Things Are Not What They Seem

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Takuan Seiyo takes a close look at the real story behind the recent pro-EU demonstrations in Kiev.

Update: The image misidentified as a photo of Stepan Bandera has been replaced by two other photos illustrating the same theme.

Things are not what they seem
By Takuan Seiyo

As pro-European Union demonstrations swell in Kiev’s equivalent of Tahrir Square and Western leaders sing hosannas to Ukrainian ostensibly Europhile demos, it’s easy to forget that that there is a reality behind the apparent reality.

Western media started writing about the skeletons rattling in the closet of Ukraine’s “democratic opposition” mainly in the last couple of days, after Senator John McCain took his usual traveling Neocon circus to the Ukraine and was photographed with some individuals of questionable connections. But in Eastern Europe, where people speak languages kin to the Ukrainian, and have some troubling memories, scrutiny of the “Euro-maydan” — the Kiev square on which pro-EU, anti current-regime demonstrations have been taking place, began earlier.

An eyewitness account of the “Eurosquare” was published by the Czech Free Press on 9 December. The Czech on-site correspondent opens with this paragraph:

”The descendants of those who in 1941 crossed over to the side of Hitler, served in the occupation police force, executed Jews in the Babi Yar massacre, fought in the ranks of SS Division “Galicia,” carried out the ethnic cleansing of Poles via the gangs of Bandera, shot and slaughtered Ukrainians, Russians, Slovaks, Belarusians, Poles, Jews are now totally free to walk the streets of Kiev and speechify from tribunes. Today they have only changed their master. Instead of Hitler they now have Obama.”

The last sentence sounds confusing, as most writers expressing strong anti-fascist opinions tend to be of the Left, and love Obama. But one who keeps his head about him and knows the lay of the postmodern terrain perceives its hidden gullies and peat bogs. One such may hate fascists and despise Antifa, and see the similarities between Obama and Mussolini, EU and Third Reich. It’s the Yang-become-Yin of the ancient Orientals, and the Unity of Opposites of the ancient Greeks.

The Czech correspondent goes on to describe how Ukrainian Nationalists with Nazi heritage and current sympathies were bused in from Galicia (Western Ukraine) early on, organized a pro-UPA march, occupied public buildings and then, emboldened by the regime’s weak response, went on to elevate the aggressive profile of the Euro-Square demonstrations. He provides some interesting photo links, particularly this.

The Polish website (“Borderlands”) has been following the happenings in Kiev since day one. It’s easy to understand why if one knows that for most of the past 1000 years, Western Ukraine, “Galicia,” was a Polish province, as was Belarus, Lithuania and parts of Moldova too. All these were the Borderlands.

That indigenous Slavonic tribes sought self-determination is understandable. It’s their methods that were questionable. The total number of victims of the genocide by the Ukrainian Nazi-tool organizations OUN and UPA plus “freelancers” is assessed in Poland at 200,000 Poles and a larger, uncountable number of Polish Jews, Armenians, Gypsies, Czechs, Russians, and Ukrainians too who took exception to the nationalist-fascist ideology.

There are quite a few commemorative websites like (historical background Google transl. here), some with portfolios of photographs of dead people that no one should see but those who have already hardened themselves by viewing photos of White victims of rape-homicide in South Africa or videos of Saddam Hussein’s torture chambers.

The reason it’s possible to determine roughly how many Poles were killed by Ukrainians, but not Polish Jews, is that the murder of Poles in the Ukraine (but not in Western Poland) was the work mainly of Ukrainians, whereas Germans were the main murderers of Jews, with Ukrainian units sometimes doing the wet work on German orders and at other times acting on their own initiative.

But the situation was far more convoluted than that. Even while hating and slaughtering Jews in collaboration with Nazi Germany, the Ukrainians themselves were a subject of enslavement and murder by the Germans. Moreover, there were Ukrainians who resisted the fascist factions and even sheltered Jews and Poles at a risk of their own lives. Holocaust deniers would be much smarter if they took the opposite tack and asserted that the Holocaust was five times as big as it’s supposed to have been, and Slavs were four fifths of it. A common estimate is that during the three years of German occupation of the Ukraine, 2.5-3 million Gentile civilians perished, and 0.8-0.9 million Jews.

Alas, it’s in the Ukraine where Holocaust deniers thrive today. The “Dr” in Dr. David Duke [also Grand Wizard of the KKK] is a gift from MAUP, the largest university in that country, for his dissertation “Zionism as a Form of Ethnic Supremacism.” Among many others, MAUP teaches that “Zionism” is the biggest threat to Modern Civilization, and propagates old-time “Elders of Zion” and blood libel hogwash. In 2005 its president, Georgy Shchokin, expressed solidarity with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s threat to wipe out Israel, stating, “We’d like to remind that the Living God Jesus Christ said to Jews two thousand years ago: ‘Your father is a devil!’

Such utterances may be heard in other parts of the world too, but hardly a university president may be found, let alone if he is Professor of Theology, which Shchokin is, who doesn’t know that the Jesus portrayed in the Gospels is an observant Jew addressed by his all-Jewish disciples as “rabbi.” It adds to the understanding of how much of the Ukraine we misinterpret that Shchokin the defender-of-the-Living-God is an ex-Communist Party functionary and a Russophile, hence he represents Eastern Ukraine’s Jew-hatred, as opposed to Western Ukraine’s, which is the main subtext of this article. [1]

“Do you know what is the “right wing” of the “Euro-Square” in Kiev?” — asks “Polish Ukraine” activist Wiesław Tokarczuk (name is Polish, surname Ukrainian) in a December 9 article in, entitled “Racism and anti-Semitism in the Kiev Pro-European Union Demonstration Square”. “I have not heard anything in the Polish media about that, but there are troglodyte weirdos there from hell — from the world of Hitler, [Ukrainian fascist leader] Bandera, and Mussolini.”

Tokarczuk relays that Web-posted photographs show Eurosquare’s protesters with the Wolf’s Claw emblem: the contemporary equivalent of the swastika. “They are members of the paramilitary organization “Ukrainian Patriot” and of the nationalist Svoboda [“Freedom”] Party. They are waving flags of the fascist troops of UPA and OUN, symbols of a sick ideology and of genocide.” He relays that none of the leaders or prominent foreign supporters of the pro-European Union demonstrations have distanced themselves from their strong Nazizoid element.

“The Neo-Nazis stand under the flag of the European Union,” relays Tokarczuk, “and read poems from the racist, Antisemitic tome, Voice of the Blood — and no one protests.” He quotes a poem that one of the authors of Voice of the Blood, Diana Kamliuk, has read from the tribune of Euro-Square — the same tribune where the leaders of the demonstration and visiting foreign politicians have addressed the crowds:

Yellowed reflections of archival photographs
Distant glow of bygone days
Repulsive disputes ‘for’ and ‘against’
And musings of fattened Jews.

Noting that Ukrainian Antisemites refer to Holocaust victims as “Jewish Soap”[yevreyskie mydlo in the embedded video], Tokarczuk continues:

It’s easier to cry tears over Jewish Soap
Let the world concentrate on that
from Leaders to Privates’ epaulettes
In Nuremberg before a tribunal.

“Diana Kamliuk,” relays Tokarczuk, “ended her appearance before the “fighters for European values” with the following exhortation:

”May they not throttle you exactly like they did the “Orange Square” in 2004, so that you cut through [metaphor invoking the sword] immediately and not let yourself be deceived by the babbling of Jews! In our veins flows the Ukrainian blood of the White Man.”

This is all even more confusing to the rational mind because in all likelihood the only Jew whose babbling may be involved in the current political struggle in the Ukraine is George Soros — a mighty fearsome babbler, but he is working for Ms. Kamliuk’s side; indeed, without him her side may not be able to prevail. If there are any other Jews involved, they have the same Progressive goal: to “open” Ukraine’s society, Ukrainian attitudes, via membership in the European Union.

Mr. Tokarczuk embedded a video of the Kamliuk Blood woman’s speech, though one who does not speak the language will have to take his word for its content. He completes his report by relaying that when Petro Poroshenko tried to address the crowd — he being the Ukraine’s business tycoon, past Foreign Minister and a courageous opponent of the same Yanukovytsh oligarchy that the pro-EU protesters oppose — he was met with boos and cries of “You Jew.” He left, offended.

The New York Times relayed on 16 December how much the Svoboda Party has gained from these pro-EU demonstrations in Kiev. It’s the Svoboda Party’s members whose presence is most noticeable at the Eurosquare, with their red and black UPA flags and wolf’s claw emblems on black shirts everywhere. The paper mentions the party’s troubling background but skimps on what’s most troubling: the Svoboda Party is a direct descendant of Nazi ally OUN/B — Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, whose military arm was UPA.

Svoboda perpetuates a cult of OUN/B and of its leaders, Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. The Wikipedia OUN entry is a thorough whitewash, but this may provide a closer and more reliable look. As to Bandera, his OUN militias in just one day, 11 July 1943, in just one Ukrainian region, Volhynia, massacred 4330 (documented) Poles in their homes and churches. Not to stay behind, roughly at the same time the Ukrainian Nachtigall (“Nightingale”) Battalion — Roman Shukhevych was the co-commander — helped German units in the mass murder of 4000 Jews in the Lwow Ghetto, and in the dispatch by hammer, bayonet and other refined means of the cream of Lwow’s Polish intelligentsia. Nachtigall went on from there to massacres of Jews in Vinnytsia and probably (on these there was only hearsay) Zolochiv and Ternopil — all those Polish towns with Polish names at that time [2].

Both Bandera and Shukhevych have been named “Heroes of the Ukraine.” Their statues are everywhere. In any normal country they would have been named “Class-A War Criminals.”

Fans of the Karpaty-Lviv soccer club. Stepan Bandera is horizontal.

Priests of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in a celebratory service for Ukrainian SS-Galizien voluntaries, Lwow, July 18, 1943. Christian and pagan symbols share the stage.

Celebration by Stepan Bandera’s statue in 2010 upon his receiving the title “Hero of the Ukraine” from the “pro-Western” Ukraine president Victor Yushchenko

As to the Nachtigall fiend, “Roman Shukhevych honored as national hero on anniversary”, proclaims the 12 March 2010 headline of the Kiev Post, above a photo of an honor guard in front of the Einsatzgruppe Ataman , with Ukrainian and UPA/Svoboda Party flags flying.

There is much more to this, from the Waffen-SS Galizien (Galicia) Division to modern-day Ukraine’s celebrations in honor of UPA’s 65th Anniversary, but it’s more useful to examine other issues through this prism.

The first one is this: we have no clue. The cognitive chaos of the Eurosquare is well represented in an image that may be found on the Facebook pages of some “Europhile” Ukrainian Svobodniks:

On a background of the European Union’s flag, a Waffen-SS officer poses as St. George slaying the dragon, the latter bearing the inchoate likenesses of the hammer and sickle, an Orthodox priest, the Russian Imperial Eagle, and some unidentifiable beige object. The caption reads: Glory to the German soldier, the liberator of Europe. Try to decipher what it all means, taken together.

All the global village malarkey notwithstanding, when the West leaves its safe boundaries that it has made unsafe through its deluded Third World immigration, it knows very little about what it’s getting into, what the contours of reality are. If this is so with the Ukraine, how more so in Iraq or Afghanistan, Syria or Somalia.

It’s the hand of Svoboda’s leader, Oleh Tyahnybok that the world-meddling Neocon, John McCain, shook publicly a few days ago, in Kiev. An individual less deluded than the vociferous senator and timid presidential candidate would contemplate the pro-Russia, super-corrupt Yanukovytsh regime versus the pro-EU, Nazizoid-infused opposition, say with Shakespeare’s Mercutio: “A plague a’ both your houses,” and stay away.

Second, if the European Union manages to absorb the Ukraine, there are two certainties. First, the multiculti Eurocrats will fail miserably in an attempt to muzzle Cossacks relative to Antisemitic, xenophobic, racist and “racist” statements. Second, the EU will use its activities against Ukrainian Antisemitism to muzzle Western Europeans further relative to “Islamophobia.”

It’s relevant in this context that current Antisemitism as exhibited by nationalist Whites is just a public squeezing of ugly pustules from the past, with hardly any consequence to contemporary Jewry, except in the Ukraine and other Eastern European countries where there remain small Jewish minorities. “Islamophobia,” in contrast, is a protective mechanism by which hundreds of millions of the autochthons of Europe, America and other Whitey Lands, protect themselves against a major, collective peril — peril particularly severe to the Jews who live among them.

We live in a time when the form is a shadow and the shadow is the form. Much discrimination required, starting with restoring the word “discrimination” to the pedestal on which it belongs.

Lastly, Ukraine is a good example that multiculturalism does not, cannot work.

The country’s history is too convoluted to relay here. However, for the eight centuries when it was under Polish domination, and then a bit over a century under Austrian domination (until 1918), Galicia was perhaps the most multicultural part of the world, with several indigenous Slavonic ethnies, Jews, Armenians, Germans, Czechs, Gypsies, Italians, Moldovans and the dominant Polish ethny that was four fifths of the population in many areas. Eastern Ukraine, under Russian domination, was multi-ethnic too, though less multiculti.

In either part, the only “multi” element that didn’t work out was the Muslim one: the Tatar-Turkoman Horde of Crimea that devastated the Polish Borderlands, Ukraine the most, in exceptionally barbaric raids, again and again, for centuries, until the end of the 18th century [3]. Jews also suffered repeatedly, mostly due to the poor-and-serf population’s resentment of Jewry’s role in representing the Polish gentry’s business interests, but also due to a primitive form of Christianity prevalent there.

Lwow, then Lemberg, Lwow again and now Lviv — Western Ukraine’s main city — was the “Paris of the East”: made so by Polish culture, Jewish and Armenian commercial genius, and the “Swabian” virtues of its longtime German settlers. It is from these parts that Poland’s most famous generals came from, Jan Sobieski to Józef Piłsudski to Wladyslaw Anders. And many famous intellectuals too: from the “Polish School of Mathematics” — names like Stefan Banach — to 20th century’s greatest Polish poet, Zbigniew Herbert, and most famous pianist/politician, Ignacy Paderewski.

It is here that Rudolf Weigl, a Polonized Austrian, developed the typhus vaccine while saving prisoners of the Nazis. From here, Kasimir Badeni, a Polish aristocrat, rose to become the multiculturally liberalizing President of Austria under Emperor Franz Josef. It is here that Jewish families rose to such prominence that some were ennobled. The Miseses, for instance, would then go on to issue Ludwig von Mises the economist and Richard von Mises the scientist/mathematician.

It is here that Armenian and Greek commerce thrived since the early Middle Ages, supporting resplendent institutions like this cathedral. Lwow’s university, founded by a Polish king in 1661, had become by the time of World War I the second largest university in the Austrian Empire. By the mid-20s, under Polish rule again, it had world-class departments of mathematics, philosophy, anthropology, zoology and geography.

But all this did not work for the Ukrainians. They sought to undermine the dominant ethny and its culture. “Paris of the East” could exist only as long as a strong, self-confident European culture — that of Poland — exercised an unabashed hegemony. Soviet invaders, German invaders, Ukrainian terror troops, all put an end to it, with devastating consequences for the Ukraine.

Even though most of Lwow’s infrastructure survived World War II, from the time the Poles were kicked out by the Soviets Galicia has remained a shadow of its former self. In contrast, Wroclaw (Breslau) has thrived despite of having been destroyed and depopulated in World War II. The punch line here is that Wroclaw and all the major cities of Silesia were resettled by Polish refugees in 1945 after they had been kicked out by the Soviets from their former “Borderlands” with the Tehran Conference’s blessing.

By way of an analogy, perhaps Multiculturalism could be salutary in contemporary Europe and the United States, if both had retained a strong, confident, unyielding cultural and political hegemony of the Christian bourgeoisie in the one and the WASP elite in the other. And, if the demented Socialist Eloi running these polities heeded the advice of Milton Friedman, another famous ex-Ukrainian (his parents were): “Immigration or Welfare: choose one.”

Absent both conditions, whatever the EU does; whichever of the two parties holds the reins of power in the United States — all we have to look forward to is more immigration-driven multiculti decline, degradation, and chaos.


1.   Items reported here are in the US Congressional Record, March 6, 2006. A fuller account may be found in Nadine Epstein’s The Mysterious Tale of a Ukrainian University’s Anti-Semitic Crusade. She reports, inter alia, that Shchokin attended a conference in the United Arab Emirates where he asserted that Osama bin Laden is a Jew named Benya Landau. In the spirit of full disclosure, the author must state that while he finds Ms. Epstein a reliable witness in this case, based on the website in which her report is published he is sure he’d find her, overall, as well as the sponsoring scholars’ organization, a political foe of his. There is a difference, however, to objecting to either the academy’s or the Jewish majority’s extreme liberalism, and being a poisoned moron of the sort this article deals with.
2.   Again, the English Wikipedia is a partial whitewash. More comprehensive information may be found in Polish sources here and here, among others.
3.   I wrote more about this in a discussion of slavery in Europe here.

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan. For his previous essays, see the Takuan Seiyo Archives.

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  1. The Jew haters better get a wiggle on if they want some hides. If things continue on the same course Jews will be gone from Europe in probably two generations, tops.

    • When Moslems take over European countries, Jews will
      disappear from the continent completely. And yet I have still to meet a single Jew who is in any way concerned or planning flight. The natives of Europe will be converted or killed off, unless they have money to get out.

        • Flight is what people who think along the lines of ‘I’m alright Jack [but I hold you in supreme indifference].’ do.
          Those of us who think along tribal lines stay put and tough it out.

  2. The ‘some unidentifiable beige object’ you mention resembles the headgear worn at various times by Mongol/Japanese/Chinese warriors/soldiers and appears to be worn by a wolfs-head or other slavering wild beast.

    • On closer inspection the ‘some unidentifiable beige object’ is worn not by an animal head but the head of a dragon/serpent body and thusly more likely associated with past/emerging/future China. It might even be clasping an Eagle, similar to that from the days of the Weimar Republic.

        • further culural reference on “budenovka” – head gear used by the Red Army (Bolsheviks) during 1918-1922 Russian Civil War.

      • It also looks like the headdress of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch … I believe in the far distant past the headdress had a sort of point on it.


    Since so few readers will be familiar with the modern history of these regions, let alone the ancient one, I need to add a couple of caveats.

    Based on the content choices made by the author, it may be inferred by the reader that the biggest Ukraine Nazizoid criminals are being honored by the state and, more importantly, by the people, because they were butchers of Poles and Jews. That probably plays a role — there are common black T-shirts not seen on Kiev’s Eurosquare — probably PR finessing from the top — that bear the caption Rizaty Lachiw or Rizaty Zydiw. That translates roughly as “Slaughter (with a blade) Poles,” or Jews as the case may be. It’s quite an ancient civic engagement slogan in the Ukraine.

    However, the main reason Bandera and Shukhevych are so celebrated in their country is that they were fighters for the cause of Ukrainian independence. They fought as much against the Soviet Union as they fought for the Third Reich. When they saw that the latter would not permit Ukrainian independence, their enthusiasm for the Nazi cause diminished, though not so their enthusiasm for killing Jews and Poles. They continued their fight against the Soviets even as the latter swallowed their country at the end of the war. Shukevich died in combat with Soviet security forces near Lviv in 1950. Bandera was poisoned by the KGB in 1959, in Munich.

    The are two reasons why this is not mentioned in the body of the article:

    1. The customary Ukrainian story about Ukraine during the war omits entirely pesky details of massive and most gruesome collaboration with the Nazi regime, and monstrous conduct toward neighbors of other ethnicities. Check for instance the Kiev Post link adduced in the article’s description of Roman Shukevich’s “career.” This article’s purpose was tell only a viable part of the supplementary story to that propaganda.

    2. The full story would have been impossible here, anyway. First, it would have to have a lot more about the extent and modes of Ukrainian atrocities. For instance, to preempt apologists’ cries that the Nachtigall Battalion and Ukrainian SS units were ultimately deemed unreliable and were dissolved by the Germans, I’d have to tell the gruesome story of Schutzmannschaft [Police] Battalion 201 that was formed out of volunteers from these dissolved units.

    Second, I would have to show that hatred for Russian oppression is common to several Slavic people who suffered a similar fate at the hands of the Russian Bear. Yet the Poles who suffered even more under the 1939-1941 Soviet occupation of the Ukraine than the Ukrainians did, and more so than they would under the Germans in 1941 -1944, would not form military or paramilitary units to help the Germans to fight Russians or to slaughter Jews. Even in countries like Latvia and Estonia, where the dynamic was more like in Ukraine, i.e. local volunteer SS unit fought with the Germans against the Soviets, no atrocities similar in kind or magnitude to what the Ukrainians did were recorded.

    The expansion of the article to include all of the above was impossible, hence its necessary choices.

    • Yes, there was a HUGE amount of support for Hitler amongst the Eastern Ukrainians I believe.

      My Polish military officer Great Uncle was captured by the Germans after the battle for Warsaw. He was a Roman Catholic. He was sent to Auschwitz in early 1940 and was there until early 1943 when the Nazi started pushing in more and more train loads of Jews. He was then sent to slave labor /death camps in Poland and then Germany.

      He told me that the Ukrainian Nazis in the camps were EXTREMELY BRUTAL to him in the camps in Poland. He said there seemed to more of them than Germans. He spoke both German and Polish and some English by the way. He almost lost an eye because they hit him so hard with a baton during a “regular” beating session . He indicted that IF the POW was a Russian… a group of Ukrainian Nazis would just kick them to death on the spot or hang them up on large wooden poles and let them just hang there and wither away

      He was lastly sent to one extremely vile death/slave labor camp in Germany in 1944. He was liberated by Americans in 1945. He was 5 ‘ 9″ and weighed 90 pounds… and ALMOST dead.

      I have copies of his records in captivity which I obtained from the Red Cross in Geneva. German nazis were such officious record keepers! I have tried to write down every memory he shared with me as well. HORRIBLE things happened to him in the camps. And he saw HORRIBLE events as well.

      • The obvious point here is that multiculturalism doesn’t work. Every Ukrainian guard heard tales of Polish raids, Russian rapes and Jewish swindles on their monther’s lap. Just as you heard similar tales about Ukrainian maniacs.

        One thing though. Sadists shouldn’t be empowered with authority.

