Vignettes From the Euro-Caliphate

The formation of the European Caliphate is accelerating.

In the first video below, you’ll hear an imam from Hizb ut-Tahrir demonstrate that he is well aware of the larger process that is underway in Europe, while most Europeans remain utterly clueless about it. “Majal areas” — regions where the laws of the kuffar do not hold sway, where the sharia is enforced — are forming in major cities throughout Western Europe and the UK.

It should be noted that criminal clans (as exemplified by the ones in Berlin described below) play an integral role in the formation of the Caliphate. The Caliph, who is basically the most powerful Muslim warlord, sits atop a hierarchal formation. Below him are the wilayahs — provinces or governorates — each of which has its own regional boss. Below these are the clans.

The entire structure is functionally indistinguishable from an organized criminal network such as the Mafia. Anyone or anything outside the structure — i.e. the kafir and his wealth — is fair game. Discipline is shaped by Islamic law, which is brutally enforced within the Caliphate.

The first article features undercover video footage shot in a district of Stockholm in which a leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir can be heard discussing the Islamization of Europe, among other topics.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

From SVT (Swedish state television):

Hear what it sounds like when radical Islamists recruit in Järva

March 8, 2021

[Caption beneath top video: Hear Hizb ut-Tahrir’s recruiter on plans for a caliphate in Europe.]

In recent times the radical Islamist movement Hizb ut-Tahrir has begun to recruit more actively in the Järva area [of Stockholm]. They organize, among other things, recruitment meetings and religious education in Tensta and Rinkeby [no-go zones in the Stockholm suburbs]. SVT’s reported was able to attend their secret meeting.

During recent weeks SVT’s reporter, under a false identity and with a hidden camera, has had contact with Hizb ut-Tahrir in the neighborhood of Järva, where the party is now trying to recruit some twenty persons.

SVT’s reporter attended educational meetings at the home of one of the leaders and gained access to private “lessons” on how the group sees Islam and where it is claimed that Muslims should be aware that the Western world is planning to attack the Muslim faith.

Calls not to vote in Democratic elections

The hidden camera shows both the group’s anti-Democratic foundation and how one of its leaders spreads conspiracy theories.

[Caption: Here the group’s leader teaches a conspiracy theory that a Jewish/capitalist world movement lies behind women’s liberation for the purpose of earning more money. He tells of a conversation with a Jewish man, “McFeller” Photo: Kovan Alshawish/SVT]

SVT has been in contact with the man whom SVT’s reporter met in Rinkeby, and informed him of the hidden camera. The man has not responded with any comment.

The second article refers to the “Cologne Caliph” and his connections to the Macedonian terrorist Kujtim Fejzulai, who shot five people to death in Vienna on November 2 of last year.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Supporters of the Cologne Caliph met with the Viennese assassin

Current and former supporters of the “Cologne Caliph” Metin Kaplan were closely connected to the Vienna assassin Kujtim F. According to investigation documents that were made available to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger (Tuesday edition), in late 2018 and early 2019 the Islamist circle organized paintball games from a secret prayer room in Osnabrück, among others in Rheine, to train the fight against “infidels”. Members of this paintball chat group maintained close contact with the IS attacker via Instagram and Facebook until shortly before the attack in Vienna in early November 2020. One of them flew to Vienna three and a half months before the terrorist attack and was met by Kujtim F. at the airport for a meeting with high-ranking jihadists.

The five accused of being in a suspected terrorist group of Tajik migrants in North Rhine-Westphalia also received money transfers from a close confidante of the Viennese assassin during their founding period. The German state guards also overheard conversations between the so-called Takim cell and IS supporters imprisoned in Austria. The phone calls in autumn 2019 revolved around a series of assassinations. Two months later, the Austrian group was rolled up. According to this, the Islamists with Chechen roots are said to have planned attacks on the Christmas market at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna and in Germany from the prison in Graz [Austria].

Gary Fouse has translated another article concerning the study about Jew-hatred in Malmö schools. He notes:

Unlike the previous report I translated from a conservative site, this article, although written by Jewish leaders, does not specify who the culprits are. I am guessing this is because it is a mainstream outlet and the writers were too timid to identify the culprits.

The translated article from Expressen:

Malmö’s Jewish pupils no longer safe

March 15, 2021

The situation for Jewish schoolchildren in Malmö is very worrisome. In a new report, there is an emphasis on the Middle East conflict, coupled with clear anti-Semitic expression.

Every Jewish pupil interviewed says that Jews stay away from certain Malmö schools because they don’t feel safe there, write Aron Verständig, Petra Kahn Nord, and Nina Tojzner.

“Stingy Jew! I’m going to gas you!” That is what Jewish pupils hear in Malmö schools. Other pupils “Heil” at them without anyone — neither teachers nor children — saying anything.

