A French Lesbian Foresees Her Death

I’ve reported previously (most recently here) on Mila, a lesbian high school student in France who upset Muslims by saying things about Islam that were true, but did not reflect well on Muslims. She was doxxed, inundated with death threats, and forced to withdraw from school. Since then she has lived under police protection.

In the following video Mila reflects on her current circumstances, and discusses the likelihood that she will face dismemberment and/or death for disrespecting the Religion of Peace.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In your book you include many of the messages you received.
00:03   One of them ends by saying to you: “You have been taken prisoner in
00:06   your own country.” —He’s right. He’s right!
00:13   Who could say anything to the contrary? Even when I’m out, I’m in prison.
00:17   I’m in prison in layers of clothes and different makeup.
00:21   I’m told: “It’s not right, you mustn’t go out like that,
00:25   you must put on a wig, put on a hat.” Now that I have blue hair,
00:29   they ask me to wear hats, but I don’t want to!
00:33   So then I look like a fly, with the big coat when it’s hot, with a mask, sunglasses,
00:38   and a rotten hat…No, I’m not Inspector Gadget! I’m a woman;
00:43   I walk down the street. I need to live. So,
00:47   It’s very difficult to go out in camouflage like that.
00:52   You write: “I’ve been abandoned by a fragile and cowardly nation. —The nation
00:56   is fragile and cowardly! I used these words and I don’t mince my words.
01:00   I was convinced that my country was not like that. We need to stand together.
01:05   Although there’s a silent majority who “support” me, they probably won’t ever
01:09   do anything. I appreciate these people, and thank you for supporting me,
01:13   but I still see cowardice all around me. Nobody does anything,
01:17   because people are afraid. It’s not a question of that, and I’d never be
01:21   so pretentious to say that I’m more courageous than others, that I’m stronger,
01:26   or more powerful than someone else, because that’s not the case. Yes, I’m seen
01:30   as a symbol because I’m not afraid; I continue to express myself as I see fit.
01:34   Even if someone puts a knife to my throat. I will never stop speaking.
01:38   On the other hand, I’m still a young woman
01:43   who doesn’t even know what to think about her future right now…
01:49   When I’m asked: “How do you see yourself in five years, in ten years?”
01:53   I see myself maybe burned to a crisp, maybe with my leg blown off,
02:00   or maybe dead. Maybe I’ll be dead in five years.
02:09   There’s no way I’m going to be alive, and I’m completely calm telling you this.
02:14   I know it’s not normal. I can still say it to myself and in certain moments
02:21   I start to cry because I’m not able to see my future like others.

21 thoughts on “A French Lesbian Foresees Her Death

    • Can’t say I am thrilled to be defending lesbians either. That isn’t what this is about though.

      Leftists win by hanging together whenever one of them is targeted by the right. Same with muslims. The expression “Me against my brother, my brother and I against my cousin, and all of us against the stranger.” One needs to take their allies where one finds them. While we might agree that what two women do with one another in the sanctity of their bedroom is repugnant to us, we should also be able to agree that being targeted for death by an invasive alien group because of this is worthy of our mutual defense of western freedoms and rule of law and the opposition of barbaric religious fanaticism.

      • They start with the lesbians abd they continue with all of us
        You are mentally retarded if you do not fight for every person that stands again at the nuslim tyrant and taking over

        • Taking care of the people’s business is a lost cause. Taking care of business is not.

        • The alphabet people hitched their wagons with the bloody effing muslims, let them reap what they have sown. No GD sympathy nor empathy from me. Deo Volente! The SHTF is about to consume them along with their muslim and 3rd world friends, nature is about to set things right in the world.

          • The “alphabet people” are not some kind of amorphous mass, for God’s sake; it’s only the high profile of some of the more politically active ones that can make it seem so.

            As an approximate parallel, I’m a Brit who’s never voted Conservative because I’m in favour of state provision, or at least control, of healthcare and education, affordable housing and decent public transport, but nor am I a fan of socialism. I follow “Gates” because the islamisation of the West scares me. Human beings are capable of nuanced thinking, despite the increasing tendency towards polarisation

          • Reply for Mark
            So Mark you are deeply a socialist
            The Muslim scum that parasites your country comes there and conquers because of your socialized healthcare and affordable housing.
            The more affordable housing the more Muslim retards and leeches with shariah in mind you are going to have.
            As long as you offer thinks for free they will flock in
            And half of their children are retards because of inbreed marriage.But who cares, you will pay the bill for this retards … I bet you are happy about it.
            Oh, and about the schools… your muslims brothers are dissatisfied with the gay and sexual education in your fantastic schools… you have a teacher in hiding because he dared to show Mohammed cartoons to class.
            You are a limited man, you should understand that your country is lost to Muslims already.