        • No tales were told to me JUST the truth that Nazis were disgusting whether they be German, Croatian, Hungarian, Latvian, Estonian or EASTERN UKRAINIAN.

          It did not take much encouragement for certain types of people to become BULLY NAZIS.

          And apparently not much encouragement to make EXCUSES for them….

          • OK, so some poor Polish soldiers( POWS) and Russian conscripted soldiers ( POWS) have to pay for the EVILS of the USSR and Stalin ….. oh get real!

      • My mother, a Pole, blond, teacher of German and lover of German culture, was in Gestapo prison and in the infamous Janowska Concentration Camp in the city that features prominently in this article, Lwow. She recounted to me her experiences (which I have recorded). She said that when a Ukrainian, Lithuanian or Latvian Nazi-affiliated unit arrived in the camp, or anywhere in Lwow where there were Jews, everyone Jew and Gentile knew that “wet work” would be commencing imminently — so wet that the Germans had no stomach for it.

        • Same with those Croatian Nazis and their allies the Bosnian muslims…. they enjoyed killing Serbs, Jews and Romas.

          Heck the Croats still do the right straight arm salute and the EU just LOVES them to pieces!

      • That’s a horrible story. I read that even more people were killed in the death camps through overwork and starvation, than in the gas chambers. The result of such treatment being so-called “Muselmänner“, or living corpses… so-called because they were so weak, they often fell on the ground in a position which resembled a Muslim praying.

        My own grandfather was twice told he will be sent to Auschwitz, while in a Gestapo prison in Lodz. At that time in 1943, all the prisoners knew what “Auschwitz” meant…

        A miracle your great uncle survived to see the arrival of the Americans, for what must have been 5 long and extremely hard years.

        • Surprising? He was an early occupant of that camp. You should read that RED CROSS report. He was sick almost all the time while at Auschwitz. I was surprised he made it too. The Nazis kept incredible records… I mean they figured they were so correct and were going to win the war ..they kept records of their OWN crimes against humanity. They figured who cares??

          That camp was early on for POWs and political prisoners from what the records say, but when the big push by the Nazis to rid themselves of their “Jewish problem” they pushed any POW survivors from the POW days into REALLY bad slave labor camps. My uncle made some kind of cartridges at one camp and then worked on battery cases at another.

          He was brought to the USA by our family after the war and worked the rest of his life as a painting contractor in a Pennsylvania city with his older brother. He married a little late in life and had no children.

          I am surprised at the number of Jews who survived the camps…those poor souls. Still shocked at the number of deaths , just SHOCKED

    • Takuan, I am a latecomer to this discussion but I was flabbergasted by the way you began your piece by citing an obviously biased Czech correspondent whose lines come right out the old KGB playbook.
      ”The descendants of those who in 1941 crossed over to the side of Hitler, served in the occupation police force, executed Jews in the Babi Yar massacre, fought in the ranks of SS Division “Galicia,” carried out the ethnic cleansing of Poles via the gangs of Bandera, shot and slaughtered Ukrainians, Russians, Slovaks, Belarusians, Poles, Jews . . .

      BRAVO, you have swallowed Moscow’s version line, hook and sinker. For years identical lines have been used my Moscow to squash / discredit any attempt of Ukrainians’ quest for independence. These lines come from the the same people who said that the famine of 1932/33 in Ukraine was caused by bad weather. It’s only recently that the truth has finally surfaced eighty years after one of the 20th century’s worst atrocities, surpassed only by Mao’s great leap forward.
      I have been avid follower of your pieces on multiculturalism, Islam, etc and I enjoy and agree with most of what you say. Here, however, you are horribly and terribly wrong and sadly unable to distinguish between Moscow propaganda and truth. But for an intelligent man like you all is not hopeless. I suggest you begin getting a copy of “Ukraine During WWII: History and its Aftermath,” a compendium of essays edited by Yuri Boshyk (University of Alberta, 1986).

  4. The Progressive Conjunction where left and right converge and manifest the totalitarian totem.

    Its a con John!

  5. Unidentifiable beige object = Russian Red Cavalry hat maybe a symbol of the Polish-Soviet War 1919-1920.

  6. An excellent read and so many sheeple here are so stupid as to what is going on in Europe. The EU has wrecked havoc all across Europe with austerity and who has pushed this more? The EU and what slimes in with the EU is horribly progressive regressive policies and other nasty things that lurk within.

    The destruction of Europe through immigration, diversity and multiculturalism continues as it does here. Monkey see, monkey do.

    That Soros is involved is of no surprise and he is a JINO for sure and has turned against himself. He and Obama are true evil spawns from the pits of hell. Europe will be paying with blood and it is no wonder more Jews are fleeing Europe while they still can.

  7. But the situation was far more convoluted than that. Even while hating and slaughtering Jews in collaboration with Nazi Germany, the Ukrainians themselves were a subject of enslavement and murder by the Germans.

    And there had been a little episode under Stalin in which a certain ethnic group had participated most enthusiastically. The bitterness felt by Ukrainians after that towards the ethnic group doesn’t appear to factor into TS’s explanation:

    Kaganovich (together with Vyacheslav Molotov) participated with the All-Ukrainian Party Conference of 1930 and were given the task of implementation of the collectivization policy that caused a catastrophic 1932–33 famine known as the Holodomor. He also personally oversaw grain confiscations during the same time periods. Similar policies also inflicted enormous suffering on the Soviet Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan, the Kuban region, Crimea, the lower Volga region, and other parts of the Soviet Union.

    No-one is wholly innocent, no-one is wholly guilty. But when I look at what is happening to my country — Britain — I don’t think millions of low-IQ Muslims and blacks would be so healthily established if it weren’t for another group with a much higher IQ and a long, long history of antagonism towards white Christians. One example among many: Ms Sue Berelowitz, who is always careful never to see any racial dimension in such areas of vibrancy as this:

    Sexual violence in gang neighbourhoods is ‘like that in war zones’ with girls as young as 11 being groomed and raped

    Warning came following shocking Children’s Commissioner report
    It found girls as young as 11 are being systematically exploited and raped
    Author adds that the ‘sheer levels of sadism’ uncovered is alarming
    But abuse is rarely reported by victims as many believe it is ‘normal’

    It wasn’t normal before we were enriched. Nor was it normal before we had people like Sue Berelowitz running our institutions and telling us how wonderful mass immigration is.

    [Note from the Baron: When you mean “Jew”, just say “Jew”. Let’s have no more of this sly “certain ethnic group” euphemizing — we all know what you mean.

    Avoiding the word “Jew” won’t keep your comment from being deleted, since your circumlocuitous self-bowdlerization is totally transparent. I advise you to have the guts to say what you mean clearly and directly. No pussyfooting around, as George Wallace would say.]

    • Agreed.

      Kaganovich is a special form of evil.

      He demolished the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, to recycle the gold in the dome. Also to trash the Orthodox Church.

      He literally counted the vote that put Stalin in power. Stalin’s famous quip about “counting the vote” was a veiled reference to Kaganovich.

      Additionally Stalin married Kaganovich’s sister.

      On top of this Kaganovich killed 5-10 million Ukrainain peasants in a deliberate famine and murder campaign.

      As far as I know he had 20,000 Orthodox priests killed.

      The rat died in 1990-91 peacefully in his bed. If you want to understand communism look no further than Kaganovich.

        • Every entry I’ve made using the word Kulak has been censored I’m affraid. I’m quite aware that the Soviets targeted well to do family farmers AKA Kulak.

          • A point in need of clarification. Not all kulaks were well to do farmers. That is a myth that through 50 years of repetition becane conventioanl wsdom. Most were average farmers. If you had one cow or a pig you you were a kulak — kurkul in Ukrainian. A better definition of a kulak would be any farmer rich or poor who refused to join the kolkhoz, the collective farm, and this included the vast majority of Ukrainian farmers .

    • “I don’t think millions of low-IQ Muslims and blacks would be so healthily established if it weren’t for another group with a much higher IQ and a long, long history of antagonism towards white Christians”

      Looking back at the past 60-70 years, was it not due to a “need for labour” that millions of low-IQ Muslims and blacks were invited to Britain (as well as other European countries)? And was that need for labour not due to the destruction suffered during WW2, coupled with millions of dead soldiers and civilians, who would otherwise be the ones helping to rebuild their countries?

      And hence, rather than a “certain group with a higher IQ” (itself a large part of the millions dead), was it not the actions of a certain Austrian corporal with a moustache, which led to the low-IQ, multi-kulti melting pot we have now?

      • Looking back at the past 60-70 years, was it not due to a “need for labour” that millions of low-IQ Muslims and blacks were invited to Britain (as well as other European countries)?

        No. Inter alia, it was due to a need to keep wages down and enrich bosses. It also balkanizes nations and provides more votes for socialists.

        And was that need for labour not due to the destruction suffered during WW2, coupled with millions of dead soldiers and civilians, who would otherwise be the ones helping to rebuild their countries?

        Again, no. After the Black Death, which killed a far greater proportion of Europe’s population than WW2, wages became much higher because labour was scarce. There was no need for mass immigration and the white majority have never wanted it to take place.

        Immigration by low-IQ Third-Worlders is extremely bad for a First World nation. It is destroying Europe and America. It is supported by traitors and the enemies of Europeans.

    • I have a lot of difficulty with the idea of Bolsheviks of Jewish origin still being counted as ‘Jews’ because once again we have the ugly serpent of the double standard raising its head.

      Ask yourself how many communists or Nazis were of ‘Christian’ origin and then backwards apply to your comment….

      By definition, an atheist (mandatory religion of Bolsheviks) is neither a Jew or a Christian, so please rethink what you are saying here. Also, by default, very few Nazis were Jews, but many were ‘Christians’.

      The “long antagonism” was a reaction to an even longer reciprocal hostility which many times throughout history erupted into open and murderous violence.

      Gates of Vienna is not a good website for the airing of one’s personal demons, there are too many people here who know better.

      • MC, with all due respect, Jews are a race. That it’s a race associated mostly with a certain religion, and that rabbinical laws state that one who converts to another religion is not a Jew, is a social reality. But the biological reality is that the Jews are a race, a distinctive and scientifically identifiable gene pool, and that has long ceased to be an opinion but has been established by DNA studies, mostly conducted in Israel. The literature on this is voluminous; I usually tell people to google Jon Entine and go from there. So Bolshevik or rabbi, it doesn’t matter. Full disclosure: even though I am a Christian from birth I freely admit in discussions with Antisemites that I am bi-racial; where they go wrong is in assuming that the half they don’t like is biologically predisposed to harm and exploit them.

        • So does this justify ‘Jews’ being held to account whilst the ‘Christian’ Nazis and Bolsheviks get off scott free?

          I stand by my argument that all too often double standards are applied to Jews and Israel irrespective of race or religion.

          • No, it doesn’t. That’s the whole point of the article.
            BTW that Jews are a different race one sees most vividly precisely in the Ukraine — the home of perhaps the blondest, perky-nosed people in the world, with present-day Poland being another though less vivid example. Hence Jews who survived based on their “Aryan” look; they could not be identified visually, unlike the majority of their kin.

            White Nats who learned after Hitler that talking racial supriority is a bad idea, state that Jews are not “white” and therefore don’t “belong” in Europe or the US. To which there are two responses: Jews didn’t ask to be in Europe (and consequently in the US). They were brought there involuntarily after the failure of their anti-Roman revolts in the 1st century. Second, if one considers the racial criterion, Jews are closer to the European stock and have been there far longer than the Hungarians have — and the latter got to Europe by the sword, fire and genocide of the real Europeans who’d lived there. One can go far with that kind of reasoning…

            Per my “Hitler Revenge” theory, all that has an alternative-universe application to the MQ — the Muslim Question. It’s precisely because of what Gentile Europe did to its Jews that it runs as far and fast as it can in the other direction relative to the Muslims. Not understanding that when history returns for the second time, it’s as farce…

          • Hitler was a monster and so were ALL his followers.

            I do not give a fig as to why they did the evil things that they did to ALL OTHERS .
            They failed as humans and I hope they pay for it forever

        • I believe that “ethnicity” and associated with it historical identity is just enough to explain Jewish inclination to leftism. Are you suggesting some sort of inheritability?

          • It’s thousands of words even for a skeleton reply, for I can identify at least five different reasons, none of which has to do with genes. The genetic, socio-biology theory is Kevin MacDonald’s and I believe that it’s bunk.

            If you do a Web search you’ll find in the archives of [Jewish Neoconservative] “Commentary” a whole symposium on the subject of Why Jews are Leftist (from memory but pretty close to the original title).

            As far as I am concerned, it doesnt’t matter why — I find no explanation acceptable and no excuse good enough as far as our current situation goes. But there are good explanations and excuses as to why Jews flocked to socialism in the 19th century and communism in the first half of the 20th. That dichotomy per se invalidates the “heredity theory.”

    • Avoiding the word “Jew” won’t keep your comment from being deleted, since your circumlocuitous self-bowdlerization is totally transparent. I advise you to have the guts to say what you mean clearly and directly. No pussyfooting around, as George Wallace would say.

      I’m not pussyfooting: I live in a country that a) helped invent free speech; b) now sends people go to jail for expressing opinions on certain topics. Not for advocating violence: for expressing opinions. It would be safer for me to say absolutely nothing. And again, when I look at the origin of the laws against thought-crime, I don’t find Anglicans or Odinists or Buddhists involved. Muslims support them enthusiastically, of course, but they’re following in someone else’s footsteps:

      Britain’s top rabbi warns against multiculturalism

      [Jonathan] Sacks said Britain’s politics had been poisoned by the rise of identity politics, as minorities and aggrieved groups jockeyed first for rights, then for special treatment. The process, he said, began with Jews, before being taken up by blacks, women and gays. He said the effect had been “inexorably divisive.”

      “A culture of victimhood sets group against group, each claiming that its pain, injury, oppression, humiliation is greater than that of others,” he said. In an interview with the Times, Sacks said he wanted his book to be “politically incorrect in the highest order.”

      “…began with Jews, before being taken up by blacks, women and gays” — and Muslims.

      • BFF, matters related to post-1950 Jewish activities are not the same as matters related to pre-1950 Jewish and contra-Jewish attitudes and activites. I could probably exceed you in dislike and strong criticism if we were discussing the Milliband family or the ADL. But in discussing the pre-1950 period I have to take the side opposite from yours, because that’s where much reading in several languages, much reflection, and considerable personal testimony of older family and friends who lived through those things, are taking me.

        • Thanks for reply, TS. As I said, no-one is wholly innocent, no-one wholly guilty. Groups with high IQ tend to be influential, but there is a big difference between high-IQ Chinese and high-IQ Ashkenazim. Both get hated by the less successful — there have regularly been anti-Chinese pogroms in places like Indonesia and Malaysia — but the “stereotypes” of the two races are not the same. I would say, tho’, that both are far more collectivist than NW-Euros. One reason that both are attracted to communism and that both are not good for liberal democracy, in the proper sense (free speech, free enquiry, relative lack of corruption, etc).

          BFF, matters related to post-1950 Jewish activities are not the same as matters related to pre-1950 Jewish and contra-Jewish attitudes and activites. I could probably exceed you in dislike and strong criticism if we were discussing the Milliband family or the ADL. But in discussing the pre-1950 period I have to take the side opposite from yours […]

          It’s a big topic. But the ADL was founded in 1913. I don’t see that it’s changed greatly since then. Nor have Jewish attitudes to mass immigration changed over time. Or the attitudes of the Jewish elite, at least. And they’re the ones who matter.

    • The EU is not a Festung Europa.

      It’s a Black door way to deracinate settled European communities and replace them with pliant low IQ Morlocks.

  8. These young men have probably never met any Jews. their grandfather’s might well have known many. Perhaps their fathers had dealings with Jews. It’s interesting to see them develop this sort of anti Semitic attitude in the near absence of any Jews in their personal lives. The only figure they could have is the Orthodox Priest or the Muslim.

    This article makes out that they are just Kulaks though. Ripe for discipline…that’s a tragedy. The Muslim issue isn’t going to fix itself with conference papers.

  9. Outstanding article, reminding the less erudite among us how little we know of some subjects. It’s ironic that Putin’s bullying attempt to maintain Russian hegemony gives oxygen to these thugs.

    A query on your penultimate paragraph: do you actually favour democracy?

    • Sorry I overlooked this one. I can’t give you a full answer in this space but I’ll try in a capsule: In principle, I favor democracy. But in our current reality, I do not.

      Democracy is meant only for a people of European stock, or with great majority of European stock, the majority imposing its culture and values on the rest. Moreover, a people that is virtuous, well informed and interested in furthering the interest and social capital of the polity. None of these conditions exist anymore.

      The Long (and unopposed) March, even if it did not erase the Euro-stock majority, managed to strip it of its awareness of common identity, common interest, pride in the achievements of its civilization. The virtue is totally gone — and I blame the “Right,” e.g. lowest common denominator consumerism, equally with the Left, e.g. the gutting of K-12 education. The “informed” is gone too, again, through the Long March. People now know nothing except what’s mediated toi them via the MSM — MSM being the Panzer column of the Long March.

      The big question is what are the viable alternatives. One is decentralization: democracy may still thrive in smaller communities where the MSM is not needed for knowing each other and when people with the same consciousness and goals band together for the purpose of freedom in self-government. But for large countries democracy does not and can no longer work. Perhaps the answer is in identifying through genetic testing a caste of people suitable for leadership and then preparing them for their gtoverning role via training in the Greek system of Paideia. I wrote more about this here:

        • Some people here, and I am sure many whose comments were rejected because of the level of thoughtless assertions and personal vitriol against me, talk as though I am some kind of PR guy working for the Joos. However, among many others, I have written at least three times about Lerner Spectre, twice here at GoV, at one time dissecting her and her kind’s monumental hubris and idiocy for three pages. I am an equal opportunity guy; I go at them where I find them.

  10. I am referring to the photo depicting three gentlemen, the one in the center is not Stepan Bandera but Major General Reinhard Gehlen, German military intelligence during WWII and later after the war, Chief of the Organisation Gehlen cq. Bundesnachrichtendienst BND of the Republic of Germany(West).

  11. Of all channels the one with the most illuminating reports of the powers behind the ‘demonstrations’ in Kiev is ‘Russia Today’ (well they have a vested interest in exposing the strange allies of the EU/US in this attempt at overthrowing a democratically elected govt.) I usually avoid RT because of it’s obvious biases (particularly loathing for Israel), incompetent reporting and technical incompetence but it has it’s moments when there is an issue no Western media will cover.

    ‘Svoboda’s leader, Oleh Tyahnybok that the world-meddling Neocon, John McCain, shook publicly a few days ago,’

    RT pointed out that the Svoboda leader is barred from entry to the US ! McCain keeps some very strange company. More seriously the interference from US politicians supports claims from pro Russian groups in the Eastern Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics that the US is interfering in these areas, even working to the overthrow of democratically elected regimes, to reduce Putin’s ‘economic zone’. This sort of conspiracy theory (it is more likely incompetence theory in the case of the Obama administration !) raises tensions in Eastern Europe and gives Putin good reasons for his various clampdowns.

    Among others to have enjoyed Svoboda’s hospitality on a rostrum was the German Foreign Minister, Herr Westervelle (hope I have spelt it correctly). Westervelle is Gay. Svoboda like most East European Nationalist parties is homophobic ! Strange company you keep Mein Herr ! Sounds like a modern day version of Ribbentrop meeting with Comrade Molotov to agree the partitioning of Eastern Europe.

    Anyone who isn’t convinced of the pure evil and insanity of Ukrainian Nationalism an excellent (short) book is Anatoly Kuznetsov’s ‘Babi Yar’.

    Ivan Winters
    Bradford UK

  12. I have long held that it always comes to pass that the far left and the far right eventually meet behind the midden-heap each with one foot in the same pair of Jackboots and tearing at each other’s throats.

  13. I can’t speak as to the beliefs of the “right wing” in Eastern Europe, but here in America the right is often seen as “fascists” which is odd, since if the right here believe in anything it is less government, and wouldn’t want to be associated with anything socialist as in “National Socialism.” But that’s here. Just one man’s opinion.

  14. Who is John McCain?

    Does he represent a large constituency of American politics or is he a progressive loose cannon-ball meddling on the deck of American foreign policy.

    • John McCain is an international political pretender.
      He should have retired at least 15 to 20 years ago; he is running on empty arrogance by now.

      • OH yes…I COMPLETELY agree with your assessment of John McCain…. I knew the creep long before he ever entered politics and was a snotty Navy pilot. I will not say more except to say HE IS NOT A NICE PERSON.

  15. In defence of the Ukrainians – here is a film about what had preceded the German invasion of the Ukraine, just a few years before:

    The same famine, deliberately caused, and witnessed by a British journalist, who had been sent to report on the glory of the “workers’ paradise” of the Soviet Union. Instead, he was sacked by his employer for wanting to report on the famine. That employer being a notorious enemy of this website – the Guardian…

    As a point of interest, the Soviet Union and Nazis were good friends, even before the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact which had resulted in the carving up of Poland. More about this in the film above…

    • I have the same base of knowledge as you do. My family is from the Ukrainian Kresy and all of it, except two who’d emigrated decades earlier, were murdered by the three murdering entities there, including the Soviets. The latter shot my paternal step-grandfather off-his horse, and my maternal cousin is in the list of Katyn victims. However, I don’t believe that your defense of the Ukrainians is valid. As I pointed out in P.S.-I above, despite of being inhumanely mistreated by the Soviet invader in ’39 -’41, and not being known as great lovers of Jews either, the Kresy Poles did not join the SS or any other German outfits and did not participate in anti-Jewish pogroms either.

      • @Takuan – “the Kresy Poles did not join the SS or any other German outfits and did not participate in anti-Jewish pogroms either.”

        Although, did they not join the Germans in Jedwabne?

        • It’s different. There were atrocities in Poland too. And one doesn’t need to hide under the Germans. Poles, mostly peasants, on their own, did terrible things. But not the great majority of them. And there was a much higher ratio than in other Eastern European countries of autochthon Christians who sheltered and otherwise helped Jews. And a higher ratio of those who, though a conquered and occupied people, fought the Germans.
          As a matter of fact the most terrible local population pogroms on Jews of that era were carried out neither by Ukrainians nor Poles but the Romanians-Moldovans. But all in all I believe that I painted the 40’s situation in Galicia in a fair light.

