The Bad War

Until now I haven’t written about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, mainly because the topic is complex, and I’m not an expert on it. However, I’ve browsed enough data and edited enough material about it to have some idea of what’s going on.

First of all, from my perspective there are no good guys in this war. The anti-Russian invective being generated by Western media and politicians is vile, but anyone who takes the antipodal point of view and regards Vladimir Putin as a righteous defender of Russians and freedom is making a big mistake.

About 98% of what is written about the invasion is propaganda. Virtually anything that appears in the Western mainstream media is part of a carefully crafted narrative engineered by the Deep State (the State Department, the CIA, and analogous institutions on the other side of the Atlantic). However, there are also deep tranches of Russian disinformation out there. It’s more subtly executed than the heavy-handed dreck peddled by CNN and The New York Times, but it’s quite effective. Many people on what I consider my side of the fence have fallen for at least some of it. After all, when they do an about-face from the propaganda of the American MSM, they run head-on into material derived from dezinformatsiya planted in various Russian media outlets.

In other words, the atmosphere around the war in Ukraine is all but opaque with a thick cloud of metallic chaff released by every party that holds an interest in one side or the other in the conflict.

However, one thing that Vladimir Putin says is true: he has invaded Ukraine with the intention of de-nazifying it. The current government of Ukraine contains real Nazis — not the “nazis” decried by Justin Trudeau or the Southern Poverty Law Center, but organizations whose unbroken Nazi lineage may be traced back the SS and Stepan Bandera. You won’t read much about them in the media, but they are there — promoted, funded, and whitewashed by the globalist Left. Those Nazis were installed by George Soros’ NGOs and the State Department in 2014 during the Maidan coup.

For an in-depth analysis of what happened in Ukraine in 2013 and 2014, see these two essays by Takuan Seiyo, “Things Are Not What They Seem” and “Ukraine as Quantum Decoherence, Part 1”.

The war in Ukraine is primarily about two major issues: control of pipelines and the imposition of the globalists’ borderless New World Order. The NWO enthusiasts have been gung-ho about the Ukrainian border because they want to prevent the Russians from jamming a sabot into the gears of their plans, but except for that, borders have no role in their Brave New World.

On the other hand, any nation that was historically part of the Russian Empire and now shares a border with Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus — that includes Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Moldova — has every reason to be nervous. Russia justified its incursion into Ukraine by the presence of substantial Russian minorities in the eastern part of the country. That’s a time-hallowed technique that was systematically used and perfected by Stalin, who resettled various ethnicities within the USSR to suit his political needs. Many thousands of Russians were moved into Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to tip the scales in Moscow’s favor when the political necessity arose. There are still substantial numbers of Russians in the Baltic states. Who knows whether they might one day demand independence, or reunion with the Motherland? No wonder those three countries joined NATO as soon as they could.

Finland is in a somewhat different situation. It was never incorporated in the Soviet Union, but it was a province of the Russian Empire until 1917, and during the Cold War it was constrained to a strict neutrality. President Putin recently declared that if Finland (or Sweden) were to join NATO, Russia would impose severe consequences.

With all that in mind, consider the following video addressed to the Russian people (in Russian) by the Finnish MP Jussi Halla-aho. Long-time readers are familiar with Mr. Halla-aho, a dissident who was convicted and fined for his “hate speech” about immigrants (for more background, see the Jussi Halla-aho Archives).

A transcript is posted below the video, but I don’t know whom to credit for the translation:

Video transcript:

00:06   Dear friends! My name is Jussi Halla-aho.
00:11   I am a Finnish MP and chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Finnish Parliament.
00:20   I want to say a few words about your President’s war against Ukraine.
00:29   Any war is a tragedy,
00:32   but most wars at least have some kind of a reason.
00:40   Your President’s war in Ukraine is a war with no reason.
00:48   This war is pure incomprehensible evil.
00:54   In Ukraine, your soldiers, your young men, your sons, brothers, husbands —
01:03   kill innocent people for no reason.
01:08   Children, men and women fear, suffer and die.
01:16   Your young men die, too. For no reason.
01:22   The most horrible thing is that every moral person is now forced to rejoice —
01:29   in the death of Russian soldiers,
01:33   and hope that as many of them perish as possible.
01:40   Perhaps you will say that you do not agree with this war,
01:45   and that your soldiers just follow orders.
01:51   Do you know who, too, defended themselves with that argument?
01:56   The butchers of Hitler in Nuremberg. They, too, just followed orders.
02:05   I have children. They, too, are afraid.
02:10   How will I explain to them that Russia is not evil?
02:14   That Russia is not a black enemy of Europe?
02:18   Tell me!
02:21   Ukraine is fighting.
02:23   It is also your time to fight.
02:26   For your country. For your souls.

