Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The doom-mongers of the Climate Change cult keep rending their garments about the imminent apocalypse being wrought by “global warming”, but the actual data from temperature measurements do not support their alarmist viewpoint: the trends forecasted by all the computer models fell well above the recorded temperatures for the last twenty years or so, and the trend line for the past eight years is flat.

But that doesn’t deter the fanatics, who habitually ignore real data in favor of the doom-predicting computer models that accord with their ideology. Thus the (wind-powered) global warming bark sails on full-speed towards the apocalypse, heedless of anything as trivial as reality.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

No global warming for the last 8 years — Antarctica stable for 70 years

The climate fanatics’ house of cards continues to collapse. New data show there has been no global warming for more than eight years. The temperatures in the Antarctic have also remained largely stable for the past seven decades. Like the pandemic, the climate lie can only be sustained by censorship and state violence. [Which they enthusiastically embrace, as we’ve seen during the Plandemic.]

If the climate fanatics are to be believed, the Earth is threatened with a climate apocalypse in just a few decades. It would get significantly warmer, the glaciers and polar caps would melt and the sea level would rise by several meters. But somehow the global climate does not want to bow to the horror forecasts. We have already reported several times that the situation in the Arctic is still relaxed. But on the other side of the world — Antarctica — things are looking anything but catastrophic. And not only that: At the global level, there has been no overall warming in recent years, despite smaller regional peaks.

But first to Antarctica. Two more recent studies (from 2020 and from 2022) see no drastic temperature changes in the South Pole region. The researchers Singh and Polvani state in their study published in 2020: “The Antarctic continent has not warmed in the last seven decades, although the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased monotonically.” While there were some warmer zones off the coast of West Antarctica, the eastern continental half actually got a little colder on a large scale.

Cinthya Bello and two of her research colleagues also noted a “cooling period over the last few decades” in the April 2022 issue of the International Journal of Climatology. They also write: “Statistical analysis of mean temperatures confirmed a trend toward cooling in summer and in monthly mean high temperatures during the 1990s for most of the weather stations whose data we analyzed.” So here, too, everything is far from what the climate fanatics have claimed in recent years.

A similar picture emerges at the global level. For the last 100 months (i.e. eight years and four months) there has been a virtual standstill in warming. For example, while 2016 was on average warmer than 2015, subsequent years have all been within natural seasonal variation, with 2020 being slightly warmer and 2021 and 2022 being slightly colder. This is shown by satellite data from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, which Christopher Monckton of Brenchley processed for the Watts Up With That? portal.

And not only that. The long-term trend since 1978 shows an average global temperature increase of 0.134°C per decade. This is well below the numbers of climate extremists, who deal with values of 0.3°C per decade and higher. And that without taking solar activity into account. Monckton concludes: “Even if the entire West did indeed reach net-zero emissions by 2050, the world would be only one seventeenth of a degree cooler than if global emissions continued on the current and sustained upward trend. And every billion dollars we spend destroying Western economies would prevent between one four-millionth and one-thirtieth-millionth of a degree of future warming. And we cannot even achieve that, because the necessary engineering metals to achieve net zero are simply not available.”

As we can see, there is no threat of a “climate apocalypse” from the so-called greenhouse gases, at least in the foreseeable future. The Arctic and Antarctic are doing quite well so far and global temperatures are staying within limits. The human impact of CO2, methane, etc. on the climate is obviously limited, and we cannot influence solar activities and their effects on the climate anyway.

Afterword from the translator:

As I said before, there’s no point in arguing with fervent climate fanatics, because even when you think you’ve won by presenting undeniable facts, it turns out, by some magic unavailable to us, that you have in fact been totally misinformed, and then they resort to censorship and violence. Only after the Grim Reaper has tapped them on the shoulder will they admit being in the wrong — and even then I’m not so sure that they won’t double down and complain to the Devil that it is too warm in Hell.

5 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. When my UK relatives and others comment on Australian weather and how extreme it has become since climate change I point out that the flooding is exactly the same as 1974 when we also had a La Nina and flooding everywhere in the same places. In 1974 there were no dams and in Melbourne we had 2.7million people and now we have 6 million as we built no dams to mitigate flooding. So, now the same event affects twice as many people making it seem worse. Also, greedy councils and developers have built homes on marginal land which is more prone to flooding hoping no one would remember 1974.
    In Brisbane after their 1974 flood they built the Wavenhoe dam which has effectively stopped any flood damage except when they had staff changes and they forgot to read the manual about releasing water early. Otherwise it works very well.
    The relatives didn’t write back.
    The biggest effects on our weather are the Southern Oscillation Index and sunspot activity. Human activity is minor.

  2. All energy past present and future is solar. It is the epitome of hubris to theorize the climate catastrophe claptrap that’s promoted currently.

    • There’s one exception: the Earth’s magnetic field. Although it hasn’t been done yet, theoretically it’s possible to tap the magnetic field to generate electricity for human use.

      The trade-off (there’s always a trade-off) is that doing so will slow the rotation of the Earth. I have no idea how many nanoseconds would have to be traded for a gigawatt, though — I’ve never seen any calculations.

  3. The “Climate Alarmists” are worried about the Glaciers?

    Just wait for them Glaciers to start growing back. It ain’t gonna be funny, just like the Mini Ice Age of early 1800’s wasn’t funny to the inhabitants of norhtern climates.

    Tony Heller from “” documented quite extensively that the climate “scientists” at the UN and such – that they basically cut off the “global warming graphs” in the middle of the 19th century, and conveniently left out the “cooling” that came before that…

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