          • @ Takuan – Fair enough-I’m not too familiar with the situation in Galicia. It just seems that the genocidal activities of the Soviets and Nazis towards both the Poles and Ukrainians is largely ignored. E.g. an exhibition I saw some time back, covering World War II, at the Imperial War Museum in London concentrated (rightly) on the Holocaust, however did not have a word to say about any mass killings/genocide by the USSR, nor very much to say about Nazi crimes against Poles. Is this just a coincidence, or does this conveniently avoid having to cover another tricky subject – the behaviour of one of Britain’s “allies” during the war, in many ways hardly better than its enemy?

            Moreover, while the question of Polish anti-semitism is widely discussed, one would have to dig very deep to find any information on documents such as Witold Pilecki’s report, written after he volutarily let himself be captured to go to Auschwitz, gathered intelligence on what was happening there, then escaped. The title of the report: “The mass extermination of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland“. The date: 10 December 1942. It was presented by the Polish Government in Exile in New York, then filed away by the British government, who were “not convinced of its authenticity”…

            Yet in TV programs covering the topic of “why the Holocaust wasn’t stopped”, it is stated: “By 1943, the Allies learned of the existence of Auschwitz… but believed it to be nothing more than a labour camp”” (2:11 here). The question of why the Allies didn’t find such a detailed report as Pilecki’s to be “believable”, or even mention such a report’s existence, is conveniently ignored…

    • I want to thank you for the link to The Soviet Story. What a horrific documentary about something that I knew very little about.
      When Stalin starved to death 7 million farmers and farmer families in the Ukraine, who carried on food production? I can understand killing off the intellectuals and community leaders but the farmers? Why do that?
      I have a lot of questions but this is not the forum to ask them.
      Thanks again.

      • np. Glad you liked it 🙂 Although perhaps I should have added a warning about drastic scenes…

        As for farmers, I’m not sure I have the answer, but it seems Marxists do have a thing for farmers. See Mugabe’s treatment of Zimbabwe’s (white) farmers – a big reason for why pre-Mugabe, Zimbabwe was the “breadbasket of Africa”…

        • Farmers tend to be independent thinkers as they are generally self-sufficient in providing most of lifes’ essentials for survival; food, timber, animals, tools&implements. And they can build and maintain their homes. All anathema to Marxism which requires dependence of the masses on the centre for survival.

      • When you control the food supply you CONTROL everything people will and can do.

        Simple TERRORISM actually.

    • I got most of the way through that fascinating video and came back to watch the last few minutes this morning to find that the soundtrack had been deleted. “Copyright” issues…

  16. A strong root of political antisemitism would disappear if Eichmann and Kaganowitsch would be recognized as the two sides of the coin of evil.

    Never again should mean never again for all human beings!

    As long as people are forced to see themelve as second class victims, there will be justified anger and sometimes racial hate, wich is evil .

    Ukrainians and the people of the Baltic states have a very complex history. The liberator for one group can be seen as the murderer from the other side.

    Reading this blog –

    I became more aware of the moral difficulties and the pain each side can feel in the process. History is a battlefield that produces victims in our time. As usual there is a mix up that involves many strong interests. The wrong answers can become cancer in the future.

    Ukrainians who want to write their own history have many walls to destroy. It’ s sad if some of them have come so far as to see National Socialism as the way to do this.

  17. “— pro-EU protesters oppose — he was met with boos and cries of “You Jew.” He left, offended.”

    Democracy depends on the mood of the president or the ruler. When the president is elected “democratically” , he turns into a diabolical, hellish dictator, promoting the respective nation’s enemies and crushing the nation’s friends and allies. The “elected ” dictator does horrible things every day and 99% of the people don’t even know what he is doing because they are obsessed with sex, celebrities, drunk, on drugs, hardly aware of night of day. And the “elected dictators” point out how horrible dictators are 15,000 km away, hence weapons of mass distrAction, to drown the people’s awareness of their own plight if, and only if they sober once in a week. Oh, we did not know that democracy prevails when people turn into zombies.


    A commenter here, Blessed Foot Forward, raised another issue, the perennial JQ, that is a wholly separate topic I wished to avoid, or else this would have been a 10k-word article instead of less-then 3k. But his comment leaves me no choice.

    BFF and White nationalists, patriots, 3rd-way, whatever you call them, are right and proper in drawing attention to the disproportionate Jewish participation both in the worst plagues inflicted by Eastern European commies on the peoples under their rule, and in the worst plagues inflicted by Progressives on Western society now: multiculturalism, “compassion,” “social justice,” “equity,” “refugees,” immigration, Obama etc., etc. In my previous article published here I had a row with a (non-Jewish) reader who advocated not talking about that, though I understand why he felt that way.

    Nevertheles, BFF and like-minded people are wrong too, and the wrong is so large that it completely overwhelms the right and proper. Let’s look at BFF’s comment and see how that works — and it works similarly in similar look-for-the-Jew statements even by knowledgeable scholars, e.g. Kevin MacDonald.

    “And there had been a little episode under Stalin in which a certain ethnic group had participated most enthusiastically. The bitterness felt by Ukrainians after that towards the ethnic group doesn’t appear to factor into TS’s explanation.”

    Utterly false. The group did not participate. Not then, not before, not after. Already in the late 19th century Jews in the Pale of Settlement split into three large groups. The first were the super-religious Orthodox, who had no interest and no involvement in the politics of the “goyim.” The second were the Zionists and other aspiring emigrants, whose only interest was to leave that vale of misery either for Palestine or the New World. The third were the socialists, later communists, who believed in the total remaking of their society to eliminate, among others, Antisemitism.

    So, first, it’s not a “certain ethnic group” but a third of that group. Second, the great majority of even that third had nothing to do with the Cheka, the NKVD, the Holodomor. They were enthusiastic citizens of the USSR, members of the Communist Party, soldiers in the Red Army during the war, etc. Prominent examples would be two world-famous writers and Ukrainian Jews: Isaac Babel and Ilya Ehrenburg.

    Let’s now deal with the real Jewish malefactors, and Kaganovitch was one, for sure. Even in the Ukraine, people not drunk on Jew-hatred do not ascribe culpability for the Holodomor to “the Jew,” as BFF does. A Ukrainian court in Kiev that held hearings in 2010 about the genocidal Holodomor, named Stalin, Molotov, Kaganovitch, Stanislav Kosior and Pavel Postyshev as culpable. We have here a Georgian, two Russians, a Pole and a Jew — why talk about and hate only the Jew, and why ascribe his evil to his entire ethnic group?

    This is just the top of the rotten pile amassed by Ukrainian “patriots” and other such everywhere. Another whole vast subject is that even when they talk truthfully about the egg, they still lie because they don’t talk about the chicken. There is no question that Jews originating in the Pale of Settlement carried with them negative feelings toward the surrounding peasant population, whether Ukrainian, Russian, Moldovan etc. The range of these feelings, from fear to burning hatred, and how it affected the conduct of Jews whether the malefactors on top or the escapees at the bottom, are a book-length subject. But half of that book would be about why they had such negative feelings: centuries of pogroms, beatings, an unimaginable sea of hatred against their whole ethny and grossly out of proportion to any conduct even of such Jews as engaged in immoral (e.g. gauging) or irritating (i.e. too much “diversity” in dress, custom, language) conduct.

    Here I have to mention another factor that “doesn’t appear in TS’s explanation” –for it’s another book-length subject. I have a theory that the political activism of American Jewry is partly a psychosis derived from a racial memory of the horrors the immigrant ancestors of contemporary American Jews suffered in their very white, very blond, very Christian environment in the Pale of the Settlement. Alas, I do not consider it an exculpatory factor, but that’s another subject. What matters is that the shadow of 19th century Ukraine hovers over American politics too.

    • Kaganovich counted the votes that gave Stalin the premiership and then arranged his sister to be married off to Stalin. This is akin to Earl Godwin or Warwick. Except the target ain’t the Royals or other Aristos. It’s liquidating the people.

    • Well formulated reply Takuan! I have been looking for such an answer to the old JQ ‘disproportionate’ mime.

  19. The EU wants into the Ukraine quite badly. If they succeed it will spell doom for the Ukrainian people. They will watch their industries be wiped out, their resources looted and their sovereignty be neutered by a bunch of EU kleptocrats and German mercantilists who will force EU rules down their throats and install EU approved puppet rulers.

    Here’s the thing, the EU elites are blatantly anti-Western, they don’t like the natives and wish to see them and their culture eradicated via demographic destruction.

    In regards to McCain the traitor, he is simply following the Neo-Con agenda which is to promote any group(even if they are Muslim terrorists as he has in Syria) that can help isolate Russia so we can eventually attack and destroy that country then loot it for it’s resources.

    However Putin is a much better player at this game than the Yellow Canary(McCain) and EU thugs. I suspect they will come to regret screwing with Russia in it’s backyard.

    • At the end of the Czech eyewitness article I linked to at the beginning, the author says that Eastern Ukraine, which is intensely Rusophile (think Kievan Rus), will never accept being “Eucratized.” He makes an analogy to the EU/US meddling in Egypt, Libya, Syria etc. and predicts –if they persist and succeed — the same outcome: civil war.

      • During the Cold War both sides observed a gentleman’s agreement as both sides could make a Cold War a very ugly and bloody affair.

        It’s seems very much that the EU and U.S. have discarded that approach and decided to kick the Russian bear in the [manly generative organs] by destabilizing it’s neighbor.

        It won’t end well because Russia can play dirty pool quite well. Wars have started over less.

    • That’s a good way to see it. Franco-German mercantilism. The EU will do what Napoleon and Hitler couldnt.

      • Russia will prevail as the EU has so many weak sisters( Greece, Spain and Italy) Even France has deep economic problems. UK has many people who want OUT of the EU.

        Russia needs NOTHING from the EU…the EU wants everything Russia has to save their bankrupt( morally) hide.

  20. My daughter is staying with me in the States for a while from Kiev. She read your article and our criticism is that you are too cynical about the demonstrators. While there are the fascists certainly – Svoboda is painfully present – most people who want Euro-style opportunites are not fascist, but are sincere is wanting to be part of a modern economic block with the rule of law. They are sick of the corruption and are tired of being tethered to Russia’s rust-bucket industries.
    In fairness, even Yanukovych tried to break free from Russia, but he caved due to Putin’s economic blackmail, and because of his obsessive hatred of Yulia Tymoshenko.
    Euromaiden is very constructive even if they don’t succeed this time, because it’s a sign that Ukraine wants to move out from the shadow of Russian imperialism and towards the light of real democracy and modernity.

    • I agree with you. The Nazizoids are a minority, albeit a significant one. But they can exist, they can monopolize the Eurosquare, only because other people support them at a lesser degree of convicton or intensity, or because they are too cowardly to oppose them.

      Same pattern as that of “moderate” Muslims, and the argument of several CounterJihad writers that there are no moderate Muslims. But yes, there are — except they don’t take on the radicals, don’t make their voice count, and too many of them come across as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      I have the same complaint about American Jewry. I am often accused of “generalizing,” “painting Jews in bad light” etc. Of course not all Jews do what Soros or the Emanuel brothers do, or serve and worship Obama, or fight tooth and nail for open borders, affirmative action etc. But those who don’t, hardly make a sound. Yes, they put forward their individual and highly worthy efforts, e.g. Mark Levin, Matt Drudge, Diana West and some dozens of others. But when did you see a full page ad in the NYT taken out byh a group of Jews, addressing the 78%-for-Obama Jewish vote and stating: Not in Our Name. We are sorry to see this: 78% our co-ethnics have just stabbed America in the heart. We oppose them, feel no kinship with them.

      As long as the silent minority of sane American Jews or Western Muslims, or the silent majority of the Ukrainians, remains silent, less-than-full length analyses should be excused for not delving into the nuances of opinions within each group.

      • Just a comment on the leftist, self-hating Jews. That ugly phenomenon is a consequence of Jewish powerlessness. After two millenia of being victimized by the powerful, many Jews hate power, especially if it is Jewish power. Jews also had to appease to survive. The change demanded by Zionism, made more urgent by the Holocaust, goes against this ghetto mentality.
        I am concerned that there has been a gradual regression to the mean in Israel and elsewhere, towards appeasement.

      • ‘The Nazizoids are a minority, albeit a significant one. But they can exist, they can monopolize the Eurosquare, only because other people support them at a lesser degree of convicton or intensity, or because they are too cowardly to oppose them.’

        But it is instructive to consider how the media treat the presence and tolerance of such Nazis present at the demonstration.

        The media repeatedly claimed that EDL was full of Nazis, despite much evidence that EDL ejected Nazis when found them and the evidence that the leaders of EDL would routinely condemn Nazis from the stage. Yet when have any of the reports on Kiev by the pro-EU media ever mentioned the existence and tolerance of these Nazis at the pro-EU demos? Never.

        When have the media ever focused on the totalitarian pasts (national socialist or communist) of those who run the EU? Never. But they are quick to do such things with e.g. UKIP, pointing out that some UKIP councillor has a NF past (the media kept quiet about her NF past before, when she was a Conservative).

        It’s another example of how the media (and the Left) are only selectively interested in someone supporting totalitarianism.

        ‘Same pattern as that of “moderate” Muslims, and the argument of several CounterJihad writers that there are no moderate Muslims. But yes, there are — except they don’t take on the radicals, don’t make their voice count, and too many of them come across as wolves in sheep’s clothing’

        The existence of “moderate muslims” is irrelevant. Whether they exist or they do not exist, they do not oppose the fundamentalists. To take an image used by Wittgenstein, moderate muslims are like the cogs inside a machine which have not contact with other cogs. Such cogs are just spinning idly – but they are doing nothing to slow down or speed up the working of the active cogs. Such idle cogs can be removed from the machine and it would function in exactly the same way. They are irrelevant. Actually, their existence is worse – as they can be highlighted to claim that the machine is spinning idly, when in fact large parts of it are working quite hard to fulfill some purpose.

        • “To take an image used by Wittgenstein, moderate muslims are like the cogs inside a machine which have not contact with other cogs. Such cogs are just spinning idly – but they are doing nothing to slow down or speed up the working of the active cogs. Such idle cogs can be removed from the machine and it would function in exactly the same way. They are irrelevant. Actually, their existence is worse – as they can be highlighted to claim that the machine is spinning idly, when in fact large parts of it are working quite hard to fulfill some purpose.”

          More to the point, the Moderate Muslim Meme (which Takuan does his part to purvey) tends to reinforce the TMOE Meme (the Tiny Minority of Extremists), which in turn tends to continue to enable the deep and broad penetration of millions of Muslims into the West, without which penetration the front-line jihadist Muslims, who are an unrecognizable part of the broader pool of Muslims, would not be able to plot innumerable terror attacks against the West in the coming decades, likely using WMDs of various flavors (chemical, biological, and/or nuclear) to wreak attacks on various parts of the West that will make 911 seem like firecrackers in a parking lot.

          • Yes! And yet, despite the TMOE Meme (the Tiny Minority of Extremists), we STILL see that, when surveyed by Western survey takers, the majority of immigrant Muslims support the imposition of Sharia Law upon Western Muslims and infidels – infidels who would consider Sharia Law to be extreme.

      • What bothers me about your discussion, Takuan, is that you use the convoluted violent history of the region to conclude that the two sides in the Ukraine dispute are morally equivalent, even though you admit that the fascists are not dominant in the protest movement.

        • The two sides currently are the Rusophile Eastern Ukrainians with the corrupt Yanukovytsh, and the mostly Western-Ukrainian Europhiles who are shot-through with Nazizoids and fellow travellers. And by fellow travellers I mean millions, perhaps tens of millions, in the Bandera – Shukhevych cult.

          Mind you, this is a less-than 3k article. I had no space either to expand my case or to raise the apologists’ arguments and then knock them down (I’d be forced to do that, in summary form, in PS1 and PS2 in the comments section.

          If you need more elaboration on the “shot-through” expression, it ranges far beyond the Svoboda Party, soccer club hooligans. There is the UNA Party (Ukrainian National Assembly), formed by the son of Roman Shukhevych, Yuri. The main opposition parties, Batkivishina (“Fatherland” associated with Yulia Tymoshenko) and UDAR (boxer Vitaly Klitschko) are no less Antisemitic (though more diplomatic about it) and just slightly less Bandera- Shukhevych flaunting than Svoboda is. Both these parties have embraced Svoboda in a united opposition to Yanukovych. Need I point out that it was the “oppostion, ” before the Yanukovych regime took over, that recognized Bandera and Shukhevych as Heroes of the Ukraine?

          So yes, the two sides are morally equivalent, now. If you asked me about the 1930s, no, they were not.

          • Thats to easy. After 40 to 70 years of living in a empire what tried to destroy your identity, the perspective to nationalism is completly different as in the west.

            Bandera wasn’t an Nazi, he tried to use what he had. Others also. In Lithauia they build up an statue for the heroes of their SS. Some years ago. They struggled everywhere and everybody got mad. Polish people also killed jews, russian did, germans and ukrainians also. And i dont think the Jews where sitting around..

            The UPA was against Sowjetrussia and against Germans too. They lost their last fight in 1956 – Against the biggestarmy of the world.

            Second thing, Poland and all easteuropean countrys at the border to russia are supporting ukraine. They want to brake the power of putin and yes, western politics are playing also there – but the main thing ist fighting for an non corrupt system, for economic freedem (who ownsone of the banks there – the son of yanukowwitsch…)

  21. After reading this article and the following comments I think I can classify myself as one of the moderately (or less) Americans mentioned. To summarize what I take from this in older, more simplistic terms is the main contention in the Ukraine is a battle between Bolsheviks against Nazis.

    Not being that familiar with a lot of the names involved it may be a starting point to understand what is going on. After reading Diana West’s Betrayal my interest in this has been re-awakened.

    I know from doing research on the net a number of years ago the Russion communists had in no way given up their aspirations. Living in Saudi Arabia around the time of the Soviet break up my head had been effectively in the sand. I will try to follow this more closely as it may be a microcosm of the conflict in the rest of the world.

    I had no idea until a few day ago that the useful idiot McCain was being played again, this time in Eastern Europe. That man lost his mental capability after his first failed attempt at a pres/vp run back in the late 90s.

    I look forward to following this topic and hope this thread does not go away.

    • And please forgive some of the content as the iPad does not lend itself to coherent typing sometimes.

  22. I thought this one of the most interesting articles I’ve ever read on this rather interesting site. I’d also like to hear more from what Jewdog learned from his daughter. From my own youth, I remember that a lot of “unlearning” things that my resentful socialist teachers gave me in school happened when I went to Taiwan and lived cheek by jowl with a society that my better loved to hate (and misinterpret insanely). That experience made me passionate about looking deeply into history, and taking a lot of journalism with a big grain of salt.

    I know something about the Polish-Ukrainian-Russian nexus; although a lot of the personal reminiscences I heard when young came from Jews, most of whom were very glad to be a long way away from those ancestral lands (on my father’s side, BTW, I am Jewish, albeit mostly from the former Hapsburg and Hohenzollern empires).

    The article mentions that Georgy Shchokin of MAUP University is a theologian. I’m curious to know what denominational tradition he follows. Uniate? Orthodox? Some kind of Protestant? Also, I’d like to know a little more about the street level relations between the Orthodox and the Uniates in Ukraine. Something tells me that this is a rather intricate, but probably revealing, story.

    I’m also curious about how current Ukrainian nationalists look on Buhdan Chmielnicki, the 17th century rebel against the Poles (and slaughterer of the Jews).

    But since Galicia and its notable offspring have been mentioned (mostly, apparently, from the time when it was Austrian), I’d like to take issue with the idea that it’s proof that multiculturalism cannot work. Perhaps one of the issues is that when you have such a stew of peoples under a relatively decent government, and perhaps a few shared values among the several cultural elements, some degree of multiculturalism can work.

    And, re the Muslim Tatar element, from my researches into the history of American religion, it appears that the first Muslims to establish a permanent mosque in the USA were a group of Tatar refugees who had sided with the Polish revolt against the Russian Tsar. One of their descendants was the actor Charles Bronson, although his family had become Roman Catholic somewhere along the line. Further, I understand that the Polish Tatars became linguistically Polonized early, while the Jews (including such politically Polish-oriented ones as R. Dov Baer Meisels) retained their Yiddish language.

    • Chmielnicki is another convoluted Pandorra’s box of evil, slaughter, unspeakeble brutality and consorting with jihad. I had to avoid it because there is too much there. You’ll appreciate the intricacy if I tell you that Chmielnicki, who led the Ukrainian rebellion in a pact with Tatars, was a Pole. The defender of Poland, without whom the most dire might have happened was Jeremi Wisniowiecki — a Belorussian.

      Tatars and their Mongol cousins (first pagan then Muslim) were Poland’s worst enemies in perhaps the 750 years preceding WW II. They were great fighters though, and when a cavalry unit of theirs expressed an interest in settling in those lands (Lithuania, Poland, Belarus), they were allowed to do so already in the 14th century. Among the best horsemen and archers in the world, they have participated in every major Polish military campaign ever since. There are about 2000 of them still living in Poland, still Muslim — but this has been an example of immigration as a win-win proposition rather than what the West practices now which is immigration for the good of the immigrants, and a quantity of Muslims so huge that it makes a major qualitative difference.

      • I’m afraid that neither Chmielnicki was a Pole, nor Jarema a
        Belarusian. They were both members of “nation of nobles”, stemming from Orthodox and ruthenian-speaking families. At that time, polishness had rather socio-political, than truly ethnic character (ethnically polish peasants of the Crown – just like their ruthenian counterparts – were indifferent to this matter and called themselves “the locals”).

        • You are just picking at another strand of a very tangled skein. I was merely trying to situate all this in contemporary terms. You might as well have said that they were proto-Iranians (i.e. Sarmatian)– after all that’s what the nobility considered itself to be. There is a legitimate reason to call Wisniowiecki “Moldovan” and to cite the all-but-certainly super -Antisemitic theory that Chmielnicki was the son of a Jewish butcher (akin to what the crazies say about Hitler).

