How Our Military Crumbles

Readers may remember Bret Weinstein from the great culture wars during the halcyon pre-Corona days of 2017.

Mr. Weinstein was a professor of biology at Evergreen State College in Washington State until he ran up against the woke madness that had infected his campus. White people were requested to stay away from campus for the annual “Day of Absence”, to highlight the struggle of people of color against discrimination and white supremacy. Or something similar. Professor Weinstein declined to participate, which placed him at the center of an enormous storm of controversy. He and his wife were eventually hounded into resigning their positions (see the précis of what happened at the bottom of this post).

After the COVID-19 madness had set in, Mr. Weinstein made himself even more of an outcast by speaking out against vaccine mandates and related issues. He is now described as an “anti-vaxxer” and “COVID denier”, and has been relegated to the Outer Darkness of popular culture.

The funny thing is, as I recall, he used to be more or less a regular liberal in his political opinions. He just happens to be one of those rare liberals who (like Bill Maher) is a First Amendment absolutist. And that makes him a “right-wing extremist” in the view of the degraded political culture of 2022.

In the following video Bret Weinstein leads a discussion about the military mandate that requires service members to be injected with the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. The policy has effectively caused the attrition of around 80,000 active duty service members, and has had a devastating effect on military readiness. In Mr. Weinstein’s view, the only possible conclusion is that the vax mandate is a deliberate act of sabotage of the American military.

In addition to Bret Weinstein, this video features:

John Bowes is a lieutenant in the US Air Force. He is a student F-16 pilot who has been grounded over the COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Olivia Degenkolb has been in the US Navy for 20 years as an active-duty service member. She is a foreign area officer, and was selected by the Secretary of the Navy to represent the United States as an Assistant Naval Attaché (Designate) to China. After completing training and moving preparations, her diplomatic assignment was withheld due to her COVID-19 vaccination status.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Videos featuring additional excerpts from discussions among the same group may be seen at Vlad’s channel.

Below the jump is a summary of what happened to Bret Weinstein at Evergreen State College:

Bret Weinstein was a professor of biology at Evergreen State College. In 2017, Weinstein spoke out against a proposed modification of a campus tradition called “Day of Absence.” For many years, students and faculty of color observed a Day of Absence by meeting off campus to discuss campus issues and how to make the college more supportive of all students. In 2017, however, organizers wanted white people to stay off campus on that year’s Day of Absence and attend an event on allyship. Weinstein opposed this change, and he posted a message on a campus email list in which he objected to this proposal. Weinstein also spoke out against a recommendation on faculty hiring by the college’s Equity and Inclusion Council that would require an “equity justification/explanation” for all hires.

Weinstein’s positions on the Day of Absence and faculty hiring led to massive student protests and confrontations between Weinstein and students. Later, protestors took over the administration building. Weinstein’s case became a cause célèbre for conservatives lamenting the state of free speech on college campuses.

In July 2017, Weinstein and his wife, who was also a faculty member at Evergreen, sued the college for $3.85 million, alleging the college failed to “protect its employees from repeated provocative and corrosive verbal and written hostility based on race, as well as threats of physical violence.” In September Evergreen settled with the Weinsteins, agreeing to pay $500,000 without admitting liability. As part of the settlement, Weinstein and his wife resigned from their faculty positions.

23 thoughts on “How Our Military Crumbles

  1. Hopefully, there will come a time when “forceful injections with substances intended to mitigate the effects of some disease” – will be understood for what they are. Forceful injections with substances, otherwise known as “rape”.

    The US Army, being prostitute as she is, used to have had affairs only with the Military Industrial Complex guys, but she now stretched her portfolio of lovers with Medical Industrial Complex guys, and the Communist International, and some of the Biden/Clinton mafia as well… She gives to whoever pays.

    Unfortunately, in her deeds she didn’t realise that some of her lovers really hate her, and are willing to pay to hurt her.

    I am only a Czechoslovak, but I wouldn’t join the US Army today, I’d be afraid I might get raped with some substances and then go fight and die to cover Hunter Biden’s laptop story or something, no no, that’s not for me…

  2. @ Baron

    Re: “The policy has effectively caused the attrition of around 80,000 active duty service members, and has had a devastating effect on military readiness. In Mr. Weinstein’s view, the only possible conclusion is that the vax mandate is a deliberate act of sabotage of the American military.”

