The Philadelphia Address

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends a European take on the notorious speech given by our Dear Leader in Philadelphia on September 1.

The Philadelphia address

by H. Numan

Normally I don’t write about American politics, but in this case I feel I have to. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Emperor Palpatine Biden deliver his speech. It’s definitely one for the history books. Not for its eloquence; that would be the Gettysburg Address. Not for its brevity. That honor goes to Roosevelt with his declaration of war on Japan. Certainly not for its literary qualities. Churchill holds that honor. No, it was the most divisive speech by any US president in history. An open invitation to please revolt, so we can finally arrest you all. A weird address full of contradictions.

What’s a semi-fascist? Someone who is almost a fascist? Or more like a semi-truck, a kind of super fascist? You tell me. Biden is rambling about the dangers of MAGA Republicans, but seconds later about their dwindling numbers. It can’t be both at the same time. On and on he rambled.

Then the backstage. This was not sleepy Joe going off teleprompter. It was carefully planned, organized and executed. Who was the director? Leni Riefenstahl? Nope, she is dead. Steven Spielberg? George Lucas? I doubt if those two would want to destroy their reputations for that. The chap who directed it was definitely a Star Wars fan. Only two things were missing: Lord Darth Biden didn’t wear a black cape with a hoodie, and the Imperial March wasn’t played.

Riefenstahl would certainly have liked the blood-red backdrop and the two security unit members supplied by the US Marine Corps. Security unit translates to Schutzstaffel in German. That was, I think, a first in US history. A president delivers an address with two marines prominently visible in the background. I have great respect for the USMC, but they should have declined or at least complained. They didn’t. That really hurts their reputation. I’m definitely not the only who finds this… ‘a bit unusual’.

Normally when Biden goes off-prompter, the White House hastens to rectify the damage. Not this time. Highly unusual, it was Biden himself who — sort of — retracted his words a bit, a couple of days later. No, he didn’t mean all Republicans. There are some good Republicans too. For him, that’ll be RINO or dead republicans, of course he didn’t say it out loud. When asked ‘what exactly is a semi-fascist’ his reply was: ‘you know’. Really weird, the White House supporting the president’s words while the president carefully backpedals.

Which brings me to the question: what exactly is Biden up to? Not much good, that’s for sure.

I’ve witnessed several coups here in Thailand. Twice much too close for comfort, to be honest. Those coups didn’t come from thin air. No general (or activist leader) ever got up, heard the birds chirping, and thought: what a great day for a coup! Far from it. It’s dangerous, can easily backfire and you never know for certain you have won. Until you have, of course.

Biden has a deadline to meet: 4 November. Vilifying 50% of the population mere weeks before the election isn’t going to help him. This kind of sowing discord needs to be spread for much longer to have any effect. It might be an act of desperation, but I really doubt that. It’s too carefully planned and orchestrated. I worry about what comes next.

So let’s focus first on what is going to happen after 4 November, as most people think it might. Biden’s party loses by a landslide. The House and Senate become Republican, with a substantial majority. Biden will be impeached as soon as the new members are sworn in. Together with him, most of his cabinet. Certainly the top of the FBI and the DOJ. Hunter Biden will almost certainly be arrested, unless he flees the country. Very likely the Clintons and a certain Mr. Hussein will have to explain a lot.

So it’s all or nothing for Biden and the DNC. Either he wins the election, or he goes down. Biden may be mentally losing it, but he’s not that far down. He knows. So does his cabinet and the DNC. Either they win, or they go to jail. They have tried that trick too many times on Trump. They know it’s going to be payback time. No matter whether Trump runs again in 2024 or not.

Tucker Carlson wasn’t afraid of a coup. He thought the address was a kind of an act of desperation, or a buffoonish performance. According to him, the Democrats lack the knowledge for that. He usually is right, but here he’s dead wrong. Every socialist activist with some aspirations writes a dissertation about subverting the population or how to successfully commit a coup.

Real socialism comes almost always after a coup. Rarely after elections. In order to get that far, you need a soft coup. That’s the phase we’re in right now. Biden — or more specifically the DNC — controls everything already. All they have to do is survive those elections or make sure the elections are postponed. Postponed indefinitely, that is.

The great dictators all announced they had to temporarily suspend the rule of law, to save democracy (or their form of government). No exceptions. Mussolini did it, Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Mao and even Franco did it. The only thing Biden lacks is a valid excuse.

The DNC made several coups-by-court attempts, all in vain. The impeachments didn’t work. The Jan 6 committee is not working either. That’s a real embarrassment, because no Democrat showing the slightest sign of doubt was allowed to join the committee. No republicans except for the most reliable RINOs were asked. It’s a textbook example of McCarthyism.

The raid on Mar-a-Lago raid was an even bigger embarrassment. Nothing turned up, of course. Trump isn’t that stupid. He certainly doesn’t hide secret documents in his wife’s closet between her Gucci bags.

Now I’m getting to the crux of the matter. All the above is not incidental, but planned. Or at least they looked at their failures and try to work them into something positive.

