A Medley of Cultural Enrichment, Video Edition

The recent power outages along with my getting a jab in the eye made me emulate Bill Clinton — I’m getting a little behind in my work. Numerous items have accumulated over the past three days, so I’m going collect them in groups based on their general topics.

There were so many cultural enrichment stories that I’ve divided them into two posts, one consisting of videos and the other of articles. One article that accompanies a video report will be posted here with all the videos.

The first video concerns a particularly gruesome murder that took place in the French city of Mérignac, near Bordeaux. The alleged perpetrator is an Algerian culture-enricher, if I am not mistaken. He is reported to have shot his wife and then burned her alive while she was rendered helpless by her wounds.

Many thanks to HeHa, Gary Fouse, and Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The accompanying article about the murder in Mérignac was translated by HeHa:

Mother burned alive in Mérignac had filed complaint against her companion who had just left prison

In the aftermath of the drama, astonishment and terror are still very much alive in this suburban quarter of Mérignac. A woman aged 31, the mother of three children, is dead in the middle of the street after being burned alive by her companion. He had just come out of prison.

May 5, 2021

There is incomprehension in this suburban quarter of quiet reputation in Mérignac. How could such a drama have happened? At 18:10 Tuesday evening, May 4, when the residents of Avenue Carnot heard cries and bangs.

“At first, we thought it was firecrackers,” says a local resident. “We thought the young people were having fun.”

But very quickly they realized the drama that was building up. According to the first elements, the 31-year-old woman manages to flee from the house, but she can’t go very far, followed by her armed companion in the street.

“We passed him. He passed in front of us with a shotgun and some cartridges. We called the police. In the meantime, he set fire to the house.”

According to the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office, “two witnesses saw her fall to the ground.” Her partner, armed, shot her once, then a second time. She was wounded in her thighs, lying on the street, but still breathing.

The 44-year-old individual, from whom she was officially separated, took a can from a van parked nearby, splashed his wife with a liquid, and set her on fire. The first responders could not save her. The family home, situated a few hundred meters from the scene, was discovered at the same time, partially burned and empty of occupants.

The perpetrator, who left the scene on foot, was arrested by the services of BAC, without any injuries to police, a short time later, at 18:45 in the proximity of Avenue Leon-Blum, in the municipality of Pessac.

The prosecutor confirmed that the subject was heavily armed, carrying a 12-gauge shotgun, a gas pistol, and a cartridge belt. After a preliminary investigation, it turns out that Mounir B. is unfavorably known to police and judicial authorities.

He had just left prison

His wife, Chahinez, was a battered woman. The marital violence, of which she was victim, was known in the neighborhood. According to the same resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, the police had come several times to the conjugal domicile.

“There have been medical reports. The first time, we didn’t understand, she had 75% of her larynx crushed; for me, there had already been an attempted murder.” — A neighbor of the victim

Some neighbors claim that the respective families put pressure on the couple to live again under the same roof. The young woman reportedly agreed. The neighbors explain that the husband had returned to the house a short time ago, in spite of being prohibited to be in contact or to approach his wife, as ordered by the court.

“She was very nice, very discreet. She would close the shutters when her husband was shouting so that the neighbors didn’t hear.” — A neighbor

Already sentenced for violence against the victim

On 25 June, 2020, he had been sentenced by the correctional tribunal of Bordeaux as part of an immediate appearance for willful domestic violence against the same victim, to a punishment of 18 months, with 9 months of a probationary stay of two years with a detention order issued at the hearing.

They had one child together. The two other children of the mother are from a previous relationship. Ages 3, 7, and 11 years, they were not at the residence at the time of the incident.

The two youngest are in child care, the eldest with a friend. They are under psychological care by SAMU. This Wednesday, a psychological unit is in place from 18:00 at the Burck Social and Cultural Center in Mérignac for all those who wish to talk about this trauma.

No telephone

Numerous questions remain to be answered. Had the danger to the victim not been properly evaluated when her companion came out of prison, sentenced for domestic violence? How could Mounir B. be able to return to the conjugal domicile despite the ban on approaching his wife? According to the Bordeaux prosecutor, Chahinez did not use her emergency phone, a telephone given to the victims of domestic violence that allows them to alert emergency responders rapidly using a single touch. Mounir B. was not wearing an electronic bracelet.

An investigation has been opened by the head of the willful homicide and arson division. It has been assigned to departmental security. Mounir B. is still being held in custody on Wednesday.

According to domestic violence victims’ defense associations, 38 women have been killed by their partner or ex-partner since January 2021. With the murder of this mother in Mérignac, this is the 39th killing of a woman recorded in France this year.

