Illiteracy ’R’ Us

The following report shines a light on the parlous state of primary education in Germany. It’s notable that the official analysis acknowledges the role that cultural enrichment plays in the general increase of illiteracy.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

New educational trend: More and more illiterates in school


The new educational trend certifies a further crash of the German school system. One in every five fourth-graders no longer even meets the lowest standards in reading and arithmetic, says the new study by the Institute for Quality in Education (IQB). When it comes to spelling, it’s as high as 30%.

Compared to previous studies, the results are even worse. Every child should be able to meet the minimum standards set by the Conference of Ministers of Education after four years of school. But a significant proportion cannot. Immigration and Corona policies are to blame.

38% of all children are from immigrant families

Due to school closures and the alternating lessons as part of the alleged fight against the pandemic, children have been able to learn less. They had to endure 32 weeks of remote or alternating education. [Alternating teaching is a schooling model in which part of a school class (usually half) is taught alternately at school while the remaining students study at home. No wonder it doesn’t work, it’s ideological retarded nonsense to believe that kids at home will do as they’re told by a teacher they despise as an infidel.]

In addition, immigration policy since 2016 has continued to worsen the numbers. According to the new education trend, 38 percent of all students come from immigrant families. It is not uncommon for their parents — once praised as incoming specialists — to be illiterate themselves, so that they cannot help the children, especially not in German, a foreign language. Although all the children performed worse than they did five years ago, the gap between natives and foreigners has continued to widen because of their miserable results.

Education trend: Saxony performs best

19% of fourth-graders failed the minimum standard in reading, 30% in spelling and 22% in mathematics. Only 6% to 8% of the children showed optimal skills in German and almost 11% in mathematics. Compared to 2016, all federal states recorded a negative trend. The best results are in Saxony and Bavaria, and the worst in Berlin and Bremen. [Berlin and Bremen? Now why am I not surprised by that?]

The institute collected the data from 26,844 students between April and August 2021, i.e. shortly after the lockdown. IQB (Institute for Educational Quality Improvement) head Petra Stanat said that no clear attribution of causes for the trends was possible. “However, there is some evidence that the restrictions imposed by the pandemic played a role in the unfavorable developments.”

The IQB Education Trend states: “There seems to be a broad consensus that such numbers are unacceptable. Minimum standards are requirements that all students should achieve. All groups of actors in the education system have to resolve this together.”

Afterword from the translator:

I’m actually not surprised that this former country of “poets and thinkers” is becoming a third-world [sump], since their teachers need to focus on indoctrination first and foremost — wearing masks, gendering, educating children in elementary school about sexual practices and gender choice — not forgetting the Covid test.

After all, in all Left-ruled countries, education has been systematically destroyed. A nation of idiots is much easier to control. In South Africa, for instance, you can pass your Matric with under 30%, and still, every year about 750,000 pupils drop out of school between grades 5 and 7. Most of those cannot even write their own names and will be avid supporters of the ANC or the EFF.

7 thoughts on “Illiteracy ’R’ Us

  1. Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

    Vladimir Lenin

    • Exactly! And isn’t this the desired result by the powers that be? They want the educated GONE – will they remove those who wear glasses from society because they might be ‘readers’, like Pol Pot did in Cambodia?

  2. It has to be noted that those ” foreigners” with poor educational performances are neither canadian nor swiss. They are from a culture where an illiterate teaches them what is written in a plain stupid book he himself can not read or translate ( it is untranslatable!).

  3. This is the same in Australia and in Victoria we had the longest lockdowns in the world. Our results are falling down the PISA list faster now. We are fulfilling our destiny as the “ white trash of Asia”. That’s what we were called 20 years ago and it hasn’t gone in reverse.
    Only the lowest quartile of the bell curve is breeding, full of ADD And ADHD which are highly inheritable, so the schools will become like jungles. The lowest quartile of the bell curve is paid to breed 5 children’s, while the highest quartile are taxed at 50 % and penalised and have to pay for everything.
    Over time the average IQ must fall. The level of disability rises which is what we are seeing.

  4. The only way out is to lower the standards. Than, all pupils will be equal and happy, though illiterate. But which is more important – literacy or happiness?

  5. It is through the mass the 3rd world invasion that IQ is dropping all over the rwestern world, the Bell Curve is real.

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