How Dare You Criticize My Hijab!

A Swedish father is in trouble with the law for complaining that Muslim teachers at his daughter’s school are fully veiled while teaching in the classroom. His views are considered unacceptable in Sweden, and he is being prosecuted for his “hate speech”.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Critic of Islam charged with harassment

In Ronneby, Former SD [Sweden Democrats] politician Tomas Lundberg criticised the fact that four teachers at his daughter’s school wear hijab and full Muslim dress. Tomas was reported to the police, and in the interviews the investigator says that one should not equate full Muslim dress with the Islamic State (ISIS). Furthermore, the investigators are noticeably bothered by Tomas’ Islam-critical views. But it doesn’t end there — behind the indictment is an SD-hating prosecutor. Now Blekinge District Court has convicted Tomas of the crime, and he must pay tens of thousands of kronor to the hijabbed teachers and the state. One of the hijabbed teachers said that they would rather see the police take Tomas to a forced course in Islam because of his “ignorance”.

In November of 2019 the 70-year-old property owner and father Tomas Lundberg published a Facebook post in which he showed a picture of several Muslim teachers in Säckebacksskolan.

In the post, Tomas wrote, among other things: “The children in my daughter’s 8th-grade class at Säckebacksskolan in Ronneby should not have to have teachers who express sympathy for foreign religious views through their frightening attire.”

In addition, he wrote: “It is not helped by the fact that Islam is difficult to distinguish from Islamism. Daesh (editor’s note: ISIS) should not be given a second chance in Sweden.”

Tomas also made it clear to his followers on Facebook that he was “not singling out Muslims as a group but only demanding that the school be politically and religiously neutral, especially with regard to teaching staff.”

Below is a screenshot of Tomas’ Facebook post, which is included in the preliminary police investigation report:

[Photo Credit: Police]

SD-hating prosecutor pushed on

Tomas’ post was something that police officers at the Democracy and Hate Crime Unit and the Karlskrona Prosecution Service could not tolerate. A police investigation was initiated and resulted in a charge of defamation and libel, but also a case of “incitement against a group of people” [hets mot folkgrupp] on another occasion.

Samnytt can tell you that the SD-hating prosecutor Lena-Marie Bergström at the Karlskrona prosecutor’s office was behind the investigation against Tomas. It is the same prosecutor who was involved in the earlier witch hunt against SD politician Christopher Larsson in Karlskrona.

In 2017, Christopher Larsson (SD) was reported to the police on suspicion of the opinion crime “incitement against a group of people” after writing a Facebook post in which he described it as “a day of sadness” and referred to the fact that the mosque in Karlskrona is to start calls to prayer on Fridays. “…Then for the first time the minaret will call out over Karlskrona that ‘Allah is great’, the same phrase ‘Allahu Akhbar’ that Islamists shout when they blow themselves up.”

During the investigation, the prosecutor Bergström was revealed to be an SD-hater who shared a video on social media equating the party with Nazism. As a result, she had to leave the investigation. Below is a picture from prosecutor Bergström’s Facebook account:…

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Marie Lindström took over the investigation against Larsson (SD) and shared Bergström’s view that it was a issue of opinion crimes. But in Blekinge District Court, the court ruled that the post was not punishable. Lindström argued that the district court was wrong and appealed to the Court of Appeal.

“I do not think is a restriction of freedom of expression to convict the accused of incitement to hatred,” said Deputy Chief Prosecutor Marie Lindström to BLT.

But also in the Court of Appeal, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Lindström was slapped down when Larsson (SD) was acquitted of suspicion of opinion crime.

When Tomas discovered that it was SD-hater Lena-Marie Bergström who was leading the investigation into the hijabbed women, he immediately demanded that the prosecutor be replaced. But the police investigator initially refused to accept the accusation that Bergström is a political activist.

The police investigator asks why prosecutor Bergström should be biased, despite Tomas’ previous political involvement in the Sweden Democrats and his outspoken criticism of Islamisation in Sweden.

It appears from the court documents that prosecutors Marie Lindström and Malin Niklasson were involved in the investigation of Tomas after Lena-Marie Bergström was forced to leave once again.

Police use Trump cap as evidence

In connection with the police investigators’ gathering of evidence against Tomas, a screenshot is taken of a picture in which Tomas is seen wearing a Donald Trump hat.

Tomas denies that he has done anything criminal with his statement about Islamisation in Swedish schools. He says in the police interview that he stands for what is written in the post and could even tattoo it on his body.

Police: “You compare Islam with Nazism”

In the interrogation, Tomas says that he would also disapprove if teachers had worn symbols of crusaders or Nazis. This comparison with Islam makes the police investigators uneasy, “but then you are comparing a religion with Nazism”, replies interrogator Per Petersson.

The police: “You don’t care how they feel — why do you write like this?”

Police investigators are also disturbed that Tomas “doesn’t give a damn” about how the hijabbed teachers feel after he expressed his opinion. In several questions, the authorities focus on their feelings while Tomas tries to make it clear that he wants to express his opinion that the school should be secular.

