“They Will Really Bring Everything to a Complete Collapse”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer and politician who leads a regular podcast called Corona Ausschuss (“Corona Committee”). The following video is the last of three excerpts from a recent podcast by the group (previously: Part 1, Part 2).

In this segment Ernst Wolff, a journalist and author who specializes in the economics of globalism, elaborates on the Great Reset and the form that the New World Order will take after the old one has been thoroughly destroyed. He pays particular attention to the coming global digital currency that will supplant the dollar, and the expected Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

33:34   May I ask again, at the ZDF [state TV],
33:38   there is this Claus Kleber [news anchor]: is he also in there
33:42   or is he at the Atlantic Bridge? I did not find that name; he is in the Atlantic Bridge
33:46   as far as I know. It is not that everyone who
33:50   has an important position has
33:54   already been there, but of course these people
33:58   draw certain circles, and they are invited. I can well imagine that
34:02   Claus Kleber was also invited a few times
34:06   to be with them in Davos. I mean, you have to
34:10   buy your way in; it costs a lot to get into
34:14   the inner circle. I do not know how many thousand dollars it is, but you have to pay quite a lot
34:18   to be allowed to attend the meetings of the inner circle.
34:22   It is not like
34:26   everybody can just walk into the hotels and attend the meeting.
34:30   I can imagine that. With Mrs. Boegel we have someone
34:34   who is an entrepreneur herself. We have
34:38   already had a number of entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs
34:42   in our committee. It is precisely these entrepreneurs
34:46   who have personal responsibility for their companies,
34:50   as opposed to corporate bosses, who continue to be the
34:54   the backbone of German society. They are responsible for 65% of the jobs
34:58   as I see it, but that is right now being completely destroyed.
35:02   Is it true, Ernst, that this
35:06   story is true,
35:10   that small and medium-sized enterprises are being destroyed on purpose,
35:14   so that they can be taken over by American platforms? And at the same time,
35:18   as we have already heard from various people, the other side,
35:22   the Chinese who are now taking over our German automobile industry, are also involved?
35:26   Is the economic goal
35:30   the complete disempowerment of small and medium entrepreneurs, in favour of
35:34   the platforms in the USA and
35:38   the Chinese, of course? —Exactly. The platform industry
35:42   is the industry that profits the most. The small middle class is
35:46   subjugated to them. So on a small scale we see
35:50   how all the small restaurants are slowly being taken over by Lieferando,
35:54   then we have FlixBus, to which all the local transport here in Germany is
35:58   being submitted, then we have
36:02   Booking.com; it is everywhere. Amazon is the biggest retailer
36:06   now and is crushing all the retailers. So the whole middle-class
36:10   is being subjected to this. So the problem is that the basis of the whole system is also being
36:14   undermined, so this system cannot continue to function,
36:18   and that is why a new system is being prepared in the background. This new system
36:22   is supposed to be based on the digital central bank currency,
36:26   and there have been very interesting developments in the last
36:30   few weeks and months, or in the last two months: firstly,
36:34   there was this International Finance Forum in Beijing,
36:38   which is an organisation similar to the WEF,
36:42   only it is led by several cadres
36:46   of the Chinese Communist Party, that is, the chairman is a member
36:50   of the Communist Party of China, and his six deputies are also CP China.
36:54   It is interesting who is on the scientific advisory board and the supervisory board, namely
36:58   people such as Ms. Lagarde, [Jean-Claude] Trichet, the former president of the ECB,
37:02   and from Germany, among others Horst Köhler, who used to
37:06   head the IMF and was German Federal President. So this is a very important
37:10   organisation and at their meeting (approximately weeks ago)
37:14   a Chinese high official
37:18   who is responsible for the introduction of the digital yuan,
37:22   said that in China they are considering whether the yuan
37:26   could perhaps also be brought into the world on the network of Imperium
37:30   or on the network of Diem. Now you have to know that Diem is the successor
37:34   currency of Libra. Libra is the private currency
37:38   of Mr. Zuckerberg, that is, Facebook. If this is indeed the case,
37:42   then we are actually on the verge of the introduction of a world currency,
37:46   because that would be the cooperation between the Chinese leadership and the
37:50   large American digital corporations. And there is something else that points in this direction:
37:54   and that is what just happened at the IMF, who have announced
37:58   for August 23 2021 that they are going to put out the biggest load
38:02   of Special Drawing Rights in the world, 650 billion.
38:06   Special Drawing Rights. SDRs are a special
38:10   currency that only the IMF can issue,
38:14   and that can only be traded between governments. the SDRs were introduced in 1969
