Dutch Culture-Enrichers Are Out of Control

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Justice confirms: Safe country asylum-seekers can hardly be controlled after their asocial and criminal outbursts

by Wout Willemsen
June 15, 2021

The Justice and Security Inspectorate has come out with a new report following an investigation into trouble-making asylum-seekers. And what is the result? Asocial and criminal asylum-seekers can hardly be reformed unless real action can be taken.

Moroccans, Algerians, Libyans, and Tunisians, better known as asylum-seekers from “safe countries”, are the biggest cause of the problem. In the normal asylum centers, they continue to show asocial and criminal behavior, probably also due to the fact that “boas” [investigating officers] and other security personnel are hardly allowed to intervene, according to Het Parool.

There is, however, a special center for adult asylum-seekers in Hoogeveen. Employees there have the authority to impose sanctions and physically intervene. The result? Significantly less trouble

The Inspectorate thus confirms what the rest of the Netherlands has long known: Doing nothing doesn’t help while doing something does. State Secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol, herself the queen of doing nothing, is now getting advice from the Inspectorate to give COA [Centraal Orgaan opvang asielzoekers, Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers] workers more authority and to train them so that they really can and are allowed to intervene.

That should be a big improvement, but naturally, it is still a plaster on a festering wound. The Dutch government still can’t send this type of asylum-seeker back, purely because the country of origin doesn’t cooperate and actually tells the Netherlands, “Last touched!”.

Thus, the situation remains just as pitiful, but in any case, slowly but surely, the problem is becoming known to the government itself. Now one just awaits a cabinet that will actually turn the harsh campaign rhetoric of the VVD [Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie, People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy] into policy in which asylum-seekers from safe countries can actually go and enjoy the summer sun in their own, safe country…

12 thoughts on “Dutch Culture-Enrichers Are Out of Control

  1. Very easy now to understand how characters like Hitler got to go for it. WE have allowed ourselves to be packed onto one way trains.

    • What is coming is going to make ole Hitler look like a rank amateur. Once the new Reich comes into being, the 3rd worlders and commie left will know what true fear looks like and there will be no one to rescue them from the Great Purge.

  2. My athiest Dutch brother-in-law is from Broek op Langedoc but lives in Houston. He hates America, our cops and loves the illegals. He says and Muslim are very great people. He has enjoyed the wealth he has gotten in America but he has a bad attitude. I’m am sorry he married my sister but she is a Democrat and she has a huge chip on her shoulder.

    It is nearly impossible to have a relationship with them

    • Your sister and her commie husband, like all of the left, are about to learn a horrific lesson that it is not nice to mess with human nature. Events will soon consume them all.

        • This is all about to go sideways in a very Balkans way where your race, religion and politics will be your uniform, there will be no rules and no innocents, all will be fair game. There will be only the Victors and the dead.

  3. Who would have thought that this would happen?

    Why do we not invite them to a party, give them some booze and when they are passed out we put a tin coin into their pockets.
    And then we tell them they took the Kings shilling and are now soldiers of the most glorious expedition corps.
    Then we ship them to Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.

    And if they try do desert? What was the punishment of the British Army during Napoleonic times (Richard Sharpe, Harper, etc) for desertion?

    • Why complicate simple things? The Algerians gave the French the choice of the suitcase or the coffin, why should we not treat them the same?

    • I think we should just ask the Morbark Whole Tree Chipper what it thinks we should do with misbehaving orcs. Certainly cheaper than sending them off to Afghanistan or Pakistan and more satisfying than sending them back to the sumps they slithered out of.

        • You know that our enemies may take your comments as justification for beating us up, telling everybody we are genocidal maniacs etc.

          Therefore I want to make it more nice. And besides:
          Orcs are killing Orcs in Afghanistan, Libanon, former Lybia.
          We should send them more Orcs and encourage them to be more efficient.
          But no harmful language please. We are civilized.
          (Even if the endresult is the same.)

          • Let them!!! The more they act against us the quicker we can get the show on the road, the sooner they find out we can get completely Medieval with them, the quicker they will start their exodus form our western countries. Dealing with uncivilized savages of the 3rd world with civilized means is a lose lose proposition, for they look at us as we are weak, when you pay them in their own bloody coin, they will respect you. Time for brutal, ruthless efficiency in dealing with these 3rd worlders and their marxist enablers.

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