          • Mark, you are a socialist, and socialism loves the bloody 3rd world invading your shores, therefore because of your poor dumb choices, you will reap what you have sown. The intersectionality (socialism)of the alphabet people, socialists and 3rd worlders brings a toxic stew of Balkanization and then massive bloodshed, THAT! Is what you bloody voted for! By God! What the heck is wrong with you people!?????You have wrought upon yourselves your own demise. If you cannot see what you have done and supported, you bloody well deserve your fate.

          • Is the Muslim army bleeding us Whites Only again? The casualties on WO were so minimal compared to what is going on now.

    • Lesbians and the other truly bent lefty likeys offering services at this stage in THEIR great disaster is a bit rich. Seeing alien hostile bloated for popping Muslims hanging out intimating locals and passersby for “fun” by just by being there reminds some perhaps of the newly arrived Nazis in Warsaw or Paris WW2. Where are the arms caches? Nothing is blending. The occupiers are all set not to blend in. Their “enterprises” look super Middle Eastern with names that boast great victories over the Kafirs. I saw this lifeless shagged out culture look in places like Oxford Street and Gloucester Road on London, when I visited a couple of years ago. Liar BoJo monstrosity is the perfect bleeder. Opening borders to re-enforce the already growing chaos. Starting soon I imagine Europe will never know peace again. Diatribe. Thank you.

      • PS. The situation in Europe is looking
        like Liar BoJo’s hair. Very hairy and messed up.

  1. Everybody knows that when you speak ill of the religion of peace trouble follows. Except they do not know, or pretend to each other that they do not know, or pretend to themselves that they do not know.

    A case in point is that of the Religious Studies teacher in Batley, Yorkshire, who showed his pupils one of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and had to go into hiding in fear for his life and those of his family. The school and his teachers’ union refused to back him. Only the local binmen stood up for him.

    He too has been abandoned by a cowardly and fragile nation but what did he expect? Not long before another teacher did the same in France and was beheaded on the street, but the death threats apparently came as such a surprise to him that he has had an emotional breakdown and now refuses to go back to the school. The two other Religious Studies teachers at the school also refuse to return, also in fear for their lives, so the department now consists of supply teachers. One wonders what the children are now being taught on the subject.

    As it happens, there will be a by-election in the parliamentary constituency of Batley and Spen on July 1st and Anne Marie Waters of the For Britain party is standing. As she says, there will be other candidates there wringing their hands about the shocking behaviour of a tiny minority of extremists but she will be pointing out the connection between death threats and beheadings and Islamic scriptures.

    Good luck to her and good luck to Mila in France. We need them both.

    • As for political parties wringing their hands about the tiny majority of violent muslims:
      I remember an article on the internet.
      The Clint Eastwood classification of muslims – The Good, the Bad and the ugly.

      It disappeard from the internet. I found a trace, but the site seems a little bit off.
      The text I wouldnt disagree with.

    • So please tell me how this voting thing is going to work out again? The For Britain party will go absolutely no where and you can take it to the bank, the powers that be will see to it. I am enjoying people like you who are looking for other people to save them, you are in for one hell of a long wait and will be sorely disappointed, want to change things? Get off your backside and get out there and do something, get other like minded people and start getting busy, block by block. Arm up and be the Wolf, instead of the bleating sheep ready to be slaughtered because you were to cowardly for standing up and being counted.

  2. This is the deepest interview I have ever seen on Islam. Worth a million words.

  3. She is right
    A nation full of cowards a word full of cowards and full of Muslim criminals that lay in wait

    • Those “cowards” once bloodied can turn on their adversaries with a savagery that would baffle a Muslim.

      • But they are bloodied, they are bloodied for a long time.
        Killed on bridges , killed at concerts,killed on trains…
        What more blood you want?
        Decapitated on the street …
        Cowards I say and they should be ashamed

  4. In the 1960s military exercises were based on Soviets advancing on London. And now? Who would have thought? Fought? Not anymore it screams.

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