Just Say It!

Giuseppe Cruciani is an Italian television presenter who is known for being provocative and confrontational. The following video is an excerpt from a longer TV program, in which Mr. Cruciani rails against the reluctance of the progressives to identify “honor” violence as an Islamic phenomenon. He specifically refers to the recent case of Saman Abbas, who was allegedly killed by her family for refusing to marry her cousin.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I don’t know why the Italian left is so afraid of mentioning the word “Islam” clearly.
00:08   In my humble opinion the Democratic Party has slightly moved forward concerning this case.
00:12   The leader of the Democratic Party, [Enrico] Letta, spoke only once
00:16   of the Saman Abbas case, and when he did he labeled it as femicide.
00:20   He said: it’s femicide, period. Now Deputy [Pina] Picierno said:
00:24   “It might have to do with religion too,” but she said it shyly, if I may say so.
00:29   Without mentioning the word which is supposed to be mentioned.
00:33   It’s not religions in general. It deals with Islam.
00:36   Because, excluding the cases of few minorities, there are no other religious contexts
00:41   besides Islam where women are treated in such a manner.
00:45   And I want to quote what Hina Saalem,
00:48   the Pakistani girl from Brescia, said in 2006, before being killed.
00:52   What did Hina say, before being murdered?
00:55   She said “They rage against me, they accuse me of acting like a Christian and not like a Muslim.”
01:03   “And not like a Muslim.” “They forbid me from going to school, from living like any other Western girl.”
01:08   She said so in 2006; she sounded exactly like Saman.
01:14   She went on “I am betrothed to my cousin,
01:18   my mother’s sister’s son whom I have never met and who lives in Pakistan.”
01:22   That was in 2006 and it’s Hina herself who mentions the word Islam.
01:25   Why are people so afraid of speaking out about something so obvious,
01:28   As Iva Zanicchi rightly said before?
01:31   This crime was no honor killing.
01:34   It took place in the context of the Islamic religion.
01:37   Actually it is an honor killing;
01:40   it is not an Islamic crime. —No, stop it with the honor killing thing!
01:43   It took place in the context of a fundamentalist interpretation
01:47   of the Islamic religion. —It has nothing to do with Islam.
01:51   And I don’t know why the Italian Left is so afraid of mentioning the word “Islam” clearly.