A new report from the city of Malmö, “Schoolyard racism, conspiracy theories, and exclusion — a report on anti-Semitism and the Jewish minority in Malmö’s pre-schools, schools, high schools, and adult education (2020)”, shows a very troubling development and describes an insecure and anxious existence for Jewish pupils in Malmö’s schools.

Connection to the Middle East

The report author Mirjam Katzin, Malmö’s city coordinator against anti-Semitism, describes that in principle, all Jewish pupils interviewed have been under verbal or physical attack of some kind. In the report, there is an emphasis on the Middle East conflict, coupled with clear anti-Semitic expression.

Anti-Semitism in Swedish society is increasing, and disguises itself as politics, criticism of religion, or conspiracy theories. That poses a danger for Jews but also for society at large. With anti-Semitism also come other prejudices, intolerance, and non-democratic ideologies.

Teachers or school administrators have chosen not to confront anti-Semitic epithets and bullying, instead urging the vulnerable pupils to “tone down” their Jewish identity.

The emphasis on anti-Semitism in connection with the Middle East conflict shows how important IHRA’s working definition and its 11 examples, adopted by Sweden’s government in 2020, are in order to be able to identify and counter all forms of anti-Semitism. IHRA is especially important to be able to differentiate between legitimate criticism of Israel’s government and anti-Semitism directed at Sweden’s Jews.

Avoiding certain schools

Jewish pupils encounter more or less open anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, both in the school environment, in free time, and in social media. Every Jewish pupil interviewed says that Jews stay away from certain schools in Malmö because they do not feel safe there.

The Crime Prevention Council’s (BRÅ) study shows that anti-Semitic hate crimes occur in many different types of environments and contexts. It is stated that “anti-Semitism occurs in large strata of society and cuts across different religions, secular groups, political positions, and ideologies.” Several persons interviewed express an inability or unwillingness among teachers and school administrators to “take hold of” anti-Semitic expressions because teachers or school administrators choose not to confront pupils who expose others to anti-Semitic epithets and bullying, instead urging vulnerable pupils to “tone down” their Jewish identity.

Teachers think the question is uncomfortable

In the report from Malmö’s schools, teachers say that they lack knowledge and tools to counter anti-Semitism in the schools. They want more knowledge on conspiracy theories and the Israel-Palestinian conflict and believe that anti-Semitic expressions are sometimes ignored because it is too uncomfortable to take up.

Investigate all schools in Sweden

Sweden is hosting the Malmö International Forum for Remembrance of the Holocaust and Fight Against Anti-Semitism, 13-14 October 2021. In connection with this, we think Sweden should:

  • Do a similar investigation of schools in every Swedish municipality to chart the prevalence of anti-Semitism and its expression. IHRA’s working definition should be a starting point.
  • Using knowledge bases, create an action plan to identity and counter anti-Semitism at an early stage.
    1.   Teachers and school personnel should be trained and given the tools to be able to identify and counter anti-Semitism. The Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism (SKMA) and the Forum for Living History should be engaged and given strengthened assignments in designing this training.
    2.   Teaching materials should be reviewed. The Jewish Central Bureau and the Jewish Museum should be engaged in this work.

Anti-Semitism is a societal problem, and the work against anti-Semitism in schools needs to, according to Katzin’s report, be “conducted in an integrated and far-sighted manner, not broken up and occasional in form, for example, theme days.” IHRA’s working definition of anti-Semitism with its 11 examples should constitute the base for this work.


  • Av Aron Verständig
  • Jewish Central Bureau
  • Petra Kahn Nord
  • World Jewish Congress
  • Nina Tojzner
  • Jewish Youth Association in Sweden

Finally, the criminal clans of Berlin, as reported by PolitikStube. Hellequin GB, who translated the article, says: “I’m pretty sure this is a sanitized version of reality and the truth.”

Berlin police count 388 clan criminals

According to the Berlin State Criminal Police Office (LKA), there are currently 388 “clan criminals” in the capital who are said to have committed more than 1,000 crimes in 2020. This emerges from the LKA’s current “Clan Crime 2020 Report”, published by the Senate Department for the Interior on Monday (March 15). For the first time, figures on alleged perpetrators and the offenses assigned to them have been published. The management report has been made available to the RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg).

The police picture of the situation relates exclusively to members of large families’ “isolated structures of Arab origin”. At around 45%, German citizens make up the largest proportion of these “clan criminals”, followed by Lebanese citizens (18%) and people with undetermined citizenship (16%).