Hat tip for the video: KGS.

57 thoughts on “The Bad War

  1. “When all else fails, they take you to war!” – Gerald Celente

    Alex Jones was also saying since October 2021 that when the Corona madness fails, the “globalists” will try to provoke a war.

    So far – these guys seem to have been right. That would mean, however, that Putin is also a globalist puppet. Klaus Schwab from the WEF said that he is one of the “young global leaders”.

    I don’t know if this my analysis is correct, but by the looks of it – we are continuing on the “great reset” agenda of destroying the old world order, old financial order, and old oil and gas order – the “great reset” is still on a roll, and the only people that will suffer are the little people: Inflation, energy poverty, freedom of movement and the freedom of speech on the internet are being destroyed. Free world is the main casualty here.

    Biden is the most unpopular president in US history, and he also finds the Ukraine war handy, I am sure…

    • This is about the only comment I can agree with. People need to know that even Putin is one of the ‘Young Global Leaders’ and also friends with Henry Kissinger. Is it possible we’re being played by all the sides?

  2. Wisdom here. There are no good side in this conflict, and only madness for those who want to rush into it. As an American – let us remain out of it. But – it is fast time that we re-build ‘made in America’ as both good national and international policy. The promises of the world now being in an age of post-history was never honest or sane. We will see more evidence of this coming at us, and America is the first concern, and not the wishes of corrupt leaders, even more corrupt government and those who would love to be our warlord elites.

    You have express the thoughts coming to me over these several days about this. Thanks.

  3. 1. I am opposed to the New World Order globalists.
    2. Nevertheless, I am against Russia’s attack on Ukraine.
    3. I do not support sending American or NATO troops to the Ukraine.
    4. I support sending weapons to the Ukraine.

    • Why? What US interests are served by angering Russia by sending arms to its enemies? Especially since those arms won’t do any good. Just a sop to your tender emotions?

      • The Russians made a huge mistake by invading Ukraine in the first place, now that war is here, it will spiral out of anyone’s control, for now you have volunteers from the US and Europe arriving by the thousands and europe sending nasty goodies and ammo to fight the Russians, Belarus and those fffing jihadist Chechens. Wait until it spreads to Poland and the Baltic states, oh what fun we will have then.

  4. Russia possesses 350+ ICBMs throwing 1100+ MIRVs from land silos and ballistic missile submarines and 300+ Special Weapons ready at various airbases for delivery by bomber aircraft with at least another 1500 weapons in reserve. There is no reliable information concerning numbers of Hypersonic delivery platforms beyond the certainty that they exist.

    The SWIFT sanctions could be reasonably construed as a blockade. A blockade is an act of war by international law.

    Some of our best and brightest in congress are calling for a more kinetic role by NATO, meaning the US, in Ukraine. Specifically a No Fly Zone. Given the inevitability of air-to-air combat a Russian or NATO, meaning US, aircraft will undoubtedly be downed. An inarguable act of war.

    There are two, among many, rules of war that are indisputable: The enemy gets a vote. And its corollary, no plan survives first contact, with its diplomatic handmaiden, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

    Russia is NOT Iran, Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, N. Vietnam or any one of a dozen “little guys” with limited reach that some of our esteemed “leaders” seem to be confusing it with. Putin is not the Politburo. MAD as a deterrent strategy left the building thirty years ago; so long ago that no one remembers how it actually, supposedly, worked. The Kremlin/WH hotline hasn’t existed for decades.

    If anyone in NATO, meaning the US, has solid evidence proving exactly how far things can be taken without Russia determining there is an existential war being waged against Mother Russia they are keeping it a secret. In that case what is the plan? That also seems to be a secret. For approximately 40 years we had just about every military contingency for confrontation with the USSR mapped and plotted, not to mention somewhat professionally competent leadership in uniform. Those plans are long scrapped, this is an utter Black Swan, and we can only pray Russian general officers are as venal, petty, and incompetent careerists as fill the Pentagon.

    Is Putin willing to go to the mat form Ukraine? Possibly not even he knows. The primary question is: Are YOU willing to fight a war with Russia? Over Ukraine? Some of the ill considered bloviating from our “leaders” and “expert” talking heads would indicate that they are more than willing for YOU to fight a war with Russia. Over Ukraine. How anyone plans to win it is in the wind.

