Mocro Mob Hit in Antwerp

On Monday in the Merksem neighborhood of Antwerp someone shot into the garage of a known drug family, most of whom are currently fugitives in Dubai. They are reportedly of Moroccan origin. An 11-year-old girl was killed.

Representatives of the targeted family promise that there will be a response, saying they will not use violence, but will work with police instead. We’ll see how that plays out.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from La Libre:

The little 11-year-old girl killed in a shooting “came from the richest family in the Antwerp underworld”: Here is what we know

Killed in a shooting on Monday, January 9, Firdaous, a little girl barely 11 years old, reportedly is from the largest Antwerp family implicated in drug trafficking.

January 10, 2023

According to our colleagues at HLN, little Firdaous comes from a family of drug barons. Her mother, Naziha, is reportedly the older sister of Othman, Younes, and Nordin El B. Naziha’s brothers are not unknown to the police and intelligence services. They have already had contact with the justice system several times within the framework of investigations in the drug world. Since the monitoring of the Sky ECC chat service, investigators affirm it is clear that Othman and Younes pull the strings of the Antwerp drug scene out of Dubai, our Flemish colleagues indicate.

However, Naziha’s family seems to be separate from all that. Neighbors describe a nice, irreproachable family. Aside from her oldest son, Mohamed El J., suspected of being linked to his notorious uncle, Othman, the possible cause of the attack Monday evening. Antwerp Mayor Bart de Wever had also described the family of “baron” Othman as ‘The richest in the Antwerp underworld”.

There will certainly be a reaction

Othman E.B., uncle of the child shot and killed in Merksem Monday evening, confirms Tuesday to the newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen that the family will respond to the tragedy without resorting to violence. “We will search for the perpetrators with the police and the justice system,” declared the 30-year-old wanted by police for drug trafficking, presumably from Dubai.

The mayor of Antwerp, Bart de Wever (N-VA), announced Monday evening that the family targeted by the attack is known in the drug world and that the incident should be considered in this context. He said he feared reprisals. “There will certainly be a reaction,” Othman E.B. told the Gazet van Antwerpen. “But not how the mayor imagines it. History has already shown us innumerable examples of avengers, and it has never ended well for them.” The uncle of the victim also denies any relation with the “underworld” or violence.

Othman E.B. has never been convicted in Belgium for drug trafficking, unlike his younger brother, Younes, also wanted by judicial authorities. He thinks the perpetrators of attacks like that on Monday should be punished more severely. “Some people who commit these attacks are sentenced to punishments of three years, suspended,” he laments.

5 thoughts on “Mocro Mob Hit in Antwerp

  1. I hate dead children.
    Yes, I know, when they are young, they are adorable.
    And yes, I know that if nothing would have happened that the young lady would have married off to another crime family and then give birth to many, many children, that would have been turned into criminals by this family.

    So, I think, that the family of the killed girl will retaliate.
    Their honor demands it.
    And if “THEY” kill each other and let the original europeans alone I have no problem with that.
    Instead I hope for a long, very long conflict.
    The longer the better for us europeans.

  2. Hoe zou jij antwoorden als het jou kind geweest zou zijn

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    Machine translation:

    “How would you answer if it had been your child”]

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