38:18   because people were afraid for the dollar,
38:22   because too many people were demanding gold. The problem was solved in 1971
38:26   by decoupling the dollar from gold.
38:30   The SDRs then lay dormant in the commune for a long time, but were
38:34   reactivated during the euro crisis, when between 120 and 220 billion
38:38   of them were needed to stabilise Greece and other countries.
38:42   But now 650 billion of them are suddenly
38:46   thrown on the market, and you have to know that in the background,
38:50   in the meantime the currency corpus from which these SDRs
38:54   made up has changed. Since 2016,
38:58   the yuan has also been included. There is the US dollar in it, there is the euro, there is
39:02   Japanese yen, there is the Swiss franc, and there is also
39:06   the Chinese yuan in it. So there is, behind the scenes, a cooperation
39:10   between the US and China, that is from the
39:14   US side especially from the big digital corporations.
39:18   In China there is also a big power struggle going on between the digital companies
39:22   and the government, although it has to be said that the Chinese Government has much more power
39:26   than the Western governments because it can still
39:30   rely on the centralist structures of
39:34   Communist rule before it. So how this power struggle will end
39:38   one cannot say at the moment, but no matter how it ends,
39:42   what is interesting is the fact that here, in the highest echelons,
39:46   they are working on a new currency that is possibly above
39:50   the dollar and above the yuan.
39:54   And what are these Special Drawing Rights for… this money…
39:58   What do you mean? —All the states are more or less on the brink of bankruptcy
40:03   at the moment. You only have to look at the special expenses
40:06   they had last year due to the lockdowns. What they had to pay,
40:10   all the bailout money, all the support money;
40:14   they had to pay short-time workers money. The states
40:18   are basically completely broke, and to postpone this bankruptcy once again,
40:22   they are now being covered from behind by the Special Drawing Rights. Interestingly,
40:26   these SDRs are distributed according to the share of assets in the IMF.
40:30   That is, the largest amount goes to the USA, the second and third largest to Germany
40:34   and Great Britain.
40:38   Officially it was announced that “we must help the poor countries
40:42   of the world. We are now supporting the fight
40:46   for more justice with 650 billion Special Drawing Rights.”
40:50   I looked it up: Africa, the whole continent of Africa,
40:54   gets 6.6 percent, that is less than half of what
40:58   the USA alone gets.
41:02   These are bonds or such;
41:06   the payday will come in the foreseeable future…
41:10   Do we know when it will be paid back? —Yes, that’s right, but we know that this day
41:15   Is only postponed for the time being. For me it is clear: everything that happens
41:18   In the economic and financial system at the moment points to the fact that one only kicks the can
41:22   down the road because one knows that the Big Crash will come one way or another.
41:26   They are working in the background at full speed on this digital
41:30   currency. I have heard from insiders that there are now in Europe
41:34   two countries that could immediately [start? unclear] with this digital currency,
41:38   one is Switzerland, the other is Sweden. An interesting coincidence is
41:42   that in Switzerland relatively few or light measures have been taken against Corona,
41:46   and in Sweden almost none.
41:50   Nothing is being done about it at the moment because they have been digitising
41:54   in the background anyway.
41:58   As far as the whole direction is concerned, I suspect that —
42:02   it sounds really frightening — that they are preparing for the next
42:06   lockdown, that they will really bring everything to a complete collapse,
42:10   that they will create huge unemployment in the world and that they will then
42:14   introduce the digital central bank money via the Universal Basic Income.
42:18   Because that would be the best way to get this
42:22   Universal Basic Income accepted by as many people as possible.
42:26   So if you send people out on the streets en masse, release them en masse into unemployment
42:30   and homelessness, really create civil war-like conditions,
42:34   then you can say to people: Look, here is the saving straw,
42:38   you get in your wallet, on your mobile phone, a bank account
42:42   and every morning, every Monday or at the start of every month
42:46   there are 1,200 euros or whatever in it, but you are only allowed to spend it
42:50   within 30 days, and at that percentage for food, at this percentage for rent
42:54   and the rest for your own life.
42:58   Reiner, you remember [unintelligible] also had
43:02   this insolvency application
43:06   possibly in relation to these indebted EU states.
43:10   After this, I don’t know what, Lisbon Treaty or something…
43:14   We should look at that again, because now there is also the possibility,
43:18   maybe through these SDRs, if there is a creditor constellation,
43:22   that even they could make an application for insolvency and then
43:26   just smash the silverware… just to say…
43:30   but we should look at this again very carefully.
43:35   Are there any examples in history where states were in debt