    • How you win a war with Russia on Ukraine territory is make the Russians bleed. By that you make it so expensive that every inch of Ukraine real estate has Russian blood on it. With the west sending nasty goodies that kills tanks and shoots down aircraft, you make it impossible for the Russians to win. Sooner or later a sane Russian General(s) is going to off Putin and put a stop to the madness.

      • Maybe. The Enemy gets a vote.

        At the height of the Cold War, circa 1985, when US military doctrine, which is what drives procurement policy, was to be able to fight 2 and a half major land wars and one major sea war with peer or near peer adversaries simultaneously it was estimated that the US possessed weaponry stockpiles for 90 days sustained combat. After 30 years of Force reductions, movement to considerably more sophisticated, i.e. more expensive/more complicated Force multipliers, and a small, third tier, adversary, at best, hearts-and-minds doctrine I have no idea how deep that well is, plus you have to train (that autonomous missile might fire itself but its not going to prep itself) while engaged. A dicey proposition at best.

      • Also the point of the post was really:

        ‘How you gonna keep’em in Ukraine
        Once they’ve seen targets over the horizon
        How you gonna keep’em away from Broadway
        Rocketing around and nuking the town’

  5. “Russia justified its incursion into Ukraine by the presence of substantial Russian minorities in the eastern part of the country. That’s a time-hallowed technique that was systematically used and perfected by Stalin, who resettled various ethnicities within the USSR to suit his political needs. ”

    Except that the Russians inhabiting the eastern provinces of what we now see as Ukraine have not been resettled from anywhere. It has always been their home. Instead the borders of the Ukrainian ASSR were shifted above their heads under the Soviet Union. The process began under Lenin himself and was finalized by Chrushtshov in 1954. After the USSR’s collapse, they suddenly woke up in another country which eventually turned hostile against them.

    EVERY side of an argument seems to think they can omit the salty bits of history and get away with it because too many people never ask any questions. This is appalling.

    • I’m not saying the Russians were resettled in eastern Ukraine. Read what I said more cvarefully.

      Those areas, especially the Crimea, have been Russian since the end of Tatar rule.

      I’m saying that the presence of ethnic minorities has often been used as a pretext for war, as Hitler did with the Sudetenland. Stalin took it a step further by inserting ethnic minorities where he might need them later. That’s why there are so many Russians in the Baltics.

      • But you where implying it by stating that Russian people where moved in countries like Lithuania for example

      • Baron, I also see this as misleading. The Russian speakers in Ukraine (and the German ethnics in Czechoslovakia) were not moved there so they could be used as a pretext for a later war. In the case of Ukraine, they are there because they have been there for centuries. If not longer.

        Then, you say “Russia justified its incursion into Ukraine by the presence of substantial Russian minorities in the eastern part of the country.” As I understand it, Putin has no problem with the presence of Russian minorities in Ukraine. He has a problem with the way the Russian minorities have been treated by the Ukrainian regime, and particularly those living in the breakaway republics. A brutal war has been waged against them for 8 years.

        There is a clash of cultures in Ukraine that dates way back into the Austro-Hungarian days. I don’t pretend to understand it. I think that the Russian perspective is often too unkind to western Ukrainians, focusing a lot on their Nazi sympathies and not enough on the damage the Soviets did there. Still though, after watching what was being done to the people in the Donbas, I am glad somebody said, enough. My heart goes out to the long suffering people of the LDNR. If anybody wants to asign blame for the war, I would start with all the people who had the power to do something about it, and did nothing, and obstructed the Minsk treaties, all those long years.

  6. I don’t know……. I’ve been reading up a lot of information and watched videos on Putins view and determination to act according to Eurasian principles and the Eurasian Union.

    Now I’m not gonna say he’s a ‘good’ guy. But I am saying that a lot of people, probably 98% of people, acting as if they’re all suddenly international policy experts after having become virology experts last month…, have never given Eurasianism a second thought, or even know about the ErU.

    Ive gathered a lot of information over the past few days, and it has helped me understand a little bit of Putins motivation for current actions.

    I would be interested to read from people here on this thread who also have given this some thought, I strive to learn more and so much more.

  7. Your article on this present salad is the best I have yet read. Thank you.

    “…Many people on what I consider my side of the fence have fallen for at least some of it… (i.e. the more subtly delivered Russian propaganda)

    Guilty as charged !!! Because although, dear Baron, you are correct in saying : “…there are no good guys in this war…” I feel that some of these bad guys are far more bad than President Putin. If I have the choice to stand beside Biden/Obama, Erdogan, Hillary, Trudeau, Macron, Ardern, Scomo, etc. or Putin, I will, without hesitation and knowing that he is no angel, stand next to Putin.