The second video reports on the “rescue” in the Mediterranean of 236 migrants who had departed from Libya. The NGO migrant-ferry Ocean Viking brought the “refugees” safely to Pozzallo in Sicily.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The final video is a report from Spain about the arrest of Islamic conspirators who were planning to attack targets in France to avenge the honor of the prophet.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Some items, pieces of furniture entirely burned up. That’s what is left of the crime scene
00:04   in front of the house of the victim who was burned alive, some meters away.
00:08   The shock is still strong in this district of Mérignac this morning.
00:12   The neighbors describe the dramatic event they have just witnessed.
00:16   We thought it was some firecrackers thrown towards the wall… then we heard some screams.
00:20   Well… we thought it was just some guys who were just having fun, only that.
00:23   No… actually it was two gunshots, he had already killed his wife.
00:29   He walked before our eyes; he had a hunting rifle with some cartridges and a pistol.
00:34   We called the police while he was setting the house on fire.
00:38   Yesterday, at about 6pm, the husband of the victim apparently shot at his wife twice.
00:43   Shot in the thighs, the 31-year-old woman collapsed right in the street.
00:47   That’s when he took a can of flammable liquid and set her on fire.
00:51   The suspect, previously jailed in June 2020 for domestic violence with a nine-month sentence,
00:55   had been released several weeks ago, and had gone back home.
00:59   She was a neighbor I used to see, she was very kind, discreet, really.
01:02   I guess that when someone is beaten…
01:06   She was someone who used to close the shutters every night, regularly, so nobody could hear.
01:10   Well… she was really a battered woman.
01:13   The suspect was eventually arrested; he is still being kept in custody at the moment.
01:18   A psychological aid team has been made available to witnesses, neighbors and the victim’s friends.
01:23   Her children, aged 5, 8 and 13, who were not home
01:26   at the time of the tragedy, have been taken into custody by the SAMU.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   [unintelligible]
00:10   In videos posted online by SOS Mediterranee,
00:13   migrants are in visible difficulty. Their rubber dinghy has been left a long time in the waves.
00:17   For them, a lot of fear after the interception by the Libyan Coast Guard.
00:22   Then rescue and [unintelligible] in Sicily. The wave of migrants arriving
00:26   on the island has resumed, one thousand in recent days.
00:29   But fingers are also pointed at Libya due to the violence perpetrated by traffickers.
00:35   SOS Mediterranee is asking for solutions from the EU.
00:40   The Ocean Viking, the NGO ship, arrived at Augusta after having received
00:44   authorization from the authorities to disembark the 236 people rescued,
00:48   while other boats have reached Lampedusa with about 600 migrants on board.
00:53   A patrol boat of the Italian Navy carried out the rescue
00:56   of about 50 persons, who were taken to Pozzallo.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   National Police operation against jihadist terrorism.
00:04   Three detainees are in custody in Granada for encouraging the commission of terrorist acts
00:08   against French citizens and French interests.
00:11   After the republishing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed
00:14   by the French daily, Charlie Hebdo, in their social profiles the detainees put up
00:18   numerous videos threatening death and justifying the commission
00:22   of violent acts for revenge for the aforementioned publication.
00:26   The gravity of the threats issued, combined with the capacity for persuasion
00:30   of their followers, represented an evident risk for the collective security,
00:34   not just in Spain, but also in France.
00:38   On April 29, 2021, agents of the National Police detained three people
00:43   in the city of Granada for their alleged participation in crimes of self-training,
00:47   threats, and terrorist glorification The arrestees,
00:51   who are believed to be very radicalized, utilized their profiles
00:56   in social networks in order to, among other things, encourage the carrying out
01:00   terrorist/violent acts against French people and institutions.
01:05   The operation was carried out by a joint operation of the General Directorate of Intelligence
01:10   and the provincial intelligence brigades of San Sebastian and Granada,
01:14   coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court and under the supervision
01:18   of Central Court of Instruction number 5
01:22   Also with the support of the Europol police agency.
01:26   The investigation began when, last October, coinciding with the republication
01:31   by the French daily Charlie Hebdo of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed,
01:36   detectives noticed several videos in various social networks where several individuals
01:40   were expressing support for jihadist terrorism and pouring out extremely serious and grave threats,
01:45   principally against French people and interests.
01:50   After the timely investigation, the specialists identified the administrators and participants
01:55   in these postings and detected that through these profiles,
01:59   they were conducting intense activity on the internet,
02:02   managing different accounts with almost 19,000 followers
02:05   aimed at the youngest. Conscious of the influence over the youngest in the public,
02:11   believing that the content was specific and adapted to them, with the object to gain
02:15   the confidence of the most vulnerable and win them over. Besides spreading
02:19   multi-media material with the proclamations of jihadist leaders, the detainees posted
02:23   videos featuring themselves
02:26   exalting violent jihad and encouraging the commission of violent acts,
02:30   fundamentally against France, its citizens and the president
02:34   of France among others.
02:37   The gravity of the threats, combined with their ability to spread
02:41   them publically in social networks, where they had a large number of followers,
02:45   dictated their immediate detention.
02:48   During the operation, carried out during the early morning on Tuesday,
02:52   two searches were conducted, in which a lot of material was seized,
02:56   electronic equipment, phone terminals, and documentation
03:00   of great interest, and they are being analyzed by investigators.
03:05   This morning the three arrestees have been turned over to the judiciary,
03:10   the Court of Instruction number 5 ordering the detention of all of them.