The Unvaccinated Should Just Die!

The following report from Germany shines a light on the role played by the Federal Police in the creation and perpetuation of the Corona dystopia.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Boris Reitschuster’s website. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Wishing death to the unvaccinated” — massive police harassment

“Deeply frightened by the apparatus the Federal Police have degenerated into”

“Conditions like in an authoritarian regime” — an interview with a Berlin police officer recently appeared on my site under this article. What the man delivers in terms of inside views from the capital after 27 years in senior service is unbelievable. And sheds a frightening light on the conditions of the law enforcement officers, who, because of their brutality in dealing with demonstrators, were even targeted by the UN report on torture at the time, which spoke of a “culture of police violence”; two people died after brutal police operations (see here and here). After the interview, the Berlin police reacted immediately — in contempt of the law and the principles of democracy, they refused the author future press releases and denied that she was a journalist. The fact that authorities in Germany decide who is a journalist or not should actually be taboo as a lesson from history. I also got reactions to the post from the police — positive ones, from officials who also complained about their suffering. A letter touched me so much that I would like to publish it after consultation with the sender. I deleted particularly drastic details, as they would entail the risk that the officer (m/f/d) would have to be identified.

I’ve been working for the Federal Police as a control and patrol officer for several years now. Since the pandemic was declared, a few things have happened that shook me to my core and changed my view of the Police Force.

For example, when 3G [vax pass system] was introduced at the workplace in Bavaria in mid-November of 2021, as an unvaccinated person I had to show a negative corona test before starting work. A self-conducted rapid corona test was not sufficient. The test had to be carried out either at the office or at an official corona test station.

Since it was not always possible for me to do a quick test before starting work due to the work times of shift work, I sometimes had no choice but to have myself tested at the office immediately before starting work. Of course, I wasn’t given a duty period for this. However, when in spring 2022 all employees were required to be tested, regardless of whether they were vaccinated or not, every official was suddenly given an extra 15 minutes. The first unequal treatment.

Despite comprehensive 2G test evidence only for official use

So when I had the Corona test carried out at the office, the procedure was as follows:

The vaccinated colleague was tested by a “trained” official (self-test assistant) and the negative result was confirmed to him on a test record. The vaccinated person could use this test record, although not required, for the service. However, he could also use the test certificate for private matters, such as visiting a swimming pool or a restaurant.

The unvaccinated colleagues were also tested. The difference here was that the unvaccinated person was expressly only allowed to use his test for internal purposes. This special test certificate was designed in such a way that it was pointed out in bold red letters that this test was only valid for internal purposes of the Federal Police. This made it immediately clear to the examiner of the document that this test is not to be recognized if it is used outside the Federal Police.

The authority issued instructions specifically for this, which obliged the self-test assistants to issue this test certificate to unvaccinated colleagues.

The interesting thing here is that at that time it was only possible for the unvaccinated to use public transport/bus/train with a test certificate, since 2G or 2G+ applied to everything else.

So while the vaccinated colleagues were able to celebrate and go out to eat, the unvaccinated colleagues found it difficult to show up for work at all.

A nightmare for an authority like the Federal Police, whose officers mostly rely on the train or commute. In my eyes, this was pure chicanery. The already stressful situation for the unvaccinated colleagues was deliberately made more difficult to give them the necessary “motivation” to get vaccinated. But then to claim loudly again and again that there is no compulsory vaccination is simply a lie. The police bully their own officers to get everyone on course and to expose dissenters.

After two months I got to the point that I almost couldn’t stand the pressure any longer. Nearly. Because I didn’t want to be defeated that easily. So I tested myself over and over again. Even my colleagues were amazed that I was still unvaccinated.

In the common room they wished the unvaccinated were dead

But in addition to such exclusionary decrees and rules, there should of course not be a lack of exclusionary statements made by colleagues about the unvaccinated. In the lounge, one wished, among other things, while the news was on the TV, that the unvaccinated should die and that they should die miserably of Corona. In my opinion, a statement like that calls into question the character suitability of a bearer of authority and weapons. Consequences here: NONE.

On the other hand, if you express criticism too often or ask unpleasant questions regarding the Corona measures and Corona policy, you have to be careful that they do not deny your own suitability of character. This would mean that my views would not correspond to the free-democratic basic order, since any criticism of the Corona policy is always “right-wing” and one would be dismissed from the Civil Service for this reason. [Isn’t it convenient then that everyone who criticizes the government is declared a card carrying member of the “Nazi party” and fair game to WEF-fen SS brutality?]

