Nancy Faeser Celebrates the Grey Wolves

Recep Tayyip Erdogan displaying the hand sign of the Grey Wolves

Turkish-German police officer making the sign of the Grey Wolves

Nancy Faeser is a Social Democrat who is currently serving as the interior minister of Germany’s new “traffic light” coalition (SDP = red, FDP = yellow, Greens = green) government.

Ms. Faeser is a good socialist, so one of her top goals is to fight right-wing extremism. Unfortunately, the interior ministeress seems to be unaware that she has been buddying up with the Islamic fascists of the Turkish Grey Wolves, among other extremist Islamic organizations.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Tichys Einblick:

Faeser celebrates her “constitutional students” — with some showing fascist wolf salute

Above all, Nancy Faeser wants to fight right-wing extremism. Nevertheless, she does not recognize the signs of the largest right-wing extremist organization in Germany — and happily shares their supporters as examples of integration. Only later did she distance herself.

In her short time in office, Nancy Faeser has drawn attention to one issue in particular: the fight against right-wing extremism. This has the highest priority in her house, as she has repeatedly and unmistakably made clear.

But as Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser also takes care of other projects: one of them is the “Constitution Students” project. This project is intended to offer young people “time and space” to “discover and experience democracy for themselves” — especially young people who have not felt “touched” by democracy up until now, and thus turn them into “constitutional students”. Faeser proudly tweeted a photo of these “constitutional students” today: The project is “very close to her heart. It creates spaces, encounters and role models to experience democracy,” she writes.

It is important that young people get involved in socio-political matters. But young people have to find a way to get involved. That’s why the project of the #constitutional students is very important to me. It creates spaces, encounters and role models to experience #democracy.

Nancy Faeser (@NancyFaeser) June 15, 2022


— Niklas Korber (ikNiklasKorber) June 16, 2022

The problem for Faeser: not everyone wants to “experience democracy”, as the photo shows. The picture quickly became an embarrassing tweet for the minister: in the last row of the photo, several young men are gathered, making various hand gestures into the camera. One of them is the “wolf salute” of Turkish right-wing extremists. The hand sign with two spread fingers symbolizes a wolf and has always been the greeting of the Turkish fascists, the “grey wolves”. Grey Wolves is a generic term for anti-Semitic, homophobic, racist right-wing extremists in Turkey.

To the left of this, another is pointing his finger to the sky — a Muslim sign of commitment to Allah [tawhid, the oneness of Allah], which gained worldwide fame via the Islamic State. To his right (located, maybe also ideological) several boys show the so-called “Rabia hand”, which is considered a sign of the Muslim Brotherhood. A fascist-Islamist hat-trick, one could cynically state — and three huge own goals for the largest “counter-right” fighter in the Federal Republic, who apparently cannot even recognize the hand signal of the largest right-wing extremist group in Germany, the Grey Wolves. Only after numerous Twitter users pointed out the Fascho boys in the last row did she tweet a slight distancing.

The picture clearly shows that some of the “constitutional students” show political extremist gestures. That a constitutional minister might not have known her… #Hmmm … That she’s spreading the picture despite numerous references to it… #Puhhh …

Arnd Diringer (@Arnd_Diringer) June 16, 2022

In 2020, the SPD even wanted to ban the “grey wolves” and approved a corresponding motion in the Bundestag. Faeser probably didn’t get that memo — or even her term right-wing extremism is a dishonest, halved one that only wants to see “white right-wing extremism.” Whatever the reason for this own goal — sloppiness, naivety or willful blindness — it is and remains a big own goal from the greatest “right-wing” fighter of all time.

After criticism, Nancy Faeser reacted. Meanwhile, the tweet, including the image and the anti-democratic gestures it contains, remain online.

The symbols shown in the picture by some students are unacceptable, I strongly condemn this. We are in talks with the project sponsor about this.

Nancy Faeser (@NancyFaeser) June 16, 2022

Please delete these anti-democracy symbols.

— Argo Nerd (@argonerd) June 16, 2022

Update 4:45 p.m., June 16, 2022: Nancy Faeser’s tweet and the picture have since been deleted

Afterword from the translator:

German Bundestag and government, an open air loony bin, run by the criminally insane.

Here we see a typical left-wing “politician” who still doesn’t realize how much she is despised by these invaders, but shows great “understanding” for them, and doesn’t know anything about them or their culture. Well, if she wants to make a fool of herself, she definitely deserves it.

Here’s what a friend sent to me, before Nancy Faeser deleted her tweets.

Camicea (@camicea) To name just 2 of the numerous reposts on Twitter about Faeser… whose names don’t exactly sound organic German and they should know!

@RonaiChaker • 6h
#constitution student? IS sign, sign of salvation from the extreme right-wing Turkish Gray Wolves, the R4bia hand sign of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, who call for sexual assaults on women.

Emrah Early @AtticusJazz • 2h

The anti-constitutional students of the left-wing interior minister @NancyFaeser show the wolf salute of the Turkish right-wing extremists, the rabid salute of the Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood and the hand signal of the IS. #Horseshoe Theory in 2022.

It’s quite telling, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Nancy Faeser Celebrates the Grey Wolves

  1. It is a well known satanic symbol.

    It’s called the horned hand sign or El Diablo hand sign because it represents the horns of a devil. Politicians, especially in the NWO use it all the time, but their propagandists and spokes people will deflect, giving some other explanation if forced to. Do I think Turkey’s president is so enamored by an extremist terrorist group in his country that he publicly flashes it? Not even. He’s a member of the satanic NWO cabal and is showing his solidarity, or as the satanic bible states as quoted in the link above, the gesture is “a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of Satanism or other unholy groups”, such as the NWO.

    U.S. presidents and other politicians have often been photographed using the symbol, as well as a lot of satanic rock stars and creepy people in Hollywood willing to sell their soul to get fame or fortune. The following link shows pictures of Clinton, Bush, Obama’s wife Michael and others using it, as well as many others including rock stars, actors, and of course actual, self-professed devil worshipers:

  2. As of now it certainly seems to have de-balled it. Muslims only too happy to oblige with the free ride. Meanwhile further deterioration of everything with the 50/50 insanity.

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