Demands compulsory course in Islam for Tomas

One of the hijabbed teachers tells the police that she wants SEK 12,000 in damages and for Tomas to be given a compulsory course on Islam. This is because “his crime is nothing but ignorance.”

State television gets involved

State television has also become involved in the incident. The tax-funded public broadcaster, which is usually restrictive about showing pictures of convicts, on this occasion published a picture of Tomas already at the time of the indictment.

13 thoughts on “How Dare You Criticize My Hijab!

  1. Time for someone/anyone show little Lena Bergstrom the error of her ways, why is it the most rabid feminazi’s always defend the indefensible? Vikings awake!

  2. Saw a cartoon where some jabby wearers were standing next to some trash bags for the great camo concealment.
    While the Muslims fight for Sweden against Russia?
    Societies that are way too stupid to exist for $1000 Alex.

  3. I may not know what I am talking about but I think the only reason it is not a hate crime to hate your government is because protected classes do.

  4. Lena, the prosecutor is not free. she is part of a regime that has a road map to follow strictly. if she doesn’t, she will be replaced readily and lose her cushiony job. she, as others in the regime, has no faith, honor, conscience, no ego or superego, only id.

    elections are childish: people vote for the one who is young, with a thatch of hair, or smooth complexion, plays music, had used drugs to appear one of the common people and feel what they feel, supposedly.

    it has been a trend for 5 decades to believe a woman’s claim over a man’s even before investigating anything.

    muslim arrived at the right time in the west: the same applies to muslims: believe whatever they say as true. respect all their whims. don’t make muslims angry they retaliate quickly and the respective gov. supports them at any cost.

    simply the west is afraid to death of muslims. they shake like a reeds in the breeze in the presence of muslims. iftar in the white house. bravo.

    just look at afghanistan . defeated after 20 years and 3 trillion dollars and leaving behind 70 billion worth of weapons and now we lavish on taliban millions to bribe them not to hurt us, the greatest power ……

    but defeated by a tribe. iron will and clear thinking and faith are the key.

    not empty words : freedom and democracy, which is frauded by 2000 mules.

  5. I don’t think there is a free country in western Europe.
    Maybe Poland is free?
    The US needs to leave NATO and tell most of Europe to burn.


    Translated from Danish

    Der Untergang,

    German and Swedish versions
    Sweden has reached “Stunde null”.
    But this is only a temporary zero point.
    More is to come.

    By Klaus Ewald, lawyer – 8 May 2022

    Sweden has reached “Stunde null”. But this is only the temporary zero point. Everyone knows the film Der Untergang about the last days of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. The film is close to the diary that Hitler’s secretary Traudl Junge wrote after the war to preserve the events in memory for posterity. What no one has captured for comparison are the parallels between Germany’s “Stunde Null” after six years of war and the reality that Sweden has experienced over the past six decades. The similarities are frightening on closer comparison. I will try to highlight the most important parallels.

    Germany 1939:
    Germany attacks Poland. Within weeks, Hitler’s army units occupied the part of Poland agreed with Stalin. In just a year and a half, Germany has annexed Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Britain has declared war on Germany, but the declaration of war is just a memorandum with no real meaning.

    In 1940, Germany invades and occupies all of what is now the European Union. In 1941, Germany launches a two-front war by launching Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia, in June. During the period 1940-42, Germany experiences greatness and victorious campaigns, while the years 1943-44 are the prelude to the final defeat in the spring of 1945. The opposition is annihilated. The Holocaust is carried out. Slave labour in the armaments industry takes hundreds of thousands of lives.

    Germany is surrounded on all sides by Allied forces, and the human and economic costs of continuing the war are devastating. City after city is captured, Allied bombing leaves Germany in ruins, hopelessness spreads, Goebbels’ propaganda machine and Minister of War Speer’s underground munitions and arms factories work around the clock to keep morale and the war effort on track. By April 1945, the capital itself is surrounded.

    Germany is ruled by a Führer who gives pointless orders for military action from an underground bunker in the government headquarters. On the ground, the Third Reich crumbles under Russian troops and on the night of 29 April Hitler takes his own life with a bullet from a Walther PPK. Germany’s fate as a defeated nation is sealed. Millions of Germans are expelled from the eastern territories, just as millions of German women are raped and molested by Russian soldiers. Germany’s “Stunde Null” has arrived. Absolute zero.

    Sweden’s heyday. The welfare state and public homes are built. Social welfare and infrastructure are expanded. Sweden is one of the most homogeneous and peaceful countries in the world. Swedish welfare is based partly on self-sufficiency in raw materials and partly on an industry based on groups that employ thousands of people in companies such as Volvo and Saab. The arms industry, Swedish know-how and a company like Ikea are expanding rapidly. Everything radiates peace and prosperity. Immigration is necessary in some industries to maintain production. Around 1980, economic migration to the welfare state begins. The country is ruled with a heavy hand by the Social Democrats. Olof Palme, a pure Marxist, wants to internationalise the Swedish population.