    That is the only possible conclusion at which one can arrive, based upon the evidence which has been piling up since 2020. Let’s consider the implications of that conclusion for a moment…

    A workable definition of the term sabotage, runs as follows: “deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage.”

    Sabotage, whether committed by regular or irregular fighting forces or some other entity, is generally considered by international law as an act of war. If indeed the vax was a deliberate act intended to damage the U.S. military, then the contagion itself must be regarded as a biological weapon of mass destruction or WMD.

    The preponderance of evidence at this time suggests that the communist government of the People’s Republic of China, is involved in this attack, which was probably spearheaded by elements of the PLAN – or People’s Liberation Army-Navy, which is what they term their armed forces.

    There is also a firmly-established trail leading back to the U.S. deep-state in the form of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the gain-of-function research he funded in Wuhan using National Institute of Health and other funds. Fauci is one of the inner circle surrounding globalist billionaire Bill Gates and others at the World Economic Forum.

    Why the globalist oligarchs would want to disable the U.S. military is open to question, but there seems to be little doubt that a deliberate attack was made. Judging by the nature of the attack, how extensive, well-coordinated and funded it appeared to be, there is no way that this could have happened spontaneously… although there are certainly interests who would like nothing better than to portray it as such.

    Another thread of evidence that this act was deliberate is that the civilian healthcare system was also attacked at the same time.

    Now that the plot is more-or-less in the open, the globalists are attempting to put as much distance between themselves and the Chinese as possible. Whether this split is genuine or an act intended to prove them with deniability is unknown at this point, but both are possibilities.

    The Chinese government has been de facto at war with the United States since the 1990s, when they began war-gaming with the U.S. as the presumptive opponent. They certainly had the means and the motive to carry out such an attack upon the U.S. military. In their influential 1999 book “Unrestricted Warfare,” the authors – PLAN Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui – explicitly stated that no weapon or form of warfare was off-limits in the form of conflict they proposed.

    That much ought not to surprise observers, especially those with any knowledge of the Chinese government and its real motives, but what is more-disturbing is the extent to which institutions, organizations, and leaders in the U.S. have cooperated with the whole thrust of the operation.

    Enough evidence has accumulated to call into question the loyalty and basic allegiance of a great many organizations, companies, and leaders inside the U.S. government and private sector. That includes members of both houses of Congress and the present occupant of the Oval Office, as well as the CDC, NIH, NIAID, and WHO and most of the largest pharmaceutical firms and healthcare operators in the nation. Not to mention their facilitators in the financial sector and elsewhere.

    As far as the U.S. military is concerned, every effort must be made to defeat this attack upon it. Whether one is a civilian or a member of that force, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

    • Having served in both the USAF and the Army until shortly after the election of The Chosen One, the military I left was at the time unable to win the wars it was committed to. Wokeness hadn’t yet infected the Army but feminism and homosexual acceptance had already started rotting the services from the inside out. The Chosen One was very unpopular amongst many with whom I served but orders had come down from senior leadership that any open disparagement, emails, etc would result in disciplinary action up to Article 15 punishment. In my opinion, the senior leadership had already been thoroughly co-opted by that time, and was probably well infiltrated even back during the Slick Willie era when I had started my military service.

      Even during my service there was a lot of concern within the military over the declining ability to fight and win conventional wars. I remember when I first joined the USAF the goal was two conventional conflicts simultaneously, then one while defending a second and when I left I don’t think any of the senior officers I worked with realistically thought even that limited capability was possible. The American method of warfare is incredibly expensive, which reflects a political leadership which is extremely risk averse and political support which couldn’t survive the losses of dozens of soldiers a day let alone the hundreds or thousands of casualties which Ukrainian forces are now suffering. The American military industrial complex is simply not capable of making basic weapons and munitions in the quantities required for fighting a peer adversary, nor logistically supporting the transport of 80k artillery rounds to the battlefield every single day (which is what the RF forces are using every single day in Ukraine) via air corridors or sea lanes which will likely be under attack during a full scale war.

