“The Mask of Democracy is Falling Now”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer and politician who leads a regular podcast called Corona Ausschuss (“Corona Committee”). The following video is the second of three excerpts from a recent podcast by the group (previously: Part 1). In this segment Dr. Fuellmich continues his interview of Ernst Wolff, a journalist and author who specializes in the economics of globalism. He and the rest of the Committee explore the manifold connections among the world’s movers and shakers with organizations that are associated with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

17:28   …what they have to say and to write. But we have to
17:32   that assume when this training
17:36   is finished, contacts will continue, and that then of course
17:40   Mr. Schwab will call Baerbock and say:
17:44   should we put another PR person at your side or such,
17:48   one cannot imagine… [unintelligible]
17:52   they will be targeted from above
17:56   or with other former colleagues… Berlin,
18:00   Merkel etc… Yes, of course
18:04   you have to look at the board of trustees of the WEF.
18:08   there you will find names such as Christine Lagarde, who has a worldwide
18:12   Network. There is Queen Rania of Jordan
18:16   but there is also Larry Fink,
18:20   who is the owner of the largest asset management in the world, master of
18:24   9 trillion US$ which he moves around the world every day.
18:28   So it is possible to have the absolute best economic contacts
18:32   in every region of the world. It is interesting
18:36   that the Young Global Leaders do not only come from the USA and Europe,
18:40   but also to a large extent from Asia, Africa and South America.
18:44   It’s interesting that they all did not study in Asia,
18:48   Africa or South America; they all studied at elite universities
18:52   in the USA and Europe. So they were integrated into this
18:56   system very early on. And we know that Africa is not led by the people of Africa,
19:00   but by an absolutely super tiny elite, even more tiny
19:04   than our elite. An elite that has completely submitted to the West,
19:08   and of course has its children and grandchildren educated everywhere in the West.
19:12   So this is an unbelievable network that spans the world
19:16   that goes into all areas. We have also heard that Maischberger [TV host]
19:20   was able to interview Bill Gates. Then she recently interviewed
19:24   Wolfgang Kubicki [FDP]. She knows both of them
19:28   from the Young Global Leaders, both of whom were there. Also interesting is the case of
19:33   Guido Westerwelle [foreign minister, second Merkel cabinet]. He too was a Young Global Leader,
19:36   and at the exit of the FDP from the Bundestag he planned —
19:40   he did not make it, as he died — he had planned
19:44   to create a European think tank. And who would
19:48   finance this think tank? Mr. Ralph Dommermuth, head of 1&1,
19:52   a German billionaire, also a Young Global Leader.
19:56   There are connections in every direction.
20:00   Once you are in this group,
20:04   there is a solution for every problem, just a matter of calling
20:08   the right person, anyone, who will know the right person in these
20:12   upper echelons. Unbelievable, so that’s 1,000 people who
20:16   completed the whole project so far? Meanwhile there are 1,300
20:20   Global Leaders, among them also
20:24   is Theodor von Guttenberg. We know that Macron is one of them,
20:28   Lars Windhorst, here in Berlin, the sponsor of Hertha BSC [football],
20:32   the very young major entrepreneur. You can find
20:36   all possible names in there. There are 1,300 of them,
20:40   but what I find particularly interesting is that these
20:44   Global Shapers, those who are supposed to shape the future,
20:48   that they meanwhile already comprise 10,000 people,
20:52   and that their so-called meeting places
20:56   are in 400 cities
21:00   all over the world. What is striking from my point of view when I
21:06   look at these CVs, even if some great universities suddenly appear in the background,
21:10   is that these people are all absolutely
21:14   thin, I don’t mean physically thin, but
21:18   thin CV, despite Harald etc. when I look at these people,
21:22   this Jacinda Ardern, for example, or Macron or Mr. Kurz, they
21:26   can only act as talking dolls when they are in a controlled
21:30   setting. As soon as they come out, and as soon as they have to deal with real
21:34   arguments for which they are not prepared, where they
21:38   have no answers learned by heart, they go into a tailspin.
21:42   This has always been most obvious with Ms. Baerbock, who made
21:46   such a monkey of herself, that even Mr. Average who might have been on her side,
21:50   is now saying: oh no, not that one! That seems
21:54   to be the disadvantage, if you make people compliant, then they are more
21:58   useful as command receivers,
22:02   not as leaders. That’s the plan, isn’t it? They are only supposed
22:06   to stand in front, and behind them are those who pull their strings.
22:10   Exactly. It’s the same with the
22:14   government. If we look at our ministers,
22:18   they are basically all puppets who move from talk show to talk show.
22:22   My field is finance, and I know very well that Mr. [Peer] Steinbrück used
22:26   to say a lot of things that showed he did not know much