    Sweden’s demography changes drastically. The population of ethnic Swedes shrinks dramatically and slowly begins a death spiral, while migration increases the total population by millions.

    During this period, Sweden moves from being a homogeneous Christian country to a multicultural and multi-religious society. Entire neighbourhoods are transformed from Swedish to immigrant ghettos. The number of no-go zones explodes. Swedish authorities and Swedish control of neighbourhoods disappear. Sharia-based ideas and laws are unofficially introduced. Honour-related crimes in increasingly Middle Eastern Sweden increase. The media works around the clock to suppress politicians’ propagandistic image of Sweden as a humanitarian superpower, not a diversity hellhole.

    Soon, Sweden as a unified nation will cease to exist, and Swedish and Arabic are expected to become equal within the next ten years. Half of Swedes under the age of 45 have a foreign background, usually from the Middle East or Africa. Swedishness is dismissed as a threat to diversity. The opposition in the form of the Sweden Democrats is excluded from influence. One in four Swedish voters is thus checkmated.
    Social care is deteriorating because of the financial burdens associated with the open-door policy. Sweden has the poorest pensioners in Europe. Sweden’s economy has de facto gone off the rails because of the annual expenditure of SEK 500 billion on the integration of immigrants. Crime and insecurity are spreading. Swedish women are particularly afraid to go out after dark. Rape is reaching a world record equivalent to the number of bombings in warring nations.

    Sweden has reached “Stunde zero”.
    But it is only a temporary zero point.
    More is to come.

    The bottom line is that a nation does not have to start invading other countries to end up in self-destruction. Sweden’s media and politicians have cleverly managed to eat a healthy and sustainable nation from the inside.

    Over six decades, Sweden has been impoverished and greatly deteriorated on all parameters in the same way as Germany through six years of war with the outside world. The leaders of the Third Reich were convicted at the Nuremberg trials after the war of crimes against humanity. The Swedish people should similarly bring their leaders before a politically-oriented court for the crimes that politicians have committed against the Swedish people over six decades.

    While Germany used the “Stunde Null” for reconstruction and created an “wirtschaftswunder”, Sweden’s zero point is a transition to an inhuman caliphate based on Islamic law and thinking. Swedes will soon be a minority in their own country.

    And it is hardly the majority of Swedes who will realize that now or who will realize that it will happen. The propaganda is deeply rooted in the people, and the suppression of opinion has done its job. The combination of leftist political correctness and Islamic dark forces is killing Mother Svea.(cpr. Uncle Sam)

    Where the Islamic freight train has run over dissenting countries since the 6th century, only dust and uniformity have been left behind. Know your history. So too when it comes to the blue-eyed Swedes.

    • @ LN

      Re: “The bottom line is that a nation does not have to start invading other countries to end up in self-destruction. Sweden’s media and politicians have cleverly managed to eat a healthy and sustainable nation from the inside.”

      The Swedish politicians and bureaucrats to whom you refer are clearly culpable in the downfall of Sweden, but they were/are merely functionaries, hired help taking orders from their bosses at the European Union and Brussels in turn doing the bidding of its globalist masters.

      That’s from whom these middle-men and women get their marching orders – the billionaire oligarchs like Gates and Soros and their colleagues such as Klaus Schwab at the WEF, and their counterparts in recent decades within the globalist movement.

      In other words, this rape of a formerly peaceful and prosperous nation – Sweden – has been going on for a long time, and those responsible are far more than just mid-level functionaries and bureaucrats.

      It might be possible to believe your explanation if only an occasional Swedish political leader or government functionary was at-fault, but when the pattern goes on for year after year, decade after decade, clearly something else is happening, something bigger and more-structured than can be accounted for by local malfeasance and corruption. One might go so far as to use the word conspiracy, especially that now so much of NWO & globalist plans are more or less in the open.

      Islam has been waging holy war – jihad – against the West and Christendom for 1,400 years. No European worthy of the name would have anything to do with the oldest and most-determined enemy of his very own civilization. So, clearly, there is something fishy – something suspicious – going on between the leaders of the EU and the most-powerful European globalists on one hand, and the Muslims on the other.

      The great historian Bat Y’eor has written extensively in her books on the roots of the current European-Islamic crisis, going so far as to term the continent “Eurabia” in one of them.

      I suppose my somewhat long-winded point is that Sweden has been betrayed by those charged with protecting it, just as have so many other European nations – Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, etc. This betrayal and treachery has occurred not just locally, but at the level of national government and the European Union itself.

      Hungarian-born billionaire troublemaker George Soros claims U.S. citizenship these days, but you’d never know it from the amount of time, money, and effort he devotes to his ancestral homeland and deconstructing and destroying it. And he is far from alone in that effort.

    • Well at least we have the satisfaction of knowing the South Africans eliminated Olof Palme, who richly deserved what he got.

    • Sweden is now fully Balkanized and all it will take is a nice spark to set the whole damn place on fire. I do hope more people burn korans and set the 3rd world savages lose to go do what they always do, then let the pushback on steroids to begin. It is inevitable.

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