called “racist”…

    “You backward racist Czechs, how dare you critisize other migrants, you are migrants in our country too…” they said.

  2. The proud item leading the NY Times online obituary page at this moment, filling the entire screen: FIRST ARAB AMERICAN SENATOR DIES AT 92. A Democrat, of course. Yesterday’s lead story was about an Islamic “fighter for transgender rights in Indonesia.” Sic transit gloria…

    • Sounds like a reason to celebrate.

      The dead arab politician that is. Dead politicians regardless of flavor are always reasons to celebrate.

      The islamic transgender warrior will be a short lived self correcting punchline. A soon-to-be Darwin Award winner in more ways than one.

  3. Oh, the irony! Ad0lf the murderer didn’t want Jews in Germany. So now, instead of Jews, “The Fatherland” has been overrun by muslims. You wouldn’t this is God’s Revenge, would you?

    • I take it you don’t know much about the Muslim SS units of the Third Reich, do you?
      They called them the Free Arab Legion and the members of the 13th. SS Waffen Mountain Division were Muslim. They used the latter mainly in Yugoslavia.
      Hitler admired Islam and their “stance” against the Jews.
      He even wished that he could make Islam the Reichs religion, although knew that his days would be numbered if he tried this.

      • Well, in the long run, the Nazis won the war, and are now continuing with their agenda: Yougoslavia destroyed, Czechoslovakia divided, Islam taking over Europe, Experimental drugs and high tech weapons, and now – for a great success, we shall continue with the Drang nach Osten, destroy Russia, and conquer the world!

        Heute Europa, Morgen die Welt.

      • They were indeed good buddies back then, mainly because they found each other useful against a common enemy. The Nazis, however, in their typical arrogance (which is the same ignorant mentality we’re still grappling with today) failed to recognize the underbelly of Islamic ideology, which would have inevitably turned against them. The blind infatuation with it has a longer history though, you can find it expressed in Goethe’s works or even earlier ones. The huge infrastructure projects of the early German Empire towards the Southeast would have opened the floodgates a century earlier if it had been allowed to succeed.

      • Hellequin, Yeah, the Germans did use those muslims in the Balkans and other places until they turned on them and then the Waffen SS properly shot them with extreme prejudice, not to be outdone, ole Tito(Croat) knew you couldn’t let those rabid animals live to fight another day and shot hundreds of thousands for really good measure. As to how I know? I still have my Grandfathers shovel.

  4. Germany

    “Oh no, we killed 6,000.000 Jews.
    “We are so sorry so let’s let in 6,000,000 Muslims to destroy Deutschland.”
    “Now, we feel so much better.”

    • I wonder how many have ever tried to find those millions in population statistics of the time. Or alternatively, how much longer until someone discovers Wikipedia needs editing to match mandated narratives…

      Caveat: Expressing desire to research this is sanctioned by law in a number of countries.

  5. Hellequin, The irony is, back then those bad ole naxi’s would have never let this untermensch 3rd worlders into Germany or any where else in Europe in the first place. Now that Germany is fully Balkanized, I just wonder who is going to light the match to get this party started? Because in the end, diversity never has worked and will never work because deep down inside of us all, we are tribal and when push comes to shove we automatically turn to the tribe for protection and strength.

    • Yep, that’s exactly what is going to happen, but I doubt that the de-balled Germans will be able to defend themselves, since they had been systematically disarmed since the 1930’s by the Nazis.
      And if you remember from several month ago that little Video/Interview in which a MP stated that Border-police told him that they have to let Arms-caches they find in car-booths of “Migrants” go through.
      They claimed that around 500,000 combattans are already placed throughout Germany.


      • I wouldnt be surprised, if Putin would light the match if he is pressured into a corner.
        France, Germany, Belgium, England have large muslim populations.
        (In France therer were riots a few years ago when a muslim on the run from the police entered a power substation and was fryed.)
        Imagine if someone – not that I want it -would sent Special Forces teams into each above mentioned countries.
        One team kills muslims, but one muslim miraculously survives to tell his brother muslims.
        Then a few days later the “muslims” retaliate by killing the native French, Germans etc.
        How many times does this killings have to happen before there is civil war?

        • Alex, the powder keg is there and everyone is ignoring it including the WEF types, who actually think they can control the outcome, all it is going to take is someone to throw a lit cigarette into the pile and boom, it’s off to the races. I am just surprised Putin hasn’t blown something up in the US or northern Europe(LGN facility) in retaliation for the US blowing up the nordstream pipeline, but then again, I wouldn’t put anything past Putin to kick of the fun and games.

      • Hellequin, well the gun running black market is working out for the native German as well, for the Germans are buying everything they can get their hands on, and most Germans have a relatives who accidently put German arms in their basements and attics for use later. Lots of Germans I know have hidden arms rooms that can outfit a Battalion or two for 6 months of fighting.

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