Boring From Within

Below is reminder from five years ago of what Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum have put together during the past forty or fifty years of patient infiltration of governments all over the world. The current “pandemic” crisis is a clear sign that their plans are finally bearing fruit.

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Klaus Schwab: “We are very proud that we are getting our Young Global Leaders into every cabinet.”


In 2017, Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, gave a lecture at Harvard Kennedy School. There he made a remarkable statement.

He pointed out that heads of state like then-Chancellor Merkel and even Vladimir Putin were all Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. “We are very proud that we work with the young generation — with Prime Minister Trudeau, the Argentine President and so on,” Schwab said.

He added that he attended a reception hosted by Prime Minister Trudeau the day before the lecture. “And I know that half or even more than half of his cabinet is made up of Young Global Leaders from the World Economic Forum,” Schwab said.

“It’s also the case in Argentina and in France,” he said, adding that the French president is a Young Global Leader.

6 thoughts on “Boring From Within

  1. One of the young leader, who attended Claus Schaub training was Viktor Orbán. It’s true!

  2. We could graph Effectiveness of Government / Freedom of Citizens verses numbers of Young Global Leaders from the World Economic Forum in that government. Or just in the Cabinet or Leadership cadre.

    My bet is that there is an inverse relationship between those values.
    Certainly Canada is falling behind as a civilized nation. Any arguments to the contrary?

  3. Yes, Herr Klaus had a packet full of candidates and a strategy for peace and economic prosperity that was presented to the monies elite. They liked what they heard and saw and told Klaus to Schwab the deck, which he did with the results that we are having to bear now and in the future. And here I thought that the elite had given Klaus a mop when they told him to Schwab the deck.

  4. Oh goody, Like Krampus, we are checking our lists and checking them twice to see who is naughty and who is nice, for when the Great Purge begins, we will know who to hang, put up against walls and ditches. The looks on their faces is going to be bloody priceless!

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