No Demonstrating Without Permission!

Udine is a city in northeastern Italy near Trieste. The following video features an interview with a young activist from Udine whose group participated in demonstrations last year against the “Green Pass”. A member of his movement has now been prosecuted for helping to organize an unauthorized demonstration.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   Dear Visione TV viewers, we are back with our program “The personality of the day”.
00:14   Let’s welcome Konrad Nobile.
00:18   Hello, Konrad. —Hello. Thanks for inviting me.
00:22   Thank you for being here. Today Konrad is going to tell us about two distinct, yet related events.
00:31   One of the most prominent members of his student movement has recently been fined
00:36   through a penal order, issued by the Court of Udine.
00:40   As a consequence, the “students’ movement against the green pass” of both Udine and Trieste
00:46   have scheduled a demonstration on September 17, to protest against this.
00:52   Konrad, could you please tell us about this judgment, to begin with?
00:59   Yes, of course. We have recently learnt that the Court of Udine
01:07   has issued a penal order against a member of our movement.
01:14   And also against other people from our city, who had joined the same demonstration
01:19   against the green pass, about a year ago.
01:24   They were accused of promoting and planning an unauthorized demonstration.
01:33   We released a public statement afterwards,
01:36   where we denounce what happened,
01:41   and where we express our solidarity and our views on the manifest facts.
01:46   The event took place about a year ago, right?
01:50   Yes. Back when people were beginning to protest against the green pass, which had already
01:54   been announced, but had not yet been become effective concerning workplaces.
01:59   It had entered into force only for certain activities. —Yes, it was last September.
02:04   I can’t remember the exact day, though.
02:08   It was one of the numerous demonstrations that had been organized in our city.
02:15   Because like in many other Italian cities, people used to protest every week in Udine.
02:21   So it was one of those demonstrations in September.
02:25   That was a particularly turbulent and heated time, for our movement too.
02:29   These demonstrations rapidly escalated in October, as you all know.
02:32   So it was that particular time, yes.
02:37   In your opinion, did the member of your movement actually organize
02:44   an unauthorized demonstration?
02:55   Or, as you told me, had he just talked to an audience, with a microphone?
03:00   Our movement “Students against Green Pass” has always joined demonstrations.
03:07   We are proud of that. Because we have always been there.
03:12   We have written that in our statement.
03:15   If someone needs to be held accountable for organizing the demonstrations,
03:20   it’s not our movement, of course.
03:25   Nor all those people who were demonstrating with us.
03:29   We have also written in our statement that all those people
03:36   are not accountable for all that uproar, which is still there, probably.
03:43   If someone needs to be held accountable, it is the government.
03:46   Because by implementing those insane, discriminatory, divisive measures,
03:52   the government pushed people to go out to protest.
03:57   As we have said, we are not responsible for all of that.
04:03   Neither our movement, nor all those people who joined us, are.
04:09   The government is, actually. That’s our response to that.
04:13   And that’s what we have written in our public statement, too.

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