    In fact, I will propose President Putin for a Nobel Prize in either Medicin, Science or something else for this tour de force of having ended the Corona Pandemic in a mere 2 days. 😉

    PS: I think “all roads lead to Davos”.

    • I agree with you.

      Granted, Putin is no saint. However, judging from who his biggest critics are I would have to say that he must be doing something right to be the enemy of so many globalists. If people who I respected opposed him for some reason other than war is bad then maybe I might begin to think otherwise.

      The bottom line is that the government of Ukraine was put in power by globalists, they have acted highly provocatively against Putin and Russian security in a manner that they knew would demand a response, and those elites whom I despise are the ones crowing the loudest (through their bought off surrogates) that Putin and Russia are evil and calling for others to be sent into harms way to fight Russia for them while they pile up yet more billions from selling weapons and manipulating markets.

      • The problem is, Zelinski isn’t following the playbook of the globullist, he was supposed to leave the country and let the EU and the US negotiate a settlement, but he decided to stay and fight.

      • I agree with you, right back atcha 😉

        Here is a video (38 minutes long), whose blurb says:

        “…In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt takes a deep dive into the politics behind the Crisis in Ukraine. If you want to know what’s really going on, turn off Fox News and CNN. The last time war fever hit this pitch, we blew up the Mideast in a pointless war that lasted over twenty years…”

        and the blurb does not promise too much.

    • Absolutely agree. The only thing I would add is that a large part of the Russian elite is pro-Western or rather pro-New World Order. Thus, Russia is saddled with a mighty fifth column that happily sabotage the attempts of conservative Christians to change the vector of the country’s progress. In times of war this elite would gladly betray their country.

  8. I don’t trust Putin in the same way I don’t trust any Government/Politician any longer on anything they say.
    They are lying the moment they open their mouth.
    Their trackrecord for honesty is abyssmal.
    The same goes for the Mainstream Media.
    In my eyes this is just the continuing of the Plandemic, World War III against the “little” people by the acolytes of Klaus Schwab.
    Depopulation by any means.
    All these Grand Causes are no more than the usual devices by which these “Elites” persuade the gullible to die and degrade themselves in enormous number – on their behalf, and to their advantage.

    Also you forgot to add Norway. They have a border with Russia too.

    Michel de Montaigne once said;
    “Men are most apt to believe what they least understand”

    2020 and 2021 alone has proven that statement to be SPOT ON

    • Ah, but Norway was never part of the Russian Empire. The neighbors who are really nervous are those who were part of Mother Russia just over 100 years ago.

  9. The scum of the earth are all backing Ukraine, not very effectively, but backing. All you need to know really.

    I’m sure Russia hates us, but… see above.

    This is a distraction from the agenda for the last couple of years.

  10. “The current government of Ukraine contains real Nazis — not the “nazis” decried by Justin Trudeau or the Southern Poverty Law Center,”

    No they are not “real” Nazis. Thats technical impossible. Ukrainians are slavs, which are per nazi-theory inherently subhuman. The core of the nazi-thinkings is that Germans are the uber-race, not slavs. Your ukrainian “nazis” would always be 3rd class rabble in a real nazi-state, always close to eliminiation or re-settlement.

    Thats the sad truth. The “nazis” in the Ukraine are in reality only useful idiots for the nazi-ideology and probably they have no clue that they would be considered by the real aric nazis as worthless life.

    • The lineage of the modern Ukrainian military runs in a direct line back to two Waffen SS divisions made up entirely of ethnic Galician-Ukrainians. These two divisions provided heavy resistance to Soviet forces pushing “Nazis” back west ’43 – ’44. The Toten SS also recruited hundreds, possibly thousands, of Ukrainians to be camp guards. They weren’t drafted, they volunteered.

      • Do you blame the Ukrainians for joining the Germans after what the Soviets did to them? Then after the war the Brits and Americans handed them over to the Soviets who shot them all.

        • It has nothing to with blame. It is a fact, which you apparently are not disputing.