          For that matter, what is Wiesław Tokarczuk, cited in the above article, a Pole or Ukrainian? My own grandmother considered hereself Polish, had a Polish first name but a Ukrainian maiden name. Who knows? The main thing for the lay reader to carry out of this is that the human landscape and history of the Ukraine are very complicated, and that it seemed to work well in Galicia whether under Polish or Austrian rule, but not under Soviet, German or Ukrainian rule.

          • Of course, that’s an unimportant trifle! Though, if one calls Chmielnicki a Pole, one shouldn’t call Wiśniowiecki a Belarusian. Actually, there are more reasons to “polonize” the first, than the latter.

  23. So, the Ukraine is condemned to live under first the Soviet then Russian jackboot? All Ukrainian nationalists are united against Russia. Who cares if some were or are pro-German. The Soviets killed more people than the Nazis. I certainly don’t think this issue is one for anti-Islamists to fight over. The Ukrainian nationalists don’t want to be part of Russia. Let them go.

    • The Russian jackboot is slightly down at heel in comparison to the well heeled Progressive jackboot, that ultimately may stamp on Russia.

    • Not such a good idea to quietly let Ukraine join the EU.
      Before you could say it, there would be a US missile shield sitting on the Ukraine/Russia border, and within
      a few months there would be a handful of US Army bases
      ( with the almost mandatory airstrips ) strewn across the
      Ukrainian countryside. This scenario is closer to the Big
      Picture of where the World is heading. Russia and China
      are gearing up for massive re-armament just in case (when) the only ‘rogue’ state in the World attacks. Right now is the worst time as right now is the best time for the
      US to Blitzkrieg Moscow or Beijing while they are
      contemplating their navels. There are something like
      6600 US military bases around the Globe ( that includes
      those in the Continental USA ).

      • The U.S. under Obama is not putting up missile shields. Quite the contrary. Early on Obama reneged on a U.S. promise to provide such a shield for eastern Europe; most eastern Europeans were not happy about this.

        After being dragged into two world wars because Europeans couldn’t keep the peace and having to gear up to protect the West against the Soviets (Europe would have had Soviet medicine instead of socialized medicine were it not for the U.S.), the U.S. kept and initiated and expanded military bases all over Europe.

        I’d like to see us get rid of most of these bases. But I note that when the U.S. talks about closing down some base(s) in Germany, the German government protests–the local economy would would be adversely affected if the U.S. withdrew.

        When south Koreans protested U.S. military presence during the Bush years, Cheney publicly said that he would be willing to talk about withdrawing the U.S. military presence. Whereupon the South Korean government immediately (sounded panic-stricken) protested that, saying that the U.S. needed to stay to be a “trip wire” for a potential north Korean invasion.

        It’s not as simple as you would like to think.

        • Back in the ’90’s, a consular colleague of mine made the jaundiced observation that the Philippines’ two national obsessions were to get US bases out of the Philippines and themselves into the USA. Probably unfair, but I guess the closure of a US military base not only wrecks the economy of a US town, but also those of many towns around the globe.

        • Those bases are money makers for the local communities in SK and GER that is why the respective states want to keep them.

          Militarily they are useless. There is no external threat to Germany and South Korea is capable of handling NK by themselves.

          At the moment we are trying to encircle Russia by adding more Eastern European states to NATO and EU with Ukraine being the big fat prize. A poor state with a corrupt government – ideal for a bunch of EU oligarches and American bankers to exploit.

          The Ukrainians need to realize they are in no position to bargin with the EU for favorable terms at all. They are going to be bent over by the EU and American elites and their country will be turned into a 3rd world cesspool within a decade of being accepted.

          • South Korea is no way anyway near
            able to fend off NK ‘ by itself ‘. The
            North Korean Army is 4 times the size of the SK one.

          • BINGO!! You hit the correct target. Big US govt. and EU control of other countries and BIG greedy business concerns.

            Shucks! This sounds more and more like the OLD USSR and its plan to control the world.

            Hey, Ukraine…. met the new boss SAME as the OLD boss!

    • It has a choice to live under the Brussels jackboot. Like Greece, like Bulgaria, like Romania, etc.

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  25. About: Solzhenitsyn

    For readers interested in pursuing this discourse more in depth, not to speak of the issue how we have come to be Mohammedised in the one place and Obamazied in the other, I can offer no better and morally higher source than Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    First, about the JQ within the kind of ethnic setting this essay addresses, there is his book “Two Hundred Years Together”

    Then there are the quotes, so many of them, addressing the issue of how the cowardice of the many allows the evil of the few to infect everything with evil. The first two are from The Gulag Archipelago, the last one I don’t know.

    “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.”

    • Nothing the Czar is routinely accused of doing prepared the subjects of the Empire to cope with the evil totalitarianism of the USSR. No one could have imagined what the Cheka, NKVD had in store. No one.

      That’s the critical point that Solzynitzyn (sp) seems to leave out. The ‘Orrble ‘Orrible Czar never remotely prepared these simple people for the Terror.

  26. Not sure if anyone asked this already in the comments, but I’m wondering why Ukranian nationalists would want to enter the EU, when the EU is severely against nationalism, run by globalists, cultural marxists, immigration lovers, and would force Ukraine to take in refugees, etc. Anyone know? If the article mentioned, I completely missed it.. O_o

    I do think the EU would help Ukraine’s economy, and if Ukraine could negotiate out the crappy stuff out of EU membership like the Lisbon Treaty, migration, refugees, etc(there’s no way the EU would agree to let them be excluded from those terms though), if I was Ukranian I might support it, not like Ukraine could get much poorer, but as a non-Ukranian I obviously wouldn’t want 40 million more people access to free movement into Western Europe which they’d gain with EU membership.

    Also, I don’t have an opinion on Jews(the “race” or Religion) because I don’t know enough about them, but couldn’t the same “Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims” argument anti-Islamists use be used for Jews and prominent communists, or promoters of multiculturalism/immigration? I’m not making that point btw, I’m asking if that’s the case. I do know that many of the prominent Soviets were apperantly Jews, and some of the prominent communists in 1920s Bavaria Hitler hated were Jews. As for promoters of multiculturalism/immigration, obviously that isn’t the case nowadays, because a lot of Europeans are on that bandwagon now too(those far away from it..), and obviously idiots like Tony Blair aren’t Jewish, so that’s why I really don’t care about the Jewish question, even if they started this whole phenominon, they aren’t the ones continuing it, that’d be our undemocratic European leaders.

    Anyone care to enlighten me?

    • (Political) Expedience

      Any port in a storm Any refuge in a difficulty; any recourse in an emergency. The nautical meaning of this expression has given way to its figurative use, which implies that pressure limits choice, forcing one to abandon plans, principles, or standards.

    • ‘Also, I don’t have an opinion on Jews(the “race” or Religion) because I don’t know enough about them, but couldn’t the same “Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims” argument anti-Islamists use be used for Jews and prominent communists, or promoters of multiculturalism/immigration?’

      You seem to be implying “not all jews are communists but all communists are jews”. You need look no further than the co-author of The Communist Manifesto to know how stupid are the people who hold such a view. Engels was not a jew. For the purposes of the National Socialists policy of genocide, Marx was a jew. But Marx was a jew who hated jews.

      Do you feel enlightened?

      • Engels was the Gatsby to the Wolfsheimer Marx.

        Fitzgerald wasn’t antisemitic but he understood how the game is played. Engels is nothing more than guilt wracked rich boy.

        • That genus has so many in it that you would not believe. Felix Dzerzhinsky –the real father of KGB and its murderous ways — was a Polish nobleman. Aleksandra Kollonatai — a supercommie and angry feminist prototytpe — was born into the highest social spheres of the Ukraine, her father a general. Lenin himself was from the high bourgeoisise and in his youth was a model specimen of that kind.

          Moreover, all those people acted not just out of guilt but, initially, out of high moral principle. There was real evil in their times under the Ancien Regime whether of Marx’s Germany or Kollonatai’s and Trotsky’s Russia.

          Talking about that pre-commie evil is necessary so that we understand what brought Communism and Socialism to power and try to avoid repeating the same, stupid, unjust errors of conduct. Unfortunately, we have just repeated those errors with the banksters’ astronomic fraud patched up by the State, stupid wars for the benefit of the industrial-military complex, etc. And again, myopic “conservatives” scream at the Occupy movement instead of having screamed on those on their own side who are the cause of the Occupy movement.

          The same subject has fuelled much of the discussion here. Maligning Eastern Europe’s Jews for their flocking to State Socialism is to whitewash what caused them to do so: the Socialists, the Bolsheviks etc. afforded Jews the only refuge from the corrosive Antisemitism of their societies in pre-Commie times. Acknowledging that Antisemitism is the first thing White Nationalists should do, rather than attacking those who talk about it. Instead, they are compounding the earlier error, ensuring a repeat of the same outcome.

    • Because of the Soviet imposed famine, because of the suppression of the Ukrainian language under the Soviets, because of the suppression of their independence. They hate Russians. They have not yet learned to hate Brussels.

  27. Fleeing to Israel is a short term solution. How on earth could the country stand alone?

    • Israel could probably fend off the entire middle-east all at once. They actually have, you know, smarts, science and the sorts, the stuff required for warfare nowadays, even though the middle-east has more sheer numbers. Another plus for them is they don’t destroy their country from with-in by letting Muslims in, which would create potential enemies within Israel’s borders, not only outside.

      It’s incredible to think that Pakistan may not even have nuclear weapons today if that Pakistani wasn’t allowed to immigrate to the Netherlands, get that job in a high position in that nuclear facility, only to move back to Pakistan and start working for them, developing nuclear weapons, giving them confidential information, showing where his true loyalties were all along, and where likely most migrants loyalties are with.

      • “they don’t destroy their country from with-in by letting Muslims in”

        So you are claiming that Israel does not permit muslims to enter the country? Must be rather difficult for those muslim MPs who live in Israel to travel abroad.

    • Israel has stood alone at least twice in its history, in 1948 and 1967.

      Israel has also had several “fair weather friends” who, when the chips were down abandoned them, and the same fair weather friends forced them to give back strategic territory to the aggressors and are still doing so.

      But in the end, Israel is prepared to stand and fight, to the last woman and child if necessary, and the cost of a new genocide of Jews will be very very high. But a whist a genocide of Christians is already taking place, the established Churches support the killers rather than the victims – strange world we live in – where political ‘fashion’ is more important than solidarity of belief!

  28. “The last sentence sounds confusing, as most writers expressing strong anti-fascist opinions tend to be of the Left, and love Obama.”

    Except that’s not really true. They hate nationalism/racism and erroneously see these as synonyms of fascism when only Hitler and Peron among the Fascists were decisively Nationalist, while the Baltic fascists and Italian fascists were decidedly neither. Further, the vast majority of nationalist and racist movements have NOT been totalitarian, even many of those who call themselves Neonazi are not really totalitarian, and they were not decidedly less nationalist or racist than the Nazis or Peronists.

    It is also not true that Leftism is the opposite of Fascism. While it is true that Fascism is right-wing, that has no meaning except that you support a strong hierarchy and oppose any or all of “liberty, equality and fraternity”. Two things, such as Fascism and traditional monarchy of the medieval European form, can in fact be opposite and both be equally right-wing. The word is that high entropy and that undescriptive. “Right-wing” is frankly the useless fattening junk food of political terminologies.

    • Your are wrong about the Baltics and Italians. The first were neither fascist nor totalitarian but very strong nationalist. They allied with Hitler as a means to an end. The Italian kind was fascist and it was totalitarian. Indeed the vast majority of nationalist and racist movements have not been totalitarian — but that’s only because they did not reach the stage of monopolized power that would allow them to be totalitarian.

      No one here claims that Leftism is the opposite of Fascism. There is a good book by Jonah Goldberg that makes a very good, documented case that Leftism is Fascism. However, because for years, until the US moved to a higher gear and supplied the UK for the same purpose, Soviet Union was the only country actively fighting Hitler. That gave rise to the Left’s myth that Leftism is the one and only opposite and antidote to Fascism, and that myth is propagated to this day –by the Left. However, it is true that Left fascism has a different and more blended flavor than Right Fascism.

      • The Soviet Union the only country that opposed Hitler? When? Yes, there was the nobody-hates-a-totalitarian-like-another-totalitarian rhetoric; but then in 1939 the European war started with Stalin and Hitler kissing over the corpse of Poland. In 1940-41, Britain stood alone against Hitler.

    • Nowadays the traditional disctinction between Left and Right has become blurred and confusing. Some new and more meaningful oppositions emerge, but they are not yet quite clear.

    • ‘ “Right-wing” is frankly the useless fattening junk food of political terminologies. ‘

      Indeed it is. But then so is using words like ‘Nazi’, since using that word does what the socialists want — it conceals that the Nazis were National Socialists.

      It is unfortunate. We either have to be wordy, pedantic and meticulous, or we have to half-support the existing thought patterns of 99% of society.

  29. A very sobering and refreshing article, which raises a lot of thorny issues – as we see from the comments.

    I would rather avoid the dangerous issues of Ukraine’s past, role of Jews in history, etc. I would like just to invite Ukrainians and people who wish well to Ukraine to take a closer look at the European Union and try to see it not as a fairy-tale land where rivers flow with beer and whiskey and gold grows on hedges, but as what it really is. It would be useful for those of them who can afford it to make a short trip to Greece, Bulgaria or Romania, and to talk to local people.

    For any sober observer it is perfectly clear that the EU is not a charity organisation, it is not going to put the burden of Ukraine’s problems on its shoulders. On the contrary, it will create quite a few new ones for the country.

    I am afraid Ukrainians have not yet outgrown the infantile Soviet mentality and still tend to believe that some outside force will step in and make them happy and comfortable, like a loving mother. But world history teaches us that outside powers usually step in to take what they need, and not to give anything.

    • There are 20 mikllions of ukrainians living outside od Ukraine. Millions of them since second world war. They know how it is in the world.

      You just don’t know how it is to live in ukraine wkth this corruption. Even international paymend is not working. Some banks dont allow it! Allow!

      Brusel is peanuts against russia and yanukovitch.

  30. The beige object is a helmet with a five-pointed red star of the type worn by Red Army (Bolshevik) troops during the Civil War in Russia (1917 – 1922).

  31. The dragon is sporting a small goat beard. Ukrainian men used to shave their beards while Russian ones normally did not. That’s why Ukrainians invented an insulting nickname for Russians – katsap, which means “[someone who looks] like a he-goat”. I wonder, how this fits within the EU ideals of political correctness and harmonious ethnic relations.

  32. As a recent “troglodyte” of the Euro-Maidan, I would like to douse some of the fiery and fanciful sentiments penned by Mr. Seiyo. Firstly, his comments on Ukrainian collaboration with the Nazis can just as readily be applied to almost any European nation of that time, including Russia, which divvied up part of Eastern Europe with the Nazis and kept providing Hitler with war-related resources up to the very day of Operation Barbarossa. If “collaboration” with Nazis were to be a standard for denial of entry into the EU, then perhaps we should expel Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Albania and a host of other European countries. Most of these countries collaborated from the comfort of their well-furnished offices in peaceful capitals, while Ukrainian “collaboration” was from the heart-rending grief of a Ukrainian peasant holding his dead child in his hands. Let us make those distinctions before such indiscriminate spray-painting of Ukrainian “collaborators”. After all, the ancient maxim – “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” (and I won’t look beneath his skirt) – is of Semitic origin.

    For Ukrainians, the arrival of the German invading force, preceded as it was by German propaganda of self-rule and liberation from the Bolsheviks, was manna from heaven…….at least until they showed their true colors. Concerns about Kristallnacht would not have been foremost on their minds.

    Shortly after the Germans arrived, they arrested that alleged anti-Semite and Nazi collaborator, Stepan Bandera, and kept him in a Nazi concentration camp for the remainder of the war . The Nachtigal Battalion – under that other alleged anti-Semite, Shukhevych – was established for the specific purpose of developing a core of trained officers capable of fighting for Ukrainian independence. As soon as the Germans understood its real purpose and refused to acknowledge the proclamation of Ukrainian Independence, the battalion lost its “collaborative”enthusiasm and the Germans were forced to disband it. The former soldiers of the Nachtigal joined the Ukrainian Partisan Army, and, thereafter, became the bane of both Nazi and Bolshevik forces.

    Now let’s move on to the issue of Ukrainian massacre of Poles and Jews. Mr. Seiyo undoubtedly knows that much of the history of the 1930s and 40s “borderlands” has been – and remains – an object of cleverly manipulated propaganda by one side or the other. Post-Soviet access to KGB files, for example, shows the frequency with which various individuals or units were dressed in enemy uniforms for the specific purpose of inciting hatred and discrediting opponents.. Mr. Seiyo intimates as much by drawing unsupported conclusions as to the fate of Poles in Ukraine. But, more importantly, he has overlooked the period of Polish “pacification” of almost 500 Ukrainian villages starting in 1930 which involved burning, rape, flogging, closure of Ukrainian churches, and a variety of penal actions against a relatively peaceful population. While I am one of those who believes that revenge and retribution begets nothing but revenge and retribution, I was not the peasant in the middle of the village holding his dead child in his arms.

    Lastly, as regards Ukrainian anti-Semitism, I don’t deny that it exists – though probably no more than in any of the countries of Eastern Europe that found themselves under Soviet occupation. It would be childish to deny the complicity of a great many Jews in the establishment and implementation of Soviet rule…. and Ukraine was the hardest hit of all those countries. Post-Soviet KGB files disclose that as many as half of the bloodiest enablers of Soviet repression were Jews, and the population equated Jews with Bolshevism and with the horrible tragedies of the 1920s starvation, the 1930s Holodomor, and the non-stop torture and execution of Ukrainians during the brief period following the partition of “ëastern Poland” and Operation Barbarossa. One does not have to go far (perhaps no further than Mr. Seiyo) to find Ukrainephobia among large numbers of Jews throughout the world for pogroms and anti-Semitic outbursts of several hundred years ago; and it should come as no surprise that Ukrainians with memories of relatives who died in Bolshevik torture chambers as recently as the last century are still having a difficult time “getting over it”. (I promise I won’t seek reparations from the Wiesenthal Center for my grandfather who was frozen to death with particles of glass in his mouth under the watchful eyes of some of these KGB “liberators”).

    Having returned from the Euro-Maidan, I failed to find the anti-Semitic or any other virulent manifestations that Mr. Seiyo assures us is “the story behind the story”. In fact, I found very well-meaning, kind people focused on only one thing – to “live in a normal country” (i.e. a European Ukraine) . Yes, the Svoboda party is an active element in the Maidan, because but it does contain the more fervent and nationalistic elements of the country……just like the Tea Party is now the more fervent spear-carriers of the GOP right. I did not see any of the clowns with arm-bands – but there are clowns in every country and it would not surprise me if they were there – possibly as provocateurs. (Russian FSB appears to be their prime source of funding.) And as regards some individual’s anti-Semitic rant on stage, you should know that the stage was active 24/7 and almost everybody who wanted to say something could take the microphone without prior censorship or clearance,

    The one thing that was obvious to me – from all my discussions with individuals who were privy to much more than “what they seemed” to the author – is that Putin has pulled out all stops in ensuring that Ukraine does not escape his grasp as it did in 2004. All of his economic, intelligence, informational, and diplomatic resources have been mobilized to ensure that the Euro-Maidan fails. I do hope none of the readers or writers of this excellent blog fall – quite innocently – into the category of Putin’s “üseful idiots”.

    • @Boris Baturyn

      Your assertion about wide European collaboration with the Nazis is highly disingenuous. There was collaboration in every country, and isolated racist atrocities in every Eastern European country. There were then and there are now bad, cowardly or psychotic people in every country. But what happened in the Ukraine relative to participation in the genocide of Jews has no parallel anywhere except to a lesser degree in Croatia and Romania, and some in Hungary and Slovakia too.

      As to Ukrainian large-scale slaughter of a close kin ethnic group inhabiting the same territory, that has no parallel in European history at all, since the 18th century, except the Croatian slaughter of Serbs, again, during WW2. The cruelty too has no parallel except, again, in Croatia. Caveat here: yes, it has parallels, bigger and worse ones: the Holodomor, the Jewish Holocaust, the Slav Holocaust. But those were not large groups of people engaged in improvised and most barbaric slaughter out of ethnic hatred but a policy conceived and carried out by two powerful, evil and absolutely totalitarian and coercive states.

      Second, I understand why you are trying to whitewash Bandera and Shukhevych– after all it’s the national Ukrainian pastime, except for the leftist or Rusophile. But you are again being disingenuous in diverting the narrative to their “alleged Antisemitism,” which is not what this article is about. The article is about their documented, not alleged, atrocities — atrocities which this article characterizes as being not “Antisemitic” but inhuman, and committed in a large part against Christian Poles, Armenians, Czechs etc. I commend to your attention this website maintained by a Polish-Armenian priest with Ukrainian roots to commemorate what Ukrainians did to both his peoples: . The caption in red says: “[Web] Pages about the genocide committed by UPA”. Shall I direct you to 30 more such websites in Polish? In Czech? With photos or without? I bet there are such sites in the Armenian language too, but I can’t read it.

      Your lines about the Germans’ arrival in the Ukraine being “manna from heaven” are true, but I already preempted them in Post Scriptum 1 in this section. It was manna from heaven for the Poles in Galicia too, but Ukrainian Poles didn’t flock to the SS, Sonderkommando, extermination camp guard units or other lowest rungs of the death-dealing machine. It was manna from heaven for the Estonians and Latvians too– and they did join the SS for that reason — but the manner and volume of atrocities committed on co-inhabiting civilian populations by Ukrainians has no parallel in the Baltics.

      Moving on: the KGB files that you say “show” — do they show KGB units dressed as OUN/UPA? Including the OUN/UOA units that escaped in 1945 from being hunted down by the KGB in the Ukraine to [Communist-run] Czechoslovakia –there to ravage parts of the country until they surrendered to — the KGB? Let’s see those files. As to Polish repression of Ukrainians, you conflate centuries of oppressive feudalism that was unjust to serfs (of any ethnicity) in the Ukraine, with non-violent Polish cultural supremacy, with violent actions taken by Poles in the 1930s and 40s to avenge terrorist attacks, targeted assassinations, and ultimately large-scale genocide committed by OUN. I do understand the Ukrainian point of view and you should be able to express it, but I find that in all matters, partisan coloring of history is not helpful even to the party that does the coloring.