22:30   about economics. In the background was his secretary of state
22:34   Mr. [Jörg] Asmussen who had an absolute grasp of things,
22:38   and the same currently applies to Mr. [Olaf] Scholz. Mr. Scholz is an
22:42   economic blindworm, that is, incredibly clueless, he has
22:46   Mr. [Jörg] Kukies in the background, from Goldman Sachs, his secretary of state,
22:50   who does all the things. So politicians are only there at the moment
22:54   to distract people from what is happening in the background,
22:58   and what is happening happens completely independently of what they say in talk shows.
23:02   And we also have to get rid of the idea that
23:06   universities are the sort of organisations that function
23:10   outside of politics and outside of big money. So Harvard University
23:14   is managed like a big business, has a lot
23:18   of donors in the background, and they don’t give their money
23:22   for free. So to return to health: Harvard Medical School,
23:26   where Mr. [Karl] Lauterbach once was,
23:30   is no longer called Harvard Medical School;
23:34   it is now called HARVARD-CHAN Medical School
23:38   because a Hong Kong billionaire donated 350 million.
23:42   The same applies to Johns Hopkins University,
23:46   which now also has a
23:50   medical school called “Michael Bloomberg Medical School”,
23:54   because Michael Bloomberg donated over two billion dollars to them,
23:58   the largest donation ever made in the USA. So in this way
24:02   you can see how much the universities depend on big money.
24:06   Do we know if Lauterbach and [Christian] Drosten [PCR tests]
24:10   and other players in this Corona affair
24:14   were also part of the Young Global Leaders?
24:18   I have not found that out yet. I do not think they
24:22   were there. It is quite possible that they were present at these Davos meetings.
24:26   These Davos meetings are much larger than
24:30   is generally believed. I learned about it myself by great coincidence.
24:34   I was there, the year before last, just before the pandemic started.
24:38   I was near Davos in a small place called La Punt,
24:42   and there is a place called Samedan nearby, which has an airport, and I was surprised
24:46   that there were so many private jets landing at this airport,
24:50   and I asked around and was told that the airports of Zurich and Davos
24:54   are overloaded; that’s why the private jets have to land here. Than I asked
24:58   how many private jets land during the Davos Meeting
25:02   and the number really blew me away: 1,500 private Lear Jets
25:06   landed there every January.
25:10   So this is no small organisation. Many have the idea
25:14   that Davos is a small circle. There are three hotels, a few performances.
25:18   No, this is a huge, big event.
25:22   As a Member of Parliament [SPD]
25:26   I once had the opportunity to be present at large events in Berlin, for example,
25:30   but also elsewhere, where I also experienced Mr. [Philipp] Rösler,
25:34   when he was Minister of Health, the way he discussed with Mrs. Chan
25:38   and people from Africa and how they
25:42   also always dealt with health issues. You could see
25:46   for me that was always strange, that there was
25:50   a mixture of completely different people from business and politics,
25:54   and I was always wondering what drew them together,
25:58   why they met. It was usually at the Pariser Platz, somewhere
26:02   in a good Berlin neighbourhood.
26:06   I was really critical even as a politician, and kept
26:10   a watchful eye on things and always tried to understand what was going on. I did not
26:14   not know the connections. I couldn’t make the connection to the WEF.
26:18   Meaning we have seen it all the time
26:22   in opposition, and also in government as politicians
26:26   we saw it, we also went there when we were interested
26:30   and also listened critically, but we did not have the insight,
26:34   and that frightens me. I must say I am completely appalled
26:38   that we have not found out
26:42   what you have told us now, that we did not see through it at the time.
26:46   Interesting phenomenon, I could not find a single SPD politician
26:50   in the whole list. Among German politicians,
26:54   the FDP was particularly represented, and of course some people from
26:58   the CDU/CSU, and now, more recently the Greens,
27:02   Cem Özdemir [Turkish-German Greens leader],
27:06   yes, please.
27:10   It was already clear to me that the pharmaceutical industry had its fingers in everything
27:14   and tried everywhere, and also that
27:18   Bill Gates was active in Africa and had already done business
27:22   with Pfizer as a sponsor at that time, so these economic connections
27:26   were — even looking critically at it — were already clear to me. I was the
27:30   European rapporteur for health for the SPD in the Bundestag,
27:34   and there came all these proposals on how the health system
27:38   how the “health economy” as it was called in the field,
27:42   should be shaped in Europe. There were
27:46   many points where we said “Stop”,
27:50   where we asked questions, but that there was such a huge apparatus behind it
27:54   with Hermann Scheer. I know that he
27:58   had a clear view regarding energy economy in his field.
28:02   He saw the big companies, the entanglement with politics.
