The Food Sucks! Room Service is Slow!

The Canary Islands continue to be a major transshipment point for African migrants trying to make their way to Europe. When they don’t get transported quickly enough, or when the accommodations do not meet up to their expectations, the culture-enrichers tend to get a little testy.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

From the star hotel to the migrant camp — Tenerife: Violent protests over the poor quality of the food

The Canary Islands are increasingly developing into an escape route for illegal migrants from Africa and are recording dramatic arrival figures. The mood in Tenerife is accordingly heated, not only among the islanders, but also among the illegal migrants, as the transfer to the mainland and the onward journey to the destination country did not take place as planned and they are now stuck in the warehouse.

But the frustration does not only affect being stuck on the island: After arrival, thousands of illegals were accommodated in hotels, some of them 4-star hotels, and now many adventurers have had to leave the paradisiacal accommodations and move to reception camps. Not only are the days of well-equipped apartments and hotel rooms over, apparently also those of the buffets, because the food in the migrant camp is of poor quality and triggers conflicts in the dining room…

Brutal confrontation last Saturday afternoon between a group of immigrants, who were temporarily housed in hotels in Maspalomas and Mogán, in the Las Raíces detention center, and the security guards at the center, who had to seek help from the local and national police afterwards the tension inside had increased due to protests from inmates about the shortage and poor quality of the food. The police arrested seven people in the clashes.

The protests turned violent, and the NGO Accem, which manages the facilities, had to alert the authorities to send reinforcements to control the situation after a confrontation broke out between migrants and the centre’s security guards.

The coexistence in Las Raíces between the different groups of migrants becomes more and more complicated as the weeks go by, as the different nationalities mix in the center with the people who gradually arrive.



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  2. Well, how can the Spaniards dare to serve them Paella Valenciana?
    The toppings of chicken, rabbit and clams to the rice dish is not to the liking
    of true believers but just poor man’s food.
    Sarc off. Just serve them dry bread and water to dip it in and bring Guardia Civil in, not City Police.

  3. Substitute “youths” to illegal immigrants for the real

    I am sure that once they have settled into their new
    Careers as nuclear scientists, doctors and nurses,
    University professorships etc they will put all
    These high jinks behind and contribute greatly
    To their adopted nation’s coffers.

  4. Y’know, if they would machine gun the scumbags when they get uppity, this would stop.
    They might even stop trying to invade.

  5. Somebody is forcing Europe to import millions of Muslims and that somebody ain’t Muslim.

    • I share that idea too, Mucho!
      But you are called out as a conspiracy crackpot when no prove is at hand. So who is behind that plan and whose benefit (cui bono) could it be? I mean, those third world dwellers will never be taxpayers and will always live and be taken care of by the taxpayer.They will not even be model consumers. So what is behind that plan?

      • Just follow the Money.
        Traitorous Corruption always pays out in High Dividends.
        Also you should ask;
        Who stands to lose?
        Who stands to gain?
        But sometimes you should follow the Arrogance and you’ll know who is behind all of this.

        • objection, your honor! Following the money works here and there, but in this case it takes us back to the taxpayer.
          The only group who gaines will be providers of basic needs like lodging and feeding, house owners and food vendors… but stop, they take their money to ethnic shops and dress like bums.

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