      As to Ukrainian Antisemitism, again you conflate the true with the not so. Yes, the same kind of Antisemitism exists and has existed in other Eastern European/ Balkan ex-commie countries. It has led to similar pogroms in those other countries too, for centuries, and to some complicity in the Holocaust by some parts of those populations. But not as frequent and large atrocities as in the Ukraine [some refresher on the Chmelnitsky Rebellion would be due here]. Moreover, in none of those countries, not even in Croatia, is Antisemitism as widespread, vocal, enthusiastic as it is in the Ukraine now. Not even close. As to your lines about Jewish complicity in the Holodomor (or anything else, e.g. Cheka, NKVD, Red Army etc.) I pre-empted this argument in Post Scriptum 2 in this section.

      Lastly, the Euro-Maidan. I do not live in Europe, the Ukraine is not in the list of my top 50 politico-historical concerns. I am not a foe of its pro-Euro sympathizers, nor a friend of Yanukovych partisans. I don’t even hold a personal grudge — my family’s roots are in the Ukrainian Borderlands, and the family was wiped out by the respective actions of German, Soviet, and Ukrainian men. In that order of magnitude — hence if I held a grudge it would be against the German nation the most. I hold no such grudge.

      But the difference between Germany and Ukraine is that the former has made a clean breast of its past. The Ukraine hasn’t. Moreover, the most heinous parts of its past are celebrated by a very large segment of the population — not just in the Euro-Maidan but in everyday life. That is bizarre and unique in contemporary Europe, save only for that Balkan Ukraine: Croatia. Hence the aim of the article is to point out that there are some very weird undercurrents in the Ukraine, and perhaps we should not meddle in that country but let Ukrainians sort it out by themselves.

      • I do not think Anglos understand the depths of the cross currents and racial memory that the Jews have from their time in the Pale.

        It’s not surprising that British pols in the know wanted to bar entry.

      • Boris Baturyn —

        I had to delete your most recent comment. All of your inflammatory assertions (some of them off-topic) were unsourced. Under our new anti-disinformation policy, all such material must be sourced.

        I invite you to collect links for all the things you asserted, and then repost them.

        • Frankly I don’t know what you are talking about as regards “ïnflammatory” and sourcing. It seems to me that Mr. Seiyo has done all the inflammatory commenting by indicting Ukrainians as uniquely bloodthirsty…..on no less than his own authority!

          As regards “sourcing”- go ahead, let me know which items are unsourced……I’ll be happy to support every single one of them.

      • “But what happened in the Ukraine relative to participation in the genocide of Jews has no parallel anywhere except to a lesser degree in Croatia and Romania, and some in Hungary and Slovakia too. ”

        Debbie Schlussel would add Poland to that list — I think unfairly (as unfairly as to add Ukraine). It may well be that it is precisely these grandiose theories that perpetuate the grandiose misunderstandings that then, like a Catch-22, require the grandiose theories (and one needn’t be singularly erudite, like a Takuan, to be a transmitter of these counter-productive, if not often over time disastrous, macro-memes that confuse complexity with reality, the reality of the theoretical structure supposedly, and eisegetically, rendering reality as it is).

    • “…he [Seyo]has overlooked the period of Polish “pacification” of almost 500 Ukrainian villages starting in 1930 which involved burning, rape, flogging, closure of Ukrainian churches, and a variety of penal actions against a relatively peaceful population.”

      Would you, please, provide sources that support the above statement? Thank you.

    • Boris, just a little correction. It was not “Russia” that divved up Eastern Europe with Hitler, but the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a multiethnic State, whose head at the time – the notorious comrade Stalin – was an ethnic Georgian. So was comrade Beriya, the head of the Soviet repressive apparatus. The Soviet political leadership, its idelogical and cultural elite consisted of people of varied ethnic origin. At the same time, ordinary Russian people were as much oppressed by Stalinism as anyone else. Russian peasants suffered from the horrors of collectivisations, millions of them died. As for the Russian Orthodox Church (whose clergy and flock, though, also included a great number of non-Russians) endured a holocaust of her own. Most of her clergy was killed, those who remained alive, went through prisons, camps and exile. Its active lay people were also decimated, the majority church and monastery buidings destroyed or desecrated. These are historical facts that must be borne in mind.

      • Anton-

        I would like to concur with you that the same fate that befell Ukrainians befell all other nationalities in the USSR. That way we can lock hands, sing “Kumbaya”, and move into the future in the knowledge that this was simply a one-time, erratic phenomenon. But I can only agree to a certain extent. I agree that Stalin is a rare, demonic presence that can only be compared to another such demonic presence over in Berlin and Mao Tse Tung in China. And I don’t deny that Russians and other nationalities suffered greatly as well.

        But the full force of Stalin’s rage, blood-lust, and paranoia – aided and abetted by such people as Kaganovich and Yagoda – was directed specifically at Ukrainians because they were Ukrainians. The only relatively small additional additions to that were the Volga and Don Cossacks who had been able to maintain a distinct internal leadership structure and whom Stalin sought simply to starve out. But the only other region that experienced the Holodomor was the Kuban area – which was a largely Ukrainian-speaking area and domain of the Kuban Cossacks.

        The “special attention”that Ukraine was getting started with the “natural”, war-caused famine that hit many areas of the then USSR in the 1920s. While Lenin allowed US relief shipments into those other areas, he did not allow them into Ukraine. Then the Holodomor of the early 30s left thousands of small villages across Ukraine filled with nothing but corpses and replaced by Russians. Those are the current 20% of the Ukrainian population that looks to the East rather than the West. Then, after the Holodomor, there was a lengthy period during which any Ukrainian who manifested some semblance of ethnic identification or who appeared capable of leadership (of Ukrainians) was systematically culled. Then, in the 1940s began the period of large-scale “cleansing”of “nationalism from Western Ukraine – which resulted in forced expulsion of hundreds of thousands and continuing torture and execution of anyone associated with the West or Western ideas (including, of course, those who had shown an early sympathy for the Germans). At the same time the Ukrainian Catholic Church was completely destroyed and only the Russian Orthodox church was allowed to replace it. And, finally, this continuing fear of Ukrainian nationalism persuisted and continued into the 50s, 60s, and 70s resulting in the various psychiatric persecutions, unexplained deaths in hospitals, exile to Siberia, etc.

        From the very first days of Bolshevik invasion and occupation of Ukraine, that country proved the most intractable. The Tsarist “white Russian” forces seemed to be more concerned in preserving the “ünity” of mother Russia (including, of course, Ukraine) than in fighting Red forces. Much of that potential counter-force was expanded in fighting independence movements at Russia’s periphery.

        The simple fact, Anton, is that NO nation suffered as much as Ukraine did during the period of the USSR – both in absolute numbers as well as in relative proportion to the populations of other areas. And the simple fact is that much of Ukrainian sentiment towards its executioners and their retribution when circumstances allowed is directly traceable to what had been done to them. Any discussion of Ukrainian “collaboration”, anti-Semitism, “ätrocities”, etc. – if it is to be acceptable to Ukrainians – must factor in the milieu in which all this was happening.

  33. As this post is sticky for days, I think back to my last written exchange with Takuan Seiyo which ended with him threatening NEVER to write another article for Gates of Vienna unless I was BANNED from commenting on any of his articles.

    It is important for people to realize that this is EXACTLY how the most wealthy and politically powerful people control the Western conversation to their advantage: by BANNING dissenting views – especially those views that would be well-expressed.

    • Well, Eggy, you’re still here, and Tak’s still here, too. 🙂

      Merry Christmas to you both!

      • Thank you, Baron,

        And Merry Christmas to you and Dymphna, and to Egghead and other GoV readers. I don’t hold grudges for trivial reasons and so don’t ever remember the episode Egh is referring to. I come across Egh’s comments in various GoV postings and they strike me usually as perceptive and intelligent. Maybe I flew off the handle because that particular comment expressed unwarranted assumptions about me or the intent of the relevant piece. There is just one other kind of comment that makes me see red: that I am a stealth Jew doing the snow clearing for da Joos, or the opposite, that I am an Antisemite who should think better than say the things I do. Either one is ‘name calling’ substituting for knowledge and thought and cheapening what I do down to the bargain basement level of the commenter.

        The article above being in part about the dangers of meddling in other countries, and this being a Christian holiday celebrating the origination of of Christianity in the Middle East, let us no forget these Christian victims of the perennial Muslim foe, the latter enabled by the perennial stupidity of our ruling elites:

        Coinsider the source, we may discount the paeans to ecumenicity and the soft tiptoeing over the issue of how the all-Christian Middle East became a Muslim Middle East. It’s the inventory of the current travails of ME Christians that’s useful here.

  34. It’s amusing that people are still obsessing on European/Slavic anti-semitism when the main threat to European Jews are Muslims. Give them a few more decades and the Muslims will have Europe totally in their grip. And Jews will be nice juicy targets for the Muzzies. Heck they already are.

    On Spencer’s blog he has a good post on the Azeri Natural gas pipeline that makes Iran and Turkey key players for Europe’s natural gas supply. Guess what that means in terms of influence on European law and policies? Pro-Islam all the way.

    Very bad for European Jews and Israel.

    Too bad they only see white Europeans as their sole threat.

    • It’s a truism that we are often fighting the last war rather than the current one. That’s because it’s true. Too bad indeed.

    • Guess what that means in terms of influence on European law and policies? Pro-Islam all the way.

      Makes those progressive and EU supporting (if that is what they are) Ukrainians politics even more perplexing, the West should avoid the jizya-gas at all costs.

    • There is another angle here. The EU in its schizophrenic ways is highly anti-anti-Semitic while pursuing policies that will wipe out Europe’s Jews. If EU succeeds in absorbing the Ukraine, it and George Soros’s machine will go with gusto at suppressing Ukrainian anti-Semitism — a task in which they will fail. But they will also link that anti-Semitism to Islamophobia, and launch a reinvigorated, Europe-wide campaign against all form of “xenophobia, bigotry and racial hatred.” And in that part of the campaign that has to with Western Europe, anti-Semitism being minimal there they will succeed in further persecution of “Islamophobia,” suppression of free speech etc.

      • “The EU in its schizophrenic ways is highly anti-anti-Semitic while pursuing policies that will wipe out Europe’s Jews.”

        That’s because Muslims have, in PC MC rhetoric, become the “New Jews” — to be protected from “another Holocaust”. Never mind that these “New Jews” are in fact a mass of Brown Hitlers who don’t need a living Fuhrer because they have a much more powerful mythic one — Mohammed.

        Being Brown, however, renders them eternally protected under PC MC, with their critics eternally vilified as “racists”.

        Nota bene: When I describe Muslims as “Brown” I am using PC MC rhetoric, not my own. PC MCs see Muslims as an ethnic people (or as a wonderful rainbow, mosaic, tapestry of ethnic people) — and thus have an instinctive cultural reflex to want to protect them and to avoid, at all cost, anything that might remotely be construed as condemning them and their Islam.

        The more Muslims wreak mischief in the land, the more they are protected by PC MCs, not less: a perverse and paradoxical, but powerful dynamic, which will lead to consequences as horrible if not worse when the last time the West “fought the last war” instead of the new war devolving under their noses.

  35. Baron-
    I am absolutely horrified that you run an anti-Ukrainian hit piece by a Pole who fancies himself an expert on all things Ukrainian.
    I don’t know where to begin. Takuan Seiyo celebrates the benign Polish rule in Galicia/Halychyna, and contrasts it with the “shadow of its former self” current Lviv. I suppose history is always written by the victors, but that lovely benign rule certainly did not extend to Ukrainians. Jews prospered by being outwardly Polish, when they weren’t in shtetls. Ukrainians were subjected to fierce ethnic discrimination, especially between 1919-1939, as Poland ignored the eastern Galician autonomy it had promised at Versailles. Ukrainian schools (including my father’s) were polonized, Ukrainians were discriminated against in higher education, Poles were being massively settled into Volhynia, and the government pursued a bloody “pacification” (Pacyfikacja) policy in eastern Galicia in the 1930’s. By the way, that lovely Wroclaw is the result of horrible ethnic cleansing by …..Poles.
    It was no accident that so many Polish generals and leaders came from Galicia – under the Habsburgs Polish rule there enjoyed extensive autonomy, unlike Russian Poland.
    Farther back, Galicia came under Polish rule in 1340, though oppression of Ukrainians didn’t really hit hard until the Counterreformation. Poland gave Ruthenian (Ukrainian and Belarusian) nobles the choice of converting to Roman Catholicism or loss of land and privileges. Sort of like the Russians did later with their Ukrainians. But hey, the culture was good, right? Calling Khmelnytsky (Chmielnicki in Polish) Polish is ridiculous, though he did speak the language. Jeremi Wisniowiecki identified solely as a Pole, and like many religious converts, he was a fanatic. His ancestors had all been Ukrainians/Belarusians.
    At this point I have little patience for moral judges who sit in armchairs in peaceful, democratic countries and pronounce judgment upon people, movements, or even entire nations in the past. The Poles, even when stateless, enjoyed French patronage, no assimilation pressure, a nationally conscious upper crust, and a handy little Piedmont in Galicia. During WWII the Allies were 100% for the restoration of a Polish state. Thus, the underground Polish Home Army (Armija Krajowa) spent the war fighting….. Ukrainians.
    Ukrainians had been stateless since 1340, unless you count the autonomous Hetmanate of 1648-1774. In 1939 they were divided among 4 countries (2 fascist, 1 Communist), 3 of which were actively trying to wipe them out physically and/or culturally. They had been ignored at Versailles. It is ahistorical to imagine that a peaceful, democratic alternative was in the offing for them.
    To call Bandera and Shukhevych simply “Nazi collaborators” is another ahistorical distortion. Despite the size of the Ukrainian people, they were weak and needed a patron. It is indeed likely that the Nazis were involved in Bandera’s breakaway from OUN, and he was certainly no democrat, but Bandera’s chief aim was Ukrainian independence. Indeed, that part of Europe simply lacked meaningful democratic movements entirely. When Bandera saw that the Germans were not going to support statehood, his group went into opposition, basically in 1 day. As for “Roland” and “Nachtigall”, I still see historians disagreeing about their roles in pogroms. The Waffen SS, as Takuan ought to know, was primarily a vehicle for enlisting non-German ethnicities in the anti-Soviet war, and not some tool for extinction of Jews. The Galician Division as such was specifically exonerated of any role in war crimes, and its members were no more “Nazi collaborators” than Eisenhower was a “Soviet collaborator”. What is abundantly clear is that Ukrainians’ choices were all bad.
    There is no doubt that many Ukrainians assisted in crimes against Jews and Poles, and that anti-semitism was widespread. Again, though, these issues cannot be looked at in isolation. Ukrainians had been second-class citizens in their own country since at least 1596. While not every Pole was an oppressor, every oppressor was a Pole. Most Jews were poor craftsmen, but many Jews were in positions of power/exploitation, including lawyers, leaseholders, tavernkeepers, usurers, etc. These then became the face of “the Jewish people” to many Ukrainians. In the USSR there was a similar dynamic: though most Jews weren’t Communists, they were heavily overrepresented among the Communists, and Kaganovich was particularly reviled. When the Communists occupied Galicia in 1939, a large number of the officials they sent were Russian-speaking Jews. I would liken the situation to that of blacks under slavery/Jim Crow: not all whites were evil, but the evil had a white face.
    I will not venture to defend present-day use of fascistic symbols. But the Euromaidan uprising clearly has very widespread support, including from southern and eastern Ukraine, and counter-demonstrations have been pathetic. I have seen plenty of Russian-language support of the movement, because people understand that moving toward Moscow is moving toward serfdom.
    Although anti-semitism is unacceptable, I note that Jews in Ukraine are hardly fleeing for their lives. Indeed, Jewish life there is flowering. This despite the fact that Jews there are overwhelmingly Russian-speaking and pro-Russian, which is at best annoying 22 years after independence. Also, many of the reviled oligarchs are Jewish, and only 1 (Firtash) is a Galician Ukrainian.
    I close by noting 2 great ironies here: 1)Poland, especially Kwasniewski, has been Ukraine’s best friend in the EU, and there has been a great Ukrainian-Polish rapprochement recently. 2)This kind of tarring as Nazis is exactly the stuff GoV has been subjected to, and yet you give it prominent play here.

    • I am sure that GoV has its own way to reply to you. As far as I am concerned, you are free to write any anti-Polish or anti-Jewish articles as long as based on facts, reasoning, quoted sources, peer-reviewed academic work, and a detectable effort at objectivity. Things like this Swedish expert’s take on the Ukraine: Or massive, exhaustively documented works like this two-volume book by Ewa and Władysław Siemaszko (note the Ukrainian surname, which my grandma also had as does the author of a piece from cited in my article):

      „Genocide committed ny Ukrainian nationalists on the Polish Population of Wołyn (Volyn) 1939 – 1945.” [Google translation of the intro here: ]

      I know very well that there is a big Ukrainian lobby in Canada and another one in the U.S., and that you can easily organize a whole campaign of protests like the gay lobby against the Robertson guy or the “Invisible Planet” against Diana West. At any rate, my aim was not to tar all Ukrainians with the same brush but to point out that there are some issues with supporting the EU membership of a country that universally glorifies two Class-A war criminals and sweeps their and their kind’s crimes under the carpet instead of coming clean and saying, The past is the past; we have learned a lesson and are different now.

      You are right about Poland’s authorities being strongly on the side of the Euro-Maidan. But I am not interested in politicians nor do I automatically identify with Poles, Poland or what have you. It’s real history that I am after and how it impacts the present.

      • It would certainly help clear the air and promote good relations in the future if Jews acknowledged and apologized for the extent of their involvement in the repression of Ukrainians, during the 20th century. Although hundreds of films have been made by Hollywood about Nazis and the Holocaust, I have yet to see a film (other than some independent documentaries) about the nature of Soviet rule, the identification of its key architects and executioners, and the 20 million deaths. In fact, quite the contrary appears to be true…..Jews are very quick to identify themselves as victims of communism (a very tiny number, indeed) and to cast stones at those that they victimized.

        I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the good will you will elicit from these universally “änti-semitic” former subjects of the USSR whenever you stop playing the self- assumed role of victim and judge, and start addressing these terrible events like a sympathetic and truly objective human being……equally concerned with both the well-being of fellow Jews and that of Christians.

      • Paranoid much? Unlike you, I have no desire to write articles that are “anti” any entire nation. I’ve seen way too much of that in the last 70 years.
        Couldn’t get 1st link to work. As for Volyn, certainly some major crimes were committed there, including by Poles as well. There have been many articles about this on the “Istorychna Pravda” site, but of course they are written in the language of the “Nazizoid” Ukrainians. UPA didn’t have clean hands – but neither did anyone else. I would also remind you that a prelude to this was large-scale Polish settlement in Volyn designed to change the ethnic balance – also a violation of “international law”.
        People’s last names mean nothing. Dmytro Dontsov had a Russian last name, and was a strident Ukrainian nationalist.
        Siemaszko (like Wisniowiecki and Czartoryski) were names of Ukrainian magnate families who polonized in the early 17th century.
        I reject the concept of “war criminal” as being too often tied up with victor’s justice. Every Pole and Russian who cleansed Germans from Schlesien, Ostpreussen, Pommern and Danzig (while raping their women) was a war criminal. Bandera, however, would be the first “class A war criminal” who managed to do the deed as an inmate in a concentration camp. Personally, I liken Shukhevych to Menachem Begin, a fellow Polish citizen. Furthermore, it’s news to people in Dnipropetrovsk that Bandera and Shukhevych are “universally” glorified.
        In fact, Takuan, it is you who refuse to say “the past is the past”. You try to dictate countries’ heroes to them, you try to bring forward 500-year-old episodes (Khmelnytsky) to tar today’s protestors. Presumably, you also condemn George Washington for being a slaveholder. The point is that heroes are not perfect; they are celebrated for the positive things they did. Martin Luther King is celebrated despite his philandering, not because of it.

    • ” The Poles, even when stateless, enjoyed French patronage, no assimilation pressure, a nationally conscious upper crust, and a handy little Piedmont in Galicia.”

      I guess there was no such thing as “Germanisation“, then, especially under that “benign” ruler Bismarck?:

      “Successive policies aimed at the elimination of non-German languages from public life and from academic settings, such as schools. Later in the German Empire, Poles were (together with Danes, Alsatians, German Catholics and Socialists) portrayed as “Reichsfeinde” (“foes to the empire”)…

      …Under the Namensänderungsgesetz[11] (law of changing surnames), a significant number of “Ruhr-Poles” change their surnames and Christian names to “Germanised” forms, in order to evade ethnic discrimination. As the Prussian authorities suppressed Catholic services in Polish by Polish priests during the Kulturkampf, the Poles had to rely on German Catholic priests”

      “Thus, the underground Polish Home Army (Armija Krajowa) spent the war fighting….. Ukrainians.”

      That’s not serious, right? So I guess there was no Warsaw Uprising, attack on Nazi leaders, smuggling out of the V2 secrets, Zegota organisation to help Jews escape the Holocaust, or smuggling out of Auschwitz of evidence documenting the atrocities there? What exactly was Bandera or any of the other “heroes of the Ukraine” doing to combat the Nazis or the Holocaust at the same time??

      • The Austrians too had a Germanization policy, with the German language mandatory, service in the Austrian army mandatory (my Polish-Jewish grandfather killed as Austrian soldier in WW1) — but it was more benign than the Prussians. He is right about the AK fighting the Ukrainians though, among the others they were fighting. There was a number of Galician Poles who, lured by the same hatred of Soviets as motivated the Ukrainians, volunteered for the SS too. Before they saw any action for the Germans, as soon as the pogroms in Wolyn started they all deserted and joined the AK units in that area, to fight Bandera, avenge the 100,000 Poles massacred in Wolyn, and protect the remnants. This a rough account, I don’t remember the details, no time to research now . Merry Christmas.

        • A cynic might suggest that the AK was fighting Ukrainians because they knew that Poland would be restored, so fighting Germany was pointless. Fighting Ukrainians, however, would help ensure that the Kresy Wschodnie remained in Poland.

