You Will Be Controlled Through Your Phone

Ernst Wolff is a German finance writer. In the following interview Mr. Wolff discusses the outlines of the coming New World Order (a.k.a. “Build Back Better”) as outlined by the boffins in the brain trust of the World Economic Forum.

His remarks have reinforced my conviction that it is crucial not to own a cell phone or any other hand-held device, because it is through these portable electronic gizmos that the diktats of the new techno-state will be enforced. Digital money, social credit, universal surveillance — all will depend on the ubiquitous cell phones for their implementation.

When cell phones are made mandatory for all citizens, I suppose I’ll meet my inevitable Waterloo. Until then, however, I intend to remain as defiantly independent as I possibly can.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’ll try to recap, because I haven’t comprehended it completely myself.
00:04   There’s a man, named Yuval Harari who is an advisor to the World Economic Forum.
00:09   He’s a self proclaimed humanist. He claims that hundreds of millions of people
00:13   will become the “useless mass” in the 4th Industrial revolution. —Yes. —They must be
00:17   occupied in some way and speaks of a Universal Basic Income.
00:21   So, people will become unemployed and the government will issue wallets.
00:25   What are these wallets? Could you explain this once more? It will be money on your cell phone.
00:29   Yes, exactly. It’s nothing more than an app that serves as your own account.
00:33   With that you’re connected directly to the central bank. In this account
00:37   you’ll maybe have 1,000 or 2,000 euros. The most important aspect
00:41   is that the central bank has the possibility to apply individually adapted taxation,
00:47   individual interest rates and instant penalization charges.
00:52   This also means, they can cut off all cash flows or place a three-week expiration date
00:58   on your money. Money will have an expiration date. In addition to that,
01:02   at some point it will be possible to add to this money a social credit system
01:06   adapted from the Chinese model. That of course would be a very dangerous development.
01:10   Up until now, to understand approximately what would happen next in Europe, the next few years,
01:16   we usually observed what was happening the U.S. Now, we need to look at what China is doing.
01:20   The things that are happening right now in China, are planned for us and
01:24   will be happening here within the next few years.
01:29   An AUF 1 production. The full length video can be found at

11 thoughts on “You Will Be Controlled Through Your Phone

  1. He’s either completely evil or a completely a moron.

    If I didn’t know better I would say that he sounds like he’s been vaxxed.

    • I hope you mean Harari with you comment. In this I agree fully.

      And I also agree with the Baron.
      I dont own a smartphone and I dont have any intention of getting one.
      And doesnt aluminium foil or a lead lined case completely block electronic waves like a Faraday cage?

      • Yes, I should have clarified that. I am leaning more towards the evil motive in his case rather than stupidity.

  2. I wonder how is it that they did not cancel cash in China yet.
    Also, I would like to know if there is a black market in China, and to what extent. You don’t hear much of it, like you use to hear of the Soviet Union in the old days. Maybe the chinies are able to suppress it? What I mean is, Will our future regime be able to suppress it? It is hard to have a black market without cash.

  3. I’ve been saying this from the beginning when they started talking about this.
    ONLY CASH IS FREEDOM, anything else is indentured slavery.
    My Grandfather was even more vocal when Credit and Debit cards were introduced.
    He flat out refused to been issued with them by his Bank for his “convenience”.
    My dad did cut up all his Bank-cards in the early 90’s and uses cash only, but for this he has been over the years in serious trouble with the German Tax-authorities.
    Some years back, after he had had a massive stroke and was for several month in a coma they came for him, raided their house and all.
    Month later my parents were dragged before a court, and my dad got aquitted for medical reasons, but my mother, who had nothing to do with any of this, has now a criminal record.
    And the “best” part of this story, all that money was money that had already gone through taxation and came about that a Banker, to safe his own neck, sold out his clients to the Tax-authorities.
    I myself do not even have a personal bank-account for at least 20-odd years, and the only account we’re holding is a cheque-account, in which we physically place money to keep it alive for when larger sums of dividend money from my Investment Broker arrive once a year.
    And that money is then withdrawn and turned into species.
    I’m already wondering when that will all be made illegal too.
    Also I don’t accept card-payments at the Markets or from my Customers.
    When they ask me why, I tell them and make them think.
    Also I came across only very few that complained about my stance to accept cash only.

    • There was a banker in Switzerland a few years back that spilled out the names of bank depositors out of some sense of self hatred at Swissbank, He fell off a balcony after too much to drink.

  4. It is vitally important that ordinary people understand that there is nothing inevitable or non-negotiable about the proposed move to CBDC or central bank digital currency. Our would-be overlords and masters want ordinary people to believe there are no alternatives, and quietly give in and acquiesce – but there are always alternatives, work-arounds and other means of creating choices.

    Prior to the turn of the 20th century, it was quite common for different regions of various countries to have their own currencies and media of exchange. It was only with the rise of bureaucratic nation-states like Bismarck’s Germany in the 1880s and other advanced societies in Europe that currencies began to become standardized. And even then, in geographically-remote frontier areas of the U.S., for example, alternative forms of exchange took place, including payment in precious metals.

    There’s nothing to stop a given geographic region from declaring its independence from the central bankers and starting their own medium of exchange or currency. Undoubtedly, the powers-that-be will make such action illegal and attempt to shut them down, but it won’t be easy for them to do so, not if protests break out widely and frequently.

    Of course, it doesn’t have to get to that point, if people stand up and shout “No!” at the top of their lungs, and in sufficient numbers and mean it.

    These actions are just a small sampling of possible ways to fight this evil development, but I am not even all that creative of a person. I am positive some young digitally-hip computer-savvy folks will have all sorts of good ideas in mind for pouring sand in the gears of their new all-digital currency system.

  5. Isn’t it time that the free citizens of the world told the World Economic Forum where to shove their dictatorial ideas? I do not possess a mobile phone. I also refused to submit to vaccination.

    The WEF seem to have absorbed many leading politicians like Macron, Truss, the European Soviet Union and China. I am not sure who else they control but we must say “No More.” Not sure how to stop these people. Anyone any ideas?

    • There is no getting around the fact these type of world order types need culling, there is no peaceful means any longer, that day came and is long gone. So prepare yourself or be the sheep for the slaughter, because it is coming.

  6. The missing question to this man and all the other creatures who create this dystopia, is:

    And will all of these plans apply equally to you? Will you also own nothing and be forced to be happy?

    • The WEF types really think they will rule and eat steak and lobster while the masses eat gruel, they are very much mistaken, and it the look on their faces when the hammer falls is going to be bloody priceless.

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