          People make choices for their own reasons. That in no way hinders others from ascribing their own judgement to someone else’s choice, that’s human nature at work. History is what it is. Ukranians see it from their perspective, the Russians theirs. That too is human nature.
          What the Ukrainians did during WWII is on them. What the Soviets did before and after WWII is on them. What the Allies did before, remember the St Louis, and after WWII is on them. I agree with Epictetus, each man makes his own choices and bears his own guilt. No one gets to say, ‘I was just following orders’, or ‘It wasn’t me, it was the mob I was just coincidentally standing in’, or ‘It/they/the devil made me do it’, or ‘Well, they did it first.’ That is the hallmark of a morally vacuous life. I seem to remember someone else made that point but His name eludes me at the moment.

          Potentially mortal decisions should be dispassionately discussed and fully considered. The price to be paid for a bad decision hastily made in the heat of passion for self-serving/self-pitying or venal reasons will not be mortal.

          • Tom, I really hate to break it to you but, man is war and has been since the beginning of time, peace is nothing more than a temporary lull until the next storm. Strong men make the decisions, weak lesser men follow the orders the strongman has issued, it is just recently that is now disputed, but in the end and when push comes to shove, strongmen issue the orders and the rest will follow them right or wrong, it is human nature.

      • maybe their lineage is back into those days. But even in those days the “waffen-ss” divisions which where recruited from countries like ukraine or the balkans, like the muslim handschar divisions, where considered not as equal to first rate combat divisions comprised of germans or other european arians. The creation of these questionable divisions was out of necessity, because the reich was beginning to lose the war.

        They where not trusted and often only used for suppression of civilians and against partisans.

        So these enthusiastic ukrainian pseudo-“nazis” where useful idiots even 80y ago. In the long run they would not have survived their elite SS-status, if the third reich had won the war.

        • What the Germans thought of them has no bearing on the discussion at hand. On the one hand some argue they were made SS Divisions so that they would be under direct control of the Nazi Party, almost as slave soldiers, because Himmler didn’t trust the Wehrmacht. On the other hand there were many Germans who couldn’t meet the strict ethnic and political pedigree standards to get into the elite, superbly equipped and trained Waffen SS.

        • Those foreign Waffen SS units( Wiking Div) especially from Ukraine and the Baltic states fought often times better than their German counter parts for they knew if they lost the Soviets would have no mercy on them or their families, after the war, their fears were realized.
          The muslim Handschar Div towards the end of the war turned on the Germans, who then had them properly lined up against the ditches and shot them, after the war, Tito shot hundreds of thousands of those same muslims for evn that commie Croat knew you can never leave a rabid animal alive to fight another day.

    • JO, a very excellent post. I would also add, that the president of Ukraine is a Jew and the suggestion there are “Nazi” in his government is certainly not true.

    • @ Jo

      Re: “No they are not “real” Nazis. Thats technical impossible. Ukrainians are slavs, which are per nazi-theory inherently subhuman. The core of the nazi-thinkings is that Germans are the uber-race, not slavs.”

      Don’t make the rookie mistake of confusing National Socialist theory, with its actual real-world practice. The two were not the same, virtually from the start – even before the war.

      A case in point: Hitler and his fellow Aryan supremacists initially drew a very hard line initially against anyone of less-than-impeccable Aryan genetics and identity being admitted to the Waffen-SS, whose personnel guarded the German Fuhrer round the clock wherever he was.

      That what the 1st SS-Panzer Division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler” means, in translation, “Life Guards” of the Fuhrer.

      However, as the war dragged on and losses mounted, the standards for admission were loosened, first for ethnic Germans and then for volunteers from occupied Europe. The Dutch, French, Belgians, Scandinavians, and others supplied personnel to the Waffen-SS. Finally, Himmler created a unit composed of Bosnian Serbs and other Slavs who were pro-Nazi. Including the only Muslim Division of the Waffen-SS, the 13th Waffen-SS Mountain ‘Handschar’ Division.

      Shortly before killing himself in his bunker, Hitler praised the Slavic peoples as being “superior” to his own kind for winning the titanic struggle between Germany and the USSR.

      Bringing the discussion back to the present, there is no reason whatsoever that present-day Ukrainians can’t be neo-Nazis, and indeed there have been pro-fascist/pro-Nazi sympathizers there since the war. Stalin abused the Ukrainians so harshly during the 1930s Holomodor (Ukrainian famine & genocide) that many there became fervently anti-Stalinist, so much so that when the Germans invaded, many towns and villages and leaders welcomed them. Stepan Bendera was only one such individual who fits this category, there were many others.

      Ukrainian sympathies being suspect during the war by the communist regime was one reason why Ukraine suffered so terribly during the war, apart from the war itself, which was fought back-and-forth across this part of Russia.

