“Swedish” Mujahideen Badmouth Social Services

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Swedish tabloid Expressen:

Sofie Löwenmark: Radical Islamists incite against social services

February 4, 2022

Sweden kidnaps Muslim children, claims a massive disinformation campaign. The anger is fueled by radical Islamists and can lead to acts of terror.

In closed groups on social media that gather tens of thousands of members, conspiracy theories and pure hatred of Sweden flow. A common allegation is that Muslim children are taken into custody to convert them to Christianity and that LVU [Care of Young Persons Act] is used as part of a war against Islam. Such rumors are also spread by word of mouth and are raised in some mosques and associations.

In Sweden there are large groups that are susceptible to such disinformation. Those are people who have a poor knowledge of Swedish, a low level of education, a low knowledge of Swedish society, and live in areas where no native Swedes reside.

But those who spread rumors also take advantage of the fact that many people have strong religious faith. Lies that social services can take custody of children solely on grounds of the family’s Muslim faith naturally cause both fear and anger.

It is a golden opportunity for radical Islamists. The Islamist propaganda apparatus is always looking for information that can create widespread anger. It matters little whether it involves a caricature of the Prophet or a law whose real purpose is to protect vulnerable children. They use whatever they can to counter integration and radicalize people.

In the current campaign, some of the so-called “deportation imams” are heavily involved. This involves persons who are judged to pose a threat to the country’s security, but who are still in Sweden since their deportation order has not been enforced. The Gävle imam Abo Raad and the Västerås imam Fekri Hamad, for example, are very active in issues on social media. Abo Raad also spoke about LVU in his sermon last Friday.

His son, Raad al Duhan, received extensive attention last year after I revealed that he began a relationship with an Ekot reporter who reported on his deportation case. He is also active in the issue, and on TikTok he speaks disparagingly about Swedish democracy, social services, and LVU.

More well-known names from the radical Islamist environment in Sweden are also acting and trying to bring others along in their hatred against democracy and secular Swedish society through spreading lies about social services.

“Unfortunately, nothing indicates that the large anger towards Sweden will diminish by itself”

At the same time, an extensive campaign against Sweden is in progress from the Middle East. Arabic hashtags with disparaging opinions about Sweden have gone viral on Twitter. Rabid Islamists in countries such as Egypt, Qatar, and Jordan put up clips filled with hate and conspiracy theories on platforms with hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of followers.

Sweden’s alleged transgressions against Muslims are put into evidence through occasional, personal cases that are incorrectly rendered. There is talk of starting of a boycott of Swedish goods. The campaign is not totally different from what we have earlier seen against Denmark and France, among others.

There are large risks here. If large groups in Sweden lose trust in the authorities, that in itself can become system-threatening.

But there is also a possible jihadist threat. In France, investigators talk about “atmospheric jihad”. That doesn’t involve terror groups, as it did earlier, who train, finance, and order actions. Instead so-called “entrepreneurs in anger” spread views that Islam or Muslims have been violated and identify individuals who are responsible. On that information, one or several perpetrators may then react with violence.

The beheading of the teacher Samuel Paty and the knife murders of three people in a church in Nice are two examples of this atmospheric jihadism. In both cases, the perpetrators had no connections to Islamist organizations, and neither of them acted under orders. They acted on their own on the message that someone else had spread about alleged injustices against the prophet of Islam.

In the current campaign against Sweden, people have already called for acts of violence, such as burning down social services offices. The people behind such posts may well be harmless figures who are writing in the heat of the moment. But in such an explosive situation, there is a risk that messages can lead others to action.

Unfortunately, nothing indicates that the large anger towards Sweden will diminish by itself.

Sofie Löwenmark is a freelance columnist on Expressen’s opinion page.

6 thoughts on ““Swedish” Mujahideen Badmouth Social Services

  1. Let’s hope that the cultural enrichers strike, fiercely and bloody, so that the stupid Swedish indigenous people get to realize what a devilish rabble they have brought into the country!

  2. .
    Muslim campaign against Sweden escalates – terrorist threat and demonstration

    February 7, 2022

    The intensive campaign that is currently underway against Sweden in Muslim channels on social media, where it is alleged, among other things, that Swedish authorities kidnap Muslim children, continues to escalate with calls for terrorist acts and a demonstration outside the Riksdag.

    At the heart of the conspiracy theories is the LVU law, which is claimed to be used by social services, schools and courts in a war against Islam and Muslims. This has caused hatred against Sweden and Swedish authorities to flow in Muslim channels on social media.

    The hateful currents and conspiracy theories are something the Islamist party Nyans has taken advantage of and uses to attract more voters.

    READ ALSO: Hatred against Sweden flows in Muslim circles – threatens with violence

    The situation has now escalated further and in Örebro, among other places, the municipalities have been informed that a major advocacy campaign against Sweden is underway, where accounts linked to pro-violence Islamic organizations are spreading false information.

    Million audience
    The information is disseminated in Arabic-speaking channels with potentially larger audiences than the Swedish population. In the comment fields, there are calls for terrorist acts and threats against Swedish authorities.

    On Monday, a demonstration was held outside the Riksdag in Stockholm against Swedish municipalities and authorities allegedly kidnapping Muslim children.

    At Säpo, press secretary Fredrik Hultgren Friberg says that this type of campaign has increased.

    “Blood will flow”
    Those behind the campaign are said to have expressed support for the terrorist group IS and have, among other things, referred to Charlie Hebdo and written that “blood should flow”.

    The Sweden Democrats’ Youtube channel Riks was on site. Among the posters in the crowd could be read “Free Mohammed Ali Khan”, which is a reference to the clan in Gothenburg.


    • It sure is going to be fun selling arms to all native western and Scandinavian people soon, they are going to sell like hotcakes!

  3. I honestly thought the Swedes were more rational and less emotional …

    the situation simply highlights severe abuse of powers; you have great laws misused by corrupt greed at the bottom of the chain (i.e. the contractors appointed by the muicipalities/Sociale)

    rather than ranting about islamists how about you simply listen to the many cases and investigate whether there is an abuse, like any organization would do when such a large number are complaining of the same thing, from all walks of life.

    we always looked up to the sophisticated swedes, but am disappointed now disappointed to see how “lets make America great again” you have shown to be 😉

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