Disciplinary proceedings for critical information

Anyone who thinks things are bad in XXXX (city blacked out for reasons of discretion) should take a look at the police office at Frankfurt Airport.

A good friend of mine told me that there was a colleague at his office who often put an A4 sheet of paper with critical reports on Corona policy and the topic of Corona as such on the table in the lounge. First, the sheets were torn up by other colleagues after they were discovered and thrown in the garbage. This unknown colleague put this information sheet on the table once too many times, because the sheet was seized to preserve evidence and disciplinary proceedings were then opened against the unknown.

The superiors of the service group then asked the colleagues individually whether they had noticed a colleague who had often made critical comments on the topic of Corona.

The superiors made it clear to the service group that if it is discovered who this colleague is who is distributing these sheets, he or she can say goodbye to his or her job.

A procedure as we know it from other times. [Yep, I’d say on the part of Germany, about 89-77 years ago.]

I was deeply shocked by the apparatus the Federal Police have degenerated into. [I’m not, anyone that is interested in history shouldn’t be surprised or shocked; only those that do not learn from it are, and that seems to be the vast majority] For years, in police training, we were taught basic rights, how they are protected and what it takes to limit them. After the training, unfortunately, I didn’t see any of this in connection with Corona. If you want to work to ensure compliance with fundamental rights, then there are consequences, and under the employment law that goes hand in hand with dismissal. A difficult dilemma, since you also have private commitments. [Feed your family or follow your conscience, the typical “carrot and stick” approach of the tyrant.]

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me and certainly many other colleagues to motivate myself to work for the police. [And I thought that they are working for the people who are paying their salaries through their taxes; silly me.] I often think about changing jobs. Working for the police was always my dream job.

This inner conflict and the way the authorities dealt with those who thought differently went so far that I was on the verge of depression and threatened to fall into it. Only with the help of my partner and the thought that as a police officer I can’t change the world, but at least I can make contact with the police more humane and pleasant for my fellow human beings, is what drives me at the moment. Just wondering how much longer…

Afterword from the translator:

I wonder what the Police Union says about this? And how high is the sick leave in the police now? Are the vaccinated sick more often? But I’m pretty sure that officially nothing of that sort of information will come out; they cannot implicate themselves in crimes against humanity after all, especially when there are plenty of innocent scapegoats handy.

“You men of the Einsatzgruppen are called upon to fulfill a repulsive duty. But you are soldiers who have to carry out every order unconditionally. You have a responsibility before God and Hitler for everything that is happening. I myself hate this bloody business and I have been moved to the depths of my soul. But I am obeying the highest law by doing my duty. Man must defend himself against bedbugs and rats, against vermin.” —Heinrich Himmler

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  1. The problem is, unlike tbe Jabbed, the purebloods have an intact immune system and don’t have enormous clots growing in them. They are far less likely to have enormous clots growing in them Their reproductive system is probably better off,too.
    The purebloods are less likely to die from “sudden” and “unexpected” and more likely to reproduce.

    • All correct but of little use to German purebloods.

      They’re more likely to die of lead poisoning or Zyklon-B inhalation if they choose to remain in the Fourth Reich.

      Cops being thugs is unremarkable; cops everywhere are thugs and German cops more so than others. Germans gonna German.

      • It ain’t the 4th Reich they are living under, it is the commie DDR, at least under the Reich they had food and were warm at night and a job that paid well.

  2. Wow, he has my sympathies. What an awful position to be in. People just never learn. Like they say, history just keeps repeating itself. From what I’ve seen of some of the German politicians, it’s a case of the inmates running the insane asylum…

  3. Are we seeing Nazi Germany rising up from the ashes? This whole picture is quite frightening, where does it go from here? I am grateful that I live in and have lived in the United Kingdom most of my life, and pray that this nation of mine will remain unsupportive of such evilness. A free and open society seems not to be for Germany. Heed the warning signs German people and trust to little but yourselves.

    • This ain’t even close to being naxism, this is pure bloody marxism of the DDR, if you want to point out history, at least try to be accurate about it instead of throwing naxis at everyone. Time to bring back the Kaiser back to power so the native Germans have someone German to rally around.

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