      To me it seems that at least in the years since the Reagan military buildup, the weapons, the ability to manufacture them, and the military needed to fight and win conventional war against a peer military have been allowed to atrophy, likely due to cost, while the defense contractors got wealthy building ever more complex and expensive weapon systems which were promised to leverage technological superiority as a replacement for manpower and sheer numbers of weapons. And recently, the emphasis has been on actively damaging the capabilities of the existing military by trying to drive off the most traditional and regime-hostile personnel through a variety of methods of which notavax is only the most recent. If I had to guess, I would have to say that the signs point to the elites first trying to destroy the power of the military while simultaneously maneuvering the country into a full scale conventional conflict where the hollowed-out remnants will be catastrophically defeated and forced to use nuclear weapons to avoid a worse disaster or accept the end of US hegemony, or both.

      • I may be wrong because it’s purely theoretical at this point, but I believe that should the next world war break out, every flying object, airplanes, baloons, and satellites, will be put down to Earth, and every aircraft carrier will be sank. Pretty quickly, actually.

        I have a feeling that there will be a lot of “horse cavalery against the machine gun” situations, and WWI biplanes against Me109’s… Same as it ever was.

        But I do agree that the western “hubris” regarding the eastern armies must be rooted in their trust in Wunderwaffen, because they certainly can’t rely on regular infantry as they could in 1944/45 era…

        And I also I believe that the only thing that makes sense, regarding the West, is that Yuri Bezmenov and Anatoly Golitsin were right. The communists faked their death, and then sold to the west cheap output of the Asian slave labor, and the plundered natural resources of Siberia, thus hacking free capitalism, and the plan is in place since Lenin: “We will hang the burgeoisie on a rope they will make for us and sell us themselves…” That’s where we are at, IMHO. Trojan war, WWIII edition.

  3. I’m surprised they did not mention the gay and transgender leadership that has been elevated to control the military, as well as the efforts to elevate women to positions previously deemed unsuitable for them. That too is very demoralizing to people wanting to join and also reduces combat effectiveness.

    This is way more extensive than just the military. It’s an attack on all institutions in western civilization. There is an attack on women (feminism), marriage (MGTOW and feminism), morality, and religion (Islam and Satanism). It is an attack on truth and logic itself. Birth rates are plummeting. Distrust in public institutions is at an all-time high. This is all highly organized and orchestrated from some source and demoralizes all of society. It is wholly supported by major industry (with attacks on small business being constant through regulation in an effort to eliminate them), political parties, the news media, and major internet platforms. My Christian self tells me the true source of something so well coordinated.

    • Re: “This is all highly organized and orchestrated from some source and demoralizes all of society. It is wholly supported by major industry (with attacks on small business being constant through regulation in an effort to eliminate them), political parties, the news media, and major internet platforms.”

      If the info out there is correct, Black Rock and Vanguard – the two largest and wealthiest investment funds on earth – are the driving force behind all of these Fortune 500 firms going “woke.” Some went voluntarily, but if any arm-twisting was needed, Larry Fink – the CEO of BR and a member of the World Economic Forum – could threaten to destroy the firm in question by pulling out of all of their stock at once.

      Obviously, these institutions are functioning as a shadow government for globalism, and need to be broken up into many smaller pieces. Not an easy task now, since they are wealthier and more-powerful than many small and medium-sized countries, but it needs to happen anyway.

      It is germane to note that those who despise western civilization and Christianity have found common cause with Islam and communism – cultural Marxism in particular – because of their shared enmity for these things and their shared desire to bring them down and destroy them.

      Re: “I’m surprised they did not mention the gay and transgender leadership that has been elevated to control the military, as well as the efforts to elevate women to positions previously deemed unsuitable for them.”

      You’ve probably heard the saying in economics that “the bad money drives out the good,” and it applies equally and in full force where people are concerned. The cultural Marxists are using this tactic to drive traditional men – the longtime backbone of America’s fighting forces – out of the military altogether. By forcing the whole woke agenda onto the institution and these men – plus the mandatory vax – they are in effect herding or driving these men out with the intention of replacing them with woke personnel who will do as ordered vis-a-vis the American people.