43:39   and where they didn’t give a damn about it and simply
43:43   didn’t pay back their debts, is there anything like that?
43:47   Yes, you can do that via inflation. Germany was highly indebted to its own citizens
43:51   after the First World War. And the hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic
43:55   was nothing other than expropriation from citizens. They had paid
43:59   a lot of money for the war bonds and they wanted to
44:03   get their money back and the State actually paid them back,
44:07   but at a time when one loaf of bread cost one trillion.
44:11   So this is how states can get out of debt. But of course there are several
44:15   cases where states could not service their debts, the last case was
44:19   Argentina I think, but before that South Africa, Zimbabwe;
44:23   there have been several cases where states could not service their debts.
44:27   Normally one tries to solve this through inflation, and at the moment this is a
44:31   deliberate inflation that we are experiencing. Most people always
44:35   assume that inflation comes like something biological
44:39   or like a natural phenomenon,
44:43   but these amounts of money that have been pumped into the system over the last year
44:47   are creating this ever-increasing
44:51   inflation at the moment. We have seen over the last year that about 12 trillion
44:56   has been injected into the system by the central banks, then by the governments,
44:59   about eight trillion on top, so that’s 20 trillion that has been injected into the system.
45:03   Of course, this will not be without consequences. In the past,
45:07   in the last 12 years, it has gone mainly into the financial markets,
45:11   into the bond markets, into the stock markets, into real estate markets. But now, because of the
45:15   short-time workers’ money, it has gone to ordinary people.
45:19   In America there have been these stimulus cheques. They went to ordinary people
45:23   and these people spend it on their food, so of course
45:27   food prices go up. We are currently experiencing an absolute explosion
45:31   in the pricing of food.
45:35   This affects the poorer people the worst and especially
45:39   the poorer nations. If you look at pictures today from Eritrea or
45:43   South Africa, which is actually not an ultra-poor
45:47   country in Africa, but there are devastating conditions at the moment, because
45:51   there is a shortage of food. This food shortage is also
45:55   being deliberately promoted, or at least promoted by the interruption
45:59   of supply chains, because the semiconductor shortage at the moment is not only
46:03   affecting the car industry, but also very strongly on the food industry,
46:07   because all agricultural machines have to work with these semiconductors
46:11   and a lot of agricultural machines cannot be equipped at the moment,
46:15   resulting in very large crop failures. Of course, crop failures only become noticeable
46:19   only months later, so you can already assume that this autumn
46:23   and this winter will not be particularly pleasant.
46:27   Have you ever noticed what happens in Iceland? They have such a
46:31   special role there. They do not have a constitution, and supposedly there are
46:35   bankers in jail. Is there something special? Are they fighting back?
46:39   Have you heard anything about it? It’s always played up as if
46:43   the bankers were in jail. At the time the people’s anger
46:47   was somewhat appeased, some people were actually brought to court
46:51   and given prison sentences, but they have all long since been released.
46:55   In my book about the IMF I wrote a whole chapter about Iceland, so
46:59   you can see how the media also lie to the people. They always pretend:
47:03   “You know, people, there is an island where justice still prevails!” No,
47:07   it does not exist any longer, it does not exist in the whole world.
47:31   How do we get out of this number?
47:35   We have been thinking about it for weeks, for months.
47:39   We also have Mr. Uwe Bröker, an appropriately
47:43   interesting guest…
47:47   We must… Hallo, Uwe.
47:51   We know each other from Davos…
47:55   that’s good, so you too are with the “Young Leaders”, yes?
47:59   We are the counter-event
48:03   in summer, we will probably see each other in ten days…
48:07   but how do we get out of this one?
48:11   We are thinking and saying “we have to disconnect”, that’s what I also tell the Americans
48:14   and the other colleagues, from these global corporations, which
48:19   are all (in my personal experience) highly
48:23   criminal organisations. We also have to disconnect from
48:27   the NGOs, which are controlled by the same people. Is that the solution, that we go back
48:31   to regional structures. Maggie Thatcher once said:
48:35   “I want my money back,” because she did not want to give all the money to the EU juggernaut,
48:39   so do we have to say: “I want my sovereignty back, we want to
48:43   regulate ourselves again, we want to build up our own supply structures
48:47   these global corporation — out of here! We’ll just let them go to waste.”
48:51   Is that a solution? That will not work, because
48:55   you won’t get the majority of people to do that, because it’s simply not possible
48:59   to keep up with the pricing. These big corporations will always
49:03   produce food cheaper than an individual
