Time to Expose This Dystopian Machine

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Swiss outlet Uncut News:

Fraud of the mRNA vaccination: Criminal charges for abuse of office against Switzerland’s highest political representative — The charge is the key to exposing this dystopian machine

Who is Pascal Najadi?

Pascal Najadi is an international investment banker and was a member of the Management Board of Dresdner Bank AG, London. He is interested in international affairs and civic debates in Switzerland. He was also the producer of the film “Grounding” about the last days of Swissair.


Good Morning my Friends and Supporters,

We are in the midst of a defensive war and this is a serious matter, so please read all the way to the end and process this information.

We must stop the demagogic WEF WHO Gavi machine as soon as possible by holding our politicians accountable by means of the judiciary, the last bastion of our democracy. Because, we remember Germany in the 1940s; why did it ever come to this? Then ask yourself, how is it that a Ringier CEO Walde instructs his editors to represent only the government line of opinion? This is nothing but propaganda of the worst kind, a fascist act; there is no other way to put it. If Switzerland signs the WHO treaty this year, we will have lost our de jure and de facto sovereignty. If we do not inject our population with 70% of any substance as ordered by the WHO, there will be sanctions against our country. We must exit from the WHO as soon as possible. Then, Gavi Geneva enjoys diplomatic immunity, a foreign NGO. Why does an NGO need immunity? An NGO that carries out vaccination campaigns with substances in Africa. What else are they up to on our territory?

Then we have last but not least Klaus Schwab and his glorious WEF, an organisation that my late father Hussain Najadi helped to bring into being back in the 1970s when it was called EMF (European Management Forum), a good thing back then fostering humanity. My father parted with Schwab because he saw right through his twisted manipulation already back then. The WEF today does the opposite, to control humanity and advocates disposing of “useless” Humans. Klaus Schwab is doing everything he can to create the 2030 Great Reset. Have you ever considered what this is all about? Google it please. Klaus Schwab even says it in public, so sure he is of himself and his machine: “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” Grotesuqe and abhorrent are this twisted man’s thoughts. Fascism is the right word for it.

You just have to be able to calculate 1 plus 1 and not forget to think at the same time. We have to learn to think the thought. Unfortunately, many of us in our society are no longer able to do this nowadays. The origin of this evil is the permanent shallow and demagogic mainstream information flood, diversity, wokeism and other trivial trends that are celebrated. This is our last battle, and humanity must not lose it. We must resist, without violence, but by means of justice.

My criminal complaint is the key to exposing this dystopian machine. Last chance. The so called Great Reset is unfolding quickly; already in 2023 we will have lost more than 50% of our sovereignty. Mark my alarm everyone; this is elementary for all of us now. The elite, i.e. the 10,000 billionaire families, will try anything because if they lose they will collapse. We the people must engage now to win this final battle. If not, neo-communism will make us its slaves. With the e-passport, e-money, climate laws, senseless pandemic laws, our actions, our mobility, our privacy, everything, will be restricted, freedom taken away. We must act now or never, before it is too late.


Wake up, inform yourself and start grassrooting, educating others. The power of We the People is greater than the evil will of a few. Believe in yourself and never forget: the government works for you, not the other way around. The Sovereign in Switzerland is the citizen, the Compatriot.

Add to this my saying: “When reality conquers illusion, it is time to wake up and act.”

And finally, a quote from my ancestor, Swiss Federal President and Federal Councillor Rudolf Minger, spoken on November 24, 1917:

“Now the shackles must be broken. Political paternalism must stop; for now we want to actively intervene in politics ourselves!”

Have a great day and never forget to think the thought. It is your God-given gift, right and duty as a responsible member of our democratic society.

Jan 2 at 10:06

Afterword from the translator:

He said everything that needs to be said, although when will people begin to listen? When the slavers’ brand is being burned into their flesh?