Biden knows he can’t convince enough Republicans to jump ship. He tried that before; the last RINOs are hunted down. Mitch McConnell better be looking for a retirement home, because he’s not going to be Senate Minority Leader ever again. Biden also tried to get the most vocal Trump supporters into office, hoping that would backfire in November. It didn’t. So that ship has sailed.

He doesn’t have to worry (too much) about his own party. He bribed enough students to tip any outcome. Yes, it’s Costa Banana time in Washington! Not all radical left-wing student will vote for Biden, but who else can they vote for? They are morally obliged to show at least some gratitude by voting for Biden. So he didn’t have to deliver the Philadelphia Address to woo his electorate.

He can’t convince Republicans. His own voters are in the bag. That leaves the undecided voters. He didn’t do particularly well in this department. Jill’s remark about breakfast tacos didn’t sit well with Latinos, to put it mildly. No worries, time for the hatchet! The undecided voters need to be scared enough to vote Democrat. That’ll be the deciding factor.

To do that, he needs to set the stage. Nothing and nobody is perfect. Trump survived two impeachments, and is currently harassed by the Gestapo. Therefore, many people will believe that Trump did something wrong. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been impeached so often, nor would the Gestapo bother him.

Until now, Biden has been able to hide behind plausible deniability. He didn’t mean it, just a matter of interpretation, etc. If the public receives the Philadelphia Address well, do another one, to up the ante. Or commit your coup. If the public rejects it, think of something new.

Look for what the dark lord is going to do next. If he follows up on his address, start worrying. Not much else you can do, anyway. Ask yourself why Biden all of a sudden hires 87,000 IRS men. The IRS has exactly the same powers as the police, even more with regard to taxation and finance. Nobody seems to notice recruiting 87,000 IRS men is a heck of a lot. All he needs now is a valid excuse. Auditing your enemies was the favorite tactic of his old boss, Mr. Hussein. Perhaps he learned from him?

I have no idea at all if this very dark theory will become reality. Yet, I feel I’m not wrong, as much as I would love it.

— H. Numan

30 thoughts on “The Philadelphia Address

  1. There is no rule of law. The FBI raids on Trump allies is a really big step towards fascist takeover.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that Biden could suddenly speak when he delivered his Red Sermon?

    He is probably not as demented as his puppeteers want us to believe. Dementia is plausible deniability and the ultimate smoke screen…

  3. A third rate V for Vendetta set.
    No one outside the Fundamentally Transformed former republic fears a geriatric dementia patient or the rainbow circus his handlers assembled.
    Only dullards are unaware of the internal enemies plan to burn the former USA down to the foundations.
    Regarding the rule of law, deleted by the historic pen and phone.

  4. He certainly seems to besetting the scene for an “attack” from those MAGA types. With a bit of “luck” some may actually be goaded into shooting someone, but much more likely, there will be another “inside job”. If these people had the gall and ability and complicity to pull of 911 (happy 21st birthday BTW) then they’ll cruise through this.

  5. The Marines had to follow orders (sorry about that phrase).
    The one who should have complained, should have said NO, is Gen Milley.
    But we know where he stands,

    • The Commandant of the Marine Corps should have stood up and said HELL NO! but alas these spineless Generals of the US will do as they are told, unless Trump says to do something and then they have a problem with it, effing cowards. Semper Fi ! Spit!

  6. Re: “I have great respect for the USMC, but they should have declined or at least complained. They didn’t. That really hurts their reputation. I’m definitely not the only who finds this… ‘a bit unusual’.”

    It is unusual, but don’t condemn the Corps just yet. The general/flag officers and the field-grades (O-4 through O-6) may be compromised, but not all of them, nor all of the company-grade officers, NCOs or enlisted men. They’re gritting their teeth having to follow orders from the senile occupant of the White House, but rested assured that the majority of Marines do not support him.

    Far as those two individuals flanking Biden, don’t make the assumption that they were actual real Marines. They may not have been, instead it would be easy to find a couple of communist true-believers and dress them in the appropriate uniforms and regalia. Or maybe Biden and company found a few bad apples in the ‘Corps and used them for the event. We’ll probably never know, so there’s no sense wasting bandwidth on it.

    It isn’t that I am completely unworried about the Marine Corps; I’m not. It is simply that out of all of the branches of the U.S. armed services, they are probably the most-politically incorrect and stubborn about their identity and what they believe. If you want to worry, I’d concentrate on the Army, Navy and Air Force. The Coast Guard is probably OK, but I don’t have enough insider info on them to make a call.

    • The two “marines” behind the Potato were not ‘at ease’, or at ‘parade rest’, or… to the best of my knowledge there is no Marine standing position that says ‘stand at a type of relaxed yet attentive position, eyes front, hands clasped about waist level in front of you’. Back when, I was too busy fighting to care about such finery and nonsense.

    • As a senior enlisted Marine no longer on active duty, those were Marines alright and they did it whether they liked it or not. As for the Occifer Corps, they too are being torn apart, pitting various Occifers against each other and retaliations against each(backstabbing) that nobody ever hears about, various factions in the Suck are diametrically opposite of each other and the infighting is getting quite serious. The resentment in the ranks is growing because Bite me’s affirmative action plans are making the white straight males question their leaders.