49:07   farmer can. If you look at the history of Africa. The whole
49:11   the whole continent, all countries were self-sufficient in food
49:15   until the beginning of the ’70s. Meanwhile they are
49:19   now completely dependent on the big food industry in Europe and the USA,
49:23   because those countries have continuously undercut the prices
49:27   and driven the small farmers in Africa to ruin. I think
49:31   such a strategy of denial will not be of much use. Of course, there
49:35   will be an increase in regional structures.
49:39   I am relatively sure that we will soon see something like Cyber Polygon,
49:43   we will see that the internet will be shut down
49:47   in order to further this whole process that we are experiencing right now. But I think
49:51   the very most important thing at the moment (and that’s why I joined the Party
49:55   “Die Basis”), the most important thing is education, we have to
49:59   educate people about these things. Most people believe that the power of the
50:03   big ones is either based on the military, or on this huge money
50:07   power they have, or on all these structures they have created
50:11   NO! their power is based solely on one fact,
50:15   and that is the ignorance of the majority of people.
50:19   As soon as the majority of people see through it —
50:23   it doesn’t even have to be the majority, if it’s 10% of the people who see through it —
50:27   then the picture looks very different. And that is where I think we now have a huge opportunity
50:30   in this election campaign, because people are always particularly attentive.
50:35   Which is why I think it’s our task to do as much education as possible
50:40   in this election campaign. We don’t have to tell anyone that we absolutely want to be
50:43   in the Bundestag. We don’t have to tell anyone that we want to present the next chancellor
50:47   or that we have any big goals
50:51   that we want to achieve within the Bundestag, but we have to use the next eight weeks
50:55   to educate people on a very large scale. And I think the time has never been better,
50:59   because I notice at the moment that the official narrative of the super-dangerous
51:03   virus is falling apart like never before.
51:07   In the last few days I have spoken with a lot of people who
51:11   have been vaccinated once or even twice and who now have huge doubts,
51:15   who say: “Never again, I have been deceived, I have been lied to.”
51:19   I now talk to people who until three weeks ago still said: “What you are saying is
51:23   complete nonsense,” and who now watch my videos. So we now have
51:27   a historical window of opportunity, exactly the one Klaus Schwab is talking about,
51:31   but not to make this system even more dangerous, even more dictatorial,
51:35   but to clarify about this system, and thus to create.
51:39   Yes that is quite clear.
51:43   We now have the constellation that the masks are falling on the other side,
51:47   because now, in order to realise this Klaus Schwab vision,
51:51   they now have to take
51:55   the last steps, and they are very unpleasant,
51:59   and you can see all that, and that is exactly the time window that he sees for himself,
52:03   but that is exactly the time window of clarification for us, too,
52:07   because it is so obvious that many are now saying:
52:11   “What is going on?” And against this background we can go in with information.
52:15   So that’s exactly how I see it, too. We’ll do — but now we have to…
52:19   Ernst, we will
52:23   definitively talk a few more times, because with your help this economic enlightenment
52:27   is going perfectly. So this is really great. You have
52:31   a huge fund of knowledge; you see the connections. I get it, a little bit.
52:35   I also worked a little bit as a banker, and by the way, I only did economic law.
52:39   I am very excited; we’ll do it again.
52:43   Great. One more small question: should I say hello to Catherine Austin Fitts from you?
52:47   I’m meeting her next week in Holland. —Absolutely!
52:55   Thank you for being here. It was important to me
52:59   that someone from the business community be with us.

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  1. The Great Collapse seems to be inevitable: (1) If the PTB are not cornered they will pull it off according to Plan A as an offensive with controlled outcomes — to enslave us. (2) If the PTB get cornered they will pull it off according to Plan B as a counteroffensive with uncontrollable outcomes — to save their lives. Get ready and get set.

  2. Sadly, the man does not understand global economics at all.

    Food prices are stinking high now. They are not low. HE even says that via his comment on inflation. He must have failed economics, because when you have a monopoly you charge whatever you like. That is what is happening in the food sector and has been the case for at least the past 25 years as the globalists purchased all the big farms and why for example Gates bought 220000 acres just a few months ago of highly productive land and has just let it sit producing nothing.

    I hope he learns something before he starts educating people with easily provable non facts.

  3. One can only have a “universal basic income” (we can argue the merits of this another time) in a prosperous economy, eg Sweden before they imported so many unemployable immigrants.

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