9 thoughts on “Time to Expose This Dystopian Machine

  1. The slaves have already been branded. You properly support the narrative or your employment is terminated and you will quickly be homeless and a useless eater. You will properly confess the dictum as a college student or else you will not graduate and the monies from the student loans that your signed will become due immediately and without recourse.
    The thinning process has already begun and the elite are learning to what extent they are able to proceed with their program, or was that pogrom?
    BTW, I have personally witnessed both strategies and for the record, their agenda was spawned in the pits of hell, which coincidentally is where the elite are headed. The Lord God saw this coming just exactly as it is shaping up our future on this planet.

  2. It’s always fun to play devil’s advocate, and especially when it comes to Covid-19. How did it come about, why did it strike at the time it did and why the mad push for the use of unsafe vaccines to combat the virus? It can certainly lead to some interesting theories.

    A lot of bad faith actors have benefitted immensely from Covid-19 and have flexed their muscles during and after the pandemic. I will only focus on one here though, and that is China.

    It is widely accepted that the virus came out of China in late 2019, and by now, many reputable scientists and people in the know, believe that it came out of a laboratory. Many also believe that it was a deliberate act.

    At the time Donald Trump was the US president, and the previous year, in March 2018 he had slapped some hefty tariffs on Chinese goods being sold in the domestic American market. Trump was also a vocal proponent of dealing with China in a steadfast manner and he was hellbent on clamping down on their market manipulation tactics. Trump had also strengthened the American military when Covid first hit, which was a clear threat to aggressive and expansionists Chinese policies in the South China Sea.

    Could this have played a part in what happened in 2019/2022? The CCP would have correctly guessed that other presidential candidates would have pushed for slashing US military spending. There is however no reason to suspect that Trump would have done so. Nor is it reasonable to expect that he would have abandoned his anti-China stance if he had won a second term.

    There is no denying that Covid-19 put a giant spanner in the works for Donald Trump, and thus reduced his chance of being re-elected. Lockdowns and the slowing down of international trade had detrimental effects on the up until then very strong US economy. If Covid hadn’t been released upon the world, and lockdowns and other severe measures hadn’t been introduced, the US and world economies would not have tanked the way they did.

    It is thus not that farfetched to assume that Trump would have won the 2020 US presidential election, despite any U.S. domestic election meddling. The mail-in voting scheme would not have been on the same grand scale that it was, and thus the possibility for election fraud would have been less severe.

    For China there were tremendous benefits in releasing the virus. Not only did it weaken the US economy and subsequently Donald Trump, but it would also to a certain extent take care of another of China’s big problems, namely its gigantic male surplus.

    Due to China’s long running one child policy, the country now has considerably more males than females. Many of these males have no prospects of ever getting married and having offspring of their own. It is also widely accepted that large male surpluses lead to societal instability, and by culling large numbers of frustrated and angry young men, most notably the overweight, sick and unhealthy ones, the CCP will be able to lessen the effects of this demographic conundrum.

    So, what better way for the government of China to deal with this problem in the manner in which they did, and then simply blame it on a virus? No one can accuse them of placing a gun to these young men’s heads and pulling the trigger. The deaths can according to the CCP propaganda solely be placed at the feet of the “nasty” virus.

    Due to a lack of trust and hard data coming out of China, it is impossible to say what the male-female death ratio is, but several studies from other parts of the world have shown that men die at twice the rate as that of women from Covid-19. It is also true that men, and in particular younger men suffer more severe adverse effects from taking the vaccines than do women. If we take this at face value, the effect would be a diminishing Chinese male population and more opportunities for surviving bachelors to have offspring. This would not have happened in a pre-Covid world in China.

    It’s also true that China doesn’t care about human rights. This is not a well-kept secret. Nor is it uncommon knowledge that the CCP would have had any moral qualms whatsoever with implementing such a policy. And is it really all that unthinkable to suspect that certain pharmaceutical companies would kowtow to Chinese demands to do business in the country? Not to mention the astronomical proceeds that these pharmaceutical companies would earn from selling their vaccines once the pandemic hit.