28:06   I hardly know any other people who had an insight into this.
28:10   I once did a report on these private military companies,
28:14   after 9/11, which was a topic at that time,
28:18   and they had insane price gains after the
28:22   “war on terror”, and I then realised a little bit
28:26   that these private military companies, the government
28:30   in Africa, but also the English government, that they work very closely together,
28:34   and that this is a connection through public-private power
28:38   which was built up then. But the WEF
28:42   did not come up, at least not for me.
28:46   Public-private partnership, that is the big goal,
28:50   and you have to say public-private partnership means partnership between big companies
28:54   and the state. And basically that’s nothing other than what Mussolini preached,
28:58   only Mussolini called it something else, for him it was called
29:02   authoritarian corporatism, but that is exactly the way,
29:06   the direction that the WEF is taking. There is this company “SERKO”.
29:10   I don’t know where they come from, whether from Australia [actually New Zealand],
29:14   but they are very interesting. They have an unbelievable network, also connections with
29:18   the state, I think they do all the immigration processing
29:22   for England and they run an incredible number
29:26   number of prisons and such worldwide. It is unbelievable how they
29:30   are networked everywhere and nobody knows this company, they are quite enormous.
29:34   How far are digital companies involved
29:38   with the World Economic Forum?
29:42   The digital companies are involved everywhere in the world. There is nothing left
29:45   that does not function digitally in some way, and in the places they’re in
29:50   they have insight. They have insight into data streams and insight into financial streams,
29:54   and that is the instrument of absolute domination.
29:58   At the time [unintelligible]
30:02   because the military was moving more and more
30:06   in that direction. All military efforts are going increasingly into intelligence,
30:10   into data, into knowledge.
30:14   I had a colleague who was very experienced, and who
30:18   helped me a lot, Rolf Uesseler, who wrote the book “War as a Service”
30:22   [Krieg als Dienstleistung], who pointed out
30:26   to me at the time that these military companies
30:30   are very closely linked
30:34   with the data companies, and now we also have the situation,
30:38   as we know from the whistleblowers, that
30:42   the national security services, that there is also
30:46   an interlocking of personnel. In the USA,
30:50   military officers were given leave for a while
30:54   to work in these companies and then came back, and that was
30:58   because they were paid much better in these companies
31:02   and all the military men would have run away if they had not had the chance
31:06   to work in these military companies in between. This of course results in
31:10   an automatic interlocking of these private institutions,
31:14   from the knowledge alone, and state institutions, which then of course
31:18   lays the foundations for this public-private partnership,
31:22   …there the tail wags the dachshund,
31:26   where the power field is completely reversed.
31:30   the private sector has the know-how, and the others contribute
31:34   the money and taxes to finance it.
31:38   The strength of the digital industry can also be seen
31:42   in the central banks. At the moment the biggest advisor to the central banks,
31:46   the Federal Reserve and the IZB,
31:50   is Blackrock. And Blackrock controls the computer system
31:54   for everybody. For over 40 years they have been collecting all data
31:58   in the financial system. That is, they know infinitely more about the financial system
32:02   than all the central banks. Central banks are bureaucratic organisations,
32:06   where they do not work with the latest technology,
32:10   whereas Blackrock is absolutely at the cutting edge of science, and that is why
32:14   Blackrock is the crucial element in the partnership with the central banks.
32:18   But now, Ernst, we have to assume, after everything we have heard now,
32:22   not only because of what you just told us, but also because
32:26   of what we have heard before, that a group
32:30   of super-rich and therefore super-powerful private individuals
32:34   is trying to hijack politics, that is, the public institutions.
32:38   Well, they already hijacked it long ago, so they are already in it. It is just
32:42   that now all these connections are coming to light more and more openly.
32:46   The mask of democracy is falling now; it is gone.
32:50   Exactly. And if we are serious about our constitution
32:54   and we do have the constitutional courts
32:58   all over Europe,
33:02   the executive is bound by the constitution, and we elect
33:06   these people and actually we have the power. And the courts
33:10   that do not rule by law and that have been bought,
33:14   we have to chase them out of the gate. That’s something
33:18   that is not right, and when you consider that the whole thing
33:22   is financed by our taxes, then it becomes even clearer
33:26   that the power is actually with us. We can stop it, but we have
33:30   to get organised to achieve it, and the others are better organised than we are, so far.

