May Day!

The most important holiday of the year for Progressives is May 1st, which Vlad calls the “commie Christmas”. May Day fell on Saturday this year, which made it doubly auspicious for the vanguard of the world revolution.

A crowd of Antifa activists, left-revolutionaries, and supporters of “Palestine” marched in Berlin last Saturday and engaged in their customary practice of sending police to the hospital. The report below shows some video excerpts from the goings-on.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Berlin May 1, 2021 — More than 5,000 police officers from across the entire country
00:03   took part in the operation in Berlin. —On Saturday in Berlin, thousands took part
00:08   in the traditional revolutionary May Day demonstration.
00:13   The protest march began at Hermann Platz in Neukölln.
00:16   The demonstration started off as largely peaceful.
00:35   All Berlin hates the police! All Berlin hates the police!
00:50   From Lower Saxony. They’re from Lower Saxony.
01:20   Plainclothes cop! Plainclothes cop!
01:26   Plainclothes cop! Plainclothes cop!
01:51   All Berlin hates the police! All Berlin hates the police!
01:56   They block off the street and are provoking this.
01:59   It was a perfectly normal registered demonstration.
02:07   This is about freedom for people. —What kind of freedom do you mean?
02:11   The freedom to live.
02:35   All Berlin hates the police! All Berlin hates the police!
02:48   Around 9 P.M. the demonstration was dispersed. —Unfortunately,
02:52   one block did not comply with any hygiene regulations.
02:55   For that reason, we excluded that group as a partial exclusion.
02:59   Basically, a partial dispersal of the gathering.
03:02   The remainder of the demonstration could have continued and expressed their opinions.
03:05   They didn’t want to and from that point the situation escalated.
03:10   Now, approximately 30 minutes ago, the demonstration organizer
03:15   ended the gathering himself because he was attacked.
03:20   93 injured police officers
03:25   3 police officers admitted to hospital for fractures
03:30   354 arrests
03:33   All Berlin hates the police! All Berlin hates the police!
03:41   All Berlin hates the police! All Berlin hates the police!
04:20   As in previous years, at the May Day demonstration 2021 in Berlin,
04:24   there were numerous incidents of anti-Semitism directed at Israel.
04:32   Among the chants that could be heard was, “Intifada until Victory” and calls for participation
04:35   in the anti-Semitic Boycott Israel Campaign from BDS.
04:40   [Sign] International solidarity against Zionism and Apartheid
04:59   The co-organizers were several different groups of openly anti-Zionist groups
05:02   such as “Palestine Speaks” or the BDS related group “Jewish Antifa Berlin”.

3 thoughts on “May Day!

  1. I rather doubt that those Antifanten are smart enough or have enough knowledge of their own Culture, History and sung this German Medieval Song about Palestine.

  2. I became an adult in communism. Romania. Ceausescu.
    That type of communism, as bad as it was, put the nation as highest value.
    In military school we learned that any action against nation is treason.
    We were educated to sacrifice our lives to defend our nation.
    I do remember the political education. If Brejnev will attack our national identity, we must consider him a national threat. So important was our national identity.
    This new communist type is criminal to national identity, first. This is no longer the abject communism I know. Against the class enemy. Against personal performance. Against unfair capitalism, against capitalist oppression. This is a communism against any logic. This is no longer known communism. This is cannibalism.

    • I saw on youtube the Ceausescu couple being prepared for firing squad and the entire time they were shouting orders to the police to put down their guns. Such an evil family.

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