Calling Out Klaboosterbach

The following report describes the pushback against Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, a.k.a. “Klaboosterbach”, by a German medical administrator.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Official governmental bull***t” of a “mental case”: German clinics dismantle Karl Lauterbach

In view of the scientifically unrelated false claims and scaremongering that Karl Lauterbach spreads on television, on social media networks and everywhere else you let him, one has to wonder why so few doctors and scientists publicly contradict the minister. A German clinic group is not taking part: the Acura clinics in Baden-Baden countered the Minister of Ill Health on social networks — and rightly so.

Head of clinic Dirk Schmitz, a lawyer, makes no secret of the fact that he considers Lauterbach’s policy to be completely wrong — and not just with regard to Covid-19. In an interview with Alexander Wallasch, he reported that the hospital’s electricity bill for August amounted to €85,000: if nothing changes, seventy percent of the hospitals in Germany would go bankrupt in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, Lauterbach’s questionable new vaccination campaign “I protect myself” burns a mere €33 million in tax money — according to Schmitz, at least ten smaller clinics could have been saved over a certain period of time. But Lauterbach, who “has no idea about his business,” has no interest in rescue measures: “He only has one topic, that is Corona, and that is part of his very personal clinical picture. The man is seriously mentally disturbed.” [Isn’t that a requirement in a politician nowadays?]

This point of view can also be read in the Facebook posts of the Acura Kliniken Baden-Baden — and in very clear language. The illustrations also speak volumes.

Read the Acura Kliniken Baden-Baden Facebook post of October 15.

Vaccines against COVID-19 available to date can protect against severe courses. However, there are no vaccines that safely and permanently prevent mild infections or infection with SARS-CoV-2.

The research situation for preventing severe courses is also unclear. Effect, probably yes, extent cannot be quantified with certainty. The side effect field increases dramatically.

Now the “I protect myself” campaign of the mentally conspicuous politician is not intended to end Corona, but to alleviate his phobias. The project costs almost €33 million. This could save several hospitals.

Lauterbach called the campaign “a campfire of the reasonable”. With the energy cost explosion and possible blackouts, that’s bold, because that’s where we might be sitting soon. It is intellectually similar to Lauterbach’s toilet-flushing contribution and its alleged chimney effect: “The aerosols from the toilet flushing of the infected on the ground floor and the lower floors end up in the bathroom on the upper floors,” he once wrote in the most important German scientific medium, his Twitter accounts. However, we’re still waiting in vain for the guide “Correct s***ting with Karl” — sorry.

The new campaign is on the same intellectual level. Lauterbach uses a young woman who has been vaccinated several times and suffers from Long Covid to advertise vaccines that are intended to prevent exactly that. There are no words.

But the official government bull***t does not end: “Margarete Stokowski, the Spiegel journalist and campaign partner, does not go far enough with the masks indoors. She is sure that she got infected in the fresh air.” She says: “I can only advise wearing a mask outdoors.” Lauterbach apparently (no longer) dares to make this nonsensical request himself — he lets Stokowski do it in his place. “You just want to pull it off. But that too is dangerous.”

Dear Karl Lauterbach, we are a psychosomatic specialist clinic and teaching hospital of the University of Heidelberg and successfully treat Long Covid and fatigue syndrome with our concept. But with your clinical picture…

Afterword from the translator:

Oh, oh, this is the second person — after Hans-Geord Maassen — who classifies “Prof.” Lauterbach as mentally disturbed!

It’s very dangerous when guys like that are placed in power, but this is most likely the point for the puppeteers that pull the strings. But as we have seen with Hitler, these puppets can develop a life of their own and turn everything topsy-turvy for them.

On its own this will never go away, because then the whole government will fall, as will the opposition.

3 thoughts on “Calling Out Klaboosterbach

  1. He would have made a good “brown pheasant” which is what other members of the NSDAP called their apparatchik class due to their brown party uniform.

  2. Either Lauterbach is set up as a future patsy
    one day we will find out that he escaped from an Insane asylum. And the Doctors just wanted to have some fun.

  3. Perhaps such circus clowns are elevated to their positions precisely because of their incompetence. And usefulness at following orders. Orders from above, no matter how stupid and counterproductive to rational individuals and the proper functioning of the society, are instead completely rational and desirable to the wishes of the elites. In this, an incompetent circus clown as a health minister is precisely what the doctor ordered since irrational decisions and statements can be attributed by the affected public to the stupidity and incompetence of the talking head making them rather than the elite with his hand up the anus working the mouth of the clown puppet.

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