      When the German invaded, Red Army forces used a scorched earth policy as they gave ground. When German forces entered, if they were welcomed, they didn’t exact reprisals, but if there was resistance, they fired first and worried about why later. Reprisals against partisans were harsh. Later, when the war turned against Germany, the tables were turned and a harsh campaign of retreat began in the other direction, with much the same results. Finally, when the Red Army arrived for good, the NKVD did its best to uproot any remaining fascist sympathizers, who were often executed out of hand.

      These hardships must be taken into account when assessing the history and complex loyalties of people in the region. Everyone suffered terribly in that war, on all sides. Obviously, when the Soviets were back in control, any doubts about Stalin’s regime were quickly buried, one would imagine, lest one get a one-way ticket to the gulag or a bullet in the neck.

      • “Don’t make the rookie mistake of confusing National Socialist theory, with its actual real-world practice. ”

        Why? Naziism consists of theories, its wishful thinking and not rooted in real science. So its adequate to treat them as theoretical constructs and not something which has any truth in reality.

        “The Dutch, French, Belgians, Scandinavians, and others supplied personnel to the Waffen-SS. ”

        Even beeing non-germans I am sure those personnel aryan lineage has been checked before allowed to enter SS service. So these western european people not hurting the aryan doctrine.

        It was different with “eastern and balkan” SS divisions. They were born out of necessity and in a time the doctrine was not considered more important anymore than not losing the war and staying in power. Muslim or ukrainian SS divisions has not obviously not been recruited by the same standards than the western european divisions.

        If they think by themselves that they are real nazis, maybe, but thats ridiculous and far from reality. They pose as useful idiots. They should realize that from the point of view of an real germanic aryan they are genetically inferior subhumans and can be extincted or enslaved at any time, when its necessary. A donkey cannot be a dog, even if he barks, genetics forbids it. Its the same in the case of ukrainian “nazis”.

        When the third reich had won the war many of the second rate SS division members and their siblings, handschar, banderas or whatever theirs names would be, would have ended in the long run in a KZ.

        The problem is that Putin uses the “nazi-club” as an official reason to invade. I am not sure if he is aware
        that he is using the term nazi in a wrong way. If a slav is a nazi then he is not more than the proverbial barking donkey who irrationally thinks he is a dog and puts other donkeys into the KZs erected by the dog empire. Maybe stockholm syndrome? 🙂

  11. Tom S. I support the general drift of your argument but you fall into the usual American trap of overbearing arrogance. America is not Nato, never was and never will be. America is the major and by far the best resourced partner in Nato. But talk like yours only serves to alienate allies and, considering the activities of the doddering old fossil in the White House, America will shortly need all the allies it can get.

  12. First it was Covid, now it’s Ukraine. What’s the next entertainment feature? I know, stay tuned, and now a word from our sponsors.

  13. @ Baron

    Re: “The war in Ukraine is primarily about two major issues: control of pipelines and the imposition of the globalists’ borderless New World Order.”

    You are precisely correct that the situation in Ukraine is complex. There lots of wheels within wheels to this thing, or to mix metaphors, lots of layers to this onion.

    Ukraine sits astride some of the best top-soil in Europe, which is why the region is known as a “bread-basket” for its suitability to grow grains and cereal crops.

    Ukraine juts into Russia, and one point along her border is less than five-hundred miles from Moscow. This is no longer Russia’s “near abroad,” it is inside Russian territory, for all intents and purposes. Imagine a foreign power meddling around in Florida or New England and you get the point.

    Many westerners, being uninformed or only slightly educated in the history of that part of the world, have a hard time understanding the Russian perspective on the Ukraine. However, they – the Russians – have been invaded many times in their history including twice in the last century or so, namely WWI and WWII.

    In the Second World War alone, they lost – according to some estimates – twenty million dead, civilian and military alike. Even the conservative estimate of ten million casualties staggers the imagination. To place this number in perspective, Russia lost more people in a number of battles & campaigns – for example, the Siege of Leningrad and the Battle of Stalingrad – than the U.S. lost in the entire war. We lost some six-hundred thousand dead in that war; Russian casualties in Leningrad passed one million dead.

    I am not attempting to downplay or otherwise excuse the actions of President Putin, nor give them legitimacy. Rather, I am doing what our foreign policy “experts” are supposed to have done, but failed to do – namely, understand the perspectives of the major actors in a given situation.

    Russia has no oceans guarding her flanks as do nations like the U.S. Therefore, Moscow has long sought a buffer zone or cordon sanitaire around its borders, as a defense against land invasion. Ideally of friendly nations, but at least nations not actively working against her.

