The Cultural Enrichment of the Termini Railway Station

The following Italian news video reports on the degradation wrought by culture-enrichers in the area adjacent to the Termini railway station in Rome.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   As for other businesses around here, the hotel went out of business.
00:10   There is garbage here and there, and on the top of that stairway as well.
00:18   Law enforcement does come to monitor,
00:21   but they cannot do much.
00:26   They can deal with some drunkard, which is something I cannot do.
00:30   As for the AMA [waste management service], let’s drop it. I clean up the sidewalk myself,
00:33   as you can see. As for the tunnel, they seldom go there.
00:37   Does the degradation around Termini railway station affect your business?
00:41   It affects it significantly, because people like the store.
00:45   There would be many more customers if there weren’t [degradation]. But many won’t come,
00:48   because they are afraid. Whenever you walk through the tunnel, it’s heartbreaking.
00:56   It’s dreadful. Those people living there… Car drivers have to be careful there.
01:00   How long have you owned this business?
01:04   Since 1967. For 52 years.
01:08   How has the situation evolved throughout the years? The situation has worsened in recent years.
01:15   But given that it is a large area next to a railway station, it has never been all that different.
01:21   We sell SIM cards, cell phones here.
01:26   But people out there sell all kinds of SIM cards.
01:31   Whenever the police come to us, they check on the origin of our products.
01:37   Meanwhile people are allowed sell anything, out there.
01:40   They tell us it’s our fault that we have few customers. It is because undocumented people
01:44   can sell anything out there. They sell all phone companies’ services.
01:48   After 5pm, this area becomes a mess.
01:51   At around 7:30pm, they start selling illegal drugs, pot.
02:00   So we close the store at 7:30pm, because the area becomes a real mess.
02:04   I won’t close at 8pm, because customers don’t come here because they are afraid of them [migrants].
02:12   Whenever we call on the police, they arrive at once, because they know how unsafe the area is.
02:17   But we try to endure, because we can’t counter them.
02:22   That’s our situation.

One thought on “The Cultural Enrichment of the Termini Railway Station

  1. When I was a teenager, I remember classical music being broadcast from loudspeakers in public places to discourage teens from loitering under the assumption that teens disliked that kind of music. I happened to like classical music so it never disturbed me, but there wasn’t a loitering problem so maybe there was something to the theory.

    Perhaps opera or choral works or hymns could be blasted from loudspeakers in the areas where these orcs congregate. Alternatively, perches for pigeons could be emplaced above problematic streetcorners to allow the birds to show their true opinions of the orc invaders.

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