      As an aside, they are using a variation on this method as a means of driving the last Trad-Americans out of LE so that they, too, can be replaced by woke fanatics.

      When they take power, the communists always -without fail -move to seize control of the enforcement arms of the state, namely the police and the armed forces. That’s the end game here.

      • If I read communists and muslims in one sentence I always remember Iran.

        Both fought against the SHah but as soon as the Shah was gone they were fighting each other. And the muslims won.

        I would really like to see the face on those communists when the same happens again.
        “But we were allies..?”

  4. And the military will crumble even more, when they switch to CO2 neutral aka electric vehicles.

    Can you imagine that?
    How heavy is a battery that can move a tank?
    I think you have to remove the majority of the armor. Yes, you may use the battery as armor, but arent those batteries of the lead-acid type? A big NO-NO for enviromental concerns.
    And how long will it take to load a battery?

    You have to have a power line connecting the assembly area of your tank battalion directly to a nuclear power station. And if this line is cut – you can only start your emergency diesel generators – if you are allowed to have them.

    (Or think you have no nuclear power stations anymore. You have to rely on wind and solar power.
    General Side A to General Side B: Sorry, can we postpone the war till next year summer? We have not enough wind and the sun shines not strong enough.)

    Maybe they will change the Geneva Convention that it is a war crime when the enemy cuts the powerline to your units.
    Or it will be:
    General Side A: Ok, our power line is located on the right side of the street from A-city to B-city, locally known as B 55.
    General Side B: Yes, we use the same street from C-city to B-city as the location of our main power line.
    Both: So, the B 55 is off-limits to artillery strikes, Special Forces attacks etc.

    Or think of this:
    General Side A: Mr President / Chancellor, we have reached the staging area, but we have only a 55 kv supply powerline, so I can either power up 5 tanks or 10 Infantry fighting vehicles. And considering the cold I have to attack within 5 minutes of the loading cycle.

    General: Ok, soldiers. As we are the fighters for the enviroment, you are authorized to use only 5 main gun rounds a piece and 20 missiles altogether. If you use more, the enviromental board will charge you with a enviromental war crime and that means execution squad.

    And now imagine such a force going up against a force that gives a damn about the enviroment and cares only about winning.

    I know what I write now looks like satire, but I have the dark feeling that it will turn into reality before I can say “enviromental responsibility”.

    (A few years ago I read Saci Lloyds “The Carbon Diaries” with re-education camps for those who use too much CO2. I thought this to by dystopic. It wasnt. THEY will make it a reality.)

    • Truth be told, I have a suspicion that the “electric military” makes sense for different reasons than stated. They say it’s for the environment, but I suspect it’s really for the fact that electric vehicles do have superior acceleration, due to the fact electric motors can peak from cold with output power – orders of magnitude above anything a diesel or petrol engine can do. It’s exactly what you want from a tank: To get into the firing position quickly, and then quickly move back.

      My suspicion is that battery powered tanks make sense for different reasons than environment, if they be not required to run a marathon but just a sprint, they will overtake their diesel powered counterparts.

      • @ Barn Swallow

        You are correct insofar as the virtues of electric power-plants are concerned versus those of internal combustion engines. Electric motors waste much less energy in the form of heat than internal combustion engines, and generate gobs of torque nearly instantaneously.

        But these virtues come to naught if battery technology sidelines that electric-powered tank due to short run-time or other problems, let alone the lack of a convenient charging station when one is needed during a battle. How does that work? I sure as heck don’t know.

        Then there is the problem of modern high-capacity batteries being prone to catching fire when placed under too-strenuous of a load or due to other factors. An attrition rate of a certain percentage of AFVs might be acceptable but what that fraction is, I have no idea.

        Hybrid gasoline or diesel-electric as a possibility? Maybe…but that’s not my bailiwick so I’ll defer to the engineers in the house.

        The next revolution in armored warfare is likely to be unmanned tanks, roughly analogous to UAVs and aerial drones. Much of the time, expense and difficulty of designing and manufacturing a sixty-to-seventy ton MBT – main battle tank – incurs because of the fact that the tank needs a human crew, whose survivability is paramount (since a tank is easier to replace than a trained and experienced crew). Once you remove the crew from the equation, the design parameters get a lot easier in certain respects for the engineers.