  7. @ Graeme

    Re: “He certainly seems to besetting the scene for an “attack” from those MAGA types.”

    False-flag acts are the modus operandi of the deep-state insiders, their preferred means of moving the ball down the field. You are right to be alert for something along those lines.

    Back in 2014 when the Ukrainian uprising occurred and the Maiden Square demonstrations happened, the black-bag boys (probably a grab-bag of NATO assets – CIA, MI6, etc. or perhaps off-the-books PMCs or contractors) infiltrated into the best vantage points high around the square and assumed over-watch sniper positions. They had orders to fire shots into both sides of the demonstrations – pro-government and anti-government.

    Why? In order to amp up the tension and cause the heretofore peaceful demonstrations to turn violent and ugly. Which could then be used by western news sources to discredit the elected government of then-President Viktor Yanukovych.

    Are these hidden agents willing to break a few eggs to make their omelet? Are they willing to kill perfectly innocent people in service of their agenda? You bet they are. They’ve been staging “color revolutions” around the globe for decades, and Ukraine was just the latest nation to be visited by these operatives. It’s what they do, and there’s no reason whatsoever they won’t bring their show back to CONUS should their masters call for it. Wet work is a walk in the park for these guys.

  8. “Biden’s party loses by a landslide. The House and Senate become Republican, with a substantial majority.”

    Dream on. The left has control over the voting machines and the media. They will do the voting fraud again without hesitation.

    • You’re partially correct. Its all those dead voters that support Biden and the demorats. You just can’t keep a dead voter down.

    • What has changed since the last election, no major indictments, still have voting machines, still have early and uncontrolled absentee ballots, if held the election results will be fraudulent. We no longer have a representative form of government.

  9. I think he’s setting the stage for Trump’s arrest and indictment. Last year, reporters asked him repeatedly about his potential opponent in 2024. Somewhat exasperated, he blurted out: “There may not be any Republicans in 2024.” That has been the goal right along.

  10. Many things wrong about this article. First, the coup has already happened; it occurred in November 2020, when Biden’s party stole an election that Trump actually won by a landslide. Second, even if the Republicans are PERMITTED to win back Congress this November, they will not arrest any of the criminals in the Democratic Party. They have shown again and again that they don’t have the backbone to take the steps necessary to restore the rule of law in America. Even if Trump ran again in 2024 and was permitted, this time, to get back into the White House, he too would do nothing. Like the Republican establishment, which he criticized so much, he lacks the courage to do what is necessary. And what is necessary?

    What is necessary is that the criminal cabal which rules the United States, as well as their media and deep-state co-conspirators, need to be arrested and put on trial for their various criminal activities. These range from grand larceny to child-molestation to treason. Some of their crimes demand the death penalty. How many would need to be arrested? Tens of thousands: Newspaper editors, senior members of the FBI and CIA, most of the Democratic Party bigwigs, top generals in the military, vast numbers of people in Hollywood, huge numbers of academics, hundreds of senior judges, including members of the Supreme Court, top people at the Federal Bank and other banks, and many if not all of the richest people in the United States. In short, to save America, the country needs action that can only be described as revolutionary. This was the task before Trump when he saw them taking the election from him; and this was the task he shrank from undertaking.

    In the end, the job will be done, or at least attempted; but by then it will be a far more bloody affair than it would have been had Trump carried it out when the was Commander-in-Chief.

      • In my memory, which goes back quiet a ways, they have never brought anything more fearsome than a reach-around to any kind of fight.

        • Its not the GOP that matters. Its when the patient man who only desires to be left alone realizes he has nothing to lose if he revolts.

          Biden’s actions remind me of the Nuremberg decrees.

  11. McCarthyism: wild-sounding accusations that are immediately denounced by the media, only to be proven right forty years later when the Soviet archives open.

  12. I think some one has already pointed out that the Dems will not let this election slip from their hands, and if they do, the Stupid Party will do nothing to right the ship of state. Just two wings on the same buzzard. And I also think that like the “Republicans” in Spain, 1936, the Dems are going full retard, because that’s what communists do, as pathological liars, they over reach. It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck. Nothing one can do to stop it. Just keep out of the way, and do what you can to help the survivors. Negrin has his doppelganger in Biden, and the communists in this country are not as well organized as Negrins’ which is to say, not at all. The communists here are over confident in their wealth and technology. The Yugoslav bloodbath had similar situations that are evident in the US. As a certain Capt. Miller said to his Sgt.” The situation has taken a turn for the surreal”.

    • What is coming is going to make the Balkan war look like a nice civilized walk in the park compared to what is coming here in the west.

  13. Right out of Lenin/Stalin’s playbook. Trump is the new Trotsky and his supporters are all Trotskites, enemies of the people. History should teach that when someone tells you what they are going to do, pay close attention.

    Show trials are next and another round of arrests. Martial law is not far behind. Free and honest elections will be a thing remembered by a dwindling few.

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