The Hardening of “Soft” Totalitarianism

In response to yesterday’s post about the “soft totalitarian” methods used against dissidents by the German police, Hellequin GB (who translated the video for subtitles) sends his translation of an article about the planned use of the German military to deal with civil unrest.

In his comment, he included this explanation:

It seems the “soft” totalitarian state is becoming a hard one.

A friend of mine skyped me a newspaper clipping, but I don’t know which paper it’s from.
It says:

Bundeswehr headquarters for counterinsurgency

Berlin. DW.

According to the Bundeswehr, the BRD military will receive a “territorial command” with 1900 posts from October 2022. According to expert opinion, the staff plans to deploy the military domestically. Major General Carsten Breuer is to head the headquarters. Until recently, Breuer headed the federal government’s Corona staff in the Chancellery.

The only online reference I could find was from a German tweet and an article from July 2021. I’ve translated the article for you.

The translated article from Perspektive Online:

Counterinsurgency Military: RSUKr will be renamed “Homeland Security Companies” and upgraded

[From July 13, 2021]

In 2012, the first “Regional Security and Support Forces” were set up. These are companies made up of reservists and are intended for internal military use — specifically to support the police in the event of riots. These are now being renamed “Homeland Security Companies” and are to be increased.

The “Regional Security and Support Forces” (RSUKr) have been available for almost ten years now. They consist of around 3,000 men in 30 companies, which report to the state commands of the armed forces in the sixteen federal states.

They are to support the police internally in “monitoring and ensuring the security of German air and sea space”, in “securing domestic military installations” and: in the event of an “internal emergency”. According to the definition, these would be emergency laws if there were a “danger to the existence of the free democratic basic order”.

It is also possible that the RSUKr units could be used as part of administrative assistance to support the police in “protecting civilian objects”, “protecting critical infrastructure” and “fighting organized and militarily armed insurgents” or “reluctant” sections of the population.

According to a general clause of the European Union, administrative assistance could also be used in the event of a general political strike against utilities, violent mass protests, social unrest and civil disobedience actions through strikes and/or road blockades in the transport, energy or healthcare sectors.

“Homeland Security Companies”

From August 1st, the “Regional Security and Support Companies” will become the “Homeland Security Companies”, as reported by the German Bundeswehr Association. The representative of the German Armed Forces Association, Staff Sergeant Thomas Schwappacher, explained the term “homeland security”: “I welcome the fact that a well-known term has been chosen. Heimatschutzkompanie (Homeland Security Companies) describes the area of responsibility clearly,” says Schwappacher.

At the renaming appeal date in Wildflecken, Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer emphasized: “As the tasks change, so does the importance of the reserve.” The reserve is also “there in an emergency to protect and defend our country”. (The “Militarization Information Center” analyzed the concept of the “reserve” as an element of the strategic internal militarization of German society ten years ago.)

In Wildflecken, AKK had visited new recruits in the “voluntary military service homeland security” who are currently completing their training there. Kramp-Karrenbauer rated the new voluntary military service as a great success — the number of applicants had far exceeded expectations.

In the next five years, the existing 30 companies are to be increased by almost 50% to 42. The companies will then be integrated into five “homeland security regiments” in Berlin, Bavaria, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and North Rhine-Westphalia — which should be set up by 2025.

Afterword from the translator:

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that if my grandparents were still alive, they’d have a sick feeling of déjà vu. I know that I have, after reading this, and I can only go back to anecdotes told by them about that dark time in German history. Is history going to repeat itself so soon? And will the sheeple of the world will be required to shout “Heil Schwab” next? Something they will be probably do enthusiastically, the same way they flocked to the jab-stations and wore/wear the MASK.

11 thoughts on “The Hardening of “Soft” Totalitarianism

  1. That’s old news. I served in one of the then-RSU companies, until I got kicked out for refusal to get vaccinated. We openly trained for those counter-insurgency scenarios, it was in the newspapers. Every time it had to do with some islamic this or that, like them attacking the army, or blowing themselves up in a major city. That’s what it’s about, but politicians are not willing to say, what the defense establishment has been preparing against for a very long time.

    • Do you really think that they are going to use them only against Islamists?
      I rather doubt it, since any tool in the hands of Politicians is a leathal weapon against those that do not agree with the Agenda.

      • The ,military will have final say over that soon, just not in the way the politicians intended. I would love to be there when the new Operation Long Knives begins, oh the fun to see the expressions on these traitors faces.

  2. The Germans, as always, were chosen as the “locomotive” – knowing the desire of this nation to reach the limit in everything.

  3. Well, given the German public may be freezing and starving to death in a few months this is bound to create a bit of unrest and a wish to lynch their politicians. Obviously, the politicians are getting in early to prevent that rather than fixing the problems causing the unrest.

    • The unrest itself will make the military take over, much to the horror of the politicians and their wretched families.

    • Well, Klaus Schwab did warn his followers to “prepare for an angrier world’, so they know how it is going to play out.

  4. My favourite part of the article is fighting ““reluctant” sections of the population”.

    Ominous. Is this poison injections at gunpoint?…

    What is the current rate of execution reluctancy in Germoney?

    • I heard Soros and some other globalists say “the age of freedom is over, now everyone will have to work for the state” – or something like that. From that I figure they are bringing the totalitarian states back to life.

      … It could also be “reluctance” to work unprotected in the Uranium mines, or draft dodging.

      • Make no mistake about it, the military state is going to make a huge comeback, but not in the way these Soros types have it figured, there will at some point be military coups all over Europe and the streets red with the WEF types and their familes, none will survive the fun and reindeer games. Think of it as a new Night of the Long Knives, only on steroids.

  5. There are two sides to this. Unfortunately, and this is with 100% certainty as we here know, they’re going to need this ability to counter the upcoming Muslim insurgency. There was a constitutional ban on using the military on home soil against anything other than external intruders, which is a hindrance against a fifth-colon type of attack. I don’t believe for a second that those in charge don’t already know it, too, belying all the efforts to hush up the fact. Since they are the same people who promote continued mass immigration of Muslims, there are certain implications.

    On the other side, and this is with equal 100% certainty, they won’t resist the temptation to use this tool to suppress legitimate democratic opposition taking to the streets. And they already know this, too, and are gleefully awaiting it. It’s just human nature, or more precisely, leftist nature. Even history works much in cycles, just like nature.

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