Blood and Horror

Daniel Greenfield on 9/11:

Before 9/11, I had a sense of a dimly understood future rushing toward us. I still have that sense now.

Islamic terrorism is not the only thing that matters. It’s not the only thing that will determine our survival. But it is one of those things. And it’s the one that we’ve forgotten. And one of these days we will once again wake up to blood and horror and mass death. Let us hope that this time we stay awake.

5 thoughts on “Blood and Horror

  1. War is a terrible thing and should be avoided at all costs.
    If it comes though, it should be a defensive war, not a war of aggression. But too often, we seem to wage wars of aggression.
    Maybe if we kept our noses out of other people’s business, we’d have more time to attend to problems closer to home.

    • Anybody with a double-digit IQ knew that nation-building in Afghanistan was a mistake. But experts in the CIA with PhD after their names knew better.

    • Yes, war is a terrible thing, but not the most terrible of things, being slaughtered because misguided people want to turn the other cheek out of some misguided attempt at civility at any price is a lot worse. We will be coming to war inside our western nations soon because these WEF types will force us to it, and when that balloon goes up and hunting season with no bag limits begin, nobody is going to care for any civilized response. That stiff upper lip and a cup of tea ain’t going to save you Brits from the coming massive sh&&show that is coming, so guess what my Brit friend? Prepare to have to get your hands dirty or perish like the sheep that you all have become instead of the Lions you used to be.

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