“You Are Perpetrators and Accomplices of a Fascist State”

In the following video, a young German woman recounts a visit to her apartment by the police in her absence, due to an allegation that she had a forged vax card.

I don’t know this woman’s name or have any background on her, but it’s clear that she is some sort of political activist, and an adversary of the soft-totalitarian German state.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Hi dear ones, I don’t really want to shoot this video,
00:05   but I’ve decided to make it public now. I came back from Italy yesterday
00:12   and found on the outside of my apartment door
00:16   a business card from the police, and was in a hurry;
00:22   I had to go to class, got to the apartment at 9am and had to be at work by 10am.
00:26   Didn’t take note what it was all about. I thought
00:29   it was about the fact that I lost my front door key,
00:33   and they found it. It said on the back, “Your front door key is…(?)”, and I thought,
00:36   funny, how could they identify that?
00:39   But I didn’t think about it any further. I then went to teach for six hours,
00:42   and came into my apartment yesterday afternoon and noticed that
00:45   things were different in the apartment… it was slightly messy.
00:49   But since I haven’t been in my apartment for many weeks, even a month,
00:52   because I’m on the road a lot, work a lot, travel a lot, as you’ve noticed on Instagram
00:56   and so on, I couldn’t put my finger on it at first.
01:00   I then entered the kitchen of my apartment, and on the kitchen table
01:04   saw a three-page letter from the Hamburg criminal police,
01:08   a judicial order for a search of my apartment, a search warrant,
01:12   which took place in my absence. Thank goodness I was in Italy.
01:16   Um, you notice that I take it relatively calmly,
01:19   that people like you and I are being observed,
01:23   that they were looking for something was obvious; it has happened to many others before me,
01:26   and it will continue to happen.
01:29   The allegation, the charge was a fake vaccination card.
01:33   Which of course cannot be found in the apartment. Because there isn’t one
01:37   in this apartment. They didn’t take my computer with them either. They took a key to the apartment,
01:44   which I was then allowed to pick up from the police, and this whole procedure took over two hours.
01:47   At the police station they didn’t know anything about it,
01:50   because, as I said, it was a judge’s decision.
01:54   Em, I’m assuming this apartment key was handed out by my property manager,
02:02   and we know all that, since we’ve heard about it from people in the movement.
02:05   If it hits you then it’s another house number again,
02:09   and that is very alarming and worrying about the situation in our country.
02:16   I don’t know exactly what to do with this information now. I would like to sincerely
02:19   thank my lawyer, who of course immediately sent me a power of attorney [form],
02:24   which I then issued to him immediately.
02:27   He now has access to the files, and I calmed down again very quickly yesterday,
02:33   but I just want to tell you about it, because I think it’s important
02:36   that we know what’s happening here.
02:39   That we know what happens to people like me who just have the balls to open their mouths.
02:43   And it will not change. Dear Germany, dearest fascist Germany,
02:47   dear oppressive structure, dear courts,
02:51   The time will come when we will catch you fascists,
02:56   and I will not do it personally; it will happen automatically.
02:59   Everything is already set up.
03:02   There are some of us out there who are so strong
03:05   and so serious about what they are doing that you won’t be able to shut them up.
03:09   You won’t shut me up. I’m not afraid of you, nor do I have anything for you.
03:15   I am authentic in everything I do; I do it consciously and I will continue to do so.
03:20   And behind me is a whole pack of lions,
03:23   full of mighty people,
03:26   and your tit-for-tat will come.
03:29   You will eventually pay for it. You fascist judges, you fascist police officers,
03:34   all those who tolerate this filth, this totalitarianism,
03:38   take part, no matter in what form. I don’t, and neither does the pride of lions behind me.
03:43   Dress warmly, because karma will f*** you up the a** so hard,
03:47   you’d wish you were never born. In this sense… feel free come to my apartment
03:51   for the second time, come even when I’m at home.
03:55   We can also chat and sit down here at the table. We can drink coffee together,
03:59   and then we can ask about what went wrong with you in your childhood
04:03   for you to follow such orders. You are perpetrators and accomplices of a fascist state
04:09   that is just being established here. And the fact is, this is fascist.
04:17   And I won’t shut up. And I’ll say “Hi” to everyone out there
04:21   who is monitoring my phone right now, you damn p****s.
04:24   All those who are about to initiate the next lawsuit against me, you damn p****s.
04:29   No, I’m not angry. And everyone who follows me on Instagram and Facebook
04:33   knows when I’m at home and when I’m not at home. I will continue to do exactly what I do.
04:39   Stay strong out there, we know everything that’s going on here.
04:44   We have each other and we have our support,
04:47   and this THING they’re up to is doomed to fail
04:51   Peace.

5 thoughts on ““You Are Perpetrators and Accomplices of a Fascist State”

  1. If she’s in Hamburg I’d think she’s a leftist. But they wouldn’t roust one of their own would they? I’d like to know what political activism she is involved in.

  2. But it’s a friendly fascism, comradette.
    It is for the good of the collective and we’re all in this together.
    Forward! Yes we can!

  3. This is what I have found out about her –

    Nina Maleika (born Nina Maleika Lorenz on November 28, 1981 in Hamburg ) is a German – Egyptian singer , songwriter , presenter , actress and model .

    Nina Maleika – YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn2anG5dKC_IfS2mal9i2QA/videos

    Also she’s engaged with the Political Party “Die Basis” (The Base) in which Reiner Fuellmich from the Corona Investigative Committee is a part of, and by that alone I don’t think she’s “Left”.

  4. Ned, the “Soft” Totalitarian State is becomming a hard one it seems.

    A friend of mine skyped me a Newspaper cutout, but I don’t know which Paper it’s from.
    It says,

    Bundeswehr headquarters for counterinsurgency
    Berlin. DW.
    According to the Bundeswehr, the BRD military will receive a “territorial command” with 1900 posts from October 2022.
    According to expert opinion, the staff plans to deploy the military domestically.
    Major General Carsten Breuer is to head the headquarters.
    Until recently, Breuer headed the federal government’s Corona staff in the Chancellery.

    The only Online reference I could find was from a German Tweet – https://twitter.com/DieterMai8/status/1549353809205403652

    and an Article from July 2021.
    I’m going to translate that one today and email it to you.

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