      • 1)I’ll grant you assimilation pressure in Prussia, but it was the smallest piece of Poland. Russian Poland was very Polish-friendly, and most of the magnates in Right-Bank Ukraine under the Russians were Poles who maintained their identity. As Takuan said, assimilation pressure under Austria was weak.
        2)Smuggling ain’t fighting. Bandera was in a concentration camp. Shukhevych fought until 1950. Under Nazi occupation, large swathes of Ukraine were very dangerous even for soldiers due to Ukrainian guerrillas. Meanwhile, my German mom took a school trip to occupied Paris.

      • Many of the so calles Ruhpoles where Masurs and they never wanted to be Poles,they speak(spoked-its nearly dead)before a slavic language that sounds like polish.
        Also you have Silesians who are often mixed but feel mostly german and Kashubs-Kashubs in germany died out because they all mixed and became the POMMERN.In Poland half of them became Poles.

        Also the names in Nazi Germany where not a big Problem.
        The SA Leader MAIKOWSKI became the 1st Martyr-on his funeral 6000000 people came,TV and Radio send it,many Street was named after him.

        Studentkowski was in the SA,SS,Propaganda Ministry,Politician in Leipzig.

        Today the names in germany are a bigger problem than 80 years ago!If you have a “ski” name in germany today and discuss with leftwingers and they have no arguments they say”you are nor a real german”…the true face of this racists!

  36. To Admin:

    I understand that comments pointing out the Kresy Jews’ mass collaboration with the Soviet invaders of Poland, and the resulting lack of “warm feelings” toward their neighbors by the Kresy Poles (1920 & 1939) have no place on this site.

    It is a historical fact. Why hide it and delete my comment added to
    Takuan Seiyo on December 21, 2013 at 6:54 pm said:

    “As I pointed out in P.S.-I above, despite of being inhumanely mistreated by the Soviet invader in ’39 -’41, and not being known as great lovers of Jews either, the Kresy Poles did not join the SS or any other German outfits and did not participate in anti-Jewish pogroms either.”

    “… not being known as great lovers of Jews…” Never thought the GoV would indulge in such a blatant censorship. History suffers.

    • It’s not “censorship”. What a joke! I’m tired of hearing that.

      I’m not the government. Anything I don’t like the look of, for whatever reason, I delete. That’s not “censorship”; it’s a blog-owner’s prerogative.

      Deal with it.

      I let this one through, just for the heck of it. We’ll see how it goes.

      I’m SO sick of fights over the Eeeevil Joooos. Sicker than I can tell. If this thread turns into one of those, I assure you I’ll cut off the comments, faster than you can say “Moishe Goldfarb”.

      • Baron Bodissey-

        I can certainly understand your reluctance in continuing to provide a platform for individuals who have expressed serious misgivings and reservations about Jews. And I would hate to see an otherwise excellent blog dealing with a range of important issues confronting Europe and Western societies become nothing more than an anti-Semitic tract.

        However, I am sure you understand better than most people that the issue of Jewish involvement in many of the processes of the past and current century is a genuine concern to many people – especially those who have been on the receiving end of those “processes”.

        It is no secret that anti-Semitism is one of the greatest “third rails”of contemporary political correctness. As long as Jews and their defenders are inclined to smear every criticism or negative comment on Israel and Jewish conduct and culture as “änti-Semitism” (rather than as an opportunity to explain away some misconception or conspiracy theory) they will simply be compounding the problem by forcing underground the concerns many well-meaning people have and reinforcing their doubts.

        As a Ukrainian and a Pole I am just as sick and tired as you are of references to “Ukrainian Nazis”, “collaborators”, “Polish and Ukrainian anti-Semites”, and, of course – the kind of extreme language that our pseudo-Japanese author has expressed in assessing Ukrainian readiness to re-join Europe and to see Russia only in their “rear view mirror”. You hate anti-Semitism. So do I. But I hate lies and hypocrisy even more – especially when directed against one of the most brutalized (if not the most brutalized) nationalities in Europe.

        • Mr. Baturyn —

          I am not at all averse to discussions about the over-representation of Jews in certain organizations and activities, including the Bolshevik revolutionaries and the most avid promoters of Multiculturalism. I agree with Takuan Seiyo: the taboo must be broken; these subjects are crying out to be discussed.

          A measured, careful analysis is useful, as is an overview expressed in a temperate fashion (such as yours above). But angry accusations about this or that, especially when made without including any links, are an open invitation to people whose hatred of Jews knows no bounds and goes beyond what I consider rationality. Takuan has described their mindset clearly here and in other places. I have known such people to fall into a state of incoherent extreme rage just because I state that, as a personal preference, I like Jews.

          That sort of response tells me that there is more going on than just a memory of predatory usury or the Jewish Bolsheviks who inflicted untold misery upon the Ukraine. When any reaction is that sudden and extreme, it indicates that something deeply, deeply irrational is at work.

          I also think it’s important to point out instances of Jewish over-representation in activities we all consider positive. And I don’t just mean the New York Philharmonic or the discipline of particle physics.

          Consider two examples.

          The dedicated anti-communists who support Diana West and resist the hagiography of Franklin Roosevelt include a huge proportion of Jews. In fact, both sides of the conflict — the neocons who want to keep McCarthy in the dungeon and Roosevelt on his pedestal, vs. those who want the truth about Roosevelt and Truman to be told — are largely Jewish. The latter group outnumbers the former. This contradicts the preferred narrative about Jews and socialism.

          Similarly, based on my own experience, there is a significant over-representation of Jews in the Counterjihad. This is true even in Europe, where Jews are pretty thin on the ground these days. Among the people I regularly work with the proportion of Jews is far larger than in the general population.

          But Jews are also over-represented among activists pushing for Multiculturalism and open borders. How do we reconcile these seemingly contradictory trends?

          The answer may be that Jews are over-represented in all activities dominated by intelligent and well-educated people. Wherever intellectuals are active, Jews tend to be there in large numbers.

          Now, it’s possible that Jews are more over-represented among multicultis than among Counterjihadists. Or the reverse may be true. Despite my invitation for someone to produce statistics on such matters, nobody has yet come up with figures that would demonstrate whether one or the other is true.

          In response to what I say here, I expect yet more angry vitriol directed at those evil, evil Jews who have done bad, bad things, including [insert list here]. Accompanied by yet more anecdotal accounts of the specific perfidies carried out by Jews.

          Once again, I invite you all to produce statistics indicating that the magnitude of the over-representation of Jews among communists or multicultis is greater than their proportion of the general intelligentsia of the West.

          If such evidence can be found, and the source is relatively reliable (i.e. not simply yet more unsourced assertions by people pushing an agenda), I’ll be more than happy to publish it here.

          Until then, I’ll assume what I’ve been assuming all along: the proportion of Jews in pernicious lefty activities is about the same as the proportion of them in symphony orchestras, law faculties, boards of directors of corporations, Nobel Prize-winning scientists, comedians, and best-selling authors.

          I’m open to evidence that demonstrates otherwise, but it seems to me that wherever intellectuals hang out — whether for baleful, beneficent, or neutral purposes — Jews are there in roughly the same proportion.

          By the way — I’m referring to contemporary intellectual activities. The history of the 19th and 20th century is so complex, and my knowledge of it so scanty, that I have no opinion about such matters before about 1960.

          • That is a wonderfully -put statement, Baron Bodissey, and I have no doubt that it reflects your true sentiment. To a certain extent (and I have to be honest here) it also reflects my sentiments, and – like you – I have met Jews for which I have a very high regard, and some for which I have very little. But, in almost all cases, they make for more interesting company than the average gentile.

            I strongly agree with your assertion that Jews are over-represented in “progressive”movements. And, of course, I am very aware of their strong voice in countering those movements. Mr. Seiyo’s voice is among them.

            The problem is that it is much easier to tear down than it is build up. Let me explain… risk of passing close to the third rail. Anyone who has taken the time to look at Hollywood will recognize that – almost from the very beginning of the movie industry – it has been dominated by Jews. And, yes, there have been occasional, wonderfully sublime products such as “Sound of Music'” that elevate us as human beings and challenge us to aspire for that which ennobles us. But for every such product there are a dozen that debase us or those around us. Most analysts trace the catastrophic decline in morality, the break-up of families, and the subversion of the authority of religious institutions as resulting – at least in part – from movies, songs, pornographic videos (also dominated by Jews), etc that seeps into the ether like sewage. Even Jewish rabbis have viewed this phenomenon in alarm because it has also been destructive of Jewish values.

            There are some Jews – Mike Medvedev comes to mind – who are fighting this on a daily basis. But it has been a losing one. So if – at some point in the not too distant future – we look around and we see the wonderful civilization and society that took three milennia for Europe to develop replaced by an alien and primitive one, much of that deconstruction will have resulted from the irresponsible (hopefully not intentional) decisions of people who diluted and degenerated the culture that once brought Europe to the summit. (Political and economic disasters can be mitigated but it is very hard to reconstruct cultural values and morality.) And, quite frankly, when and if there is an accounting for the catastrophe, it will be hard to argue that the 12 Jewish heads of the 15 largest Hollywood studios may not have been somewhat responsible.

            Should we “blame the Jews”? Of course not. The vast majority is preoccupied with their own careers, families, and professions. From my way of thinking, nothing is more dastardly and vile than persecution of innocent people, without regard to race or religion. But these are not the people who are prominent. Even a well-meaning individual can be excused for developing some “anti-semitic”sentiments under these circumstances.

            Getting back to Ukraine, I recall – early in Yushchenko’s administration – that the Ukrainian KGB had opened its files and made an accounting on who was in the KGB in the 30s. I don’t know the statistics for other republics, but in Ukraine 55% of the KGB were Jewish. And it was also the period of the most horrific persecution of Ukrainians by the KGB and carried over into the 40s. Regardless of how we explain it, you and I both know that the Ukrainians of the 30s and 40s could not have been enamored with their torturer or executioner. And we both know that this may have very well been part of the reason for Ukrainian eagerness to cooperate with German authorities. Without a doubt, innocent as well as guilty Jews would have been caught up in this net…..we accept this concept when the Pentagon talks of “collateral damage”, but we often fail to cut some slack in understanding that even the most controlled and righteous of individuals may have been affected by what they experienced.

            I know Ukrainians and I know Poles. There is only a very small number in each group that is truly vile and recalcitrant. The vast majority is simply seeking a fair hearing, balance, and the freedom to lay out their position. No one likes to be accused of irrational hate…..they all believe that their antipathy is justified. All that people want is to put all this behind them, but not because they are intimidated, but because there is nothing to be gained from raking over the dying embers of 60 or 70 years ago.

            Unfortunately, Mr. Seiyo, without realizing the passions he was unleashing, decided to rake over those ashes one more time. I was at the Maidan and I can honestly say that the symbols of OUN and UPA were “honored”only in that those organizations were demonized by Soviet authorities as the greatest of evils, and it represented the most recent struggle for Ukrainian independence. And just as every nationality takes pride in even its checkered heritage, Ukrainians look to the OUN and UPA as heroes and discount references of some of their outrages as Soviet propaganda. And, indeed, starting in 1943 and continuing for 8 years thereafter, the UPA was the last remaining military force of World War II that has the distinction – despite its beginnings – of having taken on both the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. All other powers cooperated with one or the other.

            To attempt to equate the current, entirely peaceful solidarity of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians aghast at the last-minute reversal from Europe to Russia and the thuggish tactics of the government’s bullies, with approval of outrages against Jews and Poles two generations earlier is a calumny that cries for justice.

            Some express their pain in terms that may appear troubling to you, but I can assure you that a reasoned dialogue and a willingness to be even-handed in the allocation of “guilt” can go very far to allay your concerns. As I had noted in prior comments, the numbers and nature of activities of self-identified Jews in the USSR is not something of which the Jewish community should be proud. The moment that they meet the families and friends of many of their victims on an ëven basis, with the willingness to acknowledge fault on both sides and with the resolve that they would never countenance a repetition, will be the moment when Jews will no longer have to worry about anti-semitism in Eastern Europe.

          • OK, the 55% figure is the sort of fact that we are interested in looking at.

            Now please cite a source for it — a specific one, either a website or the details of a printed source, including enough publication information so that someone who is interested can find it in a library or historical archive. In French, German, or English if possible, so that a substantial number of our readers will be able to understand it and evaluate it.

      • Dear Baron,

        I never meant to venture into the field of “Eeeevil Joooos,” far be it from me. All I meant was to augument Saiyo’s rather vague and ambiguous statement about the Kresy Poles not “being in love” with their neighbors, the Kresy Jews — by adding a little known, in English historiography, fact about the latter collaboration with the Soviets.

        But you have chosen to extrapolate my statement (to a # of Jewish doctors, lawyers… in the pre-war Poland, etc), a rather unfair rhetorical device to try to make a fool/villan of your interlocutor.

        I only wrote about the Kresy Jews and the majority of them behaving in an unsavory ways in 1939-1941.

        Do you speak Polish? A number of memoirs from that time, some lectures of Polish historians. E.g., Jan Chodakiewicz (a “controversial” historian according to APLC), his book here:

        A video w/ prof. Chodakiewicz: Polish-Jewish Relations 1944-1947

        Other supplementary sources:
        Hannah Arendt

        Emanuel Ringelblum:


        Oh, yes, this is your blog and you can do whatever you wish with any comment submitted. No question. Perhaps I was to fast to use the word “censorship.” I apologise.

        • No, unfortunately I don’t understand Polish. I have to rely on Green Infidel, Takuan Seiyo, JP, and other Poles to do the translating for me.

  37. People who want to go AP’s way are well advised to read my P.S.2 above, for I can adapt that comment specifically to the Polish, Hungarian (see film “Sunshine” with Ralph Fiennes), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Croatian or any other circumstances, with citations, photos, scholarly works etc. This has nothing to do with being on the side of Jews — I support in Poland the anti-Soros, anti-“Open Society”/”Round Table”/Progressive (and significantly Jewish) factions as I do similar trends in America — but insisting on pegging the truth where it is, regardless of who is inconvenienced by it. Lying, exaggerating, inverting the facts of history is most injurious to them who do it, for it deprives them of the understanding of the circular ways of history, and therefore makes it impossible to combat the current madness that’s the polar antithesis of the earlier madness.


    • Re Takuan’s 2nd Postscriptum:

      A Jewish friend to whom I sent this comment thinks that it exaggerates the number of Russian Jews who were in the Soviet communist party and “conflates social democracy with communism.” He thinks that this Wiki article is fairly accurate. I include the link for any who might be interested.

      • I did not mean to imply that a third of the Jews in thePale of Settlement became members of the Communist Party and if I have, that is inadvertent, due to hastiness. What I meant is that the third that was secular and committed to staying there preferred the Soviet state over the Romanov monarchy. There were several degrees of welcome: for most it was just a lesser degree of evil, the commies being far less anti-Semitic than the Russian Empire had been. Only a minority of that one third had the strong ideological motivation that made them join the Communist Party, let alone to climb its ranks.

        The same calculus applies during the 1939 -45 period, and is the underlying theme in arguments with some Ukrainian and one Polish nationalist here. It is true that quite a number of Jews wlecomed the Soviets invading the Polish Borderlands in 1939, and then returning to Poland and those other areas in 1945. Not because they were all Communist but because the knew the commies would persecute, beat and kill them less than their Ukrainian, Belorussian, Lithuanian and to a far lesser but still significant degree, Polish rural neighbors had during German occupation and before too.

        The Slavs and Baltics in those areas had the opposite calculus: horrible though the Germans were, they would persecute them less than the Soviets had in 1939 -41. Hence they welcomed the German incursion in 1941.

        A thorny double-bind, hence my position that the universal and absolute prejudice against and maligning of Jews by White Nationalists is a very rough boomerang based only in part on facts, and it may drive not just a plurality but all Jews into the multiculti Rainbow camp, out of fear of White majorities. It’s a chicken and egg situation, just as it was in the Borderlands in ’39 -’44. What contemporary anti-Semites do is not only a moral but also a tactical error, because of the indiscriminates of their attitudes and allegations.

    • Takuan Seiyo on December 24, 2013 at 12:09 am said:
      “People who want to go AP’s way …”

      Gosh, Seiyo, for Jove’s sake — what is this “AP’s way?” Most confused. I will add that I always “admired” those dead-sure interpreters of other people thoughts and intentions. Rings a bell? It should.

      It happens quite often that people come out very strong (dogmatic?) in their writings, while in private life they are very polite and unassuming about others. I hope you’re one of them. No bones with your article. See here: AP on December 26, 2013 at 10:10 pm said:
      (a typo there: “augument” should be “augment” of course.)

  38. Ukranians endured genocide at the hands of Soviet regime and Red Army. There is no wonder there was huge support for Hitler. Germans were perceived as liberators. It’s that simple.
    There are absolutely no grounds to associate Euro-maidan (or however it is spelled) with something more than desire of a nation to distance itself from a long time oppressor (even from historical perspective it might be not entirely correct). People just want a better prospect for their lives, for the lives of their children. They are tired of soviet legacy and want out. Really out.
    To think of them as neo-nazi or something is stupid.

    • It was not only Ukrainians who suffered from Stalin, but all the peoples of the USSR, including Russians. It is also wrong to blame only Russians for Stalinist atrocities. Let us not forget that Soviet leadership was multiethnic from its first days. Stalin himself was an ethnic Georgian, Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the KGB – an ethnic Pole, Beriya, the worst of Stalin’s hangmen – a Georgian, Sverdlov, the first head of the Soviet Government – an ethnic Jew. This list can be prolonged indefinitely. That is one thing.

      The other, more important thing, is what will Ukraine get if she joins the EU? To answer this question, it is enough to look at what happened to such new EU members as Bulgaria or Romania. Or the Baltic States, that are quietly dying out, their young and active population deserting them. The old EU has also seen better times. Greece is now in a disastrous situation. Other countries are better off, however, if you visit Italy or Spain and talk to people there you will see that they are not overhappy what with high unemployment, other economic difficulties, and all sorts of demographic and cultural problems. Portuguese are leaving their country en masse in search of a better life. Why should Ukraine fare any better?

      The EU is not a charity organisation, it will not step in to save your ecomony, it will just take what it needs from you. And do not forget that the EU is becoming increasingly totalitarian. It will force you to follow quite a few bitter pills imposing its rules and regulations which you will not always like to follow.

      If you want to enter the EU you should do so with open eyes. Otherwise you are in for a big deception.

  39. Why can’t the Ukraine just be its OWN country…and stay OUT of the USSR-WEST, the EU?
    Too weak or WHAT?

  40. It may well be, and it seems reasonable to suppose, that the “Jewish factor” in any or all of the different historical contexts in which it is presumed to be relevant, is explained and dissolved away by two general considerations:

    1) Jews behaving in opportunistic ways in situations where they are (or are reasonably forced to assume they are) faced with “two devils” to choose from. In this respect, Jews are no different from any other people or group.

    2) Jews doing #1 in remarkably adroit and intelligent fashion, such that they seem to distinguish themselves with more talent at doing #1 than other people or groups seem capable of. This #2 is, of course, tendentious, and requires evidence to substantiate, and substantiation will never perfectly immunize the claim from a subjective and relative interpretation of the data.

    Nevertheless, there is wiggle room for entertaining #2 seriously, and the way to dissolve the “Jewish problem” in this respect is to locate this “talent” in Jewish culture, as a way to survive and navigate as a self-designated Outsider in any given society; where the remarkable ability to do so is simply chalked up to an anthropological mystery — neither commending, nor condemning, Jews for some putative ontological or biological or even existential blessing or curse. This may not satisfy those who need gnostic certitude (and then run with it to either of two extremes), but it will have to do. Directly related to this, we can blame those Jews who are talented purveyors of PC MC — but only for their talent in this regard, not for their motives or damage they cause, and thus no more or less than we would blame the millions of Christians who in our time also purvey PC MC (and the various Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, New Agers, etc., who also do their part to keep PC MC dominant and mainstream in our time). The opportunism one may find and document among Jewish Dhimmis in the history of the millenial Islamic War against the West (a 1300-year-long World War still unrecognized by the West even as it now escalates and metastasizes under our noses) is thus no different than that of Christian Dhimmis, except for a je ne sais quoi quality of “talent” — a je ne sais quoi which to call “Jewish” too often invites the temptation of an aforementioned gnostic certitude (and its attendant speculations which lead to conspiracy theory). In this regard, the one peculiarly Jewish peccadillo, perhaps, manifests itself in our time as an irrational extrapolation of mistrust bordering on paranoia (confused with a conceit of wry realism) whereby Muslims, and the Islamic rule they may portend in this coming century, may be deemed by some Jews to be preferrable to that of “Christians” and their supposed “rule” of (or as) the modern West. To unduly magnify this peccadillo would be to verge into conspiracy theory; to unduly minimize it under the auspices of an Antisemiticophobic spasm, would be to irrationally delimit our perception of one small field of the facts, neither of overarching moment, nor on the other hand, negligible. Navigating between these two extremes is a gingerly enterprise, to be sure; but success will be helped by keeping our eye on the ball: Islam and all Muslims are the problem and the danger, and one is either part of the solution, or part of the problem.

    • The anthropological mystery is no longer so as it was “explained” in a recondite theory of a mother’s milk Antisemite who is also a bona fide, erudite academic, Kevin MacDonald. It’s all group evolutionary strategy, see, culminating in a perfected , eternal blood-sucking and debilitating parasite on the body of Whitedom. The Outgroup worming its way in and acting as an Ingroup in order to suck the marrow of the hapless goy and spit out the dry husk.

      The issue is, are we discussing Jews and Jewish-Gentile matters pre-1950 (going back to 100 AD) or post-1950? I go far contra accusers and maligners of Jews in pre-1950 matters, and similarly far contra their defenders in post-1950 matters. What we saw in the old era was a natural reaction to murder, persecution and purposefully inflicted misery — it’s those we have to expose and peg truthfully before we complain against any misdeeds by Jews, and even then we have to speak truthfully about those misdeeds. On the other hand, to call the atttitudes and political activitiest of the last two Jewish generations a pecadillo and say Anglos or Dutch do it too, is too light. The Obama pest for instance is a Jewish Golem pretty much entirely, in every stage of his career. That alone I am unable to forgive, and there are many other such things.

      It’s a deep and destructive psychosis now that precludes any rational Jewish analysis of what’s “better for the Jews” — living in a White, culturally-Christian society, or living in a Rainbow pastiche creeping toward Islamization. That alone pulls the rug from MacDonald’s “group evolutionary strategy” theory, and there are additional corners where the rug is so pulled.