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  1. So i understood that our Prime minister who is stupid,has finished Harvard ,he is the richest P.M in Europe,and completely uneducated,(he only reads the “new reset)”,is then one of these young global leaders? I doubt it since he cannot distinguish left from right.

    • No one has to be “smart” to be part of the Club, as George Carlin styled it. Only well connected through friends, family, or school, etc. Look at Hunter Biden. Not particularly smart but has the entire weight and power of the U.S. gov’t make his problems disappear through the good offices of the Secret Service (being ultra loyal to the Constitution as they are: sarcasm off), all because Daddy, coal-miner po’boy Scranton Joe, was amoral/venal enough to get into bed with the right people as soon as he hit Washington lo these many decades ago (Kennedy, Dodd, Byrd, Thurmond, Bush).

      As Angelo Codevilla wrote in an essay a while back: their station in life is defined by who they go to dinner with more than personal achievement. Those are their kith, not the “little people” whom they are descended from, married to, work or went to school with, etc. The Dirt people don’t make a malignant narcissist “feel” who they see themselves as being, except when they can humiliate them or, better yet, maneuver them into humiliating themselves. It’s the other power player sitting across the dinner table talking to them as a peer that validates their place in the universe, and the feeling is inherently mutual. Power begets power.

  2. The reference to Serco (sic) is interesting. They were supposed to provide security for the 2012 London Olympics, but announced only weeks before that they couldn’t handle it, and the military had to take over.

    They should never have got another government contract after that, yet they do, and still remain incompetent; they were one of two companies given the contract for the NHS’ Covid “track and trace” system last year, which was a disaster, wasting a fortune. The system would have worked better if organised locally rather than centrally, involving local authorities and healthcare organisations. Even when the Johnson administration behave like Conservatives and favour their friends in the private sector, they get it wrong!

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