Culture-Enriching Rape of a Policewoman in Naples

The following report concerns a Neapolitan policewoman who was raped late at night by a culture-enricher from Bangladesh.

I hate to say this, because I know it goes against the grain of the zeitgeist, but this is further evidence that women should not be employed as police officers. Under the same circumstances, a male officer (a) would be less likely to attract the romantic interest of a New Italian; and (b) in the event that he was targeted — because culture-enrichers are notorious for raping anything that has a hole, and for carrying knives so that they can cut holes in things that don’t — he would have a much better chance of cleaning the perpetrator’s clock than any woman would have.

But that’s just me.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   She was chased, knocked out with a big rock and eventually raped.
00:08   It was a nightmarish evening for a squad police officer on duty, in Naples
00:12   It was just past midnight.
00:15   The young victim, a 30-year-old police officer, had just finished her work shift.
00:20   Here, at the police station “Decumani”. She was just
00:24   getting to her own car, parked in the port parking area.
00:28   She had her service firearm, but was wearing no uniform.
00:31   Because of this rape, a 23-year-old man from Bangladesh was arrested some minutes later.
00:36   It deals with an illegal with a criminal record of personal injuries and sexual harassment.
00:40   The police officer was walking along Via Duomo.
00:43   She had just left the nightlife district of Naples.
00:47   The attacker may have spotted her from one of these alleys.
00:52   He may have begun to follow the police officer from this exact spot onwards.
00:57   Now the investigators will have to ascertain how the events really occurred.
01:02   Along Via Duomo, there are several stores endowed with security cameras.
01:07   One of these cameras in fact caught the rapist while he was following his victim.
01:12   This is where Via Duomo terminates.
01:15   Behind me is Varco Pisacane, where the parking lots reserved for law enforcement are.
01:27   We have just entered the Naples port area, Varco Pisacane,
01:32   without undergoing any security checks.
01:36   There is a sign indicating it is a video surveillance area.
01:39   But the cameras are not pointed towards the parking lots.
01:45   After being raped, the woman called out a truck driver from Palermo for help; he was sleeping
01:49   in his own vehicle. The man called the emergency number, a police patrol arrived.
01:54   The officer described in detail the clothes worn by the rapist.
02:03   The epilogue of the nightmarish evening occurred at Piazza Nicola Morelli,
02:06   where the 23-year-old man was arrested on a charge of attempted murder and rape.
02:10   It turns out he arrived in Italy 3 years ago. Since then he has been living on his wits, such as
02:14   by selling counterfeit merchandise. He was caught and identified twice, in Calabria and in Veneto.
02:19   The young victim received some injuries, considered curable within twenty days.
02:24   She told her colleagues, who consider her to be a very brave woman:
02:28   “I am ready to get back on my feet”.

4 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Rape of a Policewoman in Naples

  1. Does she belong to the police who will protect the wonks from the natives? Who will enforce the non-vaccine on the population? Who will take part of crowd control of protestors against a heavy handed government? She might be back on her feet, not realizing that she lives her life on her back, spread wide open for the powers behind the curtains…

  2. Guns that the answer shoot to kill
    Has nothing to do with sex when guns are involved
    There are women out there able to shoot and kill efficiently

  3. No, It is an insult to civilization to have female police, military, leadership etc. Even if they know how to use a gun. I challenge anyone to tell me how our world has improved by having women in formerly all male professions and careers. It is disgusting; and the moreso bc the phenomenon has become banal in our times.

  4. Had the poor police woman shot that sub human vermin, it would be her up on charges, bloody tragic. Time for the police to form their death squads and get busy.

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