      Anyway, Jews were are just a side topic in the above article, yet as is the case in all circumstances where any aspect of the JQ is as much as dangled, it comnpletely engulfed the comments section.

  41. You have a point when you write that Jews suffered a lot at the hands of Polish, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian nationalists. In fact, Germans often used units consisting of non- Germans to do the dirtiest work. (And not only against Jews. E.g., many the population of many Belarusian villages was burnt alive by Nazi units that consisted of non-Germans.)

    • BTW, this photo of Asiatic looking people in Wehrmacht uniforms is purported to be of Volga Tatars:,_Nordfrankreich,_Turkmenische_Freiwillige.jpg. They too had a case against the Soviets and one cannot condemn them for it nor would I Ukrainians. I would not have dragged even the genocidal activities that those German-affiliated Ukrainian units engaged in, for even that is not unique and occured in Croatia, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia too. The only reason to talk about the Ukrainian case now is the outsize scale of magnitude, its celebration, and its having been absorbed into the core of the Ukrainian national identity.

  42. Baron Bodissey, in you post of 26 December you noted that “the 55% figure is the sort of fact that we (you) are interested in” and that you would welcome citations of a specific sources. In my readings I came across material that substantially collaborates the 55% that Boris Baturin had mentioned. However, I am not sure if he had in mind the source I am about to cite.
    The source is a book by Sergei Semanov, The Russian Club: Why the Jews Will Not Win. Algoritm Publisher, Moscow, 2012, translated and edited by Dan Michaels. Between pages 169-179 Semanov lists and scrupulously analyses the names and ethnicity of 37 NKVD generals. I cite:
    “Seventy years ago people only knew one name, that of the bloody head of the NKVD Yagoda. Born Enokh Gershevich Leguda, [in Rybinsk into a Jewish family]. he later changed his name to Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda The NKVD, which Yagoda headed from 1934 to 1936, imprisoned in gulags and executed millions of Russians [and Ukrainians.]
    In November 1935 NKVD agents were assigned military ranks, like those in the Red Army. Yagoda, the head of the NKVD, was the only official to receive the highest SS (State Security) rank of marshal-general, the others received “general” ranks, i.e., SS Commissar of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ranks.
    Semanov lists the names of the 36 individuals who initiated and conducted the Great Purge from 1936 to 1938. He identifies and describes each of them and indeed the majority were Jews or of Jewish origin. Semanov also noted that by 1941 only two of the original purgers (both Georgians) still remained alive and Stalin was at liberty to replace the NKVD leadership with Beria’s Georgian mafia.
    The names of the 36 individuals appear at:
    Of the original 37 NKVD generals of 1935, the enforcers of Communism, 19 were Jews, 10 were Russians, 4 Latvians, 2 Poles, and 2 Georgians. In percentages, Jews represented 51% of the total complement, while Russians made up 27%. At the same time, during this period in Soviet history, Jews constituted less than 2% of the total population of the USSR while Russians, including Ukrainians and White Russians, made up more than 80% of the population.

    • Roman —

      This is excellent. Thank you.

      It’s exactly what I was hoping for: well-sourced facts, presented in a straightforward manner.

      Now all we need are parallel statistics for Jews who played roles in institutions and activities that are generally considered positive. Unfortunately, such activities in the Ukraine in the 1930s might be hard to document.

      Maybe someone could research the percentage of, say, Jewish surgeons in Polish hospitals during that period. That might provide a rough analogue. Or Jewish symphony musicians, or physics professors. And so on.

      Percentages such as those would help us figure out whether “bad” Jews were represented among the leaders of the NKVD in a higher percentage than “good” Jews were in other professions that attract intellectuals.

      The key thing to remember in all this is that Communism was (and is) a brain disease confined mainly to intellectuals. People of mediocre mental ability are far less likely to be attracted to Socialism, Multiculturalism, environmental radicalism, and various other forms of mental illness that afflict well-educated high-IQ people.

      It’s one of the reasons I keep saying that intelligence is overrated.

  43. Baron- I am not quite sure whether I had managed to get the SBU(Ukrainian KGB files) link to you before my computer crashed. Please let me know whether you received it.

  44. Boris —

    Do you mean here in the comments? Or by email?

    I don’t think any comment came in. However, Roman left a very interesting reference with the same information, just above.

  45. Baron –

    PS- If you are interested, I can also send you the link to the Hebrew University demographer who concluded – in 2003 – that Chmelnytski’s pogrom against Jews resulted in 18,000 – 20,000 casualties……not the 200,000 – 300,000 that is often quoted. I can also send you a link to the excerpt in the “Jewish Encyclopedia”that recognizes that Chmelnitsky’s Cossacks were reacting to exploitation by Jewish lease-holders acting as intermediaries for Polish nobles in extracting taxes and fees from Ukrainian serfs, meting out “justice”, etc.

    None of this is meant as an indictment of Jews….this happened over 3 centuries ago at a time when serfdom was common and exploitation was the norm. But it IS meant to defend the character and integrity of Ukrainians who have – for much too long – been depicted as blood-thirsty anti-semites and killers and who have often been handicapped by powerful Jewish interests from asserting their national rights.

    • Just leave the links here, so that all interested readers may access the sources. Then the distributed intelligence of our readership can check them for credibility, accuracy, etc., and weigh in with responses if need be.

    • Boris —

      Your comment with the link got flagged as spam. I just rescued it; it’s here now.

    • My interest is not so much in the Chmelnytski pogrom of Jews as it is in the Chmelnytski pogrom of Poles and all other non-Ukrainian minorities (Including Jews) in the Ukraine, plus the free hand he gave to his Islamic barbarian allies to take tens if not hundreds of thousands of white Christians into yasyr, to be sold mostly at the slave market in Istanbul. Besides, you’d be mistaken to think that a Hebrew U. scholar is necessarily impartial or pro-Jewish relative to Jews and their history. Appartently you don’t know enough about rabid Jewish Marxists of the kind Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein are. Please, no ping-pong game with you lobbying back a ping-pong ball in return to a volleyball I just served…. it just wastes time.

  46. Re: Whitewashing comments

    There are thousands of Jew-haters who devote their entire lives to poring over books and monographs written by their predecessor Jew-haters, and then dumping an avalanche of “‘facts” and “figures” on those whose main interest in life Jews and the relative history are not, whether pro or con. Such thick blankets consist of true strands interwoven with many more false ones, and it takes a great and impartial expert to separate between the two.

    Sometimes, this voluminous dumping is done by patriotic members of an ethny that has a bad international name, in an understandable bid to clear that name. The patriotic motivation removes any screen of objectivity, resulting in a stream of propaganda presented as fact, and so imposing on those receiving the lob the task of deflecting it.

    This is exactly what is being done to the tight daytime schedules and sleeping hours of the writer of the above article and the editor who posted it, and it’s becoming extremely tiresome. I will therefore post here one more, last time, and then leave the field to the true zealots of the other side to ply their trade unopposed.

    Let’s start from the authoritatively quoted source of Sergei Semanov and his “51%” allegation. A one-minute Internet search on Semanov leads me to an article written about him in perhaps the most Antisemitic highbrow publication in the world: The Occidental Observer. In that article Semanov is being quoted as having written “I tried to translate Marxism from the Hebrew to Russian,” and having stated that Felix Dzerzhinsky, the patron saint of Lubyanka and the Soviet secret police, “was the product of a Russian-hating Polish-Jewish background.” Another beaut: The current Russophobic West is “controlled by Masonic and Zionist financial circles.”

    As to Marx, he was a product of an assimilated Christian-convert family. He hated Jews and Hebrew. Not only that: Marx was highly Euro-cultured, enamored of the Greek and Latin classics. And he had a partner-in-crime, Friedrich Engels, who I am not aware ever attended the Hebrew shul. To top it off, it wasn’t Marx who invented Marxism; he merely grafted German-Hegelian ideas onto 18th century decidedly non-Hebrew Europeans like Robert Owen and a long string of Frenchmen like Proudhon, Fourier and many Jacobins.

    Dzerzhinsky was a Polish nobleman preparing in his youth for a Jesuit novitiate — neither class being known for its high inclusivity of Jews. As to the West being controlled by “Masonic and Zionist financial circles” haven’t we read it before in … well, yes, another Russian source of impeccable integrity: “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Besides, even with respect to the true Jewish components of those “financial circles” — I would like to see Soros’s face if someone called him “Zionist.”

    So much for the worthiness of Roman’s 50-line comment and GoV’s 20-line reply. It’s all tiresome noise with adrenaline-bolstered prejudice stealing time from those who can ill-afford the sacrifice. Imagine what I could do with Semanov if I had more than one minute to give to the research.

    BTW, the book on this subject that I respect, Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together,” although devoid of any malignancy suffers from the same syndrome of wanting so much to whiten Czarist Russia that it relies on tainted sources. Richard Pipes has written about it, and Wikipedia cites other sources of criticism including an analysis showing that Solzhenitsyn took at face value the Antisemitic pseudo-historian Andrey Dikyi relative to Dikyi’s inflated statistical data of Jewish participation in early Soviet government and its security apparatus.

    I quote from a comprehensive Wikipedia entry on Jewish Bolshevism:

    “According to figures provided by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, there was a total of 49,991 Cheka operatives as of 1 October 1921: 38,648 Russians, 4,564 Jews, 1,770 Latvians, 1,559 Ukrainians, 886 Poles, 315 Germans, 186 Lithuanians, 152 Estonians, 102 Armenians, and 1,808 from other ethnic groups.[55] The Cheka’s Board of thirteen functionaries was composed of three Russians (Kedrov, Ksenofontov, and Mantsev), three Jews (Messing, Unszlicht, and Yagoda), two Latvians (Latsis and Peters), two Poles (Dzerzhinsky and Menzhinsky), one Ukrainian (Bokiy), one Belarusian (Medved), and one Armenian (Avanesov).[55]
    The ethnic breakdown for mid-level and upper-level officials of the OGPU leadership (the Cheka’s successor agency in the 1920s) for 15 November 1923 consists of 54 Russians, 15 Jews, 12 Latvians, 10 Poles, and 4 others.[55]
    Of the 2,402 functionaries in the central apparatus of the OGPU as of 1 May 1924, there were 204 Jews, 1,670 Russians, 208 Latvians, 90 Poles, 80 Belarusians, and 80 Ukrainians, with functionaries from other ethnic groups the remaining 3.5%.[55]”

    Way out of proportion, true. I therefore don’t understand why all these people feel such a compelling need to grossly exaggerate beyond that, to lie or to accept lies at face value. The truth is damning enough. Yagoda himself is damning enough, and there were at least ten Jewish-communist malefactors of his kind in the top Soviet echelon, and more so in Hungary, Poland, Ukraine etc. But no, it’s not enough to cite Yagoda; they have to have Beria, Lenin and Hitler as Jews too. Curiously, the same people never refer to Joshua ben Joseph, his mother Miriam, his brothers, father, disciples and apostles as Jews.

    Lastly, even when discussing the damning part of the truth, one must be open to acknowledge the evil chicken that laid the evil egg. When Eastern European “patriots” of all kinds learn to do that, I’ll be the first to want to talk more about and condemn the egg.

    • It’s unfortunate that you have not learned a little humility from the storm you created in defaming a nation and in misrepresenting the intent and character of the people at the Euro-maidan.

      The problem for anyone trying to unravel truth from fiction on any issue dealing with Jews or Israel is that such information – if published at all – can only be found in marginal publications that can readily be discredited by some allegedly “more credible”study. There are very few historians or scholars (and even fewer publishers) who will risk their careers in offering reports and drafts that are not flattering of Jews. As I have stated previously, there are certain “sacred cows”, supported by vast power and influence, and even protected by law that are the equivalent of a third rail…..if you touch it, it will silence, discredit, or destroy you. Only those who have a great deal of independent wealth or who find it impossible to live a lie will risk touching that “sacred cow”of which Jews, Israel, and Anti-Semitism is one of the largest.

      Consider, for example, how flippantly you have dismissed the possibility of a Jewish scholar at a respected Israeli University offering a rigorous demographic study of Jewish victims of Chmelnytsky’s Uprising. The numbers don’t fit your preconceived notion of the Cossacks, so you immediately set a basis for discrediting the researcher. Well – go ahead – here’s the link:

      It should be no surprise that only those who are truly passionate in finding the truth or in vindicating the honor of their nation or national heroes will take on this challenge, and the mere fact that they do, and delve in depth on those matters will make them easy targets as being obsessed or prejudiced. You already have begun the process in your note above in disputing the 51%. Well, as I stated before, 51% is an error, the actual KGB records show that 66% of the KGB in Ukraine in the 30s and 40s were Jewish. I suspect the next step is to get Wiesenthal and Forman to pressure the amenable and very corruptible Ukrainian authorities to remove the documents.

      I think it is you who are obsessed and passionate. I suspect that very few of the writers above have spent as much time as you in reading obscure web-sites by some Polish group that still yearns for restoration of Lwow and Galicia. Fortunately most Poles and Ukrainians do not read the Torah and do not agree that justice demands retribution until the 3rd and 4th generation. When Ukrainians or Poles rebut Jewish attacks on them by pointing out that Jews, themselves, were major contributors to the largest killing machine ever constructed, and one which cost millions of East European and Soviet-occupied lives, they do so not with the intent of retribution but with the intent that Jews understand that they have created much of the distrust and dislike that has haunted them so many thousands of years in every country into which they migrated. Even the ancient Roman emperors, unchallenged masters of the then known world, expressed concern about Jewish influence in their city and among their elite.

      Don’t you think it is time – rather than suppressing criticism and positioning yourselves as blameless victims – that you face up to your own flawed history? Surveys in the US indicate time and time again that you are still hyper-ventilating over Christian evangelicals when, in fact, they are prepared (perhaps the only ones who are prepared) to get into the trenches with you? Perhaps that legendary Jewish “kopf”is so full of itself that it remains – as it has always been – it’s own worst enemy?

  47. Not sure how OT this is, but the Russian composer Shostakovich quoted Jewish themes to show solidarity with his Jewish compatriots, simultaneously making coded (but brave) criticisms of Soviet repression in general*. In the first part of his Thirteenth Symphony, “Babi Yar” (1962), on verses of Yevtushenko, poet and composer identify with Dreyfus and Anne Frank, and appeal to Russians’ “innate” internationalism (which of course was official communist dogma); nevertheless between the 1st (Dec ’62) and 2nd (Feb ’63) performances additional lines were inserted, praising the Soviet Union’s role in defeating fascism.

    *The Eleventh Symphony (1956-7) ostensibly commemorates the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution, but is entitled “The Year 1905” and depicts the Tsarist troops’ brutal suppression of a peaceful protest; perfectly politically correct, but this was just after the invasion of Hungary. No wonder Shostakovich was a chain smoker!

    • Makes me happy you know this. On the other hand Aram Khachaturian was a true-believer commie. The utopian allure of this ideology was so strong that people not only disregarded the terror and misery but killed themselves out of grief for Communism’s demise. I have a CD set of all nine Beethoven symphonies with the Dresden Philharmoniuc (in commie times) under the baton of Herbert Kegel. Quite good, but I’d never heard of Kegel so I read the liner notes. The demise of Osti-Communism depressed him so much he committed suicide in 1990.

  48. Baron Bodissey-

    Now that the morning sun has broken through the remaining haze of gunpowder smoke, and the sounds of cannonades in the “blood lands” has died down I want to take my hat off to you before I leave the field of battle – bloodied a bit (just a scratch) but still standing (and armed).

    You are the true hero of this skirmish among the various parties who are seeking historical truth and disputing some of its darker moments. Christ said: “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God”. Well, I know that the hardest part in any fight is that of the referee who must give every one a fair shot while, at the same time, preventing a brawl. You have succeeded in doing so and, I believe, have brought the fighters together more than is immediately apparent.

    If you have ever seen a fight between two men over some deeply felt issue, you would have noted a remarkable outcome: at the end of the fight they shake hands and go off and have a beer together. Had they NOT fought the fight their anger and passion would have continued to fester. By your careful, unobtrusive, but resolute mediation you have managed to keep the fight fair and honest and most (if not all) participants are better for it. That is a peacemaker.

    Let me also add that I agree with our Samurai protagonist more often than not and I find his critiques and analyses to be both refreshing and insightful. But after a string of home runs he is entitled to an occasional strike. His effort to discover a “story behind the story”of the Euromaidan was one such strike and much of his support for his “story”was superficial and stretched. It was even worse when he concluded his “story” by denigrating a whole nation and finding fault because they honored blemished heroes. The only truly unblemished heroes in the history of mankind have been Jesus Christ and his Mother – but each nation still honors others. I suspect that the Founding Fathers of Israel – whose memory will be honored for centuries – may have bloodied a head or two before hundreds of thousands of peaceful residents of British Palestine decided to relocate from lands they occupied for centuries. But I won’t hold it against the Israelis for honoring their Founding Fathers and airbrushing away “ïnconvenient truths”.

    The simple reality, in the case of Ukraine, was that its World War II national heroes and partisans did not enjoy the benefits of state-sponsored logistics, deliberations, intelligence reports, etc. They were always a rogue military force chased and suppressed by two of the most powerful military machines in the world: the Nazis and the Bolsheviks…..with an occasional helping hand from Polish auxiliaries. The French “collaborated” by simply lying down without a fight. . The Ukrainians “collaborated” by first joining the Germans and then turning against them. As between the two, who has the greater right to be part of Europe?

    The Western allies “collaborated”with the Bolsheviks by supplying them with all they needed to fight the Nazis and then ceding Eastern Europe to them (including hundreds of thousands of “repatriated” victims) . The Ukrainians “collaborated” by continuing their lonely fight against the Bolsheviks six years after everyone else went home. As between Europe and Ukraine, who has the greater right to sit in judgment of worthiness in joining Western civilization? When you add to that the incontrovertible fact that many – if not most – of Ukraine’s visible tormentors were Jewish and (in prior decades and centuries) had been Poles, what are Mr. Seiyo’s expectations – that Ukrainians will link hands with Poles, Jews, and Russians and sing “Kumbaya”?

    ‘Thank you, Baron, for providing a (rare) platform for all sides to express both their viewpoints and their passions. Perhaps we can all now start the New Year with a better understanding and greater tolerance for each other. You have done wondrous work in making that happen. If you ever happen to be in the DC area, do let me know. We’ll go listen to some bluegrass, eat some good country ham, have a couple of shots of cognac, and discuss the very grave issues that face all of us – Jew and gentile alike.

    • Bravo, sir. For the time you spent putting together a cogent analysis. And for your recognition of the peacemaking role the Baron has maintained. I see what it costs him sometimes but he is lashed to the mainmast at this point, determined to ride out the storm. I do envy his tenacity and integrity.

      Few of us have the fortitude to be peacemakers.

  49. To: Baron and Tekuan,
    There is not much I can add to Boris Baturin’s comments on this topic except to say that I wish I had but a fraction of his ability to write so cogently and eloquently. And your moderation of this sensitive issue is to be commended. Let me also add that I am a fan of Tekuan Seiyo’s contributions. I especially enjoyed his series The Bee and the Lamb parts 7 through 10. I completely share his views and on multiculturalism, post-modernism, Foucault, Derrida, the threat of Islam to Western culture etc. His writing on these topics is at times is brilliant. That is his forte; Polish, Jewish, Ukrainian relations are not.
    That said, I completely share Boris’s displeasure at Tekuan’s attempt to find “story behind the story” of the Euromaidan and turn it into a gratuitous, misleading and ill informed ‘hit piece’ on Ukrainians, their history and nation. And that is what puzzles me.
    Let me begin by recollecting a personal anecdote from the 2004 Orange revolution. While at Boryspil Airport I came across a large group of young and older Polish individuals who came to Kyiv to support the revolution. As I am fluent in Polish I began to talk to them and thank them for supporting Ukraine in their moment of need. I was overjoyed, even ecstatic that they had come to show solidarity with Ukrainians. The moment was extremely emotional and brought tears to my eyes and theirs (real tears of joy). I realized that after all these years of bad relations between our people the moment of reconciliation and forgiveness had come.
    I have to confess that during the 1930s my family had suffered under the Polish fascist regime of Pilsudski. My father paid a heavy price. He was incarcerated in the Polish concentration camp at Bereza Kartuzka because the authorities considered him a threat to security, peace and social order of the Polish regime. BTW, the great majority of scholars, including Timothy Snyder, Norman Davies and Volodymyr Kubijovych, say it was unquestionably a concentration camp but I am veering off the subject.
    My question to you, Takuan, is to what end are you trying to inflame old hatreds when, despite an ugly past, it is clear that a modicum of common ground has been found? The Poles have been and continue to be the most ardent supporters of Ukraine’s integration into Europe as evidenced by Kwasniewski’s attempt to persuade the criminal and thug Yanukovich to change his mind. No such rapprochement has been reached with the Russians who are still set on bringing Ukraine into their sphere of influence despite the clear objection of the majority of Ukrainians.
    Back to Seiyo’s piece. Tekuan opened with a quote by Czech correspondent whose lines come right out the old KGB playbook. ”The descendants of those who in 1941 crossed over to the side of Hitler, served in the occupation police force, executed Jews in the Babi Yar massacre, fought in the ranks of SS Division “Galicia,” carried out the ethnic cleansing of Poles via the gangs of Bandera, shot and slaughtered Ukrainians, Russians, Slovaks, Belarusians, Poles, Jews . . .
    I was taken aback by two things: First, that Tekuan was not astute enough to realize that for ages this has been, word for word, Moscow KGB line, and secondly, that he seems to have swallowed this version — line, hook and sinker without so much as a burp. For years identical lines have been used by Moscow to create enmity between Jews and Ukrainian as a way to squash / discredit any attempt of Ukraine’s quest for independence. The communists were very adept at creating strife between nationalities. This is evident from numerous memoirs of Ukrainian and Jewish survivors of the Gulag, Leonind Pliushch, Nathan Sharansky, Avraam Shifrin among those I knew personally and my uncle a Kolyma survivor — who are about as rare as survivors of Aushchwitz. But I digress.
    These lines of the Czech correspondent come from the same people who denied the Holodomor of 1932/33 saying that if there was a famine in Ukraine it was caused by bad weather, a line repeated by Western academics sympathetic to the Soviet Union ad nauseam. Even today the Russians still claim that the famine was Union wide, never mind that the only area in Russia where people starved en masse was Kuban, which was majority Ukrainian speaking, descendants of the original Ukrainian Cossacks. [The only exception was Kazakhstan where a million perished due to forced resettlement and collectivization]. It took eighty years after the tragedy for the world to learn of the extent of the genocide, one of the 20th century’s worst atrocities surpassed only by Mao’s great leap, and for facts to come to light.
    Now I’d like to respond to Tekuan’s attempt to discredit “Sergei Semanov and his “51%,” as anti-Semitic and unworthy of consideration. He cavalierly dismisses this fact as “so much for the worthiness of Roman’s 50-line comment and GoV’s 20-line reply.”
    Are you implying Tekuam that Semanov falsified the list? If you have evidence to prove otherwise I’d be interested in seeing it. There’s nothing worse than discrediting a source by innuendo – “perhaps the most Anti-Semitic highbrow publication in the world.” That may or may not be true, but are his facts correct?
    Labeling things as anti-Semitic has been so overused that it has lost much of its sting in many quarters. It is the equivalent of calling a Libertarian or a Tea Party adherent a racist because he/she disagrees with Obama’s progressive socialist policies.
    I suspect that the Semanov’s list is accurate and appears to be in line with the revelations of the Ukrainian KGB at
    The only difference between Semanov ’s 51% and the 66% cited by Boris is that Semanov list of NKVD general is for the Soviet Union in the 1930s as a whole, whereas Boris’s citation is for Ukraine only. In case you don’t read Ukrainian below I translate the relevant section.
    V. Zolotarov
    Національність. Національний склад найвищого керівництва НКВС
    The composition of the highest ranks of NKVD by nationality:
    Jewish: 67% (rounded from 66.67)
    Russians 14%
    Ukrainians 7%
    Latvians – 3%
    Poles 2%
    Belarusians 1%
    Nationality unknown 6%

