Matteo Salvini Speaks to the Jewish Community of Rome

On the day after Hamas began launching missiles into Israel from Gaza, former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega, spoke to members of the Jewish Community of Rome. The following video shows excerpts from his remarks.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   I do believe there is so much desire here for peace.
00:06   For the right to life, the right to work, the right to freedom, but also the right to clarity.
00:14   If someone is a terrorist, they are supposed to be called terrorists.
00:18   If Hamas is a terrorist organization, it has to be called terrorist organization.
00:24   If Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, it has to be called terrorist organization.
00:29   And if Iran believes Israel is a cancer that must be
00:35   wiped off the face of the Earth, we cannot trade or work with Iran.
00:42   Because a country that wants to wipe another country
00:45   off the face of the Earth does not deserve political dialogue.
00:49   I must say: thank you for welcoming me here.
00:54   I have broad shoulders, but I must confess I am really shocked by
01:00   how many insults and wicked barbs I have received
01:07   in the space of just 24 hours just for defending Israel’s right to exist.
01:13   Last night I couldn’t fall asleep since I was shocked after watching those videos
01:20   of Israeli people forced to live in bomb shelters with their families.
01:27   And I must open a parenthesis: apparently for some Italian media,
01:32   the state of Israel and what’s happening in Israel are not news.
01:37   And it’s a shame. But what shocked me the most was what I realized
01:43   reading some haters’ posts last night, since I couldn’t fall asleep.
01:48   I read death threats, even in peculiar languages. I had to use Google translate
01:52   to figure out someone was insulting my mother, even if they never met her, poor her.
01:57   Nevertheless, there is something that shocked me and made me reflect as a father,
02:01   for I have an 18-year-old son and a 8-year-old daughter.
02:04   I checked out the accounts of those who insulted me and threatened me with death and bloodshed.
02:09   And I realized that unfortunately many of them are teenagers of 14, 15 or 16 years of age,
02:14   and that is something that we are supposed to know, as public servants.
02:18   And they are children from the so called second-generation migrants, those who are integrated.
02:23   Who study in our high schools or in our universities in Rome, Milan, Trieste, Bologna and Naples.
02:29   They expressed such a hatred and wickedness that deeply concerned me, as an Italian.
02:37   Because some madman who now is recruited by Hamas and therefore considered
02:45   a distant problem by some Italians could come here someday, Heaven forbid.
02:53   If someday we are forced to choose between democracy, respect, tolerance and human rights,
02:58   and on the other side, the hatred fueled by
03:02   Islamic fundamentalism, I would never want the latter to prevail over our values.
03:07   I do believe that Israel is a model of democracy and freedom and must be defended
03:14   by all means without any ifs or buts, all over the world.
03:19   For all these reasons I thank you for being here and I hope that
03:24   the Italian media will show this wonderful gathering.
03:29   As I said to some children and mothers, this gathering is not against someone.
03:36   The people gathered here do not hate anybody.
03:39   This community doesn’t want other communities to be wiped off
03:44   the face of the Earth, but just wants to live in peace.
03:49   And I expect the Italian government to take a clear stance on this.
03:54   Saying that we are on the side of freedom, democracy, peace and human rights.
04:01   We expect the government to do this, because of the clear anti-Israeli
04:07   and anti-Semitic attitude that some international organizations have,
04:13   as the president of the Jewish community said.
04:18   These organizations have taken a clear stance against Israel dozens of times,
04:22   whereas they said nothing about the violation
04:25   of fundamental human rights in other parts of the world.
04:29   They do not side with peace, if you ask me.
04:33   So the peaceful coexistence in that marvelous land is both my and your purpose.
04:38   Being here with you this evening was not my right.
04:43   It was my duty as a man, as a father, and as Italian citizen.
04:48   Whoever harms Israel, harms you and harms me.
04:52   I wish you all a good life, peace and good luck!
04:55   Thank you for this great initiative.

5 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini Speaks to the Jewish Community of Rome

  1. What is happening in Israel is the beggining of the war of Islam against the Christian West.Behind all this is Turkey who wants to wipe out the 3 obstacles, Israel,Cyprus and Greece.
    When they are finished Europe is next.The dream of Islam to feed their horses in the yard of Vatican.
    I think that is why this war started.
    God help Israel and i hope i am wrong.

  2. Mr. Salvini continues to be a very bright light in Italy, speaking the truth and a good measure of common sense, which is all too uncommon these days. All people who love freedom should support Israel. Israelis have suffered because of the jealousy of anti-Semitics since Abraham’s day.

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