Mila’s Tormentors Get Their Day in Court

In January of last year I reported on the case of Mila, a lesbian high school student in France who aroused the ire of Muslims by saying unkind things about Islam (on her Instagram account, after being hit on by male followers of the Religion of Peace). She was doxxed and deluged with death threats, which forced her to withdraw from school. Since then she has had to live under police protection.

Thirteen people who issued death threats against Mila are being tried. The two videos below were posted after Mila appeared in court to confront her harassers.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Mila’s remarks in court

Video #2 : The harassers on trial

Here’s a report from the Beeb about Mila’s appearance in court:

Mila was 16 when her first Instagram clip went viral.

She has since received 100,000 hate messages, her lawyer says, and lives under 24-hour police protection.

Ten men and three women aged between 18 and 30 are standing trial. Eight are accused of making death threats.

Mila, who has now turned 18, is identified only by her first name in France.

Her story has revived debate about freedom of speech, as well as protection for schoolchildren from online bullying.

A schoolteacher was murdered last October close to his school near Paris, days after showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to a class discussing freedom of expression.

Ahead of the trial the teenager posted a message asking for support: “Together let’s refuse to live in fear.”

Speaking at the court on Thursday, her lawyer Richard Malka said Mila’s life had been “stolen”, even though she had not “broken any law” in criticising Islam, according to French channel BMFTV.

“I can’t get over the fact that she lives as a recluse. Imagine her life, she can no longer walk peacefully, she can no longer do internships, all doors are closed to her,” he added.

Mr Malka had previously told France Info radio that all of the defendants had clean criminal records: “What is chilling and frightening about this case is that they are not delinquents or fanatics.”

He said many had expressed surprise that they could be prosecuted “for a single tweet”, even if they had used a fake name online or a VPN (virtual private network) to mask their internet address.

In October, a 23-year-old was sentenced to three years over online death threats against Mila.

The teenager was forced to change schools after her initial video was shared online. According to French newspaper La Dépêche, Mila was then withdrawn from the military school she moved to in November, over concerns for her safety after she posted a second clip criticising Islam on TikTok. She has since been learning online.

After Mila’s original remarks, in which she described Islam as a “religion of hate”, two opposing hashtags sprang up: #JeSuisMila (I am Mila) and #JeNeSuisPasMila.

President Emmanuel Macron spoke out in support of the teenager, arguing that in France “we have the right to blaspheme”.

Later this month Mila is due to publish a book about her experiences, entitled “I Am the Price of Your Freedom”.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   The fear is changing sides and…
00:05   the more numerous we are, it will open up.
00:10   The stronger we become and the more powerful we are when faced with threats
00:14   and harassment, which will only get worse
00:19   if we continue to do nothing, if we continue to submit to it.

Video transcript #2:

00:04   “Mila will continue until someone finds and kills her.”
00:08   “You’ve deserved that I slit your throat, you f***ing bitch.”
00:11   “Tell me where you live, I’ll make of you a Samuel Paty.”
00:14   These are the type of insults Mila received, her lawyer
00:17   Richard Malka reminds. 13 of her harassers were in court today.
00:22   It’s the first time in the history of this country, that a young woman of this age
00:26   is the object of 24/7 police protection. That didn’t exist before now.
00:30   Never in the history of this country has a young girl received 100,000 hate messages.
00:37   There is a completely crazy relationship with social networks.
00:40   A target appears, and like sheep they all go there to threaten to kill.
00:45   And they invoke their freedom of expression. So basically, for them, freedom of expression
00:49   is that you can’t criticize God, but you can send death threats.
00:53   We can’t continue to accept this savagery and think that since it’s on social networks, it’s normal.

6 thoughts on “Mila’s Tormentors Get Their Day in Court

  1. Just imagine what would have happened to anyone that makes DEATH-treats towards a Muslim?
    Would all of this, 24 Police Security, 100000 Death treats and more have taken2 years for 13 people to be put on trial?
    I rather doubt this.
    The Mainstream Media around the entire World alone would have started a War against “Islamophobes” and DEMANDED for each and everyone involved the Death-penalty.

    What is hapening now is just Virtue signalling until the Elections are over.
    Then they will let the “New Jeanne d’Arc” hang out for the Vultures to feast on.
    (I sincerely hope I’m wrong in this assessment here)

  2. Grow up.
    If god is your guiding light then this story is totally irrelevant.
    I don’t care about lesbians. I don’t care about towellheads.
    Let them destroy each other. They are both unworthy of our time.
    If you don’t understand that basic tenant of what is required to win, then you are part of the problem and never would have survived 100 years ago.
    So don’t talk [solid waste].

    • Lesbians don’t try to cut your head off for disparaging them.

      And if god exists and actively cares what we do to each other enough to meddle in our affairs and right wrongs then he is sure doing a pretty lousy job of it.

      This story and this girl need to be widely shared and loudly supported because it is necessary to drive a wedge between the various factions of the Left with regards to the drive to flood the West with hordes of orcs from the worst parts of the Third World which, surprise surprise, just happen to be infested with Muslims. Any group that is persecuted by islamists should be natural allies with traditionalists and populists on this issue. It doesn’t do us any good if we all hang separately after the islamic conquest of the West, because “by God we kept our ideological and theocratical purity” as we all swing from the gallows.

  3. I can’t wait until the military takes charge and all the bloody so called rules go out the window. It is now national survival.

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