    At the same time the ethnic composition of residents of Ukraine was:
    75% – Ukrainian
    8% – Russian
    6.5% – Jewish
    6% – Polish
    1.5% – German
    2% – Other
    Отже, ні про яку українізацію органів держбезпеки, про що стверджують деякі російські дослідники, мова йти не може.
    Therefore, there can be no talk of Ukrainization of the security organs as some Russian researchers maintain.
    Moreover, Zolotarov examines the higher ranks of the NKVD by age, social origins and status and education. Finally the analysis includes 144 endnotes and citations which I will spare you.
    What Takuan cites from a comprehensive Wikipedia entry on Jewish Bolshevism shows the total cadres of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in 1921 – apples and oranges.
    there was a total of 49,991 Cheka operatives as of 1 October 1921: 38,648 Russians, 4,564 Jews, 1,770 Latvians, 1,559 Ukrainians, 886 Poles, 315 Germans, 186 Lithuanians, 152 Estonians, 102 Armenians, and 1,808 from other ethnic groups.
    Two things to note: the year is 1921 and it includes members of the security services of all ranks for Russia only. No relation whatsoever to statistics as presented by the Ukrainian KGB and/or Semanov.
    Finally, Takuan you say that the book on this subject that you respect is Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together.” I have the book but I only perused it and I would tend to agree with you. I do plan to get around to reading it. You are aware of course that – I cite – this two-volume work on the history of Russian-Jewish relations came out in 2001/2002. The book stirred controversy and is viewed by many historians (a very very narrow circle of reviewers who actually read Russian) as unreliable in both factual data and ideological approach, as well as anti-Semitic. The book was published in French and German in 2002-2003 but never appeared in the USA, in English. Pray tell, Tekuan, why after twelve years such an important book has never been translated into English?
    In closing I’d like to reiterate that I really liked your series The Lamb and the Bee. Better you stick to those topics than venture into areas where you have only marginal exposure and knowledge. Boris is right, no one can hit homeruns every day.

    • Since it appears that Mr. TS is no longer inclined to pursue the unfortunate line of thought he started, if there should be a stray reader who understands Ukrainian, I would urge that he or she listen directly to the leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement and decide for himself whether this is the sort of man (and his movement) that should be denied admission to Europe, or whether Ukraine represents the very heart and soul of Europe.

  50. Regarding the existential threat to the survival of Western Christian civilization, it is troubling to suggest that Western Christians should weigh the positive contributions of a particular set of people with the negative contributions of that same set of people – be they Muslims or Jews – when it is the ideology or group identity that is the danger and that may need to be banned. P.S. Atheists and Satanists would argue this point about Christianity needing to be banned – a banning that is actively occurring in the Christian West.

    If the positive and negative groups – be they Muslims or Jews – are following and advancing the same ideology, but the positive set saves lives while the negative set destroys Western Christian civilization (including the civilization experienced by the positive set), what difference would it make that the positive set – be they Muslims or Jews – were “equal” in numbers or influence to the negative set?

    What if one Muslim allows the West to buy oil which benefits X number of people in the world, but one negative Muslim detonates a nuclear bomb in the heart in Western Christian civilization? What if one positive Jew creates a vaccine that benefits X number of people in the world, but one negative Jew destroys Western Christian civilization via social, economic, and political influence?

    If Western Christians are to weigh contributions as if the positive contributions were offsets against the negative, 1) it would be an impossible task, and 2) what would Western Christians do with the weighing? Judge all or some or one or none of a set of people by the final designation – whether more positive or more negative?

    Should Western Christians attempt to assign collective celebration or collective guilt to a people comprised of positive and negative sets?

    Can Western Christians judge that the good works of the positive set outweigh the bad works of the negative set, 1) when the positive set socially, emotionally, financially, and/or politically supports the negative set, or 2) when the negative set is a true existential threat to the survival of Western Christian civilization?

    • Your comment is all the more poignant because one of those sets that are wreaking havoc on Western Civilization are … women. I can’t go here into the details of this assertion — I’ll publish that in length — but let my assertion suffice for now that Western women are far more the carriers of Progressivism than men are. If you check percentages of various groups that voted BHO, including white men v. white women, or compare arguments and judgments of female judges v. male ones, that becomes clearer.

      What then; are we to ban women? Are we to reverse universal suffrage to which much of the current pestilence can be traced? Those are tough questions.

      My own answer is profiling. Just as Muslims should be profiled for terrorism and blacks for criminality, women, academics, Jews should be profiled for left-ideologies. A sane society would subject candidates from the last three groups (and probably a few more) to a battery of tests, questions and sworn affidavits before giving access to positions as judges, Attorneys General, Members of Congress, Presidents etc. Again–I always stress that — the counterexamples of Margaret Thatcher or Diana West, Mark Levin or General Sidney Schahnow, the few still-sane academics still surviving in that community — all those are just the exceptions that do not obviate the “stereotypes” I am implying here.

      • Hmmm…I look forward to your essay, TS. No doubt we will probably agree on most points. Regarding women, I mean. Especially if you are going to differentiate among the groups of women you will be describing. I know many strong, capable and intelligent women who aren’t easily classified and who refuse the label “Feminist” even though they live out the ideals fems purport to cherish.

        I do worry about the generation coming up now. Many more of them seek to emulate the mean boys but unfortunately a mean girl, generally speaking, is far more dangerous to our culture as a whole. We will know the balance has tipped into the terminal zone if we start seeing women/girls following the mass-murder scripts that mentally disturbed/disrupted white boys currently use. [The scripts for black boys at the moment seems to be to kill one another in order to gain power.] But the whole repellent puzzle has a key piece: widespread FatherFailure. If women are the carriers of Progressivism as you claim, then men are akin to the Republican invertebrates who need to grow not just their testicles but also their spine so that they are more than just an echo chamber for Progressives…

        The feminist camp followers – i.e., men who ‘love’ those mean girls – also need to be vetted just as carefully.

        Camille Paglia was quoted in the Wall Street Journal recently. One of my favorite cultural gadflies. The essay or interview was titled “A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues”. I admire CP because she gets it: there is NO authentic feminism which does not love and admire genuine masculinity.

        But no subject gets her going more than when I ask if she really sees a connection between society’s attempts to paper over the biological distinction between men and women and the collapse of Western civilization.

        She starts by pointing to the diminished status of military service. “The entire elite class now, in finance, in politics and so on, none of them have military service—hardly anyone, there are a few. But there is no prestige attached to it anymore. That is a recipe for disaster,” she says. “These people don’t think in military ways, so there’s this illusion out there that people are basically nice, people are basically kind, if we’re just nice and benevolent to everyone they’ll be nice too. They literally don’t have any sense of evil or criminality.”

        The results, she says, can be seen in everything from the dysfunction in Washington (where politicians “lack practical skills of analysis and construction”) to what women wear. “So many women don’t realize how vulnerable they are by what they’re doing on the street,” she says, referring to women who wear sexy clothes.

        When she has made this point in the past, Ms. Paglia—who dresses in androgynous jackets and slacks—has been told that she believes “women are at fault for their own victimization.” Nonsense, she says. “I believe that every person, male and female, needs to be in a protective mode at all times of alertness to potential danger. The world is full of potential attacks, potential disasters.” She calls it “street-smart feminism.”

        Ms. Paglia argues that the softening of modern American society begins as early as kindergarten. “Primary-school education is a crock, basically. It’s oppressive to anyone with physical energy, especially guys,” she says, pointing to the most obvious example: the way many schools have cut recess. “They’re making a toxic environment for boys. Primary education does everything in its power to turn boys into neuters.”

        She is not the first to make this argument, as Ms. Paglia readily notes. Fellow feminist Christina Hoff Sommers has written about the “war against boys” for more than a decade. The notion was once met with derision, but now data back it up: Almost one in five high-school-age boys has been diagnosed with ADHD, boys get worse grades than girls and are less likely to go to college.

        Ms. Paglia observes this phenomenon up close with her 11-year-old son, Lucien, whom she is raising with her ex-partner, Alison Maddex, an artist and public-school teacher who lives 2 miles away. She sees the tacit elevation of “female values”—such as sensitivity, socialization and cooperation—as the main aim of teachers, rather than fostering creative energy and teaching hard geographical and historical facts.

        By her lights, things only get worse in higher education. “This PC gender politics thing—the way gender is being taught in the universities—in a very anti-male way, it’s all about neutralization of maleness.” The result: Upper-middle-class men who are “intimidated” and “can’t say anything. . . . They understand the agenda.” In other words: They avoid goring certain sacred cows by “never telling the truth to women” about sex, and by keeping “raunchy” thoughts and sexual fantasies to themselves and their laptops.

        Politically correct, inadequate education, along with the decline of America’s brawny industrial base, leaves many men with “no models of manhood,” she says. “Masculinity is just becoming something that is imitated from the movies. There’s nothing left. There’s no room for anything manly right now.” The only place you can hear what men really feel these days, she claims, is on sports radio. No surprise, she is an avid listener. The energy and enthusiasm “inspires me as a writer,” she says, adding: “If we had to go to war,” the callers “are the men that would save the nation.”

        And men aren’t the only ones suffering from the decline of men. Women, particularly elite upper-middle-class women, have become “clones” condemned to “Pilates for the next 30 years,” Ms. Paglia says. “Our culture doesn’t allow women to know how to be womanly,” adding that online pornography is increasingly the only place where men and women in our sexless culture tap into “primal energy” in a way they can’t in real life.

        A key part of the remedy, she believes, is a “revalorization” of traditional male trades—the ones that allow women’s studies professors to drive to work (roads), take the elevator to their office (construction), read in the library (electricity), and go to gender-neutral restrooms (plumbing).

        There. I think she has managed to trample most of the cherished ikons of modern “gender culture”. If not, do read the whole essay.

        • I placed that Paglia link in comments to several articles here. I like it that she, a lesbian, is consistently on the attack against feminazism and for a world-run by men.

          I am 100% certain that my observation about the disaster brought on by women’s parity in suffrage, governing and managing is correct. Observe also that countries where the males are the deepest under the females’ Birkenstocks — and what better example than Sweden or Norway? — are also the most insanely Progressive.

          Of course the issue is how to word such a statement properly so that the many women who have contributed so much and can look at the world without the screen of maudlin estrogen are excluded from the generalization. Which is the same issue I refer to when the JQ is discussed. There are definite negatives there, and if we want our civilization to survive we cannot flinch from discussing them. But not to the extent of distoring history or omitting or belittling the huge contribution that Jews have made and quite a number of them continue to make — to our civilization and even to the right side of the political spectrum.

          Both of these are fascinating subjects for real academic work, PhD dissertations etc. — which will not be written in our current society monitored by the Ministry of Truth. So it remains to the likes of me, who don’t have a research grant or research assistants to collect and classify data, to write about such topics discursively, based on personal experiences, popular culture, snippets of articles and data gleaned here and there, etc.

          Here is the beginning of my future article that I called “The Reverse Lysistrata Gambit” — a name you’ll recognize but it’ll be explained for readers who don’t:

          “I have a friend in Maine. A man who has a lot going for him, both genetically and by his own effort. Looks, smarts, character, considerable wealth.

          Widowed two years ago, my friend made a lonely-Christmas 2012 resolution to find a new life partner. [snip] He is a sophisticated man of much discrimination, yet quite open-minded with respect to the woman of his dreams. [snip] Moreover, as Rhode Island is quite thin in its eligible female population, he is open to “finds” as far north as Toronto and as far south as Miami.

          But there are a few inflexible demands too: the woman must be pretty, healthy, 50 – 60 age bracket, white, at least B.A. college degree, a reader of good books and, emphatically, not a liberal.

          That the hundreds of college-educated white women’s profiles and pictures my friend has pored over come across as shallow, frivolous, stupid, conceited and self-unaware is par for the course. The Bell Curve is a cruel master of reality: to a discriminating person of either gender a sample of the other gender even one and a half standard deviations toward the thin right tail – lets’ say at the 8% percentile from the top – is quite disappointing. Yet how to explain:

          Masters degree-possessing K-12 English teachers who start their profile with “I am a woman who (is, loves to, has etc.)”?

          Women with Juris Doctor degree who assert they strive to grow and learn on a continuous basis, inform they grew up in Detroit, and disclose their political orientation as “Liberal”? Have they learned nothing from the self-destruction of Detroit?

          Female psychiatrists who disclose they served as officers in the U.S. military and are “patriots,” and then disclose they are “Liberal.” Looking just at the 21st century, so far, can a person with enough brains to be a board-certified psychiatrist not see that liberalism is a lethal poison ravaging the country she professes to serve and love?

          Females with M.A. in Peace Studies (“Peace Studies”?) who aver that men who watch Fox TV or listen to the racist Rush Limbaugh need not reply. Females with M.S. in “Counseling and Special Education” who are uneducated themselves in the basic attainments of the culture into which they were born.

          Female executives with MBA’s who proclaim they work hard and play hard, and assert they read “biographys and autobiographys.”

          They [in the segment my friend is interested in] tend to be blond, “toned,” divorced, “spiritual but non-religious.” They express an affinity for non-judgmentalism, optimism, pacifism, compassion, no tolerance for the intolerant,.”Rightwingers” need not apply. They like the (left-leaning) PBS News Hour, (left-leaning) National Public Radio, “Sex & the City” reruns, the BBC’s “Downton Abbey,” chic flicks, caramel or vanilla lattes, dancing, yoga, shoes, hugging and kissing, tall men. They want to have fun. They love to visit all the foreign places where whitey don’t live: Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Maldives, Kenya, Bhutan, Bali, Cambodia.

          They love to volunteer, again, almost uniformly in all the corners of the globe where white people don’t live. An astonishingly high percentage of these women include at least one photo in their “portfolio” where they are hugging an African child or pose with African males in front of some awful shanty or a goat-chewed tree on a dusty plain.”

          • Sad. He might do better with a slightly dumpy, witty Scrabble or bridge player for company. Perhaps an insatiable history buff, one who never finished college because she ‘had’ to get married and that interruption, along with the babies that followed, kept her too busy to get back to studying. By the time she could’ve gone, the one class she took was so inane she realized it was a waste of her time and money since she could more easily get what she wanted on her own. Occasionally she’ll join a writing class, but the narcissism can be disruptive. She does volunteer work teaching people to read and worked for a time as an organizer for busy working women.

            She likes to walk for exercise and thinks those “toned” women have probably “had a lot of work done” – things she feels no need to do though she sympathizes with the impulse. She has a TV but hasn’t turned it on since her husband died. It’s much more interesting to work in her garden and feed the chickens or get up early to watch the birds come to her feeder. Besides, so many books, so little time. Sometimes one of the kids or a friend will insist that she watch a movie they’ve brought over but she finds herself restless mostly. She loves the quirky movies no one pays attention to but doesn’t often go looking anymore…

            Her husband and father of her children died five years ago; let’s just say she’s just never happened upon anyone who came close to being as interesting or as un-self-absorbed as he was. This friend of yours will never find her in a dating forum but he might see her if he went to church because she is both spiritual and religious. She plays the guitar, but not in church and she sings…around the house.

            He might find her in a local bird-watching group, especially during the annual national bird-count. This year she’s decided to become certified as a mediator because she thinks it would be satisfying to learn to really listen. Or, if he goes to vote, he might see her there doing her stint as a poll-observer for the Republican party. She volunteers despite the fact that her community is mostly Leftist and some of her friends are scandalized at her willingness to do that for “THEM”…

            I realize I’m suggesting that since my friend is busily involved in her community, that *your* friend’s best hope of finding someone real like this is to do the same – get involved where he lives. Lots of people could use his attention. Animals could too: she works at the local ASPCA a few hours a week.

      • “What then; are we to ban women? Are we to reverse universal suffrage to which much of the current pestilence can be traced? Those are tough questions.”

        Interestingly, China and India have effectively ‘banned’ women with their societal preference for boys over girls.

        I would argue that extensive vote fraud has eliminated universal suffrage as a concern.

        • Are you saying that the extent of voter fraud in the US has effectively eliminated the possibility of real elections? Are we already a soviet in all but name?

          China and India are reaping the whirlwind with their cultural preferences for boy children, a preference that reigns at the family level and one which could *begin* to change only with some sort of old age “insurance” so that parents didn’t require boys for their protection in old age. If that were to change with the advancement of a private or quasi-private insurance scheme, then boys wouldn’t be nearly so crucial to parents’ well-being.

          China may be the only country tacitly acknowledging the coming demographic collapse. At least that appears to be the motive for the surprising lessening of its draconian rules re one child per family.

          With all those excess males in both countries, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see hostilities develop into actual war later on in this century. China wants Pakistan and it can’t be acquired without going thru India…

  51. Takuan makes a good point. A Swedish friend, whom I’ve known for thirty years since we worked together at the OECD in Paris and someone not afraid to speak his mind, recently confided to me that Sweden’s problems accelerated when women began to take control of the reins of government. Today women head 13 of the 24 Government ministers and nearly half of the Swedish parliament is female. He believes that Swedish women are leading the country to ruin and it is they who are most responsible for extending the welcome mat to immigrants from Africa. BTW, as an aside, the Economist reported in September of 2012 that the Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe. We all know who the rapists are but curiously the Swedes are unable to connect the dots. I consider this as evidence of suicidal behavior.

  52. Our cousin is married to a man of Ukrainian background born in the Western Ukraine who immigrated to Canada when he was still a boy. He told me about an earthy saying that is used in that area of Ukraine to give me a flavor of the kind of antisemitism prevalent in the region. He told me the words in Ukrainian but translated into English. In the area where he was from when a person felt the urge to defecate and needed to excuse himself from work he would say “the Jew is chasing me and wants his money”.
    I tell this anecdote not to hurt anyone’s feelings but as a person of one half Ukrainian heritage who has heard anti-Semitic comments from relatives I’ve often wondered how such ugly thoughts could co-exist in the minds of otherwise intelligent and kind people.

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  56. Takuan,

    Before WW2 there was a large Armenian community in the Ukraine. Today there are very few Armenians there.

    Can you provide any reference to the murder of Armenians in the Ukraine during WW2? I would like to pass it on to several Armenian journals and newspapers.

    • Good I checked, because I am in the position to direct you to a good source but would have missed your query because I usually don’t look at the comments section come 10-14 days after the posting.

      With the ruling elite in Poland being just a little less base and mendacious than its counterparts elsewhere, commemoration and research into the Ukrainian atrocities are not pursued by the government, eager for economic benefits from a close relationship with modern-day Ukraine — though the latter does celebrate and commemorate its murderers who committed the genocide.

      Efforts at remembering are carried out by private citizens and meagerly funded private foundations. Once my generation passes whose many members carry a memory of family members who perished in that genocide, who knows what will happen. But for now, the memory is still strong.

      One of the chief acitivists and archivers of Ukrainian genocide is an Armenian-Polish priest, Fr. Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski, whose family, like mine, hails from what is now Western Ukraine and who, like me, lost his family there, partly at the hands of Ukrainians. Wikipedia has an English webpage on him, at the bottom of which you’ll find his website. Send him an e-mail, he reads English.

      • P.S. having just logged in to Fr. T. I-Z’s site I found a 27-02-2014 post titled: “Redakcja Gazety Polskiej zablokowała mój felieton o banderowcach” — which translates as “The editors of Polish Journal blocked my article about the Ukrainian followers of Bandera” . In the article, Fr. T. I-Z relayed that several members of the “new, democratic” government of Ukraine are worshippers of UPA and of the genocidal figures described in the body of my article. He opined that instead of developing Ukraine’s faltering industry and infrastucture, they will be erecting commemorative cenotaphs for SS Galizien and UPA.

        Censorship in an ostensibly “fee-speech” Western democracy seems to exist in Poland just as it has been experienced relative to other topics by Gates of Vienna, by Fjordman, Diana West, myself, and many others in Europe and the United States. Money talks, and in our part of the world the money wants to replace the indigenous population, to curry favor with the world of Islam, and to keep the sheeple stupefied enough not to notice this and other shenanigans of the rulers. In that part of the world, Eastern Europe, the money is on the Ukrainian “democracy” movement and on integration with EU. He who stands athwart such plans has not much chance to be heard.

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  58. I have also tried to leave a comment on about the nazi worshipers of Bandera on unsuccessfully.
    I’m truly concern about some hidden sinister motives of this website and don’t believe it consist of genuine ethnic Polish journalists.

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