Sweden Throws the Book at an ISIS Terrorist

A “Swedish” Muslima who went to Syria to join the Islamic State had her children taken away when she returned to Sweden. When she threatened to kill a health care worker, the Swedish justice system threw the book at her — it made her talk to a shrink.

If that fails, of course, there’s always the Comfy Chair.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Swedish news site Samtiden, which is published by Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats):

ISIS Terrorist Sentenced for Death Threat Against Health Care Worker

When the returning ISIS terrorist had her children forcibly taken into child protective custody, she threatened a health care worker with death. Now the woman has been sentenced to court-mandated psychiatric care.

The woman, who returned from ISIS in Syria and threatened a healthcare worker with death in April, has been sentenced to the psychiatric section of the Södra Älvsborg Hospital. The health care worker allegedly would have seen her family killed.

The ISIS terrorist said that she would “find them” and slit the throat of the health care worker’s father.

“It was very uncomfortable. I became afraid. I took it most seriously. It felt real,” the health care worker told the hearing, which GT news reported.

District court sentences to psychiatric care

The ISIS terrorist was charged with a threat against a healthcare worker. The District Court of Borås found the woman guilty and sentenced her to court-mandated psychiatric care.

“From the court-mandated psychiatric investigation that the ISIS terrorist subsequently went through, it has now emerged that she committed the act she was charged for under the influence of a serious psychiatric disorder…” the court writes in its ruling.

The woman traveled from Sweden to Syria in 2014 to join the ISIS terror organization. She traveled together with her husband and their children.

According to information from the National Operative Section (NOA) of the police, the woman was engaged in recruiting other women into Islamist terror activity.

Forced custody upon return

The woman returned to Sweden in March and had her children taken into protective custody, according to LVU, and she herself has been taken into mandated care. According to a police report reproduced by the administrative court, dated 18 March this year, it emerges that the woman, “suffers from severe psychiatric illness caused by her involvement in terror activity, and that since her return to Sweden has been in such a bad condition that she has been taken into protective care, according to LPT [Compulsory Mental Care Law].”

In a personal investigation from Probation Services, the woman herself reported having problems with psychosis since her return from Syria.

11 thoughts on “Sweden Throws the Book at an ISIS Terrorist

  1. Just wait a few years.
    Then she will not have a book thrown at her, no, she will have a fistful of Dschizya (or however it is spelled) thrown at her.
    Those who fulfill the prophets words (kill the unbelievers) must be rewarded. If the state does not give her that money her fellow belivers just begin killing unbelievers until our rulers with no spine or (male anatomy) will give it to them.

  2. If this doesn’t establish that islam is, indeed, a mental disorder then what will? Try intense hallucinogenic psychotherapy. That might work.

  3. Since they knew she returned to Syria for Jihad for the life of me I can’t understand why they would let her back in, and if she snuck back in why they wouldn’t immediately deport her, or deport her after she completes her sentence.

    I thought the Swedish government’s whole misguided rational of letting these people in, in the first place was because she was a refugee with nowhere but Sweden to go (in and of itself a completely irrational argument). If she willfully travels back she is not a refugee, and if she goes back for jihad she is obviously a terrorist and should be banned from entering the country.

    As bad as I see immigration policy as being here, at least committing any crime in the U.S. is grounds for deportation, sometimes serving a sentence then being deported, and there is at least some minimal effort to determine if they should be allowed to enter based on their background and genuine need for asylum, at least before Biden got installed after a rigged election.

    As a part Swede I thank my lucky stars those ancestors left. I think Sweden is completely bonkers. I can’t even wrap my head around it’s self destructive thinking and policies.

    • I can’t wrap my head around such pathetic nonsense either.
      It seems the loonies are running the courts, and the loonie bin.

      ‘ISIS’ was a bunch of murderous terrorists. If it had been a Nazi group flying a Nazi flag, would they have let all these people back in?

  4. I am laughing at the complete cognitive dissonance of this bloody tragedy. You just cannot make this stuff up!! These lefty’s twist themselves into knots trying to explain something that is self evident and they come out with something they can make up, mental illness, where have we seen this before? Oh yes the former com bloc and the Soviet Union.

  5. Heh..I knew there was something up with this headline. They just can’t help themselves

  6. Re: “A “Swedish” Muslima who went to Syria to join the Islamic State had her children taken away when she returned to Sweden. When she threatened to kill a health care worker, the Swedish justice system threw the book at her — it made her talk to a shrink.”

    It is plain that the authorities are coddling the Muslims, allowing them to do pretty much as they please, while “native” Swedes are held to the full measure of the law. A textbook definition of what the late Sam Francis termed “anarcho-tyranny,” i.e., one class of people in society are allowed to run riot and cause chaos, yet who face little/no punishment or penalty – while others are penalized for even the slightest infractions of the law. The “anarchy” being the Muslims creating havoc and the “tyranny” being the full-weight of the Swedish state and the EU bringing brought to bear against ordinary Swedes who so much as complain about the nature of things.

    It is so obvious now that even a blind man could see it – the European elites have betrayed their own people and civilization to the Saracens. Do native Swedes even have the right to live in their own country any longer?

  7. Sweden survived WW2. Big plans for the Muslim signalling too. Not alone. Let’s hope all the countries of Europe unite in a similar desire to remove the Muslim pestilence – at the same time.

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