Italian Perspectives on Adverse Reactions to the Vax

The two videos from Italy below deal with two different aspects of adverse reactions to the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. Many thanks to HeHa for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The first video concerns the death of Camilla Canepa, a young woman who died of thrombosis after being “vaccinated”. The official autopsy determined that her death was caused by the vax, so the TV experts marshaled for the video are at pains to emphasize that tragic deaths such as that of Ms. Canepa are unfortunate, but very rare:

In the second video, a molecular biologist discusses how hard it is to find meaningful, accurate data about the effectiveness of the “vaccines”, and how great a risk they pose to those who take them:

Video transcript #1:

00:40   Welcome back to Byoblue24 news.
00:45   New developments about the case of Camilla Canepa,
00:48   the 18-year-old student from Sestri Levante, who died
00:52   due to an adverse reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine.
00:56   According to what has emerged from the investigation,
01:00   the physicians knew that the girl had been vaccinated.
01:04   This detail had been included in Camilla’s medical file
01:09   only after she had been hospitalized for the second time.
01:15   The investigation continues in order to determine who is responsible for of C. Canepa’s death.
01:19   Let’s go over to Franz Becchi. —New developments about Camilla Canepa’s case,
01:24   the 18-year-old student from Liguria, who died from a vaccine-induced thrombosis last June 2.
01:31   This has always been a cold case. The girl had developed deadly adverse effects,
01:35   after receiving the Anglo-Swedish product AstraZeneca.
01:39   The physicians of the Lavagna hospital knew that Camilla had got the first dose of vaccine.
01:45   This is what emerges from the physicians’ hearing, interrogated
01:48   by the prosecutors Francesca Rombolà and Stefano Puppo. The investigation,
01:51   led by the prosecutor Francesco Pinto, continues.
01:54   On May 25 2021, Camilla was vaccinated, since the Region Liguria
01:57   had promoted vaccination hubs, open to anyone. On June 3
02:01   she was taken to the hospital of Lavagna, after developing a severe headache and photo-sensitivity.
02:05   She was discharged after getting a CT scan, administered without contrast dye. She returned
02:09   To the hospital two days later in very serious condition. She had a cavernous sinus thrombosis.
02:12   She died on June 10 at the San Martino Hospital of Genoa.
02:15   The mass vaccination campaign had just started.
02:18   So it was not considered appropriate to cause people to doubt.
02:22   Administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine was suspended for people under 60,
02:26   resumed for a brief period, and then definitively withdrawn.
02:29   The media began speaking about Camilla on a daily basis, on quite disrespectful terms,
02:35   since their only aim was to deny a causal link with the anti-Covid vaccine, a priori.
02:39   Corriere della Sera claimed that Camilla Canepa apparently had
02:43   an autoimmune disease and was on double hormone therapy.
02:46   The other newspapers reported the exact same thing.
02:49   The day after her death, Il Giornale wrote: “Camilla had an autoimmune disease.”
02:55   The click-bait nature of the mainstream media would not stop,
02:58   disregarding Camilla’s family’s grief.
03:01   The parents said at once: “Camilla was healthy.” Probably after the media
03:04   had started to blacken their deceased daughter’s name.
03:07   The autopsy results came in some months later.
03:10   They stated that Camilla had no previous disease, and she had been taking no medicine.
03:14   In the meantime, AstraZeneca had changed the name of the medical product into Vaxzevria.
03:18   And it was gradually withdrawn from the market.
03:22   So whoever had a first dose of AstraZeneca, was supposed to
03:25   get a second booster shot with an mRNA vaccine, either Pfizer or Moderna.
03:29   Western countries decided to get rid of the unused AstraZeneca doses
03:32   by donating them to African countries.
03:35   Last December22, Nigeria destroyed more than one million vials
03:38   of AstraZeneca, because they had expired.
03:41   Not to mention that last March, PM Draghi had refused to export
03:45   250 million doses of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine to Australia.
03:49   A gesture that had been compared to Bettino Craxi’s stance in the Sigonella case
03:52   [Achille Lauro incident, 1985] by the mainstream media.
03:55   The investigation into the Canepa case continues while the mainstream media remain silent about it.
03:59   The same media that had previously smeared the life of the young girl.
04:02   It has been assessed that the first time she was hospitalized
04:05   there was no mention of her recent vaccination in the medical file.
04:09   This crucial detail could have helped physicians diagnose the VITT
04:12   (vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia), according to the guidelines.
04:15   The adverse reaction that caused Camilla’s death.
04:19   The CT-scan was done without contrast dye,
04:22   Despite the fact that Camilla’s platelet level was continuously decreasing.
04:25   On June 5 Camilla Canepa returned to the Lavagna Hospital; she had a thrombosis.
04:30   She was moved to the San Martino Hospital in Genoa, where she underwent brain surgery,
04:33   but unfortunately it was irreversibly too late. Only after Camilla was hospitalized
04:36   for the second time was the vaccination detail included in her file. Nevertheless,
04:39   Camilla’s parents stated that the first dose of vaccination had already been mentioned
04:43   during the first hospitalization.
04:46   The investigators found a text message sent by Camilla to an acquaintance
04:50   in which she said that she had been hospitalized because of the vaccination.
04:53   Total silence from Prime Minister Draghi and Minister of Health Roberto Speranza.
05:00   As if it were absolutely normal that a healthy 18-year-old girl should die after taking medication.
05:07   Who is responsible for Camilla Canepa’s death?

