Santiago Abascal: Fighting the Socialist-Communist Tyranny

Santiago Abascal is the leader of the Spanish populist party Vox. In the following video Mr. Abascal expresses his determination to resist “Socialist-Communist tyranny” on both sides of the Atlantic. In his remarks he refers to Hermann Tertsch, who — despite his Germanic name — is a Spaniard, a member of Vox, and vice-chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists group in the European Parliament.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Good evening. It is a real honor for me to speak to you all on such an important day.
00:07   Today we are celebrating the very first summit of the first European project on the resistance
00:12   against the narco-communist and terrorist dictatorships of Ibero-America.
00:16   That’s why today is a historic day. For the first time at the European Parliament
00:20   there is a political group determined to fight the totalitarian plague
00:23   which has been devouring our Ibero-American brothers for decades.
00:27   A plague which after several frustrated attempts has eventually
00:32   settled in Spain too, under the name of Podemos.
00:36   But we cannot blame Communists alone for this.
00:39   They do their own job, that is: destroying wealthy nations
00:43   in order to enrich themselves and their own friends.
00:46   I can mention Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, and other countries of the sibling continent.
00:50   Countries that used to be rich, free and advanced and that
00:54   fell into the hands of the Socialist-Communist tyranny
00:58   and haven’t emerged from poverty and want into freedom yet.
01:03   And others which are going to fall too, unless we, who have the duty
01:06   to stop the advancement of the totalitarian horde, do something about it.
01:10   As is happening in Chile, in Colombia, in the Kingdom of Spain itself,
01:14   thanks to Pedro Sanchez and his government allies.
01:18   For so many years the political forces that were supposed to
01:22   fight this plague did nothing but procrastinate with Communists.
01:26   Some of them out of mere convenience.
01:29   Others did it in good faith, believing that the communist beast would gently surrender to them.
01:35   None of this happened. The only thing that this weak approach achieved
01:40   was to normalize, legitimize and encourage several dictatorships.
01:45   Anachronistic and greedy dictatorships who will not rest
01:49   until the last brick of our great Christian, Western civilization falls.
01:54   This ECR-EuroLat summit is a new milestone for the relations between Europe and Ibero-America.
02:01   We started down this new path with the Charter of Madrid, thanks to the Disenso Foundation,
02:04   and now we are accompanied by other European political forces,
02:07   who know very well what fighting against Communism means.
02:13   And they do so because they lived it until a short time ago.
02:17   We are going to win this battle. Because we are the just.
02:21   And because for the first time we, the just, are more determined than they are.
02:26   For the sake of our nations, our families, our freedom and our life.
02:31   Without turning back, from now on.
02:34   From the bottom of my heart, thank you, dear Hermann Tertsch,
02:37   for setting this great deed in motion.

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