    It can hardly be said that these companies adhere to any high-principled morals. Their only master is the greenback and given their utter disregard for the adverse effects that their nefarious products have had on populations in their own neck of the woods, i.e., the western world, it’s not that unrealistic to think that they would have had any problems with such a scheme.

    Trump was the only one that had sufficient political clout to deal with China, and he was quickly pushed aside, and in large parts due to a pandemic that originated in that particular country.

    So, is it really all that unrealistic to suspect that this theory could be true? Who knows, but at least it’s an interesting one. There’s nothing quite like a man-made crisis to deflect focus away from some other problem that powerful and sinister individuals would like to go away.

    If there is one thing that history has taught us, it is that sometimes reality is stranger, and way more wicked than fiction. And that is certainly the case in this Covid-19 era.

    • I happen to disagree with this:

      “If Covid hadn’t been released upon the world, and lockdowns and other severe measures hadn’t been introduced, the US and world economies would not have tanked the way they did.”

      …because I believe the very opposite is true. The Covid Operation is a fail safe mechanism for the banks and the financial system, and without it the world finance system would fail. Just like 9/11/2001 made the US economy recover from the Enron disaster, the Covid Operation heled to cull the old “useless eaters”, thus reducing the inflation that would result from over printing of money, and so on…

      The only winners of the Covid Operation are the big banks, big pharma, and the military industrial complex, but without it, the US dollar and Euro might have had already failed, which would leave big banks, big pharma, and the military industrial complex in the dust.

      So – keeping the big bucks alive, that’s the name of the game, IMHO

      War is a racket, even a World War Z with Russia and China is a racket.

  3. Can’t be done by voting or judicial means. Too late.
    It’s time close with and destroy the enemy, the old fashioned way.
    Act Locally, think globally, but it starts with local, orderly mob action.
    Dangling communists will stop it.

    • Yes, there is no way to teach baboon humanity. Baboon can only be killed, its brain is not able to absorb enough.

  4. Agree with the spirit of the message but not the means.

    The WEF elites aren’t afraid of any protests or marches, demonstrations, lawsuits, populist candidates, or anything else that can possibly be attempted legally.

    The only thing that they fear is a critical mass of us who are wise to their evilness who aren’t afraid of them or their thugs operating under the cover of law.

    To prevent that from happening they do everything possible to atomize any opposition as well as controlling the means of disseminating information. They gaslight us and make each one of us feel alone and isolated so that we never unite and stand down their thugs with weapons of our own.

    And that is how they will ultimately be defeated. When we realize there are more of us than the thugs they control, and they don’t have enough bullets to kill enough of us to matter before we overwhelm them.

  5. Did you look up the daddy of Blofeld Klaus?
    Gunther Schwab was a member of the (NSDAP) Nazi party and during his life would serve on the advisory panel of the Society for Biological Anthropology, Eugenics, and Behavior Research. (Source:Wikipedia)

  6. “We must resist, without violence, but by means of justice”

    — Yeah, let’s starve ourselves out of this war, the Ghandi way. The PTB are apparently more than happy to help.

    No. The Corona Wars have shown that it is a TOTALITARIAN war where the enemy turns many of our fellow citizens into de facto vigilante enforcers — and therefore EVERYBODY must be prepared to use violence in self defence (and to defend others), mostly as a deterrent to avoid actual psysical fights, in order to subdue the multitude of illegal “rules” being forced upon free people.

    The only reason ‘they’ have not injected all of us like cattle (or processed our flesh into meatloafs to be consumed by Mr. Schwab & co) is the deterrent power of INTELLIGENT PSYSICAL RESISTANCE humans are capable of.

  7. While is is worthwhile to fight against this evil in courts, history shows that tyranny at this level will only be defeated by physical force.

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