If I Had a Hammer…

I haven’t been covering it here, but I doubt any Gates of Vienna readers have missed the bizarre drama that unfolded last week at Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Francisco. While the Speaker was at work in Washington D.C., police were called to her house to confront a man in his underwear who was allegedly grappling with her husband, and hit him with a hammer. The alleged perpetrator was subdued and arrested, and Mr. Pelosi went to the hospital for emergency surgery to repair a skull fracture.

As if all that weren’t strange enough, the night before last NBC News aired an account of the incident which differed from the official police report in significant ways. NBC pulled the video almost immediately, but it survived in multiple copies, thanks to the more relaxed rules at Twitter since Elon Musk took over.

NBC is normally a compliant mouthpiece for the Democrats and the Biden administration, so what went wrong here? Did the editors at NBC misunderstand their instructions? Are there perhaps factions within the ruling oligarchy that have crafted different competing narratives about the incident? Maybe one faction thinks it’s time to damage the Speaker of the House in advance of the ignominious debacle the party is expected to face next week in the midterms.

And meme artists have put forward some amusing theories of their own. I saw one yesterday that showed Nancy Pelosi on the phone to Hillary Clinton. Hillary says, “Hey Nancy, how can I help?” and Nancy replies, “My husband has become a liability.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video to 3Speak:

For more details, visit Conservative Tree House.

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  1. Notice the laminated glass of the broken windows. I don’t know if it is relevant to anything. Elon Musk demonstrated it doesn’t always work as expected.

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