    By expanding NATO relentlessly, right up to and now into Russian territory, the western ruling class has triggered in Russia an awakening of her heretofore dormant instincts of self-protection. Poke a hibernating bear with a sharp stick enough times, and don’t be surprised when the bear awakens in a bad humor and wants to tear your head off! Seems easy-enough to understand, but apparently not for our so-called foreign policy elites.

    The Ukraine has been part of Imperial Russia back into the days of the czars. Rightly or wrongly, the Russians regard the Black Sea territoriality, so to speak as a Russian lake. It is their only means of accessing their warm-water naval port in the Med, at Tartus in Syria.

    Russia has a case for intervening in the Ukraine. However, if Putin oversteps those legitimate grounds and decides to transgress into any of the other independent nations bordering Russia, i.e., the Baltic states, Finland, Poland, Hungary, etc. – then he is committing an act of war, a legitimate cassus belli for the NATO alliance.

    But again, the waters are muddied by the fact that NATO herself, including some of the aforementioned nations, have been too foward-leaning in their anti-Russian stance. Promises made not to expand NATO up to Russia’s borders – promises made thirty years ago – have been repeatedly broken. And now where there once existed grounds for trust and renewal, there exists only distrust if not outright enmity.

    The victors will write the history of this conflict, but the record ought to record that the ultimate losers in this chapter of our times will be the Ukrainian people themselves, who are seeing their nation turned into a plaything for the oligarchs and the NWO.

    There is one other factor in this mess: MacKinder and his “World Island” theory of geopolitics. The Ukraine is considered by many western foreign policy specialists and strategic analysts as key terrain in the struggle over who shall control the Eurasian land mass. China and Russia have been making great strides over the recent years, in constructing their “New Silk Road” initiative and other infrastructure, and the western oligarchs and billionaires do not like this at all. This is yet another reason that the U.S. and NATO are in the area – to try and throw a monkey-wrench into their plans.

    Last but not least, did you notice who quickly the “Ukraine Crisis”knocked the whole SARS-Co-19 event off the front pages and out of the news cycle? That’s not a bug; that’s a feature!

    • Ukrainian people will not just be losers. They will become extinct. Since the early 1990s, death rate in Ukraine has been higher than birth rate. Since 2014 the difference has become catastrophic. The number of deaths has been twice as big as the number of births. Now what with war casualties, mass emigration and the destruction of what remains of the Ukrainian economy (that will cause a further fall of birth rate), Ukrainians will most probably cease to exist as a nation within two or three generations.

      Just compare it with Ukraine’s Soviet past. In the USSR, the Ukraine was the second populous and perhaps the most prosperous of the Soviet republics. It had a huge and diversified industry, great agriculture – it was constantly referred to as “the breadbasket of the country”, a vast network of health resorts on the Black Sea and in the Carpathians. It had also a high level of education – lots of universities, cadet schools. And research institutes.

      Today Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe, poorer than Moldova, Albania or Bulgaria. Its economy, education, culture and public health are in a lamentable state. After the war – no matter who wins – Ukraine will be a shambles.

      Really, it appears that Ukraine’s happiest times were the 1960s through the 1980s. It fared much better as a Soviet republic than as an independent country.

  14. Within the context of only this war, Putin absolutely is the good guy. The CIA and State Dept staged a coup in Ukraine to replace a pro-Russian leader with an anti-Russian regime. That regime maltreated Russians within its borders, causing them to try to secede. A truce was negotiated, which was broken continually by the Ukraine.

    All of this was done intentionally to push Russia into giving Euro leaders an excuse to embargo Russia, to keep Euro nations within the sphere of influence of the US. Putin had no choice in his actions; the globalists who rule the US could have reversed course at any time, but chose to force Putin’s hand.

    • Ah but one problem, Russia has the largest gold reserves on the planet, same with diamonds. The globullist don’t realize that ole Putin could in theory send out FSB kill squads to deal with these globullist and really make his presence felt.

  15. My prayer to G*d is that we stay out of this mess, not our fight, and we’ll lose much more than we might gain, by getting involved. Who knows, maybe G*d will answer my prayer with a positive, and it’ll be done and over with soon. I have four sons eligible for military service, and I don’t want them going to some idiotic dust-up in Asia, for any reason whatsoever. Did my thing in VN after being tricked by my govt. and the media, only to come home with no damned victory, and only scorn from my country. Don’t want any of that for my sons, not to mention a box or a bag with them in it, or maybe nothing at all except the general location of the body. This is all a big, bloody, stupid mistake, as we’re about three feet from chaos HERE. The BS is so strong I can smell it like it was fresh. Keep your powder dry, Barron, and your eyes peeled, something wicked this way comes.