        However, the people charged with making the tank somewhat autonomous and networking it into a digital framework have their work cut out for them. Right now, that’s the obstacle to fielding completely unmanned armored fighting vehicles: They still haven’t figured out how to replace the judgment and decision-making of a seasoned tank commander and crew.

        Of course, a tank can be run remotely via a data link as aerial drones are operated, but data links can be jammed and drones (aerial or terrestrial) spoofed.

        The real breakthrough will occur when unmanned tanks are reliable-enough and cheap-enough to be mass-produced and used as swarming weapons. Once the cost/unit drops to a level which can be sustained operationally, I’d expect to see large formations of them being used.

        It’s being done largely in secret, but all of the major powers are working on this next paradigm shift in mechanized warfare. Modern MBTs have reached their peak effectiveness, and are now so expensive, complex and time-consuming to manufacture, that there’s really nowhere else to go with manned legacy-type tanks of the kind currently in use.

      • Barn, there won’t be battery powered tanks unless they are the size of the old Goliaths of the Wehrmacht WW2 used as suicide weapons, to clear bunkers and blow up bridges. The best tank made these days are the German Leopard II A8 tank, with pound for pound has the best diesel and most powerful diesel versus that junk turbine engine of the Abrams tank of the Americans which sucks down fuel so fast they need refuelers just a few miles behind them at every turn and don’t have the range the Leopard II has.

        • I am not saying we are there yet, just that it makes sense to make an electric tank – if you can solve the electricity supply problem.

          The fastest cars on track today are hybrids that combine petrol engine generator with electric drive train that can be boosted from extra battery source.

          Ferdinand Porsche knew this 100 years ago or more 🙂

  5. Biden has terrified both China and Russia with our military capabilities.
    You sound like you are trying to enable our enemies
    Stop it

    • I don’t think either is afraid of our conventional capabilities; especially Russia, which is busy destroying every piece of hardware we send over there which the Ukrainians haven’t managed to first sell to them. The piecemeal introduction of Western weapons and Ukrainians trained in western tactics has allowed them the safe environment to analyze and develop countermeasures to every new piece of hardware. If they’re afraid of anything regarding western capabilities it is the irrationality behind western threats to introduce nuclear weapons or worse into a conflict that for political reasons and consequences of losing face has become existential to American hegemony over its increasingly impoverished and desperate pool of subject nations.

  6. Aren’t you the same guys who wanted us to invade and occupy Afghanistan?
    And now you think you are military and foreign affairs experts ?
    Tell us, when did you realize the war in Afghanistan was unwinnable?or when you realized getting rid of Saddam would make Iraq an ally of Iran ??

  7. Even if the number of people that manifest noticeable adverse side effects from the vaccine are small, you have a randomly placed population that can just die on the job. Who knows who they are without testing. You have that.
    You have depletion of our oil reserves. Does the military have their own sizable reserve? How long would that last. We are depleting our reserves. We are inflating our currency. I think there are more issues but I think they create a manufactured perfect storm for creating the opportunity for China to take Taiwan while we can’t really do anything about it except present outrage new reports and cry about how everything conspired to make the US ill prepared to do anything about it and then blame it on Trump and Covid and whatever. Who knows maybe there were deals if China helped one party stay in power they would help China out as long as they had plausible deniability. Who knows. I still think Taiwan should say we believe in a one china policy, under Taiwan rule.

    • You forget the Japanese, and Taiwan is owned and run by the Japanese and has been for over 600 years, so the Japanese are on a military buildup unseen since before WW2, the Chinese are in for one hell of a surprise if they do try to take Taiwan.

  8. This is the time for patriots to join state defense forces instead of the regular army or national guard- in free states, the state defense forces aren’t required to go through all of this BS, and tend to focus on collapse-style emergencies (not everything about defeating the great reset involves shooting).

    • Oh but it will involve a great deal of shooting when the fun and reindeer games begins, you can count on it, and with millions of vets chomping at the bit watching their once Great Nation crumble in front of them, there will be plenty of shooting to be done.

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