Video transcript #2:

08:32   Doctor Guerra, is it right to affirm that not only did mass vaccination
08:36   not stop the virus, but it probably worsened its effects?
08:40   On the basis of the official data from the several countries
08:46   which have somehow been the engine of this mass vaccination, it is exactly right.
08:52   Well, but they affirm that vaccination prevents us from ending up in intensive care, or from dying.
08:58   But they won’t tell us, every day, how many people among the deceased
09:01   had actually completed the vaccination course.
09:04   They give us any other data. Every day there are about 500 deaths,
09:08   but they will not tell us how many among them were “bad anti-vaxxers”.
09:12   Why is this data covered up?
09:15   The system of passive pharmacovigilance is not reliable.
09:21   And one is supposed to know its features perfectly.
09:24   It is a system that signals potential adverse effects,
09:30   but even the system of collecting hospitalization data has the same reliability.
09:36   We need to look at the data from other countries.
09:40   In order to understand how successful mass vaccination really is,
09:45   as for therapeutic outcomes, and how many vaccinated and unvaccinated people are hospitalized,
09:51   we need to look at the data from the UK, or from Israel.
09:56   And they are very clear. Most hospitalized people are vaccinated.
10:02   Given this evident data, why do you think the alleged scientists
10:07   of the Scientific Committee keep blackmailing people
10:12   with instruments that are anything but medical, such as the Green Pass?
10:17   If it has been assessed that no matter how many booster shots you get,
10:21   you don’t get immunity from contagion, why do they insist on vaccinating people?
10:26   What lies beneath?
10:29   This is an unclear mystery.
10:32   It is clear that mass vaccination is going so far that they even want to vaccinate children,
10:37   who are unaffected by the risk of getting the severe form of the disease.
10:42   Not to mention this lockdown disguised as the Green Pass or Super Green Pass,
10:47   which suggest that they are pursuing other goals,
10:52   non-medical goals, which are not clear at all, and also of a political nature.
10:57   So is it legitimate to guess that they are using the health emergency
11:03   to lead us towards a new social and political apparatus, into a society of control?
11:10   A society like ours recommends, or rather forces, people to get vaccinated
11:14   since they have implemented mandatory vaccination surreptitiously,
11:18   whose goal has been openly declared, and it is to vaccinate everyone.
11:21   Especially children and youth, the future of our nation, who are immune from risk.
11:27   This society is to define unacceptable, from a Christian and a humane standpoint.
18:49   Are we sure that getting booster shots continuously is risk-free?
18:55   Because some are starting to reveal that this could lead to [T cell] anergy.
19:02   That is, inertness of the immune system, which will fail to recognize pathogens, in certain cases.
19:08   Even if we are not physicians, this does not sound that reassuring.
19:14   While the Italian data on passive pharmacovigilance are not available yet,
19:21   those of Eudravigilance, those from the US and from UK, are very clear.
19:28   There are data which are quite worrying and that we should take into account.
19:35   We cannot think that experimental vaccines like these are harmless.
19:42   It turns out the risk is real.
19:47   We know nothing about these products, whether they are oncogenic, or harm our DNA.
19:54   Because they have been put on the market without previous studies,
19:58   skipping the stages which are required in these cases.
20:02   So we are taking very potential risks.
20:05   The second law of pharmacology says that the risk
20:09   of iatrogenic damage is proportional to the dosage.
20:13   So by gradually increasing the booster shots, administered in such a short space of time,
20:19   the risk of damage to the body grows exponentially, not in a linear way.
20:25   So we can aggravate the situation.

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  1. The first video seems like a severe case of double-think: A girl dies because of the vaxx, but the vaxx is safe, but there is a risk, but the vaxx is safe, and it saves lives, even though the girl died because of it, it is perfectly safe…

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