Taking the Cross Out of Christmas

The following report from Belgium concerns the sale of crucifixes at the upcoming Christmas market in Strasbourg, France. Crucifixes are apparently banned from sale “with reservations”, meaning vaguely that their quality and appropriateness must be judged by the city council. There has been a big uproar over this provision.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Flemish portal ReactNieuws:

Block 4: Non-food products banned from sale with reservations. In yellow circle — crucifixes

Crucifixes forbidden at Strasbourg Christmas Market

by Hans de Groot
October 18, 2022

Next month, the annual traditional Christmas Market begins in Strasbourg, the French city in Alsace. It is the most important tourist event in the city and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors. That Strasbourg is French but was once a German city will certainly contribute to this.

The city leadership is in the hands of the Left, including the Greens, and thus, the warning finger is raised in the air, and the most absurd regulatory nonsense has been unloaded on the participants of the event. The merchants have just been sent an enormous list of “banned” products.

Christmas cards are no longer allowed because they are printed on paper, and thus, “bad for the climate”. The traditional French dish “tartiflette” (a kind of casserole with cheese and ham) is banned, but the Turkish snack “loukoum” is expressly welcome. In short, the expected green nonsense.

No crucifixes

But, to the surprise of just about everyone, a banned product also appears on the list: The crucifix. In other words, the Christian crucifix.

Here it appears that the woke crazies from the Left in Strasbourg have miscalculated because a storm of protest has arisen. Jokesters wonder aloud just what we are celebrating at Christmas, the birth of loukoum? And from the majority of the city council, it is announced that this “was not discussed”.

But even if this crazy ban is revoked, it is already clear where the Left wants to go: The erasure of every form of European identity in order to accommodate the repopulation. The repopulation is also on a fast track in Strasbourg: Of the 290,000 residents, there are now 60,000 with an immigrant background. The immigrant suburbs of Strasbourg are infamous no-go zones where, for example, every New Year’s Eve, hundreds of cars are set on fire.

4 thoughts on “Taking the Cross Out of Christmas

  1. Happening everywhere. “Christmas” is being dropped from everything to do with Christmas. Eventually migrants from non Christian countries will be completely ignorant of what these holidays were for as it is never spoken about in public.
    “Christmas” is wrong speak and never to be mentioned again in Australia.

  2. One day, these “greens” will wake up with their throats cut by the wonderful diversity that they are accommodating. I am an American Conservative and as far as I am concerned, Europe is a satanic hell hole. And many of us are NOT fooled and know the O administration provoke a civil war in Ukraine, as Ukraine is owned by the ds. Putin is a white, Christian nationalist, who believes in sovereign nations. Guess whose side I’m on.

  3. I believe very much in God almighty and his word the bible. That being said here is some clarifying information:
    The crucifix is in fact a church concocted myth. The Romans killed criminals on stakes not crosses….look it up.
    Also christmas itself, the supposed date of Christs death, was a political/economic/pagan expediancy creation of a Roman emperor. Christ was likely born in the fall.
    Also the date of his death was far and away the important thing to be remembered. As Christ said at the last supper: ” keep doing this in remembrance of me”.
    The star people put on top of a tree in actuality was not a star but a lure for the astrologers ( incorrectly called the wise men) put in place by Satan. Why? So the astrologers could go back and tell King Herod where Jesus was. Herod’s ploy was to kill Christ because he was a homicidal paranoid and knew Christ was called the King of the Jews.
    He couldn’t allow another “King” to exist. This is why Herod had any child two years and younger murdered in a sweep to make sure he got Jesus. Angels warned Joseph and Mary, telling them to go to Egypt. Christ was around two years old when the so-called wise men visited him, he was not a “babe in a manger”. Thus Herod’s age group he had murdered.
    There is a lot more. Do the homework.
    Again, I very much believe in God Almighty, his word and the unfolding prophecies therein, but do not aspire to following pagan traditions that insult God.

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