Around 95% of clan criminals are men; most (291) are found to be multiple or intensive offenders. Traffic offenses, drug offenses and brutality offenses such as acts of violence were counted particularly frequently. Administrative offenses are also included in the “clan crime situation”.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   So this is what secularism looks like.
00:03   With an absence of faith and prevailing law, it is like this.
00:06   That Muslims here and in other countries may not vote —
00:13   for an election program that, in its entirety, is for non-Muslims.
00:20   This is not allowed. Not allowed. There are no excuses.
00:25   Now there are areas that separate themselves from other areas.
00:31   Home in our countries, we call it “majal area”.
00:36   “Majal-states.” What does “majal-states” mean?
00:39   That is an area where it is possible to establish a caliphate.
00:42   Then there is an exception, like Europe, where this is not possible.
00:49   The areas can be conquered first when states spring up.
00:55   If you or I belong to the Tahrir party or an organization…

Video transcript #2:

00:09   McFeller asked the man: “What do you think about the women’s movement?
00:15   What do you think about the women’s movement and the work for women’s liberation?
00:23   And the question of equality between men and woman?”
00:28   The man says, “ I think that it is necessary and important.
00:33   I think that equality is very important… between men and women, etc.”
00:40   Then this McFeller burst into laughter.
00:43   He said, “It was we who invented the idea of equality between men and women.
00:49   It was we who planned that women should go out into the workplace.
00:56   We want that, because if women stay home, that means
01:03   that 50% of society isn’t working and isn’t bringing in money to us.”
01:09   That is what he stated.
01:12   He says, “So all movements for women’s liberation and all that stuff was our own idea.”

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  1. Dear Jews of Malmö,
    why dont you go to Barbara Specter-Lerner of PADEIA in Malmö and say Thank you to her?
    And while you are at it, please remember that she wants even more 1.500% jew-haters to come to Malmö.

    • Barbara Lerner-Spector is her name. and she is evil like george soros. she might be his wh*re.

    • She amongst many others of her ilk will pay dearly for dancing with the devil, for when you dance to the devil’s tune, you always have to pay the fiddler.

  2. Your description of Ms Lerner-Spector (sorry for writing her name wrong) reminds me of a joke I once heard:

    A ship sank and only three people were not eaten by the shark.
    So an intrepid reporter went to the sharks and asked them why they didnt eat those three people.
    The headshark replied: They are lawyers. Even we sharks have moral standards.

  3. So, when Scandinavia does go full Ottoman, will Biden and his ilk allow the syphilitic-thinking amoral Swedish/Danish/Norwegian refugees into Amerika along with the flood of Beaners coming over our southern borders? Asking for a friend.

  4. @ Alex Lund

    Re: “She amongst many others of her ilk will pay dearly for dancing with the devil, for when you dance to the devil’s tune, you always have to pay the fiddler.”

    The Barbara Lerner-Spectors of this world, i.e., leftist Jews utterly devoted to multiculturalism, diversity and open borders in the West – especially for Muslims – will one day learn a very painful lesson from their erstwhile friends the shahids (“true believers”) of Islam. Namely, better the devil you know than the one you do not.

    The foundational sources of Islam – the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira – speak at great length about hatred for the infidels, those who not Muslims, but an especially virulent hatred is saved for the Jews. The Koran speaks openly about killing them, in a way it does not with any other group.

    As a type, Barbara Lerner-Spector is the grudge-carrying type still angry with Christians and by extension, western civilization and the United States, because her grand father was denied entry into a country club in 1920 because he was Jewish.

    As noted conservative talk show host Dennis Prager, himself a practicing Jew, has said many times, American Christians – in particular Evangelical Christians – are amongst the best friends Jews have anywhere. But you’d never know it to listen to vile types like that Spector woman. No good deed goes unpunished, indeed!

    In contrast, no group on earth has shown more-hatred of Jews than Muslims, yet leftist Jews are still doing their utmost (along with their fellow non-Jewish leftists) to destroy western civilization and bring in Muslims, in the naive belief that they will be “safer” and “more-secure” in a multicultural society. My goodness – do they have a death wish or something? Haven’t they heard of what happened to poor Daniel Pearl in the hands of al-Qaeda? Or all of the countless innocent Jews who’ve been killed by the PLO-Fatah and other jihadist groups over the years?

    True, the Arabic world appears – for the moment anyway – to have reached some sort of accommodation with Israel, but that’s only because the Saudis and their Arab brethren are in fear for their lives at the hands of the Iranians and feel they need Tel Aviv’s help to defend themselves.

    Do the Israelis not know the long history of Islamic false truces, which the prophet Mohammed himself told his followers to seek when necessary, but to disregard or break when advantageous? In short, the Muslims feign friendship long-enough to get what they want from you, and when they are done, you’ll turn around one day and find a Muslim dagger in your back.

    So, in light of Islamic history and their use of infidels as temporary friends to get what they want, people like Barbara Lerner-Spector are going to be in for a rude shock on the day the Caliphate realizes its age-old goal and actually rules Old Europe. They will then be faced with a rather stark choice: Convert to Islam, or suffer the scimitar and lose their heads.

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