  16. I lived in Finland for 10 years, Finns hate Russians!

    In ww2 Finns under mannerheim sided with the Nazis, and the Finns were involved in 2 wars with Russia, the winter war, and the continuation war.

    The Finnish army in ww2 were also heavily involved in assisting the Germans in the siege of Leningrad. ( ironically Vladimir Putin was a small child and present during this siege),

    The Finns were defeated by Russian red army in ww2, and for peace ceded 27% of Finnish sovereign territory to Russia,
    Land in nth east Finland- Finnish Karelia.

    *Finland also signed a non aggression pact with Russia, and agreed that if any country attacked Russia in future, Finland woukd side with Russia.

    In Finland after many years, there has been a string nationalist resurgence surrounding the issue of the ceded Karelian land, and a consensus has been building to have Russia return this land to Finland.

    Alla aho is a Finnish nationalist, who is normally concerned with the influx of Muslim immigrants and open borders that are flooding the Nordic nation with unwanted 3rd world Muslims and violent Islamic radicals.

    Jussi aka aho, needs to take care of his own country, and not worry about supporting Ukraine, a cia puppet nation the other side of Europe.

    • Vladimir Putin is younger than I am. He was born in 1952. He could not possibly have witnessed anything during the Great Patriotic War.

      • right on spot, Baron. For the sake of historic accuracy.
        But seriously now, ( irony on) Hitler worked the night shift at Volkswagen Argentine untill 1986!

    • There is a reason why there are so many Finns that live in MN, WI, Northern MI , SD and ND. Mannerheim threw out all the red Finns after their little civil war. As for the Finns in Finland, they are getting more nationalistic by the day and are completely fed up with 3rd worlders in their midst.

    • Should get facts straight before posting. In world war two Finland was not siding with Nazis. Finland received assistance from Germany as co-belligerent during Continuation War (1941-1944) what was started by Soviet Union as was Winter War (1939-1940) too. During Winter War Finland did not received help from Germany as it was allied with Soviet Union by Molotov-Ribbentrop pact during that time. By the way Jewish soldiers were serving in Finnish army during Winter and Continuation War as any other Finns. Jewish soldiers had field synagogues and sabbatical services on front. There was no Holocaust or persecution of Jews in Finland.

      Finland was not defeated by Soviet Union in Winter War or Continuation War. Finland made peace treaty with Soviet Union after Finnish troops had halted Soviet major offensive in summer of 1944 which was done to occupy all of Finland and on that peace treaty Finland ceded about 10 % of its area to Soviet Union. Finland had before in peace treaty that ended Winter War ceded similar amount of area to Soviet Union but had took them back during Continuation War.

      Finnish troops did not participated to siege of Leningrad. Finnish troops were about 35 kms from Leningrad in Karelian Isthmus on territory that was Finnish territory before Winter War during siege and Finnish artillery or air force did not bombed or fired artillery to city. Not a single civilian in Leningrad lost his or her life because of actions of Finnish troops.

      There is no widespread animosity towards Russian people in Finland. It is very marginal at best. Tens of thousands of Russian people live in Finland and tens of thousands of Russians visit in Finland every year as tourists.

      What comes to situation in Ukraine at the moment is very tragic that so many people in forums like this do not acknowledge Ukraine as victim of unjustified aggression. Ukraine with its democratically elected Jewish president was in good speed on developing democracy and freedom in Ukraine while engaged with Russian supported insurgents on Eastern Ukraine who were using similar tactics as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other groups are using against Israel which is shooting on midst of civilians against Ukrainian troops and civilians and cry for civilian murders after Ukrainian troops did their shooting back which happened to cause unfortunate civilian casualties. Now Ukraine is fighting valiantly to preserve its freedom and democracy under Russian invasion. Russia that is claiming to de-nazify Ukraine is resorting to same methods that Nazis were using meaning deliberate killing of civilians, demonizing and indoctrinating propaganda and clear threat of executing Ukraine’s Jewish president.

  17. What the Germans thought of them has no bearing on the discussion at hand. On the one hand some argue they were made SS Divisions so that they would be under direct control of the Nazi Party, almost as slave soldiers, because Himmler didn’t trust the Wehrmacht.

    • The foreign Waffen SS Divisions, especially the Wiking Div which many Ritterkrause where issued, were often times better than their German counterparts.

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