Sweden Greets the Taliban!

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Afghans sentenced to deportation were “evacuated” back to Sweden

August 26, 2021

Two of the Afghans who were flown to Sweden on evacuation flights were previously found to have been deported from Sweden for crime, TV4 Nyheterna reports.

The two Afghans were arrested on Wednesday when they arrived on an evacuation flight from Afghanistan to Arlanda.

They have been arrested for violating the re-entry ban.

“I think that everyone who has seen the pictures from Kabul and the airport realizes that the situation is not entirely simple when it comes to conducting border control there,” says Carina Skagerlind, a spokesperson for the police in the Stockholm region, to TV4 Nyheterna.

The criminal Afghans will now apparently be allowed to stay in Sweden, as Afghans are no longer deported.

Foreign Minister Ann Linde announced this morning that as of that time Sweden had evacuated more than 900 people from Kabul.

12 thoughts on “Sweden Greets the Taliban!

    • I happened to hear that phrase on an Amtrak train a few days ago, regarding the unvaccinated, from a rabid pro-covid-19-vaxxer. (Now I am back in a cool and wet Northern Europe.) I thought she was pushing things a little too far and told her so. She was cordial for the rest of the journey. I find it use harder to dispute, here, if the above report is accurate.

  1. Lefty ladies and debased gentlemen carrying the anti Christian and Jew especially hating Muslims above the law. The first real right leaders will get the show on the road. Unless of course Muslims get preemptive again.

    • The muslims will move because they sense fear and they would be right. The left will do whatever they can to appease the savages even more by trying to stamp on the natives who grow more restless by the day, when the natives see that there are two sets of laws and the muslims can do whatever they like with no repercussions because of appeasement, the natives resentment will grow into white hot hatred and God won’t be helping those who make the native angry.

      • I think it was Lenin who said:
        Probe with bayonet. If you find mush, continue stabbing. If you meet steel, run away.” or so.
        The Taliban found mush.

  2. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought that modern women were opposed to rape in general, and especially when it happens to them.
    Oh well. What would I know, I am a civilized, deplorable, white man.
    John in Indy

    • Many western ones give it up for free, or so easily and with such little effort and value attached that it might as well be free. If the Taliban ruled a western nation they would soon find that bed hopping liberated western females are not even of much value for relieving biological urges and useless for other domestic purposes. In such a Taliban dominated nation it would be more dangerous to be a goat or a little boy than a tatted and pierced club going bull feminist. Why would such creatures care about the plight of women in Islamic lands when they don’t even respect themselves?

      • Dear “The Moon is a harsh Mistress”,

        the Taliban have a very efficient way of telling women to behave like women. They are NOT nice, feminized western men. They are the Iron Fist. Just look at Iran. How long did it take Ayatollah Khomeni to make it crystal clear to the Iranian women? Not long.

        I remember a muslim saying something along the line of “Women are for making children, boys are for enjoyment.”
        (Now I need soap to get this taste out of my mouth.)

      • I frankly would enjoy a good bourbon watching as some purple haired feminaxi try to argue to a muslim how they are right and the muslim wrong, I can hear the smacking of flesh from here.

      • “Give it up for free” implies consent; whatever you, I or anyone may think of their morality this excludes actual rape.

  3. When will Western leftist women like these learn that they will never fulfill their fantasy of being vigorously violated by a powerful Muslim man so long as they cling to their backwards ideas about gender roles? Thankfully these women at least have the good sense to advocate for open borders and the importing of many more of virile Muslims to educate them on the vast inferiority of the Swedish men who meekly accept the open borders.

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