Nothing to See Here, Move Along

As reported here on Wednesday, an Afghan culture-enricher went on a stabbing rampage in the Swedish town of Vetlanda. Eight people were reported injured in the attack, but the number was later reduced to seven. Police were investigating the incident as an act of terrorism.

Yesterday the police changed their minds and said they no longer considered the attack to be terrorism. After the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) called for an end to mass immigration, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven retorted that the knife rampage had nothing to do with immigration.

So what did it have to do with, then? A later report (hat tip Steen) said that the attacker was alleged to have shouted “Allahu Akhbar” during his stabbing spree. As we all know by now, the phrase means “I feel marginalized and discriminated against” in Arabic.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating two additional articles about the knife jihad in Vetlanda. First, from Fria Tider, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s remarks on the irrelevance of immigration to the terror attack in Vetlanda:

Löfven on the Vetlanda act — Has nothing to do with immigration

March 4, 2021

The 22-year-old Afghan high-school student’s attack in Vetlanda is not “a migration issue”. That is the message of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S/Social Democrats) now.

Seven persons were injured when they were attacked by the 22-year-old Afghan in Vetlanda on Wednesday.

Earlier today, Fria Tider was able to report that the Afghan is an illiterate who was granted a residence permit with the support of Stefan Löfven’s so-called high school act.

At a press conference, a journalist mentioned that the Sweden Democrats on Twitter had linked the incident with immigration policy and demanded a “complete stop to all asylum-and family immigration, including quota refugees.” The journalist asked what Löfven thought about it.

“That the Sweden Democrats are out speculating is on them. We don’t do that. We will await the police investigation and listen to what emerges as to motive and everything else,” answered Löfven.

He continued:

“Since this is not a migration issue, as the Sweden Democrats want it to be.”

Also from Fria Tider, an excerpt from an article about the lack of connection with terrorism:

Not a terror crime

Yesterday’s atrocity in Vetlanda, where seven persons were stabbed, was initially investigated as a suspected terrorist crime. This morning, Prosecutor Adam Rullman reported that the incident is no longer being investigated as a crime with terrorist motive.

“I can say this in general terms that we have a close cooperation with the police, and we also do in this case, but it is the police who have the preliminary investigation, so it is they who answer that question,” said Security Police press chief Gabriel Wernstedt to Fria Tider.

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  1. Fact remains- if he wasn’t in the country in first place

    What has he got to offer his host country, as an illiterate
    Violent individual he should be deported on the
    First available flight.

    • He should have never been allowed in, once he self-identified as an illiterate violent useless scumbag he should have been expelled. now that he has committed a terrorist attack he should be executed.

  2. So Mr Lofven first says he is not going to speculate; and criticises an opposition party for, in his opinion, doing so.
    Then he speculates by saying it’s not immigration related.
    Is the man a fool, or just another swamp rat?

  3. An immigrant going on a stabbing spree has nothing to do with immigration???? How incredibly stupid!

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