Rapists Have Human Rights, Too!

A convicted culture-enriching rapist can’t be deported from Germany, because… he doesn’t want to leave.

You can’t make this [solid waste] up.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild:

Iranian is allowed to stay with us despite being a rapist

Reza B. (44) raped a woman, spent four years in jail, and is still classified as dangerous by the police. But the German state cannot deport the Iranian. Because he simply refuses to leave — and that’s why he stays here!

The case shows once again: Germany has a massive problem with the deportation of serious criminals. Bild am Sonntag reporters found the Iranian in a home for asylum seekers in Bavaria. He told his story: “In 2005 I had to flee Iran. My life was in danger; three of my friends were killed by the police. I fled to Syria, in 2011 to Germany, applied for asylum.”

He doesn’t tell how the story continues. But you can read that in court files: At noon on June 15, 2015, Reza B. asked a woman (21) at the bus station in Schwandorf (Bavaria) where the market square is. Since he did not understand what she was saying, she showed him the way. On the way he pushed her into a bush, tried to kiss her, groped her and raped her.

Four months later she recognized him at the train station in Regensburg and called the police. She had nightmares after the act, woke up screaming at night. So it is recorded in the judgment of the Amberg Regional Court (a copy is in the possession of Bild am Sonntag).

Reza B. denied everything. He made up a fake alibi for the police. He later claimed: The woman went for him — not he for her. He didn’t know she was a lesbian.

Reza B. was finally sentenced to four years imprisonment for rape, but still claims today: ”There was no rape! The woman reported me because she wanted €20 from me — and I didn’t have any money with me.”

In 2018, the Schwandorf District Office ordered his expulsion. On the other hand, he sued the administrative court in Regensburg — and has now lost. The court sees the danger that he could commit further crimes. He is therefore also under supervision of conduct.

Nevertheless: the criminal cannot be deported! Because he doesn’t have a passport. And the Iranian state will only give him a new one if Reza B. declares that he will return to his homeland voluntarily. But he refuses and says to Bild am Sonntag: “I am not signing anything. I want to stay here.” Germany must therefore continue to tolerate the Iranian. That means: He lives in the asylum seekers’ home, is not allowed to work, and collects Hartz IV (€446 per month).

Reza B. is not an isolated case. In 2020, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, 57 percent of Iranian asylum seekers did not have a passport. Philipp Pruy (34), a lawyer and migration expert, reports: “Since 2015 I have represented over 100 Iranians in the asylum procedure. But as far as I know, none of the rejected Iranians who were obliged to leave the country signed the declaration of voluntary agreement. None of them wanted to go back to the mullahs’ regime.”

Afterword from the translator:

You have to let that melt on your tongue: A serious criminal Iranian cannot be deported because he refuses to leave and does not have a passport. In other words, an illegally entered person decides for himself whether he goes or not, and this with him being permanently taken care of by the German taxpayer.

What more absurdities do the German people have to endure before they actually wake up and smell the cesspit their duly “elected” representatives have created? It cannot go on like this, and it should be clear to everyone who votes for parties that do not want to change this situation that they will vote for them to continue. Those people are accomplices to crime.

8 thoughts on “Rapists Have Human Rights, Too!

  1. This is why lynching is not necessarily a bad thing.
    If Reza B. were to disappear, never to be seen again, it would Germans and Germany a good service.

    • The politicians who enact such laws, the judges who interpret existing laws to favour the criminals and punish the victims, the reporters who slant their articles, they are the real criminals here. Without their conniving, Reza B wouldn’t be in Germany to commit any crimes.

    • Not disputing that the disappearance of one rapist would be a bad thing, but lynching needs to be public and unashamed.

      Why governments crack down so hard on it has to do with the loss of their monopoly on violence. A government’s only real power is the power to crack down on criminals. Lynching exposes for all to see that the government is failing in its primary responsibility, and that it is impotent to prevent others from using violence to keep order. To sum it up, every lynching exposes the lack of legitimacy of the regime, which is powerless to dispense justice or prevent others from doing so in its stead.

      • You are right of course.
        Problems is, the Polizei would show up with guns blazing to protect the criminals.

        • If you don’t let the police in, how are they going to stop it? Especially when you block city blocks off so it is impassable?

  2. This is why right wing death squads get formed, and once you let that cat out of the bag, others will follow the example.

    • Yes, something like in the movie Dirty Harry II aka Magnum Force.

      The cops in Latin America are capable of pulling something like that off, but not Germans.
      German cops like it more to beat up their fellow Germans.

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