Joakim Lamotte Throws in the Towel

Joakim Lamotte is a Swedish journalist who is well-known for reporting on the cultural enrichment of Sweden in a frank and straightforward manner. His willingness to report honestly on taboo topics has prompted vicious criticism, including death threats. The recent Koran riots only intensified the hate campaign against him.

Now Mr. Lamotte has decided to leave his career in journalism. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Göteborgs-Posten:

Joakim Lamotte quits as journalist

After almost 20 years, the reporter Joakim Lamotte is quitting work as a journalist. In a live broadcast online, he says he made the decision after repeated threats against himself and his family.

“In some way, they have found a system to terrorize my family,” he says.

After nearly 20 years, the reporter Joakim Lamotte is quitting working as a journalist. In a live broadcast on Instagram, he explains the background for his decision.

“In some way, they have found a system to terrorize my family. They threaten my wife at her job, they threaten my wife’s colleagues, and call my parents on the phone,” he reports in the broadcast.

He continues:

“I have filed hundreds of reports of unlawful threats, and not one of them has led to charges. The police have closed every case I have sent to them, even though I was able to show which persons made the threat. My children are getting older and older, and they don’t need to grow up with this, so today, I have made the decision to end my work as a journalist.”

Says of threats: “They have escalated”

The threat picture isn’t new, but it has stepped up lately, says Lamotte.

“As you know, for several years, I have had threats against myself and my family. The level has gone up and down. Now, after the Koran burnings, since I have reported on what is happening in Sweden, it has again escalated during this period.”

He ended his broadcast by thanking those who showed appreciation for his work.

“I am doing this live broadcast largely to thank all of you who have supported me through the years in my job. Without you, it would have been impossible to do this. I also hope that somewhere we have made a difference for Sweden.”

Outspoken reporter

Joakim Lamotte has made a name for himself as an outspoken reporter, considered by many to be straightforward and unafraid. In the last few years his viewer-sponsored live reports, primarily from various vulnerable neighborhoods [i.e. no-go zones], have been both praised and harshly criticized.

But his work has also been demanding, and in a Facebook post on Wednesday, Lamotte says that he has now chosen to leave journalism.

“Due to threats against my family, I must unfortunately hereby report that I am ending my work in journalism. I have worked as a journalist almost 20 years, but now it is over. This evening at 7 pm, I will hold a live press conference on Instagram to explain what is happening. It will be the last live broadcast I will ever do. Other than that, I will not do any interviews. Thanks for all the support over the years!”

Joakim Lamotte’s Facebook post has gotten a massive number of comments in a short time, and many of Lamotte’s followers express regret that he is leaving journalism.

“So incredibly tragic. You are really needed, but I completely understand why you are stepping down after all the pressure, lies, and hate.”

“So sad, wish you and the family all the best.”

“A loss for society that you are stopping. But the family comes first, so you have my full support in your decision.”

Last year Joakim Lamotte was number 68 on GP’s [Göteborgs-Posten] power list, and he was also named as the most powerful Swede on Facebook by the Media Academy. The same year, Lamotte won a famous Thai boxing match against YouTube figure Victor de Almeida.

8 thoughts on “Joakim Lamotte Throws in the Towel

  1. I don’t blame Joakim Lamotte . It’s not easy. The same is done to Britain First.

    Servile politicians faint at spotting a muslim. On the other hand just listen to the bravadoes and blusters parroted against Russia.

    I cannot understand how fearless were Europeans when they fought each other literally to death. They were lions against each other and today against Russia.

    But they are scary, shuddery hares when it comes to resisting muslims.

    If a muslim just looks at a European, you need a glass of chilly water to throw it at his face to bring him back to consciousness.

  2. Well what the heck is that journalist following the law like some good civilized citizen when the left and their 3rd world pets don’t play by the rules? Sheep? Or Wolf? Once you make an example of one of those threating you in some Medieval way, the others won’t be so brave to run their sucks. It’s the law of the jungle now, so predator? or prey?

  3. And Mission accomplished.
    The Swedish Police and Politicians must be so proud in silencing another voice that showed the Country what atrocities their Policy-makers commit the citizens to.
    Sweden is already a lost cause in the Cities, and I’m pretty sure that this will spread now rapidly into the remotest parts of the Country-side.

    Leftism/Feminism/LGBTQ-ism is the scourge and the executioner of Western Civilization.
    Not even Atilla the Hun could have dreamed of wrecking so many Lives and Nations.
    When will the majorty start to realize this, stop being CIVIL and take their Home and Civilization back from these Criminals in Designer Suits?

    • Selective enforcement of the law has become a major weapon of the Left.
      In the US, the law is not enforced against Leftists, blacks, or illegal aliens, while ordinary Americans committing the same or similar acts are destroyed. Even our supreme court justices are left defenseless by the Feds when they dare to stray away from the Left’s orthodoxy.
      I can only imagine that it is even worse in Europe.

      • They can do this only because they know that they receive only letters of complaint etc.

        Not that I support something, but just imagine that we would get James Bond like support from some “friends”.

        Antifa threatening a reporter.
        Three days later one or more of the Antifa are found wandering the local muslim area bound and with loudspeakers proclaiming something insensitive towards muslims.

        A leftwing female politician (no, I am not looking at you, Claudia Fatima Roth) praising Islam finds herself somewhere deep in the muslim area of Sudan, without ID papers, creditcards and in chains, being sold into slavery.

  4. Worst is that his is not the only case of this kind, and police and judges do nothing about it. What has never been said and I’ve been suspecting for a while already, is that they, too, are already living under the same heavy threat level, on top of politics and media having created this mess for them.

  5. Lamotte was a left wing feminist only five years ago. Then he wanted to show a true picture of Sweden with his mobile phone. Now he is a right wing racist.

    • Better a right wing racist than a leftist marxist who thinks all cultures are equal, when it is clear as day they are not and are not compatible. It is inevitable that a clash takes place, because nature demands it.

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