Mutti Pays Off the Taliban

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

600 million for Taliban-Afghanistan: Why isn’t Merkel charged for supporting a terrorist organization?

by Stefan Schubert
September 11, 2021

What is the difference between needy flood victims in Ahrtal and the radical-Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan? The people in Germany have been robbed of their entire existence, not the least by the failure of politics; they can, perhaps — beginning in October — fill out online forms to apply for state subsidies, which will then, after a review, be paid out sometime. The Merkel government has immediately transferred €600 million to the Taliban terrorists without any bureaucracy or evidence. So much for the priorities of this federal government.

It should not be left unmentioned here that the federal government called on the population to financially support the victims of the flood catastrophe. The citizens with some of the world’s highest taxes and fees should also pay for the failures of politics with additional compensation payments. In the aftermath of the flood catastrophe, it became known that the federal government was responsible for large gaps in disaster control. Over 1,300 special vehicles were lacking, which the federal government was required by law to provide to the states for disaster control. Special vehicles for protection from and for the elimination of biological, radiological, and nuclear dangers are short by about 30%. The former chief of Technical Relief (THW), Albrecht Broemme, was quoted in Der Spiegel with the following words on disaster control in Germany: “The whole world is laughing at us”.

Taliban: Murderers of German soldiers receive German tax money

Until the takeover of the Taliban, politics and the mainstream media observed the same assessment of the fully-bearded radical-Islamists: A brutal, Middle Ages terror organization that oppresses girls and women, including forced marriages, rape, and stoning. Homosexuals are not only verbally persecuted, but sometimes end up on the gallows, and Islamic Sharia stands above any law or human rights.

The Taliban were mainly described as a brutal terror organization, who with bombs and suicide attackers blew up and mutilated thousands of Western soldiers. Afghans who were accused of being collaborators with the West were shot on the spot without any due process. In addition, the Taliban are close allies of other Islamist terrorist organizations, like Al Qaeda, who murder worldwide in the name of Islam as well as persecute and terrorize Western citizens as “unbelievers”.

Has anything changed in any of these points since the Taliban took Kabul in a coup and inflicted a humiliating military defeat on the West?

No, it has not. The blood of countless victims of their reign of terror, including the blood of dozens of murdered German soldiers, still clings to the hands of the Taliban and their close allies from Al-Qaeda.

What are the survivors and traumatized Afghanistan-veterans supposed to feel when the Chancellor of the Federal Republic stands in front of the microphones of the capital city (Berlin) press and announces talks now with the Taliban? These bloodthirsty Middle Ages monsters have now, from one day to the next, been upgraded by Mrs. Merkel to equal negotiating partners?

And the political disclosure oath of this government has not yet reached rock bottom. In a functioning democracy and independent justice system, the next issue should not only unleash an outcry in the society, but also have legal consequences for Angela Merkel and Heiko Maas. Because the amount of €100 million of German tax money, which Mrs. Merkel transferred to Afghanistan through the detour of UN organizations, was only a short time later increased by half a billion euros. Now it is an open secret that the Taliban terrorists are being paid a princely sum for every coup or for every “concession”, such as the Kabul evacuation. Whatever one wants to call this flow of money, “Taliban tax”, “humanitarian aid”, protection money, or blackmail payments, in the end, a large part of it will go directly to the Taliban.

This is also to be regarded as tricky. Because in the legal code, section 129a, “Formation of a terrorist organization,” in paragraph 5, just the support of a terrorist organization alone is punishable with a prison sentence of up to ten years.

And in the following section 129b StGB, “Criminal and terrorist organizations abroad,” the liability from section 129 a is also confirmed in Germany, especially if the acts and facts relate to Germany. 59 German army soldiers died in the war against the Taliban terrorists. That these murderers are now receiving €600 million of tax money is a scandal. That the millions-transfers are labeled as humanitarian aid does not change the situation.

4 thoughts on “Mutti Pays Off the Taliban

  1. In sanctimoniousness, a habit I despise more than malice, for it brings greater Evils, the Merkel Government cannot be matched.
    [The same can be said now for all former Western-style Governments turned Dictatorships]

    Also, as I have said many, many times before, Merkel shows her hatred for the German People in every conceivable way.
    I don’t think I’ve seen so much hostility in a “Leader” since the Rwandan Genocide.

    And as we’ve all seen over the last 18 month in all our Countries through “Covid”, the Political Establishment is showing their Hate and Mordacity for their own people for all – that are not ideological or wilfully blind – to see.

    Why the German People have “voted” for her 4 times is mindboggling to say the least.

    But as the old saying goes;


    (Any man can make a mistake; only a fool keeps making the same one)

    Looks like the good old Schopenhauer was right after all:
    ” I am making the confession that I despise the German Nation because of its exuberant stupidity and that I am ashamed, to belong to her. ”

    Otherwise I cannot fathom a rational explanation…….

  2. The German military is screaming bloody murder now, I expect a letter or two sent to these feckless traitors like the French military did shortly. When the time comes, absolutely don’t forget that SOB Heiko Maas, who is an architect of this madness.

  3. Merkel was trained by Klaus Schwab in the 1990’s along with all the other “political puppets”, The Forum of Young Global Leaders. They are “given” their jobs of power and in return they con the voters. Their job is to tell the voters what they want to hear, strong borders etc, but do the complete opposite very quietly. Most voters are not paying attention and the media hides it so how would they find out? They are complete frauds. Kurz was a graduate as well and he doesn’t mean what he says about immigration. Adhern, Macron and Sannin have all been “trained” by the same people.

    • Merkel was trained by the communists of the old DDR, she hid her old affiliations very well, what she has done shows her to be a commie today, How I absolutely despise that commie and her gay follower Maas. I can’t wait until the Great Purge.

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