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The German authorities are preparing for civil unrest in the coming winter. What’s interesting about this report is the role that the extreme Left is expected to play in the disturbances. The proximate cause of the crisis is an extreme shortage of natural gas due to the sanctions against Russia, which means that the climate-change zealots will be poised to raise trouble if more coal plants are fired up to try to cope with the dearth of electric power, or other uses of fossil fuel are proposed as a way to mitigate the crisis. That must not be allowed, no matter how many people freeze or starve, because we must save the planet!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Die Welt:

BKA apparently sees a growing threat to internal security

If people see their existence threatened, things could get tricky in the next few weeks: according to a media report, the Federal Criminal Police Office is preparing for possible protests, blockades and attacks.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) sees increasing dangers for internal security in Germany in the coming weeks due to the energy crisis and high inflation, according to a report by the Tagesspiegel.

A similar situation to the protests against Corona measures since the beginning of the pandemic may be expected “if a significant proportion of the population feels it is or actually gets into an existential situation as a result of political decisions,” says an internal BKA memo, from which they quoted from the Tagesspiegel.

The Federal Criminal Police Office has also registered attempts by Islamists to take advantage of the current crisis situation. Attacks on the “economic infrastructure” were called for. A spokesman for the Islamic State jihadist militia called for the use of Russia’s war against Ukraine and the unstable political situation in Europe to their advantage, the Tagesspiegel quotes, citing the BKA.

Demonstrations and criminal offenses such as those seen in the Corona protests of recent years are also expected. In addition, there could be occupations and blockades of companies in the energy and armaments industry by the leftist scene.

Criminal offenses against politicians and decision-makers are to be feared from right-wing extremists and Corona skeptics, as well as “violent forms of action” from Corona critics.

A renewed tightening of the Corona measures could also drive parts of the civil-democratic spectrum into the arms of the milieu of the Corona protests, the BKA writes according to the Tagesspiegel.

Afterword from the translator:

I’m afraid to say it, but this has all been planned for some time, and the German government is working towards this. Then the demonstrators are driven apart by the police and possibly the Bundeswehr. And this with brute force. Will the order to shoot then follow? I wouldn’t put it past this government.

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  1. Saving the world, killing themselves so someone else can live in their country and use all the Russian gas. Next “tenant” of Germany won’t worry about the rest of the world and will have no problem using Russian gas.

    • Yes, that is my question regarding “The Last Generation” and “Fridays for Future”.
      Why dont they kill themselves?
      Do they know how many tons of CO2 we, sorry, they wouldnt produce. And they wouldnt be in the position of getting kids, so thats another win-win for them.
      But they are all talk and no do.
      How do we encourage them to be really “The Last Generation”?

  2. I believe that the globalist governments will be over-thrown by the neo-socialist idiots who helped put them in power. When the college communists and the limousine liberals discover that their favorite electronic toy won’t charge and their groceries aren’t coming, they’ll take up their tennis rackets and skateboards and storm the capital cities.
    Unless their government “gods” convince them that it’s the fault of “the rich”.

    • These couch potato social justice warriors will fall to the wayside and do as they are told once the militaries of Europe take over.

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