Rendezvous in Davos

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Record in Davos: 52 heads of state expected at World Economic Forum

52 heads of state and 600 CEOs are expected to attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, which starts next week — that’s a record.

52 heads of state and government and 600 CEO’s are expected at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos (Switzerland), more than ever before. The organizers announced this on Tuesday.

“There is no doubt that our 53rd Annual Meeting in Davos will take place against the most complex geopolitical and economic backdrop in decades,” said Forum President Borge Brende, citing challenges such as the looming global recession, rising energy and food prices, and climate change. [Then why don’t they stay out of everyone’s business instead of creating and incentivising all those “challenges”? These greedy hypocrites make me SICK.]

More than 2,700 representatives from 130 countries

In total, more than 2,700 representatives from [bought and paid for] business, politics, science and society will attend the WEF 2023. Among others, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa [evil daddy commands and corrupt Cyril obeys] and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg have been announced. In addition to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Economics Minister Robert Habeck and Finance Minister Christian Lindner are also planned to take part in panel discussions from Germany. The European Central Bank ECB will be represented by President Christine Lagarde. [In a nutshell, they are all receiving their marching orders for the next round of atrocities against humanity.]

France, Great Britain and the USA are unlikely to send heads of state or government, nor will Russia and China. [Because they have already received their marching orders in a more “private” setting.]

Afterword from the translator:

Isn’t there anyone out there in the Air Force, Army or Navy that has the wellbeing of the entire human race at heart, or even just their own family? Someone with the knowhow and the power to drop a few MOABs onto Davos when all these imps of Satan are together. And in that way send them all back to their master’s residence in the deepest levels of HELL.

17 thoughts on “Rendezvous in Davos

  1. “to drop a few MOABs onto Davos”

    — The PTB would just take out the “Terror Attack on Davos”, “European 9/11” or “WW3” scenarios from the drawer and open some bottles of champagne — with some newly appointed puppets.

    • I believe that the most relevant quote on the topic would be from General Curtis LeMay.

      “If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting.”

      MOABs onto Davos would just be a start; a down payment on ridding the planet of evil men (and women). For every one of them whacked there, there’s probably another twenty or so who also deserve the same treatment.

  2. It was on one of the YouTube channels yesterday, I forget which one, Chris Wray is on the invite list. He may even fly his private FBI jet there if he goes.

  3. 1,500 private jets all carrying VIP’s who truly care about CO2, Global Warming and the fate of the planet. Now the rest of you serfs can start walking.

    Do they have earthquakes in Switzerland?

    Where are all the Jihadis when we need them most?

  4. New evil agenda for new year !!, how satanic is that , this year it will be another struggle with this criminals.. so freighting..

  5. 5,000 soldiers to protect the power elite from the wrath of the people

    The Swiss military has now started preparing for this year’s elite meeting in Davos, hosted next week by the World Economic Forum. ”

    Anti-WEF protests” are planned, the newspaper Blick reports. 3,000 specially selected people have been invited.

    The World Economic Forum’s annual power elite meeting in Davos, Switzerland, takes place from 16-20 January. It starts on Monday next week.

    And now the country’s military has begun preparing for the meeting. A total of 5,000 personnel have been deployed, according to Blick.

    The military’s task is to assist civilian authorities in carrying out security duties during the WEF meeting, which this year is entitled “Cooperation in a Divided World”.

    Switzerland’s parliament has previously approved 5,000 troops to protect the WEF’s 2022-2024 annual meetings.

    Since the so-called pandemic, “vaccination”, climate hysteria and proxy war against Russia, criticism of the World Economic Forum and other globalist organisations and power centres has exploded on social media.

    What were once seen as relatively harmless meetings of the “elite” and power holders are now seen by many as the most serious threats in the world. This is as globalists infiltrate governments and control the agenda over the heads of national parliaments and ordinary people.

    The “climate crisis” is one of several “scams” being used to centralise power in the world and rob people of money through pointless climate taxes, according to critics.

    Blick writes that “anti-WEF protests” are planned in the region ahead of this year’s Davos meeting. “The WEF raises criticism,” the Swiss paper points out.

    Last year, alternative journalists were surrounded by the World Economic Forum’s “own police” in Davos, who are basically part of the regular local police force. At least two of the officers wore a badge reading “World Economic Police” and a strange symbol of two thrusting creatures. Some of the officers were armed with automatic weapons.

    • I find it curious that the Swiss army is only allowed to guard the outer perimeter and not on the grounds or inside the inner perimeter including the buildings, the security for the inner side of things will be Davos security personal and not any of the various folks coming in. They don’t even trust their own.

  6. Shalom Baron Bodissey
    Peace be to you.
    Thank you for your opinion.
    Please do understand that there is no such place of physical torment called hell.
    God is perfect love, and perfect love casts out fear, the fear of punishment.
    All souls will be sanctified from fear by heartfelt convictions done by God’s Spirit within.
    No exceptions.
    It’s best to follow God in the spirit, not religious doctrines of man.
    Please understand these things.
    Thank you for your time and patience reading through all this.

  7. There is hell and God should be respected and feared. Not everyone will be saved those who turn and embrace evil and do not turn away from evil will lose their souls. Men without rules or belief in human dignity and no respect for fellow man,s free will ,who want to rule every man,s every days choices should be feared and hated. God is perfect,man every man is very imperfect and has the choice to do good or evil according to the power he has ,men of great power can do great good or great evil. Man of Great power ,have very great responsibility not to abuse that power and lose their souls to the inner circles of hell that is my humble position.

    Shalon to you would you have respected and loved Hitler or could have change his heart with your love and forgiveness if you where say a Jew living in Germany in say 1931?

  8. Power grows out of the barrel of a gun…some random chinese guy said that. Yes but with a caveat, the gun’s existence is assumed. There’s a force at play that makes the statement truthful but is left unexplained. Power is ultimately derived by controlling the productive capability of people (which build the guns, etc). Said another way, power is controlling the economic system.

    Now the powerful use all means to control the people. Namely government institutions, but also media, entertainment, education, industry, all forms of propaganda. The most important control mechanism is economic & the monopolistic right to make currency.

    What’s needed is a worldwide movement to end central banking & fiat currency.

  9. “Important announcement to the following persons:
    Mr Asteroid, you are expected in Davos.
    Mr ICBM, you are expected in Davos.
    Mr MOAB, you are expected in Davos.

    Please respond immediatly.
    End of announcement.”

  10. What a perfect opportunity for the Russians, kill the very thing that vexes them, all it takes is one of the suitcase nukes that mysteriously disappeared after the Soviet Union fell and set it off at Davos, it’s win/win for the West and the Russians. After that nuke goes off, every government in the west will fall, the feminaxi’s and green gai worshipping cults will be finally silenced and maybe we can get to somewhere normal and sane.

  11. True in my life time I donot think we would face a greater threat then Russia boy was I wrong. These Devos guys with their inside backdoor control of most western governments and plans to kill off 4/5 of humans on earth and make the rest of the remaining people slaves to their rule makes the Russians look like Mother Theresa .

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