Belgium Greets the Taliban!

The following article is from a Dutch newspaper, but concerns Belgium. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this piece from De Telegraaf:

Internal e-mail warns police services: “Arriving fundamentalists cannot be ruled out”

August 23, 2021

Brussels: There is fear among Belgian police that human smugglers, extremists, recruiters, and violent people will arrive among the Afghan refugees. According to the Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad that comes from an internal email to the police services.

Belgian Minister for Internal Affairs Annelies Verlinden shares that fear, according to the newspaper. The police reportedly sent out an urgent email with the message that they want to know what the “coming significant wave of refugees” will bring with them. The email is directed to the services that have supervision over the asylum-seeker centers. In the email, the police services were called upon to report “all facts on religious recruiting, extreme violence, and human smuggling” to a central email address.

According to Het Nieuwsblad, it may be concluded that a portion of the Afghans who are now in asylum centers do not have the best reputation. “Some of these young Afghans behave very violently. There are groups on TikTok where the content incites violence. It is disturbing that some persons are doing Islamic religious recruiting and claim to be followers of a strict type of Islam which they dream will be introduced to Belgium.”

A police source says that the asylum centers are clearly part of a much greater problem. “The people in asylum centers, they are under control. But the rest who remain here and there or on the street, we know hardly anything about. And that is not reassuring.”

Earlier the Belgian public prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw stated that “the new regime in Afghanistan will not immediately be a new terror threat”. According to him, “the Taliban will first focus on the local situation.” However, he added, “A threat may emerge within two or three years.” Van Leeuw also indicated that in Belgium there are possibly some supporters of the new regime already present.

6 thoughts on “Belgium Greets the Taliban!

  1. …Dumb kids… Do they have ANY IDEA what the Taliban do to women?… Obviously not…

    • Hmmm… Maybe I should have noted that the image is a photoshop of the famous “Refugees Welcome” photo.

      • Thank God, Baron, that the image is a photoshop only sofar. Of course there are the usual useful idiots, who welcome Afghan refugees, without thinking that they may be not refugees only.

  2. Concerning that “strict type of Islam”……….
    Memo to Belgian police:
    “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that is that.”
    – Erdogan

  3. IF the arriving Moslems are not ‘fundamentalists’ then their kids are likely to be. That’s how it seems to work. The second generation becomes the source of violence.

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