France Greets the Taliban!

As I reported earlier today, Belgian police officials are concerned about the possible arrival of members of the Taliban mixed with the refugees from Afghanistan. In France, however, it has already occurred: French intelligence services have identified newly-arrived members of the Taliban.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Five Afghans repatriated to France placed under surveillance due to their presumed connections with the Taliban

by Jean-Marc LeClerc and Steve Tenre
August 23, 2021

One of the individuals admitted belonging to the movement and acknowledged carrying weapons as person-in-charge of a Taliban roadblock at Kabul.

Several repatriated Afghans in France have been placed under surveillance by French authorities, Le Figaro learned on Monday, August 23. The cause: Their alleged closeness to the Taliban fundamentalist movement, which invaded Kabul on August 15. Five men have thus been made the object of an “individual measure of administrative control and surveillance (Micas),” stated Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

The cases of two men brought to the attention of Le Figaro particularly drew the attention of the surveillance services: Nangialay S., born in 1995 at Logar, some 100 kilometers from Kabul, and Ahmad M., born in 1991 in the Afghan capital. According to orders issued by the Interior Ministry, the first one, Nangialay S., admitted belonging to the Taliban and also acknowledged carrying arms as person-in-charge of a roadblock at Kabul. He reportedly also “largely aided in the evacuation of the French embassy,” explained Gerald Darmanin to Agence France Presse. The second, Ahmad M., was seen in connection with the Islamic movement, carrying a weapon in the streets of the city.

The two individuals, for whom there “exists serious reasons to think that their behavior constitutes a threat of a particular gravity for security and public order,” have been integrated with the two other Afghan nationals also “marked for their connections with the Taliban movement,” during a French repatriation operation taking place on August18. As of August 23, almost 2,000 persons have been taken in by France, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian. As for the fifth man, “After an investigation by DGSI, we saw that he had connections with these persons, though they came separately,” detailed Gerald Darmanin.

Those concerned, who must be “regarded as being habitually in contact with persons or organizations who are inciting, facilitating, or participating in acts of terrorism,” have thus been placed under individual measures of administrative control and surveillance.

Police checks and limited movements

In this context, Ahmad M., isolated for ten days in a hotel residence of a Paris suburb as provided by health measures, is required to present himself every day to the police, “who will go to his domicile to assure themselves of his presence.” His movements will be limited to his municipality of residence — though he could ask for a written authorization to leave. A violation of these measures, in effect for three months, exposes the person to a maximum punishment of three months’ imprisonment and a €45,000 fine.

As the law authorizes, the alleged terrorist, at the administrative level, has the possibility of “presenting written or oral observations within a maximum period of eight days from the notification of the present decree.” The oral observations will be formulated to the prefect of the competent department. In addition, the decree by Gerald Darmanin “could be the object of an appeal for excess of power before the competent administrative tribunal within a maximum period of two months from his notification.”

Opposition reactions

Interior is now required to surveil these individuals within the framework of the law. A lot of energy and resources will have to be deployed to avoid a new blunder in this matter, already heavily criticized by leading opposition leaders.

“The government must explain to the French people what would prevent the expulsion of these individuals as a matter of absolute urgency,” Xavier Bertrand, right-wing candidate for the presidency, reacted on Twitter. “The law must be adapted to the needs of our security. Not the reverse.” “The ‘duty’ of France to welcome takes second seat when the security of French people is threatened. This imperative makes sense except for… the government!” tweeted Marine Le Pen for her part [RN, Rassemblement National].

Tweet by Xavier Bertrand: “Five Afghans connected to the Taliban under administrative anti-terrorist surveillance. The government must explain to the French people what would prevent the expulsion of these individuals as a matter of absolute urgency. The law must adapt to the needs of our security. Not the reverse.”

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  1. This didn’t need a highly expensive “Security and Intelligence Sercive” to figure that one out.
    I’m always amused of how little common sense and utter amazement is shown by those that “Rule” our Lives through deceite, when it comes to Islam and it’s AIM.
    An Aim that hasn’t changed for 1400 years.
    I would even go so far and say that they don’t know the symbolism of the White Flag and the Black Flag with the Shahada written on them.
    And if they know, then they are in League with Islam and want the West and the rest of the Non-Islamic World to be enslaved.
    And in this case, I’d guess, Islam is a Part of the Globalist Agenda.

    • The bloody globalist are using mass invasion in the firm belief that they will have the power when all is said and done, they could not be more wrong, for islam does not share power and neither will we when the fun and games begin, for nature is a cruel mistress that cannot be tamed nor subject gated. The days of unvarnished nationalism on steroids is coming and these globalist and their islamic filth will find out it is never nice to make nationalist natives of Europe angry.

  2. You do not put those people under surveillance.
    You deport them or you give them a free ride on Air Pinochet.

    • Bullets are vastly cheaper than deporting, besides, why in the hell would you allow your enemy to live to fight another day?

      • If bullets I would think the Russians had the best idea: 7,65 because its easier on your hand.
        I prefer Air Pinochet.
        Drop some blood and meat into the ocean and wait for the sharks to join in the fun.

        • Have you seen the price of fuel lately? 😉 You must have a weak hand if you cannot handle 9mm?? Try a 45 and then get back to me. 😉

          • About the fuelprice: Shouldnt we have fun on the job?

            About 7,65 vs 9mm vs .45: I fired a 9mm only 8 times (in the german army) but I was refering to the fact that our “enrichers” are more than 8 people. Since 2015 Germany alone took in about 100.000 Afghan people per year.
            So, how hard is it on ones hand if you fire a gun 1.000 times or more a day?

          • Firing 9mm is easy with two hands, and firing a thousands rounds in one day is childs play. Get practicing my friend.

  3. Just to believe the rubbish in the Koran and want to impose it on the world ASAP should be enough to set up a united stop front everywhere against anything Muslim. “Sorry Ali and Mo you may as well be Soviet communists running for Congress or parliament in 1958. You can’t come in.”Tragically we appear and seem to have everything ass backwards and or upside down. Tell me the Muslims are not going to have a go once the magic numbers are breached.

    • I say the quicker the bloody devils disciples of islam have a go the quicker we can get the Great Purge up and running.

      • The true cost of euroswedes, merkeled minds, and filthy underwear on unwashed overweight conman from Turkey Boreass is showing up. The algorithms are destroying us